Excited fan faints during Psy’s ‘SUMMER SWAG’ concert

Excited fan faints during Psy’s ‘SUMMER SWAG’ concert

SingerPsylaunched his hit ‘SUMMER SWAG’ concert this August 4 after five long years, in Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium.IU was the surprise guest and sang one of her hit songs,”Good Day”. Unfortunately, toward the end of the song, one person in the audience lost consciousness and collapsed.

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Psy professionally handled the situation, saying, “We will all wait patiently until the person is led out safely,” and paused his performance momentarily.

He then gave a shout out to the onsite security team for their cooperation, stating,”I would like to thank the security team for paving a way during the accident.”

Meanwhile, Psy’s ‘SUMMER SWAG’ concert will continue until the end of this month.