Eli’s in-laws visit before his wedding on ‘Mr. House Husband’

Eli’s in-laws visit before his wedding on ‘Mr. House Husband’

Eli spent some time with his in-laws on the May 24th installment of ‘Mr. House Husband’.

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His wife’s mother and father came over before Eli and his legal wife’s actual marriage ceremony. He proved to be completely awkward and shy around his father-in-law and mother-in-law, but they were touched when they saw his effort. Eli prepared animal-shaped fruit, flowers, and a seaweed extract he made personally to give to wife’s parents.

He expressed, “In the past, I inconvenienced them a lot by living at my wife’s family home.” As for the age difference between Eli and her daughter, his mother-in-law stated honestly, “When she said he was 11 years younger, I told her to end the relationship without even seeing him. However, it turns out they had already filed their marriage. I was devastated.”

She continued, “When I actually met him, he seemed very kind. I really hope they live well together.”

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