[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

by: Raine


Episode 12 dropped 0.4% to 9.4%.

It's the same stuff over and over. It's saving grace is some mystical power that catches the attention and the heart and invests you. Perhaps it's the hot men. Perhaps it's the need to figure this hot mess of a drama out. I'm not sure.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 13 recap[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

Young-gul is agonizing in bed over Ga-young's departure and then rises to check Ga-young's sleeping area, but she isn't there.

Why? Because she's asking Bong Sook for a place to stay. Bong Sook is more than happy to have her and get rid of the good-for-nothing roommate. But she also wants to know the gossip? She she leave for Jae-hyuk's company because she and Young-gul fought or because of Jae-hyuk?

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

Over lunch, Jae-hyuk and father discuss a commercial when Assistant Kim interrupts them with the news that Ga-young decided to work for them. Jae-hyuk smiles adorably at this, happier than a bully stealing lunch money

Director Kim, with some freshly touched up roots, is supervising the work room when Jae-hyuk saunters in to see Ga-young. He masks his true intentions and his exuberant mood with a quick perusal of the other designers' work. He quickly meets Ga-young's gaze before leaving. Kim stares after him with an understandable look of surprise.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

In his office, Jae-hyuk receives research on Il-gook from Assistant Kim. Then he threatens the poor assistant to keep silent and not tell Mama Jae-hyuk anything or he'll lose his job.

So this is a "grown-up" way of going behind your mother's back? Oi.

Then in a very satisfying scene, Assistant Kim hands Madam Dragon her ass on a plate. How? Jae-hyuk wants to buy out the Dragon's share, but only for a million, what she put into the company. When she declines because she has a new investor, Kim pulls out pictures of Il-gook and says, "We warned you Young-gul couldn't be trusted".

He tells her that it's in her best interest to sell; J Fashion has YGM's top designer. But the Dragon won't go uncompensated - her line will be featured by J Fashion.

Needless-to-say, the Dragon is FURIOUS, blowing smoke from her nostrils and ready to crispy fry Kim. Instead, she calls Miss Go for some water and agrees on the condition that Jae-hyuk hire Jung-ah.

Yay, more unreasonable conflict to come...whoopee.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

(Check those hideous things out.)

Just by the way, the Dragon's platforms are disgusting. They're not even shoes. Cinder blocks with lanyard laces would look better than that offensive pair of footwear. Can you imagine her walking around on cinder blocks? Heehee.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

So there's a public signing between Jae-hyuk and Dragon. Jae-hyuk is all smirks. I think that the Dragon is a contract slut - she signs willy nilly with any hot man who will make her money.

Jae-hyuk calls Young-gul to his office. Young-gul has already read the news. The chaebol wants Young-gul to come to J Fashion for efficiency. Ga-young is already here. If Young-gul doesn't want to join J Fashion's YGM, then Jae-hyuk will give him $5 million for Ga-young.

Young-gul signs angrily and on his way out, Jae-hyuk asks what YGM stands for: Yellow Great Mountain.

Nope, the "Y" and "G" do not stand for Young-gul and Ga-young. Idiot.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

As Young-gul leaves, he runs into Ga-young who calls him "President". He says he's no longer her president and breezes by. She looks heartbroken.

Why do I pity them? WHY? They totally brought this on themselves. Changing sides, not talking, letting their pride and jealousy guide their actions. They do this every single flippin' episode. How is this going to work out?

WAIT! I figured out why I pity them! There is a wicked sad clarinet solo wailing in the OST. Clarinet always gets me RIGHT. THERE. *brushes tear away*

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

J Fashion's people are all over Young-gul's factory questioning Young-gul's staff about YGM. In the office, Young-gul listens to the head seamstress answer questions. She says that Young-gul took care of everything.

At Bong-sook's place, Bong Sook tells Ga-young about what happened. She pities Young-gul because he tried everything, even cooperated with the Dragon, but was screwed over in the end by J Fashion. His employee and his contract with America were stolen. But Young-gul is Dongdaemoon's roly poly: he can survive anything.

Gross nickname. Gross.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

That night, Ga-young can't sleep and she heads towards Young Young Apparel. Turns out Young-gul can't sleep either and he keeps seeing Ga-young all over the place.

Hallucinations are side-effects of signing too many contracts in a short period of time. They're also side effects of betrayal, being an asshole and miscommunication.

Finally, Young-gul leaves to go find some mental help - no, he doesn't, I just wish he did. But I really pity him and my heart ached for him. Yoo Ah-in, you are a master. I pity a loathsome character.

So Young-gul is gone when Ga-young shows up.

RAWR! Stop being such a wishy washy little...GRR. Tell him exactly why you left and how you feel. Oh, and don't go work for the other guy. Go find another job if you're so ridiculously gifted at stealing Michael Jackson jacket designs.

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[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

by: Raine


Episode 11 eeked up a tad to 9.8%. It's negligable. As is my love for this show at the moment.

This recap was really hard to start. I just didn't want to do it. The show is so confusing. But then it sucks me in. Then I get annoyed. Then I squee. Help. I need therapy to watch it.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 12 recap[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Ga-young comes back from work at J Fashion to discover that Young-gul has been sued, the inventory is missing, the ahjummas flipping out and Young-guls office trashed.

At the police station, Young-gul explains all the things he has going on in his business to a very apathetic cop. Turns out Jae-hyuk spun the elevator tape as Young-gul threatening An-na so he could steal her design. If Young-gul wants to go to America, he needs to clear this mess up first.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Jae-hyuk is a mess as he's driven home and looks ready to drop when Ga-young calls. He ignores her calls, but gets accosted by her in the lobby of his building. Turns out Young-gul is there too and watches her follow him to the elevators.

I see signs for "Misunderstanding Land" and Young-gul has just taken the exit.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Ga-young follows Jae-hyuk all the way to his front door, demanding to know why he went back on his promise. He tries to shut her out, but she follows him around and even blocks the t.v. when he tries to watch it. Hehehehe.

