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"Birth of a Beauty" Joo Sang-wook & Han Ye-seul Get Their "Once Upon A Time" Ending

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SBS' drama "Birth of a Beauty" comes to an end. Joo Sang-wook and Han Ye Seul have a happy ending for their love.

The final episode of the SBS weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" ended in happiness.

The twenty-first episode of the drama showed Han Tae-hee (Joo Sang-wook) and Sara (Han Ye-seul) getting married.

Han Tae-hee realized that the man who tried to assault him was the same person that caused the explosion which killed his parents 20 years ago and that the criminal was Kim Joon-cheol (Choi Jong-hwan), Madam Park"s (Kim Yong-rim) assistant. Han Tae-hee set up a plan and make with Lee Kang-joon (Jeong Kyeo-woon).

Before the shareholder"s meeting, Han Tae-hee realized what Han Min-hyeok"s (Han Sang-jin) plan was when Lee Kang-joon asked for a fake passport of Sara and money, using her divorce papers as bait. Han Tae-hee gave him what he wanted and made sure the police were standing by to save himself.

Kim Joon-cheol confessed his crime and Son Ji-sook (Kim Cheong) was arrested along with Han Min-hyeok who tried to kill Han Tae-hee. Han Tae-hee then became the CEO of Winner Group. Later, Lee Kang-joon was arrested trying to leave the country with the fake passport Han Tae-hee had given him. He was booked for attempted murder but not Gyo Chae-yeon because Sara was still alive.

Gyo Chae-yeon decided to go abroad. She went to Han Tae-hee and Sara"s wedding but turned around once she saw how happy they looked. Lady Park who had Sara under complete misunderstanding because of Gyo Chae-yeon, blessed the couple after she saw Sara do everything she could to save Han Tae-hee.

The final episode of the drama showed Han Tae-hee and Sara"s wedding which resulted in a happy ending.

Coming up next, is "My Heart Shines" starring Nam Bo-ra , Jang Sin-yeong, Lee Tae-im, Lee Deok-hwa and others about the revenge of three sisters.

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Yoo In Na Is In For “One More Happy Ending”

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Yoo In Na Is In For “One More Happy Ending”

According to the media outlet Korea Times, Yoo In Na has taken a new role. The 33-year old actress agreed to appear in the MBC drama "One More Happy Ending, which co-stars Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho.

"One More Happy Ending" is a drama about divorce and remarriage. Jang Nara plays Han Mi Mo, the head of a dating service that specializes in offering prospective clients a second chance at love and wedded bliss. Most dating agencies focus on finding a first time mate but Han believes people deserve another chance if the first marriage did not work out. Jung Kyung Ho plays a divorced dad with an 11-year-old son.

Yoo will play Baek Da Jong, a former member of a k-pop group and the head of a wedding company. She married at a young age and now that a few years have passed feels bored with her once perfect husband. It is not known whether she and Jang Nara will be friends, frenemies or colleagues.

"One More Happy Ending" begins filming this month and is expected to air in January, following the finale of "Sweet Savage Family."

Yoo In Na can currently be seen in the web drama "Secret Message," which co-stars Big Bang"s T.O.P. and Japanese actress Juri Ueno. Her character welcomes Juri Ueno"s character Haruka to Korea and introduces her to her new home and workplace.

Before her appearance in the web drama, Yoo In Na played Jun Ji Hyun"s childhood-friend-turned-enemy in the alien-human romance "You Who Came From The Stars" and a wedding planner who must stage her ex husband"s wedding in "Secret Hotel."

She also played an actress playing Queen In Hyun in the historical fantasy drama "Queen Inhyun"s Man. In "You"re The Best Lee Soon Shin," the actress played Soon Shin"s outspoken second oldest sister.

In between her drama roles, Yoo hosts the radio show "Yoo In Na"s Pump Up The Volume," which airs Mondays to Sundays. And it"s not just any radio show. "PUmp Up The Volume" is the highest-rated radio program in its timeslot across both AM and FM bandwidths in Seoul, known for its soft music playlist and Yoo"s "My Final Message."

She Was Pretty, Ep. 14-16: A Simple but Sweet Ending

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20151116_seoulbeats_shewaspretty She Was Pretty, Ep. 14-16: A Simple but Sweet Ending Written by Leslie On November 17, 2015 Wow. I made it through an entire rom-com drama with only a few qualms for the first time in quite a long while. She Was Pretty is of course not perfect, but I still consider it quite the success and for more than just the large number of viewers it pulled in due to its immense popularity.

