Eli reveals plans for U-KISS’ comeback + second baby

Eli reveals plans for U-KISS’ comeback + second baby

Eli shared about U-KISS’ comeback, plans for a second baby, and more during an exclusive interview with Star News.

The idol star is a husband and a father of an adorable baby boy. When asked if the family have plans for another baby, Eli answered, “I want to have another but as I take care of my baby, I realized that it will be really difficult if you’re financially struggling. I plan to think about it when we become more stable and when my wife recovers. But of course, we will have it if we are given one before then.”

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Eli was also asked about his contract renewal with NH EMG. He explained, “I renewed it at the end of last year. It’s a company that understood and helped me out through everything. Other agencies didn’t come to my mind. This label is on my side no matter what situation I am in so I think that’s why I wanted to be with them more.”

Lastly, Eli shared about U-KISS’ comeback. He revealed, “We’re currently in the recording. We are most likely to come out at the end of June or early July. One of the members Kiseop actively participated in composing and writing the lyrics for this album. Several good tracks have been produced.”

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