She came to work to protect Young Young Apparel and demands to know if he's playing with her. He says he never played with her and tries to watch t.v. She snatches the remote and turns it off. Young Young Apparel is a mess; the factory has completely stopped work. She should've been there and she is really frustrated about it. After going to work to be by Jae-hyuk's side, she thought he'd keep his promise. This is the best acting Shin Se-kyung as done thus far.

Why is he tormenting her president? But then Jae-hyuk turns it around. Why is she tormenting him? Don't get in the middle of a man's problem.

Um, what about the lives you're affecting. It's not just between men, dude.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

He tries to kick her out, but she parks her bum on the sofa, determined not to leave until he cancels the suit. When Jae-hyuk tries to drag her off, she holds on to the arm for dear life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Finally, he gives up and undresses in his bedroom. HOO-FRICKIN'-RAY! She gets all embarrassed but continues to stand firm, even curling up on the sofa with a pillow. He watches her, I bet he's impressed by her gumption (part of why he likes her) and incredulous and a bit unnerved and unsure of what to do.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Young-gul is waiting downstairs and finally leaves, imagining the worst and remembering all the times he saw them together. At the factory he hopefully checks her bed and then starts to clean up. But his angst overwhelms him and he knocks some desk supplies to the ground.

We've hit the angst, people. The REAL angst. Expect itfor a long, long, long time. It's episode 12, the time when it normally comes in all K-drama. So join me as I attempt to lessen the angst because I don't deal with it well. Or tension. *pulls hair*

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Jae-hyuk discovers Ga-young has fallen asleep and covers her up. Her phone rings and he answers gleefully when he sees it's Young-gul, knowing what Young-gul would assume. Anyone would. And Young-gul does. His face drops and he asks why Jae-hyuk answered the phone. Young-gul wants him to send her home, but Jae-hyuk doesn't want to wake her because she's sleeping SO well.

Just imagine what is running through Young-gul's mind: she's worn out from a hot tumble in bed with a gorgeous chaebol. Well, maybe not EXACTLY that. But close enough.

Anyway, Young-gul wants Jae-hyuk to leave his employee alone, but Jae-hyuk points out she works at HIS company today. YOung-gul finally orders Jae-hyuk to have her call him when she wakes and hangs up.

Fat chance buddy. Jae-hyuk erases the call from the register and smiles at the prize sleeping on his sofa.

O.M.G. the angst. THE PAIN. The smirking. The men. The machissimo. Young-gul do you seriously think she slept with him? Seriously? Whatever, Yoo Ah-in looks hot all anguished; Lee Je-hoon looks hot all smirking. I laugh off the tension made from misunderstanding.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

Understandably, Young-gul explodes, flipping tables and screaming in frustration. Aw, he's really in love. You tell that table! No one else can torture Ga-young but you! We got it! So does the poor table. What did it ever do to you? Maybe you and I can head over to talk to An-na's sheep for some serious therapy.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

In the morning, Ga-young wakes and is startled. Probably doesn't like the fact that she neglected her vigil. Jae-hyuk is eating and cooly reading the paper. She asks for the bathroom and runs off. When she's gone, Jae-hyuk's wall comes down and we see an insecure man trying to be stoic in the face of he woman he loves.

Seriously, just show this side to her. It's so much better than showing the 'vengeful bastard' side.

Ga-young comes out and he quickly resumes the "cool and aloof" reading the paper post. She refuses his offer for breakfast and to go to work when Young Young Apparel is such a mess. He wonders if she'll stay there alone, but she'll bring her currently idle co-workers to hang out.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

As Jae-hyuk readies to leave, his mother storms in with two goons and glares at Ga-young. She orders Ga-young to leave but Ga-young is frozen. Jae-hyuk turns into a boy and whines that it's not what his mother thinks. He gets smacked and called a useless bastard for his efforts.

Ack, why is my heart breaking for him? I need to steel myself and say "YOU DESERVE IT!"...but I can't.[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

(Lee Je-hoon is so hot...but that's one funny face. Teehee.)

Mom sends the goons to throw Ga-young out but Jae-hyuk beats them and drags her to his side before sending her to his bedroom.

Why, oh why, am I touched by a man who made a problem and then offers the solution?

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

So Ga-young hides behind the bed *titters* and Jae-hyuk orders his mother to leave. Mommy is baffled at how he can buy a place for one woman and have another stay at his.

For once, I agree with her. But then again, his parents didn't exactly raise him right or with any kind of love or moral fiber. Wait...stop making excuses for the hot, hot, hot jerk.

Jae-hyuk hollers at her, telling her to leave his place and mind her own business. She's incredulous that he can treat his own mother that way and looks incredibly hurt.

*Feels chest* Did I actually just feel a twinge of pity? Uh-oh. I must be broken. Any k-drama heart doctors out there, 'cause mine is obviously malfunctioning.

After glaring at Ga-young, mom leaves and Jae-hyuk fights tears.

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[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

by: Raine


Episode 10 dropped a percentage point to 9.6%. I can't really blame viewers. This show is suffering from severe multiple personality disorder.

So this website is called "Raine's Dichotomy". I think my emotions this episode really embody that. Brain versus heart. I was dreading writing this recap because I really didn't think I knew what to write besides exactly what happened. My brain was completely appalled. My heart was moved.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko's Morning Coffee for doing some spot translation for me!

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 11 recap[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

It's another show down. Selfish man versus selfish man.

Jae-hyuk throws the dirty towel at Young-gul and that starts a verbal and a fist fight.

Omigosh, I have to say it. They have busted lips and look very kissable. But the lips are bloody. But the lips...

The chaebol demands to know if Young-gul had fun stealing his girlfriend. Then, he asks Ga-young, for the last time mind you, if she wants to come with him.

Ga-young stares at Young-gul and looks like she wants to throw up some ramyun and soju. When she doesn't answer immediately, Young-gul starts to freak out. Finally, she asks Jae-hyuk when he wants her to start. The answer: tomorrow.