Before I get into the success of the overall drama, I have to talk about the two big revelations in these final episodes. I dont think the revelation that oddball writer Poong-ho (Ahn Se-ha) is actually the editor-in-chiefs nephew is at all deserved. Poong-hos character is vastly underdeveloped and too much of a sideline character for such a big secret role. If he had been a more significant character, it would have been different, but with his minor role in the show, this revelation is too much of a cheap gotchacue finger gunsploy for my tastes. At least, they didnt change him completelyhe shows up at the conference with his characteristic back scratcher tucked into his suit jacket.

On the flip side, I was pleasantly unsurprised to find out that Shin-hyuk (Choi Siwon) is the mysterious novelist, Ten. Goofy and caring but clearly far more complex of a person than meets the eye, Shin-hyuk seemed like secret writer material from the beginning. As such, Id assumed going into these episodes that he was both Ten and the editor-in-chiefs nephew and hoped that the two roles would be combined into one at the end.

While it didnt work out quite the way I expected, I like the explanation of his being adopted and growing up in the US. It explains his buoyant almost caricature of a personality, as we Americans tend to have a reputation for being over-expressive, such as with our love of the word awesome and excessive touchy-feeliness. Plus, it worked to fit into the long list of opportunities to show off Siwons ever-improving English skills, especially since hes enlisting later this week.

As for our main characters, the fact that Sung-joon (Park Seo-joon) actually pushes Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) to pursue her career as a childrens book writer has redeemed him completely from my disparaging of his character, especially his cold, harsh nature from the beginning of the drama. When he tells Hye-jin that he wants her to follow her dream and that he would never want her to resent him for not telling her to do so, I swoon. He doesnt selfishly want Hye-jin to be with him for his own happiness just because shes his first love. He wants her to be happy and knows that that requires more than just his role in the romance aspect of her life. So he is more than willing to pursue a long-distance relationship so that he can wrap up everything with work in the US while she works on her first childrens book.

Whats more, Hye-jin proposes to Sung-joon. He told her before that he was planning to propose, but she beats him to it with her simple doorstep request complete with rings. Instead of getting upset that he couldnt use his plans to surprise her, Sung-joon is just happy that theyre on the same page about getting married after a year to work on their careers, which is the perfect reaction to such a sweet moment.

This also goes to show that Hye-jin is not at all a pushover. She is always earnest in her efforts to do well in all that she does, be it in her job or in her relationships, so she is definitely not one to stand by passively. Sure, she is naive and often unsure of herself and how to react to certain unexpected (at least for her) situations, but considering her first belief that she is a secondary character in the story of her life, thats understandable. Still, she stands up for herself on more than one occasion, with those moments increasing as she becomes more self-assured.

This proposal in particular, though, shows all of the progress she has made up to the end in coming into her own self-confidence. In the first episode, as the finale reminds us, Hye-jin accepts societys pronouncement that she is not pretty and therefore a second-rate person without any reservations. Her time at The Most magazine changes her perception of herself, though. She starts out as a mere support member then soon transitions into a copy editing position at the magazine, and before she knows it, editor Cha Joo-young (Shin Dong-mi) encourages her to start writing. With Shin-hyuks help, she works hard and publishes an article, jump starting her dream career as a childrens book writer.

On top of that, she embraces that she is more than just her looks, returning from time to time to her naturally wild, curly hair and ruddy cheeks toward the end. Theres nothing wrong with fixing her hair nicely and wearing make-up, but its nice to see that she is not using it to hide or change herself. Its just another side to her that makes her beautiful. Working in a nice parallel, Sung-joon also starts to leave his hair down on his forehead, a sort of signifier of his softening.

Also putting her all into her career is Hye-jins best friend, Ha-ri (Go Joon-hee). At first I was miffed that Ha-ri discovers via various assessments that the perfect career for her is as a hotelier. It seemed a bit lazy to just throw her back into what she was doing before since a different career would require more effort on the part of production, but the enthusiasm with which she approaches her work this time around makes up for it.

Ha-ri has always had things easy, what with the connections afforded to her via her father, but now she does her utmost in her career and makes headway all by herself. It shows such growth and a new belief in herself. Also, how cute was that confession from that younger student at the university? Even if she does nothing about it, Im happy to see that she no longer has the faceless, wealthy oppas following her around and taking her out. She seems to believe in the possibility of love.

