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Photos Added English poster for the impending Korean film 'A guy and A Woman'

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Photos Added English poster for the impending Korean film 'A guy and A Woman'

Added English poster for the impending Korean film "A guy and A Woman" (2014)Directed via Lee Yoon-kiWith Jeon Do-yeon, Gong Yoo, Park Byeong-eun, Lee Mi-so, Park Min-ji, Min Moo-je,...SynopsisSang-min comes to Finland to send her autistic son to a distinct camp. She feels so alienated in snow covered-white Helsinki. Ki-hong is an architect operating in Finland on dispatched duty. His circle of relatives isn't so very best either with a daughter having kid depression and mentally unease wife. the 2 meet for the primary time at the collection point of this special camp. They get to have a brief go back and forth to the camp in combination in silence yet get started to feel comfy and attached to every other. On their as a long way back as Helsinki, with the street blocked from heavy snow, Sang-min and Ki-hong are remoted in a cabin by the woodland and lake.Carried away by impossible to resist passion, they spend an evening together. But the following day, they pass separate tactics without asking each one other"s name...Release date in Korea : 2015

Lee Seung Gi Is surprised By way of Kang Ho Dong’s English Quiz reaction on “New adventure to the West”

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Lee Seung Gi Is stunned By Kang Ho Dong’s English Quiz Response on “New ride to the West” Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won are these days starring in PD Na Young Suk‘s internet series “New trip to the West,” which documents their five-day go back and forth in combination in China.

As the forged is waiting to head in to look the noted terra cotta army, they make a decision to quiz every other to pass the time. Eun Ji Won takes the primary turn and asks Kang Ho Dong, “What is the beyond nerve-racking of the note “can” in English?”

Kang Ho Dong replies with fully no hesitation, “I can’t.”

Lee Seung Gi can’t appear to consider his ears for a second, and then says, “Oh, come on!” He then bursts out laughing, and so does everybody else, adding Kang Ho Dong. “Hyung, get out of the car!” Lee Seung Gi jokes.

Kang Ho Dong tries to turn everybody that he understands the word “can” by throwing out words like “You can do it!” yet Eun Ji Won issues out that he used to be requesting the past tense form. “We need to head in opposition to the future!” jokes Kang Ho Dong.

You can see new episodes of “New Journey to the West” each Friday on Naver TVCast.

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Impresses With Her English and Cantonese on “Abnormal Summit”

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Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Impresses With Her English and Cantonese on “Abnormal Summit” On the September 14 broadcast of JTBC‘s “Abnormal Summit,” the G12 are joined through Wonder Girls individuals Yeeun and Hyelim.

During the episode, MC Jeon Hyun Moo asks Hyelim about how she frequently gets unsuitable for a Chinese person, and she responds, “Yea, i suspect it’s because I lived in Hong Kong for 14 years.”

MC Sung Si Kyung then asks G12 Chinese representative Zhang Yuan to talk with Hyelim in Chinese, and the 2 cross on to replace greetings in Mandarin and Cantonese, respectively.

Their short communication stops prematurely, however, because Zhuang Yuan is literally rendered speechless by Hyelim’s Cantonese.

“Is Cantonese more at ease for you than Korean?” Jeon Hyun Moo asks Hyelim, to which she replies, “No, Korean and English are maximum comfortable, and then it’s Chinese.”

Canadian rep Guillaume Patry is asked to speak with Hyelim in English after she unearths she learned her English at a Canadian global faculty in Hong Kong. yet the self-declared Wonder Ladies fan makes the remainder of the studio laugh with his awkward questions, and he even makes a grammatical slip.

Check out the substitute between Hyelim and the G12 reps in the video below! Did you know about Hyelim’s fluency in those languages?

Hollywood actress Bae Doo Na relays her get to the ground of to toughen her English

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Hollywood actress Bae Doo Na relays her get to the ground of to toughen her English

Bae Doo Na, who is turning into reasonably the Hollywood star, gave the impression on JTBC"s "Newsroom" on September 10 for an interview in which she relayed her solve to enhance her English.

She was once asked if there were any difficulties acting in English and she answered, "After the film "Cloud Atlas," I started to be informed English. There"s an common the motion picture is based totally on. I entered filming after having a look at the Korean translated edition of that original.

"At first, when the director gave me directions, there were problems, like I couldn"t realize him. Still, I sought after to get used to it as temporarily as possible, so I refused a translator."

Dedication, girl! Remember to catch her in the Netflix series, "Sense8."

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Video Added exclusive English subtitled clip released for the Korean film 'Beauty Inside'

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Video Added exclusive English subtitled clip released for the Korean film 'Beauty Inside'

"Beauty Inside" can be released in North the united states on September, 11, additional information on showtimes here.

Added exclusive English subtitled clip released for the Korean film "Beauty Inside"

"Beauty Inside" (2014)Directed via Baek Jong-yeolWith Han Hyo-joo, Kim Dae-myeong, Do Ji-han, Bae Seong-woo, Chun Young-woon, Park Shin-hye,...SynopsisA guy becomes a other user each morning whilst there"s a girl who"s in love with him...Release date in Korea : 2015/08/20

Actor Daniel Choi Says He’s Learning English Due to Chloe Grace Moretz

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Actor Daniel Choi Says He’s Learning English On account of Chloe Grace Moretz In a up to date interview, actor Daniel Choi revealed that he has began learning English and is reading not easy with the hope of a few day operating with actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

Daniel Choi said, “A few days ago I saw the film “Let Me In (2010).” It used to be my first time seeing it, and actress Chloe Moretz appeared very charming. I discovered out that she got here to Korea a few months ago best when I watched the movie.”

