CNBLUE, WINNER, INFINITE, 2PM & B1A4 Members To Join Together For Special SBS Gayo Awards Group Lucky Boys

CNBLUE, WINNER, INFINITE, 2PM & B1A4 Members To Join Together For Special SBS Gayo Awards Group Lucky Boys


(Photo : SBS ) CNBLUE"s Jung Yong Hwa, L of INFINITE, and WINNER"s Mino will be part of a special group at the upcoming SBS Gayo Awards. On December 15, SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station) announced the creation of a five-member special group known as Lucky Boys for the upcoming 2014 SBS Gayo Awards. Five members of Lucky Boys were revealed: Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE, Song Min Ho (Mino) of WINNER, L (Kim Myung Soo), Baro of B1A4, and 2PM"s Nichkhun.

The SBS Gayo Awards will be held on December 21.

The last time awards were given at the SBS Gayo Daejun program was in 2007. The program started in 1997 and since 2007, has focused more on special end of the year performances. This year, the focus of the program will return back to providing awards and the creation of the Lucky Boys group will be a welcome addition.

Jung Yong Hwa has had an excellent year in 2014. (Photo : SBS Gayo Awards)

Jung Yong Hwa has had an excellent year in 2014. 2014 was a successful year for Jung Yong Hwa and CNBLUE thanks to their release Can"t Stop.

WINNER (Photo : SBS Gayo Awards )

WINNER"s Mino had a solid debut with the group and is ready for the SBS Gayo Awards. Mino received individual acclaim for his rap skills on songs like I"m Him from WINNER"s debut album S/S 2014. L also had a fantastic year in 2014 with INFINITE and the new subgroup INFINITE F. In addition, L starred in the SBS drama My Lovely Girl opposite Krystal of f(x) and Rain.

INFINITE (Photo : SBS Gayo Awards )

INFINITE"s L starred in "My Lovely Girl" and is now part of the special group Lucky Boys for the SBS Gayo Awards.

Park Shin Hye will appear as a host of the program and it was previously announced that 2NE1 may be performing minus Park Bom.


 CN Blue Members and Their Pretty Boys Over Flowers

CN Blue Members and Their Pretty Boys Over Flowers

The four pretty boys of CN Blue are not only popular among the ladies, but also among the other boys, who have formed friendship with the members by working on the same projects, having mutual friend or just having crossed paths on random occasions.

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Whatever the connection was, it makes us smile as we see some of their bromance bloom over time.

So let’s take a look at some of the boys that have special connections with our Star of the Week, CN Blue.

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Jung Yong Hwa’s Seoul Teacher MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

Even though he speaks in perfect standard Korean now and shows off modern urban style, Jung Yong Hwa is originally from the city of Busan. And when he first came up to Seoul to start his training, it was MBLAQ’s Lee Joon who helped him get adjusted to life in Seoul.

The MBLAQ member revealed on Strong Heart once, that he was the one who brought Jung Yong Hwa to a gym in the mornings, and took him to cosmetic shops to try on different perfumes, helping out the Busan native adapt to life in Seoul.

He once claimed, “Jung Yong Hwa is more popular now, but back then I was the more popular one. But things changed when he made debuted as CN Blue.”

Even though Lee Joon may be a bit jealous of Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity, the two still keeps their friendship strong, as the CN Blue member tweeted, “Lee Joon hyung, I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the preview for An Actor is an Actor~ Congratulations for fulfilling your goal in acting~ Fighting!” showing his support.

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Kim Woo Bin’s Lovecall (?) for Kang Min Hyuk

Kim Woo Bin has his eyes on Kang Min Hyuk, not for himself, but for his younger sister.

After appearing in the mega-hit drama The Heirs as classmates, Kang Min Hyuk must’ve done something right to take Kim Woo Bin’s heart, because the actor chose the CN Blue member as the one he would like his younger sister to date, and even get married to.

The reason? Because he’s the most gentle and well-mannered guy, just like his character ‘Yoon Chan Young’ in the drama.

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

The Two Jong Hyuns’ Friendship

We can’t leave out the two Jong Hyuns when the topic of bromance is in discussion. The two pretty boys have proven their friendship multiple times, when they were caught taking selcas together, gifting each other with b-day presents, or just being ‘intimate’ in some of the pictures posted on their SNS accounts.

