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BoA Missed Late Night Chicken and Beer the Most About Korea

Having promoted overseas for a long time, BoA revealed the things she missed the most about her home country when she was away.

BoA, who is about to release her first Hollywood film Make Your Move, recently met with Newsen for an interview.

During interview, BoA was asked, “You’ve worked overseas for a long time and must’ve adapted by now, but when was the moment that you suddenly missed Korea?”

She answered, “When I wanted to eat chicken and beer late at night,” causing laughter.

She confessed, “When I was in America, I especially missed bars that sold chicken and beer in Korea. Most places in America stop selling alcohol when it’s past 2 am. In Korea, when I come home after finishing work it would usually be around 10 or 11 pm. So after washing up and changing, it would be almost 1 in the morning when I meet up with my friends

Shinhwa’s Eric looking over casting offer for upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘Trot Lovers’

Shinhwa"s Eric is reportedly in talks to make his return to the small screen in three years on upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Trot Lovers"!

Nothing has been decided yet, but it has been confirmed that Eric has received a casting offer for the male lead role and is looking over it. If he does decide to take on this role, this will mark his first drama in three years since KBS 2TV"s "Spy Myung Wol" in 2011. Eric is in talks to play the role of an artist from the nation"s top agency who has it all in terms of musicality and popularity but his personality has become hardened by it all.

"Trot Lovers" portrays the success story of a woman in her twenties who has a talent for singing trot and meets a genius composer who helps her to become a trot singer. KBS also plans to pick up their viewer ratings by diverting from the heavy melodrama genre like "Full Sun", "Golden Cross", and "Big Man", and portraying a romantic comedy with "Trot Lovers"

K-Pop Covers: Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho Performed BEAST’s ‘Beatiful Night’ And It Was Pretty Great

(Photo : Tumblr )(Photo : Tumblr Image )

Arden Cho"s name might elude you if you"re not a fan of MTV"s Teen Wolf, but the LA-based star is also a very popular YouTube personality.

Cho, who is Korean-American, shared a version of her covering the BEAST song, "Beautiful Night" on the video sharing website, back in 2012.

Now that "Teen Wolf" is on a summer hiatus, I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit her version of "Beautiful Night."

The original BEAST music video received over 22 million views. It"s a fun and extremely catchy song that numerous artists have covered. Did we really need one more version?

The answer is yes. Yes, we did.

Cho"s take on, "Beautiful Night" gives us a sweeter and slightly less produced version of the track

Review: Postmodern Jukebox Vocalist Robyn Adele Anderson Reexamines ‘Come Back Home’ By 2NE1

(Photo : Official 2NE1 Facebook Page)(Photo : courtesy of Robyn Adele Anderson)

It may come to a surprise to some people that as a musician who sings jazz reimaginings of modern pop hits with Postmodern Jukebox, I actually enjoy most of the original versions of the songs that we cover.

But I have a simple rule of thumb for good music: if a song is good to sing and dance along with, it is a song that I enjoy.

As it turns out, many K-pop songs meet this criteria, which is perhaps because so many of them resemble iconic American pop tunes.

While considering which song to review for my KpopStarz column this week, I came across a few current hits on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 that immediately upon hearing them, I could instantly pinpoint their American doppelgangers

Hyun Bin’s Film Heading To America

“The Fatal Encounter,” also known as “The King’s Wrath,” will soon be seen on American theater screens. The highly anticipated period film will be released in 25 North American theaters on May 23rd.
The film will introduce American audiences to Hallyu star Hyun Bin. North American drama lovers already know the actor from his roles in “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon,” “Secret Garden,” and “Worlds Within.”