He continued, “I in point of fact would like to speak to Chloe Moretz. I would like to speak to her so bad that i began learning English. I learned it for 8 hours an afternoon for 3 weeks.”

Daniel Choi is recently busy selling his new movie “Untouchable Lawmen,” yet he plans to stay reading English nonetheless. He explained, “I’m making plans to continue reading English even when I enlist in the army later this year. When I get discharged, I would like to visit America. I did move [to America] once sooner than yet this time I would like to fulfill Chloe Moretz and communicate in English.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Choi’s new movie “Untouchable Lawmen” is ready two goofy policemen (played by Im Chang Jung and Daniel Choi) who secretly get called into the name of the game Provider and are ordered to capture the maximum apprehensive boss of a crook gang. Daniel Choi plays the role of Yoo Min, who enters the police force to seduce women. It is coming to theaters on August 27.

Could you spot Daniel Choi and Chloe Moretz in a movie together?

Netizens display displeasure at MONSTA X Jooheon"s "black guy taste English"

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display displeasure at MONSTA X Jooheon

It"s any other case of an idol being deemed racially insensitive through some as a video of MONSTA X"s Jooheon  at the July 22 edition of "Radio famous person" is garnering some negative attention from global netizens.

In the clip above, Jooheon explains how he had sought after to be black when he used to be more youthful because of his love for hip hop, announcing he would observe the taste they dressed or even talked. He then displayed an example through comparing commonplace English (calm "What you speaking about?") to "how black other individuals talked" ("howdy! What you speaking about, guy?" with accentuated speech and physically gestures). He would pass on to mention, "I don"t know what you speaking about, mm-mm, mm-mm," with attitude, wagging his finger.

This, plus how MBC came about to label the video ("Joohun displayed black guy taste english"), did no longer blow over neatly with global audience, who wrote out their emotions in the comments segment. In the few hours that the video clip have been uploaded, comments come with, "Jooheon ba through... watch out how u notice those... First Wendy and now him... the taste he says it sounds very ignorant needless to mention. He must have just stated gangster, because fairly frankly its no longer most competitive black other individuals and thats a gigantic stereotype for black other individuals. I just wish Koreans were just a little more conversant in westerners... they dont all observe the stereotypes u pay attention [sic]," and, "So unbelievably racist and ignorant. Just wow, and the those that loved it... slow clap."

then again, some other individuals defended him, announcing, "Don"t get all butt harm other individuals, it"s no longer like this stereotype doesn"t exist elswhere, it"s no longer love it"s anything new and sudden. Plus, Koreans (or someone who doesn"t reaspect around other races for that genuineity) don"t actually know any larger. That"s what they see in foreign videos an television so it"s all they know [sic]," and, "I don"t think here is ignorant. He says he's into hip hop culture so he sought after to mimic their clothing and speech. it can be ignorant if he portrays them in a approach this is totally stereotypical and demeaning and disrespectful. He doesn"t demean someone in what he does. It is a a element of his subculture too. Plus, the usage of American criteria of habit to Korean those that have little genuine expo certain to American society is more ignorant."

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G-Dragon thanks fans in English at Big Bang"s Dalian concert + Wuhan tour footage & live performances

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G-Dragon thanks fans in English at Big Bang

Big Bang continue to give fans an insider view of how they prepare and wind down from a concert, this time the boys are in both Dalian and Wuhan.

For the first part of their "MADE Diary with Naver" collaboration, they released a "Tour Report in Guangzhou" video, featuring the members at their Guangzhou concert from last month. Last week, they revealed the "Tour Report in Beijing", then Hong Kong, then from Shanghai, and now we get their report Dalian and Wuhan.

In this week"s footage the boys play around with a word game we often see on variety shows. We also get to see Seungri get some attention from his hyungs on stage. There is also a short talk segment where G-Dragon thanks fans for their support, in very fluent English. .

There is also another fantastic live performance of "We Like 2 Party", plus snippets of other performances. Big Bang is now headed Thailand.

To get your weekly dose of Big Bang watch their "Tour Report" videos + images from the concerts below!

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f(x)"s Krystal is confident and humorous in English interview!

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Krystal recently gave an interview in English at the Chanel Cruise 2015/2016 Fashion Show in Seoul, proving that her English is perfect!

The singer was all smiles and laughing throughout, exchanging playful chatter with the gabby interviewer, Thomas Ye (gogoboi). When Ye asks Krystal which co-star she worked with matches her type the most amongst Rain, Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk, she laughs and declares that choosing one would be a "big issue." Or maybe she just couldn"t choose because they are all so dreamy?

Krystal revealed that her favorite Chinese actress is ZIyi Zhang, whose role as the fatally alluring courtesan "Sayuri" in "Memoirs of a Geisha," left an impression on her and expressed her wish to work with the actress.

Krystal also discusses f(x)"s next album and more so be sure to check out the video above!

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Kwanghee attempts to order ice cream in broken English on "Infinity Challenge"

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Kwanghee attempts to order ice cream in broken English on

On the May 30 edition of "Infinity Challenge," Kwanghee was seen struggling with his English speaking skills while trying to order a simple mango deluxe ice cream. Prior to his struggles, he showed great confidence in his English skills in front of Yoo Jae Suk.

While at an airport in India, Kwanghee suggested that the "Infinity Challenge" members should get mango ice cream to which Jung Joon Ha answered, "You buy." However, Yoo Jae Suk quickly got up from his seat and said, "Kwanghee, I"ll buy it for you. I have my wallet," following Kwanghee towards the ice cream vendor.

From failing to correctly pronounce "deluxe" to asking the employee, "May I help you?" Kwanghee marked a new level of disastrous Engrish, leaving Yoo Jae Suk as well as the ice cream shop employee dumbfounded.

Check out the hilarious segment above!

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