Young-gul is as shocked as I am. Or maybe I'm not shocked. Okay, I'm not. As much as I wished for it, we all knew she was going to pick one of them. I'm guessing she chose Jae-hyuk because she was still feeling high on the injustice of Young-gul's decision to partner up with Dragon Jo.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Anyway, Jae-hyuk wants her to leave now, but when she hesitates, Young-gul grabs her things, chucks them outside onto the pavement and stalks into his office. Ga-young is pretty much horrified and heartbroken by this turn of events but has no time to think about it as Jae-hyuk grabs her hand and drags her outside.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Inside his office, Yoo Ah-in makes me want to cry with the extreme anguish he is able to express. I say Yoo Ah-in because he totally outacts this script. Young-gul deserves it. *wipes tear* Gah, Yoo Ah-in, I should not be wasting tears on this show!

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Jae-hyuk realizes Ga-young probably has no where to go and suggests his place. Before he can toss his prize into the car, Young-gul grabs her hand.

YAY! Wait, why am I into this show? WHY?! My heart was beating so hard during this scene and when Young-gul popped out again I literally said, "yay". As you can tell my brain and my heart think two completely different things.

So he grabs her hand and shocks the hell out of all three of them.

Young-gul: Ga-young! Where do you think you're going?!

He's not in control of himself; he is driven by anguish.

Young-gul: Are you really leaving?

Ga-young: *Avoids his gaze*

Young-gul: You're not going to see me ever again? Don't you know that I hate him?

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

He yanks her behind him and she guiltily meets Jae-hyuk's eye. Young-gul orders her to go inside and she meekly obeys, much to Jae-hyuk's utter dismay. Both men have tears in their eyes.

Why am I moved by the tears of complete douches? Is it 'cause they're hot? Or is it 'cause the actors are too good for this show? HELP ME!!! And why do I LOVE that Young-gul grabbed her so possessively? *RAWR* But then I HATE that she so blindly obeyed. *Double Rawr* What happened to that spine she grew? Must've been made of straw. Or straws; the bendy kind.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Alone, Young-gul demands to know what Jae-hyuk can do for Ga-young. She's a vice president at Young Young Apparel while she doesn't even qualify to apply for a job at J Fashion. Jae-hyuk promises to give her the same when the time is right. With a sneer, Young-gul comments that a president should think of his employee and that it must not be like that at J Fashion.

Ouch. That statement packs a double whammy and Jae-hyuk reels from realization and frustration. First, he knows that Young-gul is right. Ga-young would be the lowest of the low at J Fashion, which is a serious demotion from her current position. Second, the president at J Fashion is the oh-so-compassionate Daddy Jae-hyuk who really doesn't treat his son well.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Young-gul collects her things and goes inside to face her. He forces the motionless woman onto a stool and physically turns her head to make her look at him. With infinite care, he questions her. Was she really going to leave? Where was she going to go? She can't just leave with nowhere to go. When he left his aunt's house, he had a lot of trouble, so she shouldn't ever think of doing it again or he'll kick her out himself.

She's crying and I'm falling for his heartfelt words. How did Yoo Ah-in make me completely change my opinion of this character in five minutes? FIVE MINUTES. That's the power of this show and this is why people keep watching although they don't know why. Individual scenes are really powerful and Yoo Ah-in kills it. Shin Se-kyung's big watery eyes kill me. Lee Je-hoon's manly mad face gets me. Yu-ri...well, Yoo Ah-in does enough work for them both.

Young-gul puts his hand on Ga-young's knees and promises that he won't misunderstand her so she shouldn't misunderstand him either. He retreats into his office and a ghost of a smile crosses her lips.

[Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11 [Spoiler] Fashion King: Episode 11

Choi An-na is giving a presentation and Jae-hyuk is really preoccupied. Then, he rudely leaves to go brood in his office.

I've never seen a character brood so much. Not that the Je-hoon lover in me minds. When he sets his jaw like that, *drool*. He broods and I just focus on the hot, because the reason the character is brooding is actually pathetic. He promises to marry another woman and then sets his eye on Ga-young who is obviously not interested. So I set my eye on him and ignore the ridiculousness of his character.

Jae-hyuk frets and worries over Ga-young's reaction when Young-gul yanked her behind him. He's also probably worrying about what to do about the fact that he told her it was the last time he was offering to "save" her.

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Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

by: Raine


Episode 9 came in at 10.6%. This show is really bobbing and weaving in ratings, just like the plot and the character development. After this episode, I have no idea what will happen.

This episode was all about Ga-young for me. Sin Se-kyeong seriously stepped up her game.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko's Morning Coffee for doing some spot translation for me!

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 10 recapFashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

We start out with Jae-hyuk prettifying himself. Doesn't he know that he could crawl out of bed and everyone would drool? But apparently he prettifies himself, not to go to work, but in order to brood over what An-na said - that he'd protect her and that he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. The image of An-na "kissing" Young-gul in the elevator is seared into his mind.

Even though Jae-hyuk doesn't love her anymore or even care to be in a relationship with her, I do understand this feeling. The relationship was huge in his life. He once loved her. It's hard to let go. However, we all know what happens once Jae-hyuk declares something his...

Young-gul, tired and probably hung over, walks home and pauses before the door. He fixes his hair and braces himself.

At least the boy as the sense to know that he did wrong. But maybe that's worse. He knows and he still does wrong by Ga-young. Is it so hard to say that he had a drink with An-na to listen to her Jae-hyuk woes? I suppose it is.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Inside, he finds Ga-young cleaning up and casually asks What Happened Last Night?. She ignores him and he asks if she's mad. Why should an employee be mad at his lifestyle?

He understands that she's angry and turns to find the entire staff watching. They quickly resume cleaning.

An-na is late for a meeting in the mall with the president and a slew of other businessmen. Jae-hyuk is uber pissed and the president doesn't look pleased.

Okay, that is not acceptable. No matter what your personal issues are, please take your work seriously. I know she's a thief, but at least pretend to have some semblance of professionalism. Or call. She uses her phone for everything elsehow come she can't pick it up now?

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

She changes into a skirt that shows off Yu-ri's legs for days. Mr. Drapery_Jae-hyuk storms in demanding to know where she was (drinking with a friend) because this was a planned meeting and she showed up reeking of alcohol. Is she cheating?