The two apparently met through a mutual friend, and their friendship blossomed when SHINee Jonghyun’s sense of humor took CN Blue Jonghyun’s heart.

And since they were both born in 1990, they are part of a circle of close friends called ‘Battery,’ which we think, is probably just another excuse for them to hang out frequently.

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

Lee Jong Hyun and the ‘Kyu line’ Members

The CN Blue member’s popularity was proven when it was revealed that he was recruited into the ‘Kyu line,’ without him even realizing, by the leader of the group, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun’s reason for pulling the CN Blue member into the group, was because they ‘look alike.’…

Whether you agree or not, Lee Jong Hyun became a part of the ‘Kyu line’ which also includes TVXQ’s Max Changmin and SHINee’s Minho.

And they frequently have sleepovers at Kyuhyun’s house, as was testified by the Super Junior member’s mother herself on KBS’s Mamma Mia.

Is anyone jealous now?

 CN Blue Members and Their ‘Pretty Boys Over Flowers’

’Nation′s Chingu’ Lee Jung Shin and His FNC Brothers, FT Island

Ever since Jung Yong Hwa referred to Lee Jung Shin as ‘Jung Shin chingu’(chingu means friend) on We Got Married, the CN Blue member has earned the nickname of ‘Jong Shin chingu’ and ‘nation′s chingu.’

Being the cool guy that he is, he was chosen as ‘the most popular male in FNC′ by the FNC family members. And among other groups, he has close bonds with none other than FNC’s ‘other band group,’ FT Island.

Not only did Lee Jung Shin star in the movie The Five with Lee Hong Gi in 2013, he also tagged along the FT Island members when they attended a conference to prevent the use of illegal music.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment, FNC Facebook, SBS, MBC, tvN, online communities, Super Junior Kyuhyun’s twitter, FT Island Lee Hong Gi’s twitter


 BTS Members Become Boys in Luv in New Teaser

BTS Members Become Boys in Luv in New Teaser

Completely captivated at first glance, the BTS members became boys in love in their new video teaser.

 BTS Members Become ′Boys in Luv′ in New Teaser

The teaser for Boy in Luv dropped on February 10 with BTS returning to school as students. A girl in uniforms walks through the hallway, and almost immediately, several of the members have their attention stolen.

BTS will return with its second mini album, Skool Luv Affair on February 12.

Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment


High-Notes Kpop Boys

High-Notes Kpop Boys

Females are generally possessed with higher vocal pitch compared to males. Girls can scream

and shout as sharp and ear-piercing as they could. aOn the other hand, boys are generally made

of a deeper voice. So girls, do you think you can make use of your gifted vocal to the extend that

itll almost break a glass?

Well if you dont, these high-notes boys of Kpop shall make you wonder

Lets see some High-Notes Kpop boys!


High-Notes Kpop Boys

Daehyuns capability in reaching 8 notes of IUs Good Day is a-must-know! Even his teammate

Youngjae admits that his presence in B.A.P helps him a lot in shedding some of his burden in handling

B.A.Ps vocal parts . Daehyun is always being compared contrarily with leader Yongguks deep base



High-Notes Kpop Boys

Woohyun and leader Sunggyu lead the higher vocal majors in INFINITE. Both of them have superb vocal

ability similarly and yet, slightly different in certain ways. Sunggyus vocal is more feminine whereas

Woohyun is more stretchable. Both of them possessed strong vocals. For example, take a listen at

Sunggyus solo 60 sec and Woohyuns vocal projection in INFINITEs Man In Love.


High-Notes Kpop Boys

If you have watched EXO on Weekly Idol, you should have noticed Xiumins hidden high vocal

capability. While all members of EXO-K and EXO-M were on the show, Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin

were put into a vocal test by the MCs. Xiumin outstanded both Chen and Baekhyun with his shrieking

high notes astonishingly, leaving the members in applause.

SS501Heo Young Saeng

High-Notes Kpop Boys

Its been a long while since SS501 has gone separate ways. Although five of them have been busying

with their own pathleader Kim Hyun Joong (acting/singing), Kim Hyung Jun (MC/singing), Park Jung

Min (acting/singing), Kim Kyu Jong (serving military) and Heo Young Saeng himself still as a singer,

Young Saengs fine and soothing feminine vocals still leaves us in awe. 


