Effortlessly Classy Idols And Their Not-So-Classy Selves

Effortlessly Classy Idols And Their Not-So-Classy Selves

Some idols just look effortlessly classy. It may be the bone structure, or their facial features, or just the way they hold themselves, but there is an old-school kind of glamour and aura to these idols.

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Other times, these idols shed their classy images, and their true fun-loving sides come out. So enjoy this list of eye-candy, followed with reminders of just how adorkable they truly are.

Girls Generations Seohyun

Seohyun is known for her grace and poise. But as shes grown older, shes learned to let loose and join in on her members silly antics.

Doing the minion song, while blowing out her unnies eardrums.

Seohyun having a mini-freak out over a bug.

Eric, recently married, is practically an ahjussi. But his fans lovingly refer to him as Mun-Three-Year-Old, because thats how old he acts most of the time.

This is how much he loves his members.

This is how much he loves the pink flamingo floatie.

And this is how much he lovesgolf?

Krystal sometimes has a reputation for having an icy expression. But in reality, she can be just as goofy as her other members.

Sehun is the maknae (youngest) who looks older than most of his members. And thats definitely not a bad thing, because he can turn the sexy on! And just when youve fallen for his looks, he yells out a yehet! or an ohorat! and you remember hes still a little kid at heart.

Sehuns hair has a life of its own!

Irene is the shy leader of Red Velvet who is at times physically weak, and other times the forgetful granny. But there are also times when she playfully horses around with her members, making the fans wonder if Irene is actually stronger than she appears to be.

2PM members are known as the beastly idols. However, during Taecyeons appearances on Three Meals A Day, he was given the nickname Ok Bingu (a combination of his surname and the word for goofball), and what a perfect name that is!

When he knows hes done something wrong!

Nana is gorgeous. Theres no two ways about it. She has the style, swagger, and charm. But there are also times when her nerves get the better of her and we end up with an adorkable blonde moment like the one below.

Highlights Son Dongwoon

Son Dongwoon is another maknae of a group who looks older than his fellow members. And while Dongwoon is blessed in the looks department, hes somewhat lacking in the sports department, which often leads to hilariously wonderful yet unintended body gags.

Dongwoons turn starts around 3:42.

Dongwoon and Junhyung helping each other up.

While Sojin is a good amount older than the rest of her members (about seven years), they all have a similar level of maturity (or should I say immaturity) that allows them to get along so well. All the Girls Day members love to have fun, and they love their food! Seriously, dont get between them and their food.

Someone get her some food!

Seriously, feed the poor woman!

How Sojin prepares fish in the jungle.

Super Juniors Choi Siwon

Choi Siwon is the visual of the group. But that doesnt stop him from giving over-the-top reactions and gestures to everything. He is a living meme, from his derp face, to the fortune cookie, to his arc reactor crotch.

Dubbed as the nations first love, Suzy more often than not looks poised and elegant. That is, until she unexpectedly fails at a game. Or sees live fish. Or laughs.

No one knows why Suzy reacted with a bird pose.

Girls Generations YoonA

YoonA is a CF darling for a reason. She can pull off classy, sexy, and sweet. But underneath all that gorgeousness is a fun-loving girl who is just as dorky as everyone else.

Yuri and YoonA alarmed the Running Man cast when they started dancing.

Jinyoung is often thought of as the mother of GOT7. Someone who is sensible, dependable, and is needed to keep the kids in check. Apparently, the kids give him so much stress that he sometimes goes off the deep end, too!

Jinyoung loving their GOT7 lightsticks!

Victoria always looks poised and glamorous, be it in photo shoots or a photo taken by paparazzi. But she lets loose around her members and loves herself a dorky dance!

Which idol do you think has the classiest look? And who else do you think would fit in this list? Drop your comments below and let us know!

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