When she snarks that he loves as he wishes, he grabs her arm and shoves her against a mirror. Why of all people is it Young-gul? he demands. Furious, she tells him never to touch her again.

I agree. Manhandling just because you're pissed isn't good. Now if he did that to kiss herRAWR.

So now Hyukkie is pissed and he always does something stupid and irrational when he's pissed. This time he calls and plots the utter demise of Young-gul's business and wants Assistant Kim to hit the factory, suppliers, and buyers.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

At Young Young Apparel, Bong Sook negotiates an order for fifty pieces, which doesn't thrill the staff. They were hoping for something larger. But she's excited and runs to tell Young-gul. In a random bout of slapstick, he opens the door on her face and she falls over. No one bats an eyelid save for Il-gook who fusses over her.

Then, Young-gul starts to feel the aftereffects of Jae-hyuk's rage: rent on the building goes up, loan shark Tae-san wants his "investment" back and the fabrics dealers won't deliver unless paid cash. As always, Young-gul calls his go-to man, Chil-bok, for some fast cash.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Assistant Kim holds up garments for Jae-hyuk to choose from - the ones that Ga-young designed - and he chooses the destined garment once worn by Michael Jackson himself.

No wait. It just looks like that one. Ga-young, you design thief.

Anyway, Jae-hyuk is happy as a clam when the person on the phone confirms that the Young-gul was indeed screwed over.

On his way out, Assistant Kim bumps into An-na, who is confused by the rack of clothing. However, when a garment falls and she sees the label on the inside, she totally gets it.

She's not so dumb after all. Honey, get a little smarter, and you'll leave him, move back to New York and stop being a smirking door matt. No one likes door matts that smirk. It's just unpleasant.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Young-gul heads out, a bit under the weather, and when he's gone, they ahjummas asked Ga-young if she has any money.

Um, are they serious? She had to live on the streets before. How much could she have saved with all the shit going down?

AND I forgot to mention this last recap, but when the ahjummas got their cards they asked what they were going to do with them. They've never had cards before. Should they use them as toothpicks? The chattiest ahjumma is indeed using one as a toothpick. and they ARE! Finally, some plot followthrough! AMEN and HALLELUJAH! Wait, I'm excited because they followed through on a toothpick

Yay, toothpicks!

Anyway, the ahjummas want to know why the rich guy doesn't come 'round no more and then, lo and behold, he calls.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

He invites her to his personal theatre, decked out with plush love seats, where a French film starts to play. (Which film is this? Does anyone know?)

Jae-hyuk is super nervous for this date of sorts and Ga-young is completely out of her element as he watches her fondly.

Now for my Jae-hyuk spiel. I'm assuming that he never worked this hard for An-na. Sure, he probably romanced her, spouted pretty words and gave her a good roll in the sack, but I don't think that she affected change in his worldview as Ga-young has. Ga-young is more than a new toy for him, but someone he actually respects and *gasp* apologizes to. With An-na he makes excuses or covers his guilt with anger.

That said, just because he's changing in one area, doesn't mean he's a good man for Ga-young even though they look ridiculously cute together. He needs a 360 personality makeover. He's started with the whole shy-school-boy-in-love bit, but it has yet to pervade his being. In the end, despite my hankering for Lee Je-hoon, I hope he learns to be a better person from Ga-young.

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

Back to Jae-hyuk and Ga-young in a dark theatre. Jae-hyuk cries during the film and dabs at his eyes with his hanky. Teehee. Ga-young...falls asleep. When she wakes, the film has ended and she's horrified that she fell asleep and quickly turns away to wipe away any possible drool. He smiles 'cause she's cute.

I smile because it's another plot consistency. She drooled in an earlier episode. Heehee. Toothpicks and drool comprise the total plot consistency! w00t!

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

They head off to a lunch of pork and lettuce wrap where he hands her a bag. It's Michael Jackson's jacket! Production on the line is finished and it will be delivered to stores next week. He has her check the label and she's stunned to see her name. It's to pay her back for the shirt she made him, he says.

WOW! Some pay back. That's what happens when you date a hot chaebol. I'm a musician. I've resigned myself to a life of poverty, but if you could hook me up with one of those...

Ga-young blusters that he didn't have to do this and he replies that it should be under her label next time. This is a souvenir for her first project. Also, does she ever want to work with J Fashion again? He'll even let Young-gul tag along.

She, as are we, doesn't think Young-gul will go for it.

Then Jae-hyuk digs a little about the state of business and she evasively replies that the president is taking care of it. Jae-hyuk catches on and says that they won't receive a proper order unless the buyer checks out the factory and financial situation.

O_O You naughty, naughty puppy. BAD PUPPY!

Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

But Karma's a bitch. The food comes and he drops a splotch of sauce onto his lapel. He's mortified and makes all sorts of ridiculous faces as he tries to scrub it off. Then he calls for an extra jacket to be brought from his car. Ga-young is surprised, but Jae-hyuk is in the fashion business.

He then asks her what she, as a designer, thinks of his style and she thinks it's plain.

She makes Michael Jackson jackets and things with sequins. Of course she thinks he's plain.

Although affronted, he quickly turns the situation around and asks her to help make him less plain.

Slick dude. Super slick.

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[Spoiler] "Fashion King": Episode 9 Recap

by: Raine


Ratings rose according to AGB Neilsen from 9.0% to 9.7% for Episode 8. I bet it has to do with the OTP finally getting some screen time together and showing a bit of chemistry..

This is the episode where Young-gul and Ga-young's romance could've started. But a few monkey wrenches get thrown in. I'm sure we will have a whole mess of misunderstandings caused by secrets and lack of communication starting next episode. As for this one, I should hate Jae-hyuk. I really should. And I should think Young-gul's jealousy is stupid because he doesn't say anything to Ga-young. Should. But these boys are too cute. An-na is pathetic. Ga-young needs to step up and affect change herself instead of riding the tide.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 9 recap

Michael has called "Young Girl" and their conversation wakes Ga-young who excitedly listens to Young-gul's side. The sketchy designer wonders if Young-gul can be in New York the next Monday. Although Young-gul's calendar is full, he agrees.

