ELRISs Bella Apologizes For Imitating Wanna Ones Lai Guan Lin

ELRISs Bella Apologizes For Imitating Wanna Ones Lai Guan Lin

ELRISs Bella has come under fire for imitating Wanna Ones Lai Guan Lin.

During the July 16 broadcast of Lee Hong Kis Kiss The Radio, the idol tried to mimic Lai Guan Lins accent.

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In response to the storm of criticism, Bella uploaded a handwritten letter on the groups official Twitter account, saying, I apologize to everyone who got hurt by my imitation of Wanna Ones Lai Guan Lin.

I am deeply reflecting on my immature behavior that I have absolutely no excuses for. I truly regret the way I hurt so many people. I was not trying to make fun of foreigners by imitating Lai Guan Lin. I apologize once again to Lai Guan Lin and Wanna Ones fans.

From now on, I will be responsible during broadcasts to prevent something like this from happening again. Your reprimanding words will be engraved in my heart, and I will try my best to show a better image of myself.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Her agency Hunus Entertainment also posted a formal apology, saying that Bella was not trying to belittle foreigners.

Below is an audio clip of Bella imitating Lai Guan Lin.