EXID members reveal their favorite currently promoting singers

EXID members reveal their favorite currently promoting singers

EXIDmade a guest appearance on KBS Cool FM ‘Lee Hongki’s Kiss the Radio’on April 26, talking about their role models!

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Afterwinning first place on ‘The Show’ with title song “Night Rather Than Day”, the girls shared their thoughts. Composer LE commented, “We didn’t see it coming, it was quite emotional. It was our first time performing as a 4-member group and I thought a lot about Solji unnie.”

The members went on to talk about their favorite singers. Member Junghwa,who is a huge fan of IU commented, “I recently bumped into IU during a music program. We both greeted each other and gifted CDs.It was great.” Hani mentioned, “I’m a huge fan of Oh My Girl. They are so pretty and are close to my ideal group.”

Lastly, LE shared her favorite celebrity. “I like EXID’s Hyerin. I like how she says whatever she wants,” she said jokingly, making the listeners laugh. The singer then went on, “We perform a lot with Minzy and she is such a great dancer and singer. “

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