Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Australia's Emily Nguyen Connects With EXO And Eric Nam On A non-public Level

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Australia's Emily Nguyen Connects With EXO And Eric Nam On A non-public Level

Profile of a K-Pop Fan: Emily Nguyen of Australia Connects With EXO and Eric Nam On A Personal Level(Photo : Emily Nguyen)EXO wins at the Golden Disk Awards (Photo : Twitter)Eric Nam (Photo : KpopStarz)NAME: Emily Nguyen

HOME: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

CURRENTLY: Attending Our Girl Of Mercy College

INTRO TO K-POP: "My cousins were given me into K-pop. I used to be in year two of top school when I first found out K-pop on my cousin's phone, yet I did notactuallytake note of information technologytill two years later. I used to be at his area when he said, 'hey, come concentrate to this song.' I walked over to his pc and he played 'Lollipop' by skill of 2NE1 and massive Bang. I becameentering it and soon found more bands, like Girls' Generation, SHINee, Tremendous Junior, TVXQ, JYJ, SS501, 2PM, Beast, and lots more.

My earliest K-pop reminiscence was when I was at my other cousin's house. My cousin, she was a verygiant fan of K-pop and BEAST at the time, so I mightmore than likely telleach side of the circle of relatives got me into my K-pop. And each person else had listened to the genre sooner than me so I would say eitheraspects got me into it."

THE DIFFERENCE: "K-pop is like one enormous community. Eachnetwork has other people that come and crossand those that remain for a long time. What makes K-pop so authentic is that any one can listen, whether you're Korean or not. It's farcompatible for somebody at any age, and also any nationality.

And also the dances. K-pop artists even dance on level and that hardly everoccurs in many types of music. They could also bein a position to as well sing and dance at the similar time. I like that there are not any limits on what collection of people there are in a band. And the artist themselves take a glance at and engage with their lovers when possible, like grasp fan signing events, meet and greets, etc.

I would advocate new fans to hear the track first. I also would like to say that they are amazing people, they glance good, they sing and dance, even on stage. K-pop will also beprobably the mostperfectstoriesyou'll be able to have to your lifetime, if it is seeing a concert or for my partassembly your favourite idol."

CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: "People in Australia think that K-pop is simplyany otherform of music but in a other language that isn't English, and hencethey do notwish to mind to it. But they are wrong. K-pop is more than that. K-pop is like a lifestyle. You could have new experiences, go on adventures like studying more or less new bands, tell the newest K-pop gossip to your whole friends, change intobuddies with other individualsall over the world and on your country, and also spread the just right news of K-pop. I also cannot forget, gambling 'hunt for a bias' in a K-pop band. It is not bad to take a appearance at outanything new and hear music this isfrom yourconvenience zone."

WHY EXO: "My favorite teams is EXO. I'man excessively big fan of them and feature been for 3 or so years. They are hardworking and shouldprevent at not anything to make their fans happy. EXO are incredibly handsome, and every one of them has exclusive personality. But that's what makes them who they are and that also is what we like about them. At this point, I thinkas though they are my older brothers, at all times telling fans that reading comes first and then they come second. Like Jong In EXO's Kai once said, 'If you do not get sensible grades, do notconsider liking me. Despite the truth that EXO turns out like the main thing in the arenacorrect now, after some timeyou are going tofeel sorry about it. Instead of us, center of attention on your studies and we will meet back after you change into someone you and I are both proud of.' This quote is what helps to keep me going."

FAVORITE SONG: "Love Me Right"


WHY ERIC NAM: "I like Eric because he'san extraordinarily down-to-earth person, and he gets in conjunction withnearly everyone. His making a song and dancing are just on point; he looks as if a comfyuserto speak with. I also like his singing and his vocals are just wow amazing. I suspect that Eric is a great person over all."

FAVORITE SONG: "Ooh Ooh" feat. INFINITE's Hoya

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GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For Navillera On The Show, Performances by way of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More

GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For Navillera On The Show, Performances by way of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More

GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For “Navillera” On “The Show,” Performances by capability of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And Moreilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For “Navillera” On “The Show,” Performances by Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More GFRIEND has taken house their first trophy for “Navillera”!

On July 19’s episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” GFRIEND used to be up opposed to Wonder Women and the duo Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo for the win. Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo won a general of 6,832 points, Wonder Womenwere given 6,594, and GFRIEND grabbed first position with 8,404 points.

The contributors get emotional over the win, with Yerin sounding choked up as she wraps up her webhosting of the show along Zhoumi, and Umji keeping her head hidden in her hands.