Narratively, the story wraps up too perfectly. To think that Shin-hyuk could just write and edit an article and interviewwith himself, to bootplus photography and layout design for a magazine all by himself in such a short time is utterly absurd. Any magazine editor would scoff at that bit for how impossible that is. Still, I love that Sung-joon returns to The Most to replace the editor-in-chief since she is off to get married to some random Italian model that understands her flamboyant style and extravagant personality.

In terms of the big romance, Hye-jin and Sung-joon are the cutest. He asks her to clip his nails; she ignores his request for kisses while working; they go on picnics together; and more. Their domestic bliss is so wonderful. Oh, yeah, and they end up having the most adorable, curly-haired, ruddy-cheeked daughter ever with the same habit of yelling its a go at crosswalks that her mother has. Yes, I love the way this drama ends. Its definitely well into cutesy territory, but with the way this drama has gone, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

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Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

If you"ve seen a few k-dramas, you know that matchmaking agencies are a fact of life in Korea. Matchmakers help singles find the person they are best suited to marry, taking into account their looks, their personality and their backgrounds. But what about the people who have already been married, have divorced and are hoping for a second chance at lifelong love? Divorcees already have a strike against them when it comes to being marriageable. Matching those new singles takes a special kind of matchmaker.

That"s what Jang Nara"s character Heo Sung Hee is qualified to do in the new MBC drama "Happy Ending Once Again," also known as "One More Happy Ending." Heo Sung Hee provides another chance at "happily ever after" to a clientele whose romantic experiences have made them a little cynical. If matching up two candidates is difficult the first time around, it"s likely that those who have been disappointed once may be more picky.

Heo Sung Hee, once a member of an idol group, is famous for her blunt answers. She does not hesitate to tell the formerly married how they failed the first time.

Her co-star in this drama is actor Jung Kyung Ho, last seen in the heart transplant drama "Falling for Innocence" aka "Falling for Soon Jung." So far, it is not known whether he will play a client at Jang Nara"s agency, a matchmaking agency competitor or simply the person her character is destined to spend happily ever after with. Maybe all of the above.

Both actors have romantic comedy experience. Jang Nara was the endearing "snail wife" in "Fated To Love You" with Jang Hyuk. She had another leading role with Shin Ha Kyun in the comedy "Mr. Back" and then co-starred with Seo In Guk in the thriller "I Remember You."

Although Jung Kyung Ho had played some serious roles in his career, notably in the melodrama "Endless Love," the crime drama "Cruel City," and as a serial killer in the drama "Manhole," he did have fun with his second lead role in the romantic comedy "Smile You."

Kwon Sung Chan, who produced "Late Night Hospital" and "Special Investigation Team," will produce "Happy Ending Once Again."

The Wednesday- Thursday drama "Happy Ending Once Again is expected to follow "Sweet Savage Family" in January.

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

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Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra will transform the lead couple in upcoming MBC drama "One More satisfied Ending".

The drama will depict the tale of marriage, re-marriage and divorce, a guildline for ladies and men who needs to have a pleased lifestyles after their divorce and re-marriages.

Jang Na Ra will play as Han Mi Mo, who works as a representative of a re-marriage consulting corporate whilst Jung Kyung Ho will take the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced entertainment reporter and a unmarried father of a 11-year-old son.

"One More Happy Ending" will broadcast in January 2016.

Jang Nara May be Returning to the Screen With New Drama “One More satisfied Ending”

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Jang Nara Will Be Returning to the Screen With New Drama “One More pleased Ending” Jang Nara will be returning to the screen with MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama “One More Satisfied finishing (working title).”

“It is right that Jang Nara will be acting in ‘One More Happy Ending,’” her managing firm published on November 16. “She is these days making ready for the approaching filming by way of examining her character.”

“One More Happy Ending” is a guiding principle for all those that need a 2nd probability at happiness after divorces and re-marriages. Via storylines in reaction to the duration of marriages, physical contact, and the encounters of the ones who remarried with first-timers, the drama tells the tale of marriage, re-marriage, and divorce.

Jang Nara plays the role of Han Mi Mo, a girl unfastened from marriage after divorce and a danger to all those in marriage. As the representative of a moment marriage consulting company, she offers brutally fair suggestion to all her idealistic shoppers who are vaguely hoping for a new relationship.

Though she has already acted out pregnancy and kid birth, fanatics are keen to peer how she transforms herself in the hot drama. It's miles planned to begin airing in January of 2016.

