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High-Notes Kpop Boys

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High-Notes Kpop Boys

Females are generally possessed with higher vocal pitch compared to males. Girls can scream

and shout as sharp and ear-piercing as they could. aOn the other hand, boys are generally made

of a deeper voice. So girls, do you think you can make use of your gifted vocal to the extend that

itll almost break a glass?

Well if you dont, these high-notes boys of Kpop shall make you wonder

Lets see some High-Notes Kpop boys!

Daehyuns capability in reaching 8 notes of IUs Good Day is a-must-know! Even his teammate

Youngjae admits that his presence in B.A.P helps him a lot in shedding some of his burden in handling

B.A.Ps vocal parts . Daehyun is always being compared contrarily with leader Yongguks deep base


Woohyun and leader Sunggyu lead the higher vocal majors in INFINITE. Both of them have superb vocal

ability similarly and yet, slightly different in certain ways. Sunggyus vocal is more feminine whereas

Woohyun is more stretchable. Both of them possessed strong vocals. For example, take a listen at

Sunggyus solo 60 sec and Woohyuns vocal projection in INFINITEs Man In Love.

If you have watched EXO on Weekly Idol, you should have noticed Xiumins hidden high vocal

capability. While all members of EXO-K and EXO-M were on the show, Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin

were put into a vocal test by the MCs. Xiumin outstanded both Chen and Baekhyun with his shrieking

high notes astonishingly, leaving the members in applause.

Its been a long while since SS501 has gone separate ways. Although five of them have been busying

with their own pathleader Kim Hyun Joong (acting/singing), Kim Hyung Jun (MC/singing), Park Jung

Min (acting/singing), Kim Kyu Jong (serving military) and Heo Young Saeng himself still as a singer,

Young Saengs fine and soothing feminine vocals still leaves us in awe. 

It is sad that TVXQ is now made up of only two members, with Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong left to

form JYJ, leaving Changmin and leader Yunho in pairs. Changmins powerful high notes resonates

even more, petrifying the wound of Cassiopeias whom are in the mourns of their separation.

If two strongest dancers remain in TVXQ, its undeniable to say that the vocal lines have accumulated

in JYJ. Junsus Dolphin Voice (associating voice to the frequency of dolphins sound) is definitely

fascinating. Want to know how it sounds like? Try listening to Junsus solo Tarantallegra. Its easy

If you are not a fan of BEAST, you might think BEASTs vocal range is only divided into two, which is

the rappings and vocal from Yoseob from the first listen attempt. Indeed, Yoseobs vocal plays an

important role in BEAST. His vocal is featured in many other duets other than BEAST.

As we all know BIG BANG is separated into the rapping lines leader G-Dragon and T.O.P, and

vocal lines Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung. Although Taeyangs vocal parts are seemed to be

more dominant, Daesungs vocal is firm and powerful. How powerful he can be? Try putting T.O.P

and Daesung in a duet, and you need not to become a VIP to hear the difference.

Speaking of high notes, MBLAQs G.O is one of the shouldnt be underestimated. Taking an

example, MBLAQs Monalisa. His high notes in his solo high pitching part tend to penetrate our

ear drums mercilessly. If he attempts to beat Rain Bi in terms of dance skills but failed to do so,

he has a sure win in high notes.

Well Onew might not be one who can reach the highest notes among our high-notes K-pop

boys, his cute image of a boy-next-door certainly grabs away a portion of the high-note

anticipators/fangirls. His vocal is full of authentic emotions.

Super Junior K.R.YKyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung made up the three strongest vocal musketeers

of Super Junior. Yesungs high notes always flaunts us with great emotions, enrapturing us in deep with

the tinge of huskiness that defines sexiness, whereas Kyuhyun and Ryeowooks high notes are smooth

Thats right! These are some of the noticeable high-notes Kpop boys and there are more glass-breakers

out there in the K-pop industry. Who else do you suggest?

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New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock'

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New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock' New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock' All new kpop group Boys Republic is definitely to watch out for in the Kpop scene. The group revealed some of their must see teasers for the music video of their single 'Party Rock'.