Watch their functionality and win below!

Other performances from the evening were by A.De, gugudan, Kim Kang, Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo, DIA, Romeo, MADTOWN, Merry Round, VROMANCE, BEATWIN, SONAMOO, SNUPER, Stellar, ASTRO, Eric Nam, Wonder Girls, and Zhoumi. Watch many of them below!

Wonder Girls “Why So Lonely”

Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo “Ulsanbawi”

Eric Nam Cant Lend a hand Myself (Featuring JinJin)

Zhoumi “What’s Your Number?”

SONAMOO “I Like U Too Much”

Kim Kang Silver Spoon Of Love

Congrats to your outset win for Navillera, GFRIEND!

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Eric Nam Stocks His Truthful  Emotions On MAMAMOO’s Solar

Eric Nam Stocks His Truthful Emotions On MAMAMOO’s Solar

Eric Nam Stocks His FairEmotions On MAMAMOOs Sun choralee July 19, 2016 0 Eric Nam Shares His Honest Feelings On MAMAMOOs Solar Eric Nam recently shared his honest thoughts on his We Were given Married partner, MAMAMOOs Solar.

The singer used to be a guest on MBC Radios Park Kyung Lims 2 OClock Date on July 19, where he showed off his delightful way of speaking.

When asked the question, Would you ever lose in your girlfriend? Eric Nam responded, I believe Im losing. DJ Park Kyung Lim then mentioned his victory in the swimming contest against his on-screen wife, to which he responded, Sooner than the match, I had lost several times. Still I sought after the prize of getting my wish granted so much, which is why I attempted my best.

Eric Nam also mentioned how he used this need to ask Solar to talk informally with him. She would combine formal and casual speech, but if she spoke formally I thought, Do I make her feel uncomfortable? So I asked her to communicate informally in hopes that she would turn into more at ease around me. At this time it feels more comfortable, he explained.

When asked about his We Got Married wife he said, Its in reality wonderful. Yong Sun (Solars genuine name) has so much talent and shes trulyan excellent friend. Initially it changed into really awkward, yet as time went on she took care of me. It feels like she is actually turning into my wife. Shes fitting more like my ideal type.

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Eric Nam Talks About His Sibling-Like Dating With Chloe Moretz

Eric Nam Talks About His Sibling-Like Dating With Chloe Moretz

Eric Nam Talks About His Sibling-Like Courting alongside Chloe Moretzkminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Eric Nam Talks About His Sibling-Like Relationship With Chloe Moretz Eric Nam divulges on his close friendship with actress Chloe Moretz throughout his contemporary guest appearance on MBC Radios 2 OClock Date With Park Kyung Lim on July 19.

DJ Park Kyung Lim opens up the communicationvia asking the singer if Chloe Moretz is like a more youthful sister to him. Putting forward that she is, he says, I dont have a young sister in genuine life, yet if I did I suspectit'll feel like this relationship.

The singer explains how they were given closer thru broadcast appearances, and unearths that he even these daysgained a message from Chloe Moretz that stated shes been playing his newest music. Whilst they were not ableto satisfy up during his currentshuttle to the U.S.because of conflicting schedules, he says, Unwell be going the United States again, and I plan on seeing her then.

When asked if there are any other out of the country celebrities he helps to keepin touch with, Eric Nam replies, Im on speaking terms with the participants of Pentatonix, sufficientto invite one every other how the opposite is doing. Im no longer too sure, but I heard news they may smartly be coming to Korea to perform.

Its greatto peer theyre keeping up their close friendship!

eric nam interview yesasia album Improve the artist by purchasing Eric Nam - Interview from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_1Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with Cant Assist MyselfWritten through Chelsea On July 19, 201620160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_3If Eric Nams freshfree up of the unmarried Cant Assistance Myself has showedthe rest for me, its that Eric Nam is only delightful. He has that slow-burn more or lessair of secrecythat can take a couple of musical encounters to sink its claws in, yet once it does, youre hooked.

Whether it was once his feels-inducing release of Just right For You, his appearance at KCON, his duet with Red Velvets Wendy, or his adorable fake-marriage to Mamamoos Solar on We Were given Married, 2016 has in reality been the year for Eric Nam to shine. Its no marvel that over the last few months hes recruited fairlysome of our Seoulbeats writers into his fan club, and it sounds as if that with Cant Assist Myself I have become the latest member.

