Everyone in K-Pop MVs Eats This One Snack

Everyone in K-Pop MVs Eats This One Snack

Fans have started to notice that this popular American snack pops up in all sorts of K-Pop MVs.

Whether its the idols or the artistic directors of their music videos, someone is so in love with this American snack that it seems to crop up in K-Pop MVs all the time. The snack in question is, of course, cheese balls.

Some occasions are more noticeable than others, but consistently fans have noticed that cheese balls seem to consistently appear in K-Pop music videos. They add a vibrant pop of color, double as a mid-shoot snack, and can make for a striking visual when set in motion (as in Red Velvets Dumb Dumb MV)

Here are just a few MVs where cheese balls made their iconic appearance:

Spilled cheese balls can be seen at the bottom center of the screen.

Cheese balls are flying everywhere!

Zico can be seen grabbing a container of cheese balls from a shelf.

There is a bowl of cheese balls on the table and a container of them under the lamp!

Joshua is seen enjoying some cheese balls before getting them poured on his head.

BIGBANG Lets Not Fall In Love

Note the container of cheese balls in the cart.

Theres a bowl of cheese balls on the table!

There are many shots showing the popular snack in this MV,

Cheese balls presence in K-Pop isnt limited to MVs either. Girls Generations Sunny once posed with a jar-full of cheese balls for a photo shoot.