Boys Republic is sure to capture every kpop fan because of their youthful approach and a boy next door image. The group is composed namely of Wonjun for vocals, Dabin an Ex-Touch member, Minsoo for rapping, Seungjun and Suwoon also in vocals. The group will also showcase their electrifying dance moves, upbeat sounds that would compliment each members vocal power.

Boys Republic trained so much and put their effort in becoming a Kpop group. Their 2 years of intensive training and hard work is finally paying off because they are set to debut soon. They created their single themselves with guidance and collaboration of the top music agencies -- Universal Music and Happy Tribe Entertainment.

The group was fortunate to be chosen to debut after their endorsement of Jeju Air. Two of their members Minsoo and Seungjun also had a taste of the limelight previously as they've first had their popularity recognized in dance practice videos by known choreographer DOOBU.

Boys Republic is set to debut on June 5.

BTS are literal flower boys in 'I want U' Jap teaser

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BTS are literal flower boys in 'I want U' Jap teaser

BTS is keeping busy lately!

The boys are gearing up to come with the second a phase of their 3rd mini album "The Most lovely Moment in Existence Element 2", yet they"ve just released an MV teaser to their 5th Japanese unmarried "I Need U". The song is equivalent to the Korean edition just in Japanese, but the MV capabilities a load more vegetation than the darker one we"re used to.

Check out the teaser above and get in a position for this single free up on December 8th, and the boys" upcoming Korean comeback on November 30th!

f(x) and puppy Shop Boys to Collaborate for functionality at 2015 MAMA

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f(x) and Pet Shop Boys to Collaborate for Performance at 2015 MAMA The 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards (MAMA) will feature a collaboration between lady group f(x) and British electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys!

On November 18, Kim Ki Woong, the director of this year’s award show, announced this special collaboration at a press conference. “We thought to be which artist would highest are compatible this year’s theme of TechArt,” he says. “It used to be all over that procedure that we chose the electronic music crew Pet Shop Boys from among out of the country artists.”

Pet Shop Boys is a mythical community in the electronic pop scene that shaped back in 1981. They’re widely known for their hits reminiscent of “West finish Girls,” “What Have I Done to Deserve This,” and “Go West.”

Kim Ki Woong is going on to give an explanation for why they selected f(x) to collaborate with the group. “They’re the pinnacle of the entire teams in Korea who are doing electronic music,” he says. “Pet Shop Boys were also proud of this choice.”

“If the total lot goes smartly in the time ultimate till the show, I be expecting that it's going to be a very good performance of a quality this is infrequent to peer at some degree in the world,” Kim Ki Woong adds.

This year’s MAMA might be going down in Hong Kong on December 2 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

Are you having a look ahead to seeing f(x) and Pet Shop Boys on stage together?

Chen votes for which EXO member he needs to peer on 'Mask King' + boys communicate Jap tour

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Chen votes for which EXO member he needs to peer on 'Mask King' + boys communicate Jap tour

MBC"s "Section TV" currently integrated a segment featuring the good-looking boys of EXO, who recently kicked off their Japanese excursion at the Tokyo Dome

The participants relayed the rush and excitement they felt from getting to accomplish at the prestigious Tokyo Dome, where infinite other noted musicians--both Korean and non-Korean--have stood. Xiumin expressed how frightened he was, saying, "My legs are shaking." When Sayuri asked the members how they take care of their fitness all over the tour, Kai answered, "We get quite so much of leisure and consume healthy." Meanwhile, Suho used to be best interested by one thing: how they're going to be treated with some scrumptious samgyupsal (pork belly) after their concert. I see you over there, Suho

Sayuri then grew to become to Chen to query who he thinks would do neatly on "Mask King." The singer replied, "Baekhyun and D.O. sing well of route yet i need Suho to head at the show. He actually has a truly perfect voice."

When asked if the concert is draining, Chanyeol answered, "It"s draining physically but after we move on level we get a hurry of adrenaline and gain energy." As their next goal, Kai indexed Japan"s biggest venue, Nissan Stadium in Yokohoma, and said, "TVXQ held a concert there. We really wish to stand on that stage one day." Taking into consideration their explosive reputation in Japan, it won"t be long sooner than the lads get to carry out at the Nissan Stadium just like their sunbaes!