Cant Help Myself is a summer groove music in the similar vein as Justin Timberlakes recent Cant Prevent the Feeling. As a substitute of the funky backing beat of the latter, Eric takes to his signature guitar and infuses the upbeat track with pop components that make it a catchy, exciting new sound to pay attention from the artist. We know that beneath his recent string of emotional ballads, theres been a dork waiting to wreck free, and Cant Help Myself is precisely that opportunity for the singer.

In Cant Help Myself were offered to Eric Nam as the dork smitten with a sexywoman he encounters day-to-day at the bus stop. In an try to woo her, he tries on a lot of personas whilst also making an attempt to blow their own horns some impressive abilities like magic tricks and dip recipes. Never being discouraged, he endures failure after failure, coming back with more vibrato each and every day. Similar tounderstanding how to overcome AlphaGo, Eric Nam tries to infer a option to win her heart. When he can now not take it, he drops all pretenses and serenades her at the bus ahead of pulling her away to a romantic dinner and (hopefully) winning her heart.

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_4Not most effective is his dedication completely endearing, but each one Eric Nam incarnation in the MV is more fascinating than the last. Its demanding not to swoon a little for the artist as you watch him as a significant newscaster, competitive pineapple dip pusher, busker or geography nerd. Not taking himself too seriously, Eric Nam doesnt hesitate to poke amusing at himself (and recent news stories) in every of those incarnations, either. The MV capabilities WGM-style interview segments, Eric getting hit in the face with flurries of pretend snow, the dorkiest smiles you've ever seen, and dancing.

The ultimate nail in my Eric Na- loving coffin got here when that man started to groove with reckless abandon. Theres arguably little capacity to his moves, yet theres a jovial finesse to them that will solely come from the authentic enjoyment he feels appearing the song or in all probability from the feeling of being so enamored with someone. Still not certain why he determined to get dressed up as Michael Jackson and pelvic thrust, but I appreciate it all of the same.

20160718_soulbeats_jyp_eric_namAside from the quirky cuteness of the MVs plot, I have a few similarlyvital observations to get off my chest. First, Eric Nam is solelya couple of aviators short of being a childedition of Whos Your Mama era JYP. If he doesnt benefit from that on an episode of SNL Korea soon, itll be the type of waste. Second, the feminine lead of the MV is a dead-ringer for Exos Xiumin. Third  and most significantlyI'm hopelessly now an Eric Nam stan.

Everything about Cant Help Myself, is sticky, much like Eric Nam himself. While I enjoyed the track instantly, it took a few listens before I used to betotally hooked. The song starts off hesitant, just like Erics efforts to woo the girl. In the process the first chorus, he gains confidence, proudly belting that he doesnt needany one else in his life. The bridge featuring Loco doesnt upload much, but it does supplya pleasingalternate of vocal dynamics before Eric Nam swoops in for the very last chorus. His candy voice is the sort that encourages you to feel the happiness of the song, and its simple to staymaking a song along even after the track is finished.

Unfortunately, Erics foolish dance moves in the MV are equally sticky and I cant not bop my head along, struggling with the urge to moonwalk and do celebratory fist pumps when Im taking note of the song in public.

With such a lot personality packed into a single song and MV, Cant Help Myself marks every otherluck for Eric Nam. As he continues to gain media exposure in South Korea, I could bein a position to but hope we see more equally relaxing releases from him in the future.

Readers, have you hopped on the Eric Nam stan teach yet?

(YouTube. Photographsby the use of CJ EM)


Watch: Eric Nam Dresses Up As Pikachu To Catch Em All In Sokcho

Watch: Eric Nam Dresses Up As Pikachu To Catch Em All In Sokcho

Watch: Eric Nam Dresses Up As Pikachu To Catch ‘Em All In Sokchoilmare42 July 18, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Dresses Up As Pikachu To Catch ‘Em All In Sokcho Eric Nam has taken the danger to do what a sort ofother people in Korea are dreaming of, and headed to Sokcho to play Pokemon Go!

The newest craze Pokemon Cross is these days unavailable in maximum of South Korea, because ofexecutivesafetyregulations that limit Google’s mapping abilities. However, it does paintings in the small the city of Sokcho at the country’s east coast, leading crowds to flock there over the last week to play the game.

On July 18, Eric Nam broadcasted are living to his Facebook whilstdressed in a Pikachu onesie to let enthusiasts know that he’d traveled to Sokcho to get in on the fun. He sounds a bit of out of breath as he introduces himself as Pikachu, and says that even supposing he’s in the path ofselling his new song “Can’t Lend a hand Myself,” he “couldn’t assistance himself” and had to come to test out catching some pokemon on his day off.