Park Si Yeon Offers Birth to a Healthy little one Girl

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Park Si Yeon Provides Birth to a Healthy Little one Girl Actress Park Si Yeon has change into a proud mom of a new baby girl.

The CEO of her firm officially stated, “Park Si Yeon has given birth to a healthy daughter. either the mummy and kid are in excellent condition and I ask that everybody congratulate her for the kind of glad occasion.”

Park Si Yeon were given married in 2011 and had her first baby two years later. Now, every other two years later, Park Si Yeon has given birth to her 2d child. November 14 in the afternoon, Park Si Yeon turned into a pleased mother of 2 girls.

Currently, Park Si Yeon is resting and has acknowledged to her fans, “I wish to thank those that have congratulated me on my birth to a horny daughter. As a mother of two kids, i can be ready to paintings not easy to have a chuffed and healthy family. I am going to also go back now not as the mother, yet as the actress Park Si Yeon one day as well. Please look forward to it.”

Congratulations, Park Si Yeon!

Nam Sang-mi provides birth, Welcomes first child!

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Nam Sang-mi provides birth, Welcomes first child!

Actress Nam Sang-mi gave birth to her first daughter.

Nam Sang-mi"s agency, JR ent stated on November 13th, " Nam Sang-mi gave birth to her daughter in the afternoon the old day (Nov. 12th) in a obstetrics and gynecology medical institution in Seoul" and "Both mother and infant are healthy and taking a just right relaxation to recover".

Nam Sang-mi sent out a message via her agency, "I"m glad and thankful for having a new circle of relatives member. I appreciate everyone who sent us toughen and blessings" and "I"ll try and turn out to be a neater actress whilst staying at the facet of my pleased family"

Nam Sang-mi married her entrepreneur husband same age as her ultimate January.

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Nam Sang Mi Offers Birth to Healthy Toddler Girl

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Nam Sang Mi offers Birth to Healthy Little one Girl Actress Nam Sang Mi has given birth to her first child!

A representative from the actress’ agency JR Entertainment stated, “Nam Sang Mi gave birth to a child girl at the afternoon of November 12. either mom and daughter are healthy and are lately stable and recovering.”

The corporate additional gave the hot mother its blessings, saying, “We wish not anything yet love and blessings upon Nam Sang Mi as she welcomes the new addition to her family.”

Through the company, Nam Sang Mi released a statement. She said, “I’m so satisfied and thankful for my developing family. Thank you to everybody who has given me their blessings and give a spice up to all over this time. i may be in a position to attempt to turn you a more advanced edition of the actress Nam Sang Mi through my family.”

Meanwhile, Nam Sang Mi married a businessman in a personal rite in January of this year. The couple took a month-long honeymoon, and the kid was once showed to were conceived for the duration of that time.

Congratulations to the new mother! We want the new circle of relatives the very best.

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Opens Up About the ′She Was once Pretty′ Ending

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Opens Up About the ′She Was once Pretty′ Ending

--> Super Junior′s Choi Siwon unfolded about the realization of She used to be Pretty

Choi Siwon, who earned status as Kim Shin Hyuk, a feature editor with a secret in MBC′s She turned into Pretty, met with newshounds at a cafe in Seoul′s Cheongdam-dong on November 12.

She Was Pretty, which aired its ultimate episode on November 11, drew to a close with Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Sung Jun (Park search engine optimization Joon) cementing their love in addition Hari (Go Joon Hee) and Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon) living their respective lives to the fullest. However, amid rumors floating around about the general episode forward of the broadcast, adding a conceivable unhappy ending, some voiced that the ending was a bit of empty.

Choi Siwon seemed a piece puzzled referring to this, pronouncing "Although it′s challenging to mention from my perspective, I wonder whether the creator wrote the ending we all had drawn for ourselves.

Choi Siwon added, "If Hye Jin died or there has been an accident, or if the total lot was a dream, even - if that happened, then there would were divisions regardless of what. Even supposing it was predictable, I believe it was an ending all and sundry wanted. I wish to say thank you to the publisher for running so hard."

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon shined as the shamless and eccentric, yet sort reporter Kim Shin Hyuk on She Was Pretty. as neatly as being focused on a love triangle with Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Sung Jun (Park Seo Joon), Choi Siwon showed off his multifaceted aspects via his comedic acting chops and as a guy harm by love, winning the hearts of viewers.

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