Yoo Ah-in's English is so adorable. He can even acted when speaking stilted English. American actors in Fashion King, take note. A Korean man who has trouble speaking English out-acted you. Shame.

Anyway, Young-gul is so happy he's on the verge of tears and so is Ga-young. They feel like this is their big break. And it would finally be something not tied to Jae-hyuk. High on emotion, Young-gul hurries into the workshop and shines the light of a pendant lamp on their new fashion creations.

Oh, fashion creations. What do you think of THAT for the name of a brand? Okay, it sucks, I know. But when you say it out loud it's kinda delicious on the tongue.

Young-gul, overcome with emotion, grabs Ga-young's face in his hands and promises that the first thing he'll do when he's rich is to buy an apartment for her.

He is looking so tenderly at her, my heart lurched. We all hope that it's the moment he admits his feelings and kisses her, right?

Nope. It's our meek little Ga-young who throws her arms around his neck and plants one on him - and he responds!

They pull away awkwardly but his hand is still on her arm. He tells her this can't happen between a president and an employee, pats her arms and stiffly walks away. Alone, both of them reel from the impact of the kiss. They press their hands to their chests, hearts pounding and shocked by the chemistry.

I love how much of a shock his reaction is to him! She is super embarassed and jumps on her bed to hug her blanket to her. Come on, Ga-young. Do it. You know you wanna. We all do it enough. You know you wanna... *squeeeeeeeee*

She does, but not aloud. She needs squeeing lessons.

Also, there's a dandy little cello solo in the song. Yay cello! Represent, my sexy instrument!

Speaking of kisses, Jae-hyuk is sitting in his personal theatre (how ridiculous does that sound?) watching...dun, dun, dun....the Titanic kiss scene with Celine Dion crooning in the background. He's remembering kissing Ga-young and all of their cute moments. And then he remembers his promise to protect An-na.

How cheesy is this? We get it. He's in kiss-y mode. Also, did he get a hair cut? Nom, nom nom.

An aside: During this part, my brother, who was watching the Heat game (which we won over the Jersey Nets, BOO YAH!), paused the game to call out, "Is that Titanic? WHY the hell are you watching Titanic?" And I cackled and answered that it was in one of my dramas. "oh".

(Check out Jae-hyuk's duds. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...)

Back to Fashion King. Jae-hyuk, possessed of a decision, finds An-na at the company's mall and they head to the fancy restaurant for an awkwardly stifling meal. She asks after his health; he asks if they should get married.

Say wha'?! She looks as shocked as I feel. But then again, this IS Jae-hyuk, king of randomness. He has a real emotion and counters it with an idiot, irrational move. His modus operandi thus far. This boy needs to learn to deal with emotions in a big boy way.

They debate marriage as though it were a business transaction. Do you want to? If you want to? Then, let's do it. Then let's. When shall we set the date?

Sure, marriage ain't no big deal... Weren't they passionately in love or something? If he's her goal, then she's not going about it the right way. Even if he's unenthusiastic, she should be. it sounded like they were trading cattleor sheep. Maybe that's how he got those sheep

(I will comment on Kim's outfit later...)

Before they can set a date, Daddy Jae-hyuk and white-haired Design Director Kim show up and they have tea together.

Dad heard through the grapevine that Jae-hyuk was ill.

And now I understand why Jae-hyuk is so messed up. The grapevine? Seriously, daddy? You need daddy school as much as Jae-hyuk needs big boy school.

Moving on. Kim asks Jae-hyuk if he's solved his "problem" and Jae-hyuk shares a panicked glance with An-na. This is news to dad who is immediately curious. Jae-hyuk tries to play it off, but Kim has an agenda and pushes the subject. He ends up explaining that a girl stole An-na's designs and sold them in Dongdaemoon. Where did he hear it? From Attorney Kim.

Daddy is shocked and looks as though he's going to beat Jae-hyuk raw later

Raine's issue. This show really deals with legalities inappropriately and takes ridiculous liberties with them. Lawyers by definition are two things: slimy and required to keep attorney/client confidentiality. What about that strange serving of the Notice of Intent to subpeona to Ga-young...

(Striking similarity, no?)

In his office, Jae-hyuk, still dressed as Beetlejuice, is brooding when Director Kim comes in dressed as...a PANDA! NOOOOO! Pandas belong in Rooftop Prince!

Kim's Panda costume makes his hair look like teeth stained yellow...

So Beetlejuice sits down for a heart-to-heart with fake Panda. Panda finds out the girl stealing the fabrics is the designer and thinks she's a genius. He wants her brought to the company to boost his career. He needs people like that genius girl working for him. Although it may be uncomfortable for An-na, it can't be helped. When CEO Daddy Jae-hyuk retires, Kim will have a hard time taking care of himself.

This fake Panda may be nasty, but his agenda is quite clever. He's trying to forge an alliance with Jae-hyuk to kick An-na out and bring real talent in. Cover his own ass. This caters to Jae-hyuk's plans. Hrm...

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Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

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Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

Fashion King

( - 2012)


Episode 7, according to AGB Nielson, dropped to 9.0%, decreasing by 1.4%. I'm not sure if I disagree. The menfolk, besides the sexiness, were severely unlikable. An-na, too. In fact, Ga-young was the only likeable one and she was a little bit pathetic.

This episode really started to show some solid character development. Jae-hyuk masks his wounded pride and loneliness in violence, money and power. Ga-young is faced with trials and again shows some gumption. Young-gul is learning to care for someone besides himself. An-na...is a bump on a log...a really, really pretty bump.

episode 8 recapFashion King: Episode 8 Recap Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

(Can you hear Jae-hyuk asking, "Don't I have pretty teeth? I brush twice a day".)

Young-gul stares at an expensive KIA rather forlornly, and then with some determination while Jae-hyuk pretends he's Bi in Speed Racer. He's dodging poor, unsuspecting drivers left and right, making rather ridiculous growl-y faces and being generally unhappy after his meeting with Young-gul.

Lee Je-hoon, you KNOW I love you, but this is not convincing. I'm actually laughing. Yay for tummy workout!