“The Fatal Encounter” is a Joseon-era historical drama based on the real-life assassination attempt on King Jeong Jo, the 22nd ruler in the Joseon Dynasty. Hyun Bin plays King Jeong Jo, a ruler who has been nicknamed the King of Misfortune. First he sees his father executed by a decree from his grandfather. Then he gets caught in a fierce political battle between two rivaling political factions

K-Pop Crossover: David Bowie, Carly Rae Jepsen, Linda Ronstadt Top Our List Of Pop Stars Who Made It In Musicals

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

On Wednesday it was announced that Jo Kwon, frontman of the K-pop boy band 2AM, will get a chance to show his dramatic range this summer with a lead role in a Seoul production of the popular musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

But pop stars taking musical theater roles is nothing new. Here is our list of five pop stars that have found major success on a different stage.

5. Cyndi Lauper, Kinky Boots

Cyndi Lauper, she"s so unusual. She"s also very funny. Just watch an old "Mad About You" episode. Cyndi and Harvey Fierstein, who"s pretty funny himself, co-wrote the musical "Kinky Boots" based on the 2005 movie of the same name. "Kinky Boots" is about a shoe factory"s young that"s saved by a drag queen who helps in its transformation into a specialty store for other drag queens

CJ E&M America Launches ‘I Heart Korean Movies & Drama’ Meetup Groups In LA & NYC

The "I Heart Korean Movies & Dramas" Meetup groups will provide great entertainment for fans in the U.S.

CJ E&M America has launched the monthly meetup group I Heart Korean Movies & Drama.If you are K-Drama and K-Movie enthusiast who was hoping for an opportunity to connect with other fans, I Heart Korean Movies & Drama  will help to fill your current void.CJ E&M will provide American Hallyu fans with unprecedented and exclusive access to screenings and showcases of K-Drama and K-Film through I Heart Korean Movies & Drama meetups.

The meetups will be fan-driven, which means that there is an opportunity for fans to help identify cities for the meetup groups and for leaders within the community to step up to become co-hosts of the meetups.At launch, I Heart Korean Korean Movies & Drama meetup

Teen Top Members Would Not Introduce Their Sisters to Each Other

Being in the USA for its High Kick world tour, Teen Top stopped by the set of Mnet America’s DFLA.

The DFLA Teen Top Exclusive was released on April 16 with Danny Im and Dumbfounded leading the hilarious conversation with Teen Top.

Teen Top talked about how it was to meet with all of its fans in America, who have supported them despite the long-distance relationship. They also swore that if they had younger sisters, they would not introduce any of the members to her.

The members then answered some questions from the fans and ended up drawing caricatures of each other.

Check out the episode below!

Photo Credit: Mnet America

Jessica and Krystal show off their good looks at a ‘Jimmy Choo’ event

Jessica and Krystal are definitely becoming one of the hottest celebrity siblings at the moment and it appears their impact is making waves into other countries besides Korea.

The two recently took part in a photo shoot with the American "Nylon" magazine and was more recently spotted at a global "Jimmy Choo" event in Los Angeles on April 15. A picture of these pretty ladies were snapped and posted onto "Jimmy Choo"s official Weibo account and Instagram.

ion with a crop top and tight leather pants! In the Instagram photo, they are seen posing with Jimmy Choo"s creative director Sandra Choi.

This just proves their gene pool gifted them with both good looks and a great sense of style, but whose outfit do you personally like better?

Idol Stars Turned Actors Are Leading The Hallyu Wave

Korean drama contents are gradually gaining international popularity. Hallyu drama stars dominate the Asian market, and Korean dramas are quickly becoming a major export. In the midst of this drama fad are former idol stars who have successfully converted themselves into big-market actors. Former K-Pop Hallyu stars are quickly becoming K-Drama Hallyu stars.

One of the main reasons former idol superstars are popular among casting directors is the fact that they bring with themselves the international market that they dominated as K-Pop stars. JYJ"s Yoochun and FT Island"s Lee Hongki are the prime examples of this. Since they already have a massive international fanbase, their drama appearances also pique the interest of the same fanbase.

Take this for example: SBS Drama "Three Days" was exported at the highest cost ever for a K-Drama to China prior to its release