EXID’s Hani captivates fans with her pretty visuals for ‘Beauty+’

EXID’s Hani captivates fans with her pretty visuals for ‘Beauty+’

EXID’s Hani recently posed for fashion magazine ‘Beauty+’.

Gleaming in a red tube-top dress to presenting her pretty visuals in a yellow dress, Hani captivated fans with her beauty. It is only fitting that she took part in a pictorial for a magazine named ‘Beauty+’.

In the interview, when asked about her second time appearing on ‘Laws of the Jungle,’ Hani stated, “It is my second time returning from the jungle and I must say it was quite a healing experience for me. The first time was a lot tougher for me since I was just starting out and had a lot of concerns. When I first set foot on Nicaragua for my first appearance, I thought ‘Wow, it’s so grand.’ Filled with mountains, forest, meadows, vast fields, and rivers… I realized how small I was compared to the rich environment. My concerns became nothing and seeing the large world. And I felt so grateful.”

When asked what she would be doing next year, Hani answered, “I actually had many plans for this year. And I think I made good progress so far. Perhaps I’ll dream something bigger next year? I hope to strive towards a bigger dream.”

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Meanwhile, EXID recently wrapped up their Asia tour which began in Hong Kong and had concerts inSingapore, Seoul, and Taiwan.

You can read the full interview with Hani in the September issue of ‘Beauty+’.