On a leisurely stroll, Young-gul spots a beauty shop and recalling Ga-young's use of sample creams, decides to buy her something nice.

I know I totally ship Ga-young/Jae-hyuk, but *squeeeeeeee* It feels like Young-gul is returning home. He's realized how important she is in his life. She's always there and he's so comfortable with her that he didn't even realize what she meant to him.

Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

Screeching to a halt in front of Young Young Apparel, Jae-hyuk watches as a biker carts away a delivery and the ahjummas grab Ga-young for a meal. He storms out of the car and approaches her, full of wrath that he can't control.

He has very little emotional control, actually. He punches things and yells or attempts to reign in situations with money and power. They're called words, Hyukkie. Words.

Jae-hyuk attempts to use these crazy things called "words" and asks if she was in this from the beginning with Young-gul. It's obvious from the fear and guilt-ridden expression that she intended no harm and was just a devoted employee trying to please her boss. Ga-young apologizes, but a slight is a slight. Actually, this is a huge blow. So, a blow is a blow and this blow is so massive that it makes Jae-hyuk blow his top.

"You're sorry?!!" he demands over and over, forehead veins bulging, spittle flying and Ga-young flinching.

Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

In dire need of more driving fueled by massive road rage, Jae-hyuk jumps in his car and zooms passed Young-gul who has just arrived home. Holding the bag of lotions in his hand, Young-gul sees Ga-young crying. Because he is a man and men are slow on the uptake, he breezes by her, ignoring her tears and heads inside to process what he just witnessed. Glancing down, he remembers his gift and tosses it aside.

Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

Bong Sook is back! Has anyone notice her mouth opens almost as wide as Steve Tyler's?


Anyway, she, the ruddy-faced sewing ahjummas and Ga-young are getting drunk and snacking. The ahjummas are admiring how Jae-hyuk looks so healthy and well-clothed. Rich people are just DIFFERENT. They want Young-gul to wear a suit like that.

Drunk and sassy, Ga-young admits that she likes Young-gul and wonders how he could've done this to her? Bong Sook attempts to advise her and then passes out. The ahjummas toast to Young-gul's success.


Hahaha. How much do you love that they didn't even bat an eye as Bong Sook took a dive for the floor?


Young-gul, freshly aware of Ga-young's appeal as a woman, stays up past midnight waiting for her to come home.

I suppose finding your arch nemesis about to pull some sexy moves on the woman you're secretly in love with makes that love not quite as secret as it was before.

Anywho, he finally settles in to sleep and feigns deep sleep when Ga-young stumbles in for a bedside chat.


If you're just reading recaps, Shin Se-kyung is soooooo cute when portraying a sloshed Lee Ga-young. I just want to pinch her cheeks! *pinch pinch*

Then begins the most honest (one-sided) dialogue she's ever had with Young-gul.

Ga-young: MeI'm on your side no matter what you do. But, being bothered is being bothered. It's okay for just me to be bothered, so I'll just let you do as you want. But other than that, do you know what's bothering me most? How the president is misunderstanding me".

As she speaks, she tears up. When she tries to rise for bed, she ends up passing out on the floor beside him.

She should get drunk and speak to him when he's "awake" if the alcohol frees her tongue so. I have a feeling he'll be easier to talk to from now on. I don't think he'll be following loan Tae-san's words so closely from now on. Y'know, the whole, "use your employees and let them take the fall" business.

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Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

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Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

Fashion King

( - 2012)by: Raine


Episode 6 came in at 10.4% according to AGB Nielsen. A 0.3% increase! Rock on! Thanks to Joencorner for finding this info!

This episode really gave us some plot fodder to munch on. Hooray! The men folk are using the women folk. The women folk are in need of some backbone miracle grow. There's lots of stolen kisses. And a ridiculously awesome plot twist right at the end. Read on.

episode 7 recapFashion King: Episode 7 Recap Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

No angry pygmies came after Ga-young as she stole bolts of cloth for Young-gul. It was only a wickedly handsome chaebol with an inappropriate crush on a poor girl.

He catches her as she falls and they stare awkwardly at each other before he realizes he has to put her down. They each wonder why the other is there and act generally awkward. Ga-young lies that she wants extra fabric to try out a few ideas.

By the way, he's wearing a pink tie. Last episode she wore that pink coat. What is up with this show and pink? I love pink. I'm the Pink Princess as Deeno and others like to call me. But there is only so much pink I can look at before my brain turns into cotton candy.

Jae-hyuk hurries away and turns to look after her with a smile. The boy is smitten and I love it, 'cause it's cute, and I hate it, 'cause he has a girlfriend/fiancee thingy-y...er, person.

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

On his way home, he's all smile-y over their encounter and happens to see her sitting at a bus stop. She is mortified when he stops to give her a lift and makes the excuse that she wanted to try working at the factory.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

He tells her to learn a lot from An-na and then asks if living in the factory is uncomfortable. When she says no, he pulls out the change purse that she'd left in the car. She smiles, pleased to have it back.

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

Young-gul finds An-na at the factory and after checking to see if he has anything in his teeth, offers her a drink. She wonders if he's called Michael. He hasn't had time. When asked if he sleeps at the factory, he answers that he has for six years. An-na spots Ga-young's slippers and asks if she does as well. She's only a tenant; nothing else.

An-na gets snooty, wondering what their relationship is and accusing him of thinking too highly of himself because he met Michael once. He only sells fakes in Dongdaemoon. She assumes he looks down on her and thinks she's laughable.

Young-gul is floored by her words.

But An-na isn't done. If Young-gul hadn't sold Ga-young, she wouldn't have to go through all that she has. Take her back, An-na orders. She'll give him more than the cancellation fee.


When she rises to leave, he grabs her arm, citing her true fear: She's afraid that Jae-hyuk will break up with her.

She orders him to let go, but he tells her that she's awesome before pulling her into a hug. She came because she missed him, didn't she?

Young-gul steals a kiss and she slaps him, thinking she's crazier than him for actually considering him human.

Again, he intercepts her as she tries to leave. What does she want to know about him? If she wants to know something, just ask.