N.Flying Are Autumn Boys For Ceci

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N.Flying Are Autumn Boys For Ceci

FNC Entertainment"s new rookie rock band N.Flying is quickly gaining attention in the fashion world.

The group recently posed for the November issue Ceci for a pictorial about the "autumn boy look." The showcased wardrobe pieces included affordable HM shirts, Kud leather jackets, Opening Ceremony sporty sweaters and lots of denim.

Leader Sunghyub looked handsome wearing a casual UNIQLO shirt, J.W. Anderson camel coat and Sandro Homme jeans. He accessorized with a Woolrich scarf tightly wrapped around his neck. The brown oversized wool coat was his best piece and it had wide lapels and fake flap pockets. It can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

The magazine also provided a mini introduction for each member and asked them fun trivia questions. During the interview, Seunghyub revealed that his hobbies included "reading and checking internet fan cafe member posts." Meanwhile, Kwangjin stated that in preparation for the band"s new album Lonely he read a lot of poetry and story books. One of his top picks is the French novella The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupry.

In other fashion news, member Seunghyub joined forces with AOA"s Seolhyun for Buckaroo"s Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

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Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

--> Yang Hyun Suk when compared giant Bang to search engine optimization Taiji and Boys.

During a production presentation for SBS′ K-Pop Megastar 5, held at SBS corridor in Seoul′s Mok-dong on November 16, Yang Hyun Suk acknowledged Large Bang is greater than Seo Taiji and Boys.

Yang Hyun Suk said, "I don′t communicate with the singers in my firm so much or glance deeply into them, yet I pay attention what they prefer and are interested by a lot. When I concentrate to what they′re saying, i suspect that I′m learning."

He continued, "To be honest, I did Seo Taiji and Boys, but Big Bang is such a lot better than what we were then. If possible, I don′t consult with them directly, but via Teddy and the producers, I hear what they′re thinking, what they like, and over time, I realize I′m following them. Because I′m in my 40s, it′s tricky for me to stay along of what youngster are thinking. But as the CEO, beyond authoritarianism, I manner them via their hearts."

Meanwhile, YG′s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP′s Park Jin Young and Antenna Music′s Yoo Hee Yeol can be returning as the judges of K-Pop Star 5. as neatly as those judges, six people from each and every agency will make up an 18-member guest judging committee. the primary episode will air on November 22 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Block B’s Zico Grabs 1st Win for “Boys and Girls” on “Inkigayo,” Performances by way of VIXX, Rania, and More

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Block B’s Zico Grabs 1st Win for “Boys and Girls” on “Inkigayo,” Performances by VIXX, Rania, and More Block B’s Zico scored No. 1 on SBS’s “Inkigayo” this week with “Boys and Girls” featuring Babylon, regardless of now not having conducted at the show.

In 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, were IU with “Twenty-Three” and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon with “I.”

Meanwhile, this week’s performers on “Inkigayo” come with f(x), VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, BTOB, Seo In Young, Lovelyz, December, TWICE, MAP6, N.Flying, Romeo, Dia, Madtown, Rania, etc.

Brown Eyed women — “Brave New World”

Rookie Crew Avenue Boys Garners Attention thru EXO Xiu Min′s internet Drama

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Rookie Crew Avenue Boys Garners Attention thru EXO Xiu Min′s internet Drama

--> Boy workforce Avenue Boys is feeling the EXO Xiu Min effect.

Loving U, Road Boys′ OST for Samsung internet drama Falling for Challenge, starring EXO′s Xiu Min, used to be released at midday on November 10, and the song has been receiving an enthusiastic reaction on tune sites.

Road Boys put across Xiu Min and Kim So Eun′s candy romance with their sleek voices in Loving U, and the rookie organization has been attracting attention because the song became first featured in episode two of the drama.

Road Boys, who spread its call as boulevard performers and buskers, is a five-member group set to make its reputable debut in November. Pastime in the crowd is mounting as it′s infrequent for a rookie group to be a phase of a well-liked OST.

Road Boys might be making its debut at the finish of November.

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