He also shared a adorable video to Instagram of himself doing his dance from Cant Assist Myself in the Pikachu onesie. Try it out below!

A video posted via 에릭남 Eric Nam (@realericnam) on Jul 17, 2016 at 8:14pm PDT

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Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solar’s Request On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solar’s Request On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solars Request On We Were given Marriedkminjungee July 16, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Dress In Public At Solars Request On We Got Married All the style through the July 16 episode of MBCs We Got Married, Eric Nam takes MAMAMOOs Sun on a food adventure to Itaewon, in want of to introduce her to more unfamiliar foods corresponding to Mexican cuisine.

Before they make their way to the restaurants, Eric Nam insists that his virtual wife wishes new garmentsto fit their adventure, and buys her a dress with a slightlyauthentic print.

Unwilling to be the just one that stands out, Solar chooses out a womans dress for him to wear as well, or even gets the shopkeeper to mention its unisex so as to convince him.

While he's reluctant, Eric Nam still wears the dress outside, albeit embarrassed via the turn of events.

Watch this hilarious scene in its entirety, in additionthe remainder of the episode, below!

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Eric Nam And MAMAMOO’s Sun  Activate On A Mukbang Adventure All the style through “We Were given Married”

Eric Nam And MAMAMOO’s Sun Activate On A Mukbang Adventure All the style through “We Were given Married”

Eric Nam And MAMAMOOs SunSpark off On A Mukbang Adventure All through nosotrosWere given Marriedkminjungee July 15, 2016 0 Eric Nam And MAMAMOOs Solar Set Off On A Mukbang Adventure During We Got Married At the upcoming episode of MBCs We Got Married, virtual couple Eric Nam and MAMAMOOs Solar may be heading to Itaewon so as to devour to their hearts content on a mukbang date.

In the newly published stills, the 2 singers game matching couple outfits and reportedly cleared plates of Mexican food, U.S.-style barbecue, and ddeokbokki (rice cakes in a highly spiced sauce).

According to the producers, Eric Nam arranged this mukbang date because he sought after to let Solar enjoy food from around the arenathat can be unfamiliar.

As those who love to eat in general, the two stars once backblow their own horns why theyre an excellentfit for each and every other with their an identicalflavor in food.

This episode will air Saturday, July 16.

In the meantime, get closerclosing weeks episode below!

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Eric Nam’s New Song “Can’t Assist Myself” Tops Music Charts

Eric Nam’s New Song “Can’t Assist Myself” Tops Music Charts

Eric Nams New Music Cant Lend a hand Myself Tops Music Chartssoojji July 14, 2016 0 Eric Nams New Track Cant Support Myself Tops Music Charts On July 15, Eric Nam dropped a new track entitled, Cant Support Myself. Since its release, the song has taken the number 1 spot on five other music charts such as Mnet, BugS, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Genie Music.

BewhYs Day Day had a stronghold at thenumber 1 spot with GFRIEND trailing close behind. However, Eric Nam temporarily switched up the ranks with Cant Assist Myself.

Cant Help Myself is a danceable pop rock track that is composed of a funky guitar sound and upbeat rhythm, and is set confessing ones love. Tablo and Loco have contributed to the production of the song as well.

Watch/listen to Cant Help Myself here!

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Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In Cant Assist Myself MV, Featuring Loco

Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In Cant Assist Myself MV, Featuring Loco

Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In “Can’t Lend a hand Myself” MV, Featuring Locoilmare42 July 14, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In “Can’t Assist Myself” MV, Featuring Loco Eric Nam is back with a catchy new virtual single!

On July 15 at nighttime KST, Eric Nam released the track video for his new track entitled “Can’t Help Myself.” The song functions rapper Loco of AOMG, and the lyrics were penned through Epik High’s Tablo and Loco. Eric Nam co-composed the track in conjunction with Andrew Choi and 220 (Joseph Park).

Watch Eric Nam blow their own horns his hilarious dorky dancing, Michael Jackson impression, magic tricks, and dabbing, in addition his romantic, ever-so-suave side in the video below!

Eric Nam has already made his music display comeback for the track, as he debuted “Can’t Help Myself” on July 14’s episode of “M!Countdown” with a functionality featuring SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. Watch it here!

Prior to the unencumber of his new single, Eric Nam counted down with fans, as neatly as visitors Ailee and Urban Zakapa, on a resideprove on Naver’s V app.

What do you consider Eric Nam’s new single?

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