Right now, she doesn't want to know anything and leaves to find a smiling Jae-hyuk helping Ga-young out of his car. Young-gul comes out and it's a showdown: who can give the nastiest glare?

Actually, Ga-young doesn't participate. Instead she tries to melt into the floor. Young-gul stalks away. Ga-young fails at melting and runs inside instead.

Then An-na glares at Jae-hyuk. He glares at her. Electricity crackles. Jealousy fueled anger brims.


Jae-hyuk demands why An-na was there and she coldly explains that she was trying to get Young-gul to take Ga-young back. The only thing he seems to be concerned about is why she had to come HERE.

She stalks away. He glares. Brood. Brood. Pout. Pout. Glare. Glare. Rinse and repeat. Oh yeah, don't forget super emo music.

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[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

By Raine

Episode 5 rose in ratings, 10.1%. Now that the plotline is settling in, I think the ratings will be a bit better. I'm not sure about them rising yet.

Thanks for all the support for these recaps everyone! This episode, however, drove me a little bonkers. I want to take out both men, or lock them in cages so they can do no more harm and can be used only for me to look at.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

Episode 6 recap[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

We left off with the face off of the male leads. In one corner, Jae-hyuk armed with his poo-poo face. In the other, Young-gul armed with red stilettos?

What will happen?

Well, Young-gul remembers that An-na's pictures was in Jae-hyuk's wallet and recalls the writing on the back. "Ah, you're the eternal love".

Since poo poo faces aren't good for fighting, Jae-hyuk resorts to his fists instead, and violently punches Young-gul in the face. Young-gul goes down and scrambles back onto his feet, wincing in pain. They trade words and Young-gul gets in a pretty wicked head butt!

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

Jae-hyuk has a feral look in his eyes and lunges at Young-gul who stops him with the words, "An-na is sleeping". Young-gul gets snarky. "Shouldn't you offer me a refreshment since I took care of her?" His tongue is much mightier than his fist and it is all Jae-hyuk can do to snarl, "Get out!"

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

(Nom nom nom. Two hot guys fighting. Nom nom nom.)

Before leaving, Young-gul admires the red stilettos in his hand and slaps them again Jae-hyuk's chest on his way out.

Jae-hyuk: Tell Ga-young to come to my office by 10 AM tomorrow.

Young-gul: Why?

Jae-hyuk: You don't' need to know. Just get out.

Young-gul: When An-na wakes up tomorrow, tell her I'll call her by 10 o'clock.


[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

Young-gul returns to Glasses' shop.

A total aside: Now we have to cheer, because I finally figured out Glasses' name: Chil-bok. It's on a phone later on in the episode. :D GO ME!

Anyway, Young-gul returns to CHIL-BOK'S shop where Ga-young is asleep atop cardboard boxes. He notices her beat-up heels and remembers An-na's. Please tell me he's hoping to give Ga-young some sexy stilettos in the future. Please, please, please.


Pulling off his shoes, Young-gul lays down beside Ga-young and passes out - he's still really drunk. The motion wakes Ga-young who is startled by his proximity.

*Cue sexy music in Raine's mind*

She covers him with her blanket and settles down. Then, nervous, she flips over.

*Record scratch*

This woman needs to know that she has to make moves on Yoo Ah-in Young-gul when she gets the chance


The next morning, Jae-hyuk is in the living room, stonily reading the paper when An-na awakes and beelines for coffee. When did he get there? He is in a foul mood and warns her prevent actions that can lead to misunderstandings. It was difficult enough to start their relationship again. She needs to be more cautious.

An-na, of course, is perplexed and wonders if his father said anything to him. That shocks Jae-hyuk who asks if she met with his father. She did and when President Jung asked, she told him that they intended to marry.

Although the answer was to be expected, Jae-hyuk looks thoroughly unnerved and rises. She said the right thing, he tells her.

His face says otherwise.

I dunno about you, but they don't look like a happily engaged couple. Also, aren't people who are dating supposed to tell each other things, like, "Hey, I'm miserable, give me a hug?"


Back at Chil-bok's shop, Young-gul is hungover and eating breakfast with Ga-young. When she asks if the woman he was with yesterday was An-na, he giggles like a school girl. Isn't she attractive? We're the same age.

Nice buddy. Nice. You lose the points you earned for the awesome headbutt and the snark

Anywho, he thinks it's destiny that An-na showed up at Dongdaemoon. Ga-young wards off the unpleasant topic by bringing up another: how is he going to deal with the debt on his factory? How long is he going to stay at Chil-bok's store? What's his plan?

Ga-young has got him pinned and he retorts that he doesn't have to tell his employee what his plans are.

Uh, especially if you, uh, y'know, don't have any.

Does this woman know him or what? He's got skills but no vision.


Young-gul turns it back on her and asks about her discussion with Jae-hyuk? How will she get an order without any plan? He thinks he's being clever, turning the question back on her. But he's not, 'cause she has a plan.

She hands over a sketchbook, which Young-gul looks over with moon-y eyes. He has visions of runway shows and possibility - she brought him hope for the future. And Yoo Ah-in has brought me barrels of laughter! My stomach hurts so much right now from that ridiculously idiotic face he's making!

*Ahem* The further along this show gets, the crazier these recaps get.

So they're a good business pair with complimentary strengths. I still don't really see the romance between them. Just a one-sided crush on her part. And a whole lot of panting after An-na on his.


[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 4 eeked .2% higher to 9.6%. It's still beating "Love Rain", which I have yet to watch.

This episode was sooooo much better in terms of plot. After four episodes of some serious wandering, it's starting to settle in. And I can't decide who I'm shippin'.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

episode 5 recap[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

After Young-gul leaves Ga-young to the malicious, violent mob and becomes the number entry on my hit list, his conscience threatens him with torture and death. So Young-gul hurries back to Young Girl, but he is too late. Only her luggage is left. The mob ate her.

Young-gul is finally learning to fight for something, but too bad Ga-young had to pay the price for it.

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

At Jo Boutique, Madam Jo the Dragon Lady reminds Miss Go about the magazine interview and then is greeted by the ghost of Ga-young's past - a rather bloody ghost. Well, not really a ghost. But by Dragon Lady's expression you would think she was.

