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“Hotel King”: Im Seulong impresses viewers with his fluency in English, Chinese and Sign Language

MBC Weekend drama Hotel King has received various reactions when its 4th episode aired where Im Seulong showed off his skills in English, Chinese and Sign Language.

On the 4th episode, Sun Woo (Im Seulong) responded in perfect English while in a conversation.

Go San (Jung Suk Yong) was asked by Hong Joon (Kim Sun Hyuk) to recommend a good menu but to respond in English. Go San replied in Korean but Hong Joon told him, “I asked you in English, then why do you reply to me in Korean? When a guest asks you in English, would you answer back in Korean?Go San couldn’t respond in English and said that they just didn’t understand because they spoke too fast. But Woo Hyun came in to the rescue and told them, “Do we have to be tested even after the working hours?” Hong Joon looked at him and said, “As the only staff who graduated from a college outside Seoul, you’ve never studied abroad, but your TOIEC score was the highest amongst the employees

Teen Top bring their US tour ‘Go! TeenTop’ to you!

Thanks to Mnet America for giving Teen Top fans their coverage of the group's US tour 'GO! Teen Top'.

The full episode shares some behind the scene footages straight from their concert tour in New York, CA, and San Jose. In addition to that, fans could also get to see the boys during their interviews and photophoot during their stay there.

Most importantly, the video will give you the lively and exciting performances of Teen Top. So watch and enjoy!

B.A.P Delivers 100% Of Their Charm With Their 1st Reality Program

(Photo : TS Entertainment)

Boy group B.A.P is looking to emit 100% of pure charm for their fans.

On April 13th the 6 members of B.A.P were featured in a spot video in which they each yelled out a syllable of "B.A.P Attack?" and piqued their fans" curiosity. The next day, they posted a 40 second video of the members dancing in the practice room and joking around with one another.

"B.A.P Attack" will be posted every Tuesday, and will feature missions that B.A.P members are given throughout their "B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour." It"s a reality program that will record the process of B.A.P"s "conquest on earth" as they try to complete different missions in each country.

From their debut, B.A.P has expressed their determination to conquer the world through music, and are well known as "performance idols" and "live artists" because of their focus on concerts

A Pink take home the trophy from April 13th broadcast of SBS “Inkigayo”

SBS“ Inkigayo returns with more fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A“s Kwanghee and new MCs EXO”s Suho & BaekHyun.

On this episode, Eddy Kim debuted with “Push and Pull“, Eric Nam came back with “Ooh Ooh“, NC.A made her comeback with “I’m Different“, and Akdong Musician made an impressive debut with their “MELTED” & “200%“ special stages.
As for the winners, Park Hyo ShinMad Clown, and A Pink were nominees for the trophy, but A Pink took the final win with “Mr. Chu“. Congratulations!




There were also plenty of other great stages

Actress Emma Stone: “I love Korea.”

American movie star Emma Stone revealed she is a K-pop fan.

On the April 12 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay’, the reporter interviewed the cast of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘. While being swarmed by Korean fans chanting Emma’s name, the reporter asked, “Korean fans love you. How was your visit last time? I know you visited like a year ago.” Emma Stone surprised the reporter by revealing her interest in K-pop, “I didn’t get to spend that much time there. I was only there for a couple days. But I watch a lot of K-pop.”

Andrew Garfield also shared, “I love Korea. I love Korea. I love the food. I love bibimbap (Korean mixed rice). I love Korean food. I love Korean culture. We had a great ride on the subway. We had a really good experience. I’m excited to go back and spend some more time there

Review of “Angel Eyes” Ep 3: Jung Jin Young is the man who killed Kim Yeo Jin

In Angel Eyes, episode 3, it turned out to be Yoon Jae Bum(played by Jung Jin Young) as the murderer of Yoo Jung Hwa(played by Kim Yeo Jin).

As Park Dong Joo(played by Lee Sang Yoon) came back to Korea after 12 years in America, he was absolutely shocked and terrified. He asked, “What about Boston? That’s the position where not many people can get in. Do you not know how big it means for me to see you there as a successful doctor?” Dong Joo replied, “It’s been 12 years already. My sister’s fine on her own now, and this is a great chance for me to help you, father. There’s no need for hesitation.”

Just then, Jae Bum started to think of 12 years ago. As Jung Hwa left a will that she would want to give her eyes to Yoon Soo Wan(played by Goo Hye Sun), Jae Bum took off her respirator to get rid of her

Review of “Angel Eyes” Ep 3: Lee Sang Yoon has his 1st successful surgery

In Angel Eyes, episode 3, Park Dong Joo(played by Lee Sang Yoon) performed a successful first surgery.

Dong Joo, who was a great doctor in America, applied for Seyoung Hospital and got accepted. On the first day, he saw an urgent patient being sent to the emergency room, and a kid that was worried. Dong Joo cheered the kid up and eased his mind.

While the doctors were in a mess at the operation room, Dong Joo appeared to perform a surgery. Everyone was hopeless about the patient when Dong Joo managed to save her. He ended the surgery successfully and was happy to keep the promise with the patient’s kid.

ZE:A wins on “Immortal Song 2″ with a cover of New Kids On The Block

It”s a process, step by step, and ZE:A finally took home their first trophy from “Immortal Song 2” on the April 12th episode!

The boys won the audience over with a cover of the old-school American boy band New Kids on the Block“s “Step by Step“. They said before getting on stage, “We”ll show a colorful performance.” Each of the members got to show their unique charm throughout the performance of the “90s dance song. 

ZE:A eventually took the final win with 429 points. Congrats to ZE:A!

Wassup to perform “Nom Nom Nom” with professional basketball players

Hip hop girl group Wassup will be collaborating with professional basketball players!

The girls of Wassup and the pros will stand on one stage to perform “Nom Nom Nom” at the “2013-2014 KB Kookmin Pro Basketball Awards“. Players Doo Kyung Min, Park Jae Hyun, Han Ho Bin, Kim Sang Gyu, Jang Min Kook, Jun Sung Hyun, and Lee Jae Do are celebrating the end of the basketball season with Wassup.

Wassup”s agency stated, “We”re looking forward to an extravagant performance with Wassup”s unique color and the pro players” charm. Though they only have a short time to practice, we ask that you give them a lot of support as they”re focusing and working hard.”

The “2013-2014 KB Kookmin Pro Basketball Awards” is taking place on April 14 at Seoul”s Jamsil Student Gymnasium

B2ST’s Dongwoon, “When Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left.”

Maybe it”s because it”s been four years since their last reality program, but B2ST did not shy away in the slightest for their entertaining “Showtime – Burning the BEAST” show on April 10! On this episode, Dongwoon revealed a story with Junhyung that shocked even the other members.

He said, “Once, when Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left.” The other members said, “On the lips,” and were unable to hide their shocked expressions.

Junhyung asked nonchalantly, “Is that a bad thing?




Kikwang asked, “Did he do it like this,” turning his head to pretend he was kissing. Doojoon said to him, “Why do you turn your head?” Dongwoon showed with his hand that Junhyung just did a peck and left