Madam Jo stupidly asks if Ga-young was beat-up. Why yes. Yes, she was. How about offering some first aid? No, that's too much. Dragon Lady has to blame Ga-young's failures at the New York Fashion School (NSF) all on our poor heroine. As if you had nothing to do with it DRAGON LADY!

But our heroine is quite ballsy. She asks to stay at the Boutique as she once had - that or, if Madam Jo hates her that much, for some money. Ga-young tells Madam Jo that she knows why she has to stoop this low, but the Dragon claims ignorance.

Can I beat her with an angry mob and claim ignorance?

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

When Ga-young realizes she's getting no money out of her heartless former guardian, she decides to stay despite the Dragon's threats to call the police. Oh, that will be wonderful to report during the magazine interview tomorrow, Ga-young retaliates.

YES! Point Ga-young. Fire pit for the Dragon.

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

Ga-young heads up to her old room and throws together a make-shift bed. Gathering a comforter around her, she finally has a chance to look Into The Mirror. The face that stares back at her is pathetic: covered in blood, tired eyes, and dirt-covered cheeks. Tears cut small rivulets in the grime on her face as she cries out her misery.

Aw, she needs a hug. I'll give you a hug and we shall plot revenge on Dragon Lady together.


Now we get to find out a bit more about Young-gul. He's at his aunt's house and she's nagging him about never contributing to the household and yet he comes to leech off her. She jabbers on how about he is embarrassing for quitting school and pursuing fashion. That's why his mother left - he should've gone to find her when he was in America. Young-gul is immediately on the defensive.

"You let my sister die because you never took her to the hospital!" He cries.

His aunt is furious. His family imposed on her and it was all she could do to survive, much less take care of someone else's sick kid. And what did Young-gul do? He went off to make money and never came back. If he was worried for his sister, he should've come back earlier. Young-gul, hurt, slaps an envelope of money down and leaves.


Outside, he hears his little sister call "oppa". He turns and sees a vision of his sick sibling calling to him, telling him to make money and come back. Young-gul looks an absolute wreck.


Young-gul puts himself together and goes to meet the friend he sold Ga-young's designs to in the first episode. He shall known be known as Glasses. Oh yeah, Young-gul also steals his lunch. Haha.

Glasses informs him that the loan sharks are searching for him but Young-gul is more concerned with the fact that Glasses watched his female employee get beat up and didn't do anything about it.

Glasses replies as we all want to: Well, you didn't either, you jerk!

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[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

by: RaineAt the ratings are back up at 9.2% for episode 3. I'm not sure if it's cause Love Rain has caused such a negative commotion or what. Perhaps having Yoo Ah-in naked in every episode contributes a point percentage point per ab appearance?This episode was still wild and crazy plot-wise but we've come to expect that and I think I might stop commenting on that...maybe. That kiss was hot and we got to see Yu-ri's acting chops and how they get the foursome back to Korea...sort of.

"Fashion King" features Yoo Ah-in, Sin Se-kyeong and Lee Je-hoon.

episode 4 recap[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

After his meeting with Michael J. Lauren, Young-gul is floating on clouds and literally runs into An-na. While helping her pick up the garments, he notices that she's been crying. He thanks her for her help, but she is lost in her misery of being cast aside for the unknown Young-gul.

There is more Baroque music that sounds like a rip-off of the Bach Invention in Bb. Anyone else notice this?

Young-gul buys groceries, whistles on his way home and in generally way too happy. Why? The drama gods are coming to get him. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

[Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap [Spoiler] [Raine's Recaps] Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

At a meeting with a bunch of horrid American actors, the American presenter is dissing J Fashion's and the Korean fashion industry's attempts to break into the global fashion market, so Jae-hyuk has him fired. Hee. Hee.

Can I fire the Stateside casting director? PLEASE. Or sic a rabid sheep on him? Please continue to read to see the sheep of which I speak.

Jae-hyuk meets with a man from the Korean consulate who hopes that Korea's fashion industry will soon have the same place in the world as its highly ranked electronics industry. Well, at least that's his cover. He's really digging around for information on the "criminal/fugitive" Kang Young-gul, mutineer, murderer and thief.

A bit surprised and taken aback, Jae-hyuk denies knowing him even when the consul points out that they attended the same high school. The consul received a phone call from Korea regarding a student that Jae-hyuk helped who was involved with the fugitive. He wanted to meet Jae-hyuk before speaking with her. After one last inquiry, the consul leaves and Jae-hyuk smiling painfully.


Ga-young carefully makes her way home, wary of followers who could get Young-gul arrested. Turns out, she ain't wary enough and the devil's spawn Jung-ah has spotted her entering an apartment building different from the one Jung-ah had visited.


When Ga-young opens the door, she is greeted by a grinning (AW!) Young-gul and a candlelit steak dinner. He'd promised her meat every day after all.

Be still. My. Heart. I LOVE steak. Young-gul, marry me. And feed me steak. And ice cream.

Young-gul playfully evades all of Ga-young's questions as they eat and take adorable photos of themselves. He explains that Michael offered him two options: his have own fashion line or to meet a buyer. A buyer would allow Young-gul to sell his clothing in a department store, which is great, because it's really difficult to get such spots in Korea.


A knock on the door jars them out of their jolly mood. They still and Young-gul quietly checks the peep hole to see who it is.

It's handsome Jae-hyuk, which makes Young-gul scowl, yank the door open and trade words with Jae-hyuk who has come to see Ga-young.He barges in, makes a snide remark about their small apartment and cuts to the chase: are you in love with Young-gul or does he have dirt on you? Why are you putting everything you've worked for on the line for that jerk?

As he speaks, Young-gul tries to interject, but Jae-hyuk ignores him, speaking only to Ga-young who is still as a board. Jae-hyuk wants Ga-young to be considerate of his position since he helped her get into the school. He also thinks that Young-gul should just confess and stop bothering someone who has a future. Or, should he just call the police? Young-gul curses at him and Jae-hyuk punches him in return.

So Jae-hyuk doesn't have as much self-control as I thought....

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