High-Notes Kpop Boys

It is sad that TVXQ is now made up of only two members, with Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong left to

form JYJ, leaving Changmin and leader Yunho in pairs. Changmins powerful high notes resonates

even more, petrifying the wound of Cassiopeias whom are in the mourns of their separation.


High-Notes Kpop Boys

If two strongest dancers remain in TVXQ, its undeniable to say that the vocal lines have accumulated

in JYJ. Junsus Dolphin Voice (associating voice to the frequency of dolphins sound) is definitely

fascinating. Want to know how it sounds like? Try listening to Junsus solo Tarantallegra. Its easy

to spot.

BEAST -Yoseob

High-Notes Kpop Boys

If you are not a fan of BEAST, you might think BEASTs vocal range is only divided into two, which is

the rappings and vocal from Yoseob from the first listen attempt. Indeed, Yoseobs vocal plays an

important role in BEAST. His vocal is featured in many other duets other than BEAST.


High-Notes Kpop Boys

As we all know BIG BANG is separated into the rapping lines leader G-Dragon and T.O.P, and

vocal lines Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung. Although Taeyangs vocal parts are seemed to be

more dominant, Daesungs vocal is firm and powerful. How powerful he can be? Try putting T.O.P

and Daesung in a duet, and you need not to become a VIP to hear the difference.


High-Notes Kpop Boys

Speaking of high notes, MBLAQs G.O is one of the shouldnt be underestimated. Taking an

example, MBLAQs Monalisa. His high notes in his solo high pitching part tend to penetrate our

ear drums mercilessly. If he attempts to beat Rain Bi in terms of dance skills but failed to do so,

he has a sure win in high notes.


High-Notes Kpop Boys

Well Onew might not be one who can reach the highest notes among our high-notes K-pop

boys, his cute image of a boy-next-door certainly grabs away a portion of the high-note

anticipators/fangirls. His vocal is full of authentic emotions.

Super Junior K.R.Y

High-Notes Kpop Boys

Super Junior K.R.YKyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung made up the three strongest vocal musketeers

of Super Junior. Yesungs high notes always flaunts us with great emotions, enrapturing us in deep with

the tinge of huskiness that defines sexiness, whereas Kyuhyun and Ryeowooks high notes are smooth

and enlighten.

Thats right! These are some of the noticeable high-notes Kpop boys and there are more glass-breakers

out there in the K-pop industry. Who else do you suggest?

Image Source: Google Images


New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock'

New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock'

Boys Republic

New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock' New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single 'Party Rock' All new kpop group Boys Republic is definitely to watch out for in the Kpop scene. The group revealed some of their must see teasers for the music video of their single 'Party Rock'.

Boys Republic is sure to capture every kpop fan because of their youthful approach and a boy next door image. The group is composed namely of Wonjun for vocals, Dabin an Ex-Touch member, Minsoo for rapping, Seungjun and Suwoon also in vocals. The group will also showcase their electrifying dance moves, upbeat sounds that would compliment each members vocal power.

Boys Republic trained so much and put their effort in becoming a Kpop group. Their 2 years of intensive training and hard work is finally paying off because they are set to debut soon. They created their single themselves with guidance and collaboration of the top music agencies -- Universal Music and Happy Tribe Entertainment.

The group was fortunate to be chosen to debut after their endorsement of Jeju Air. Two of their members Minsoo and Seungjun also had a taste of the limelight previously as they've first had their popularity recognized in dance practice videos by known choreographer DOOBU.

Boys Republic is set to debut on June 5.


'Seo Taiji and Boys' All Three Members Ended Up Marrying 'Girls'

'Seo Taiji and Boys' All Three Members Ended Up Marrying 'Girls'

Seo Taiji, Lee Eun Sung

'Seo Taiji and Boys' All Three Members Ended Up Marrying 'Girls' ‘Seo Taiji and Boys’ All Three Members Ended Up Marrying ‘Girls’All three members of the legendary 90s K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys are now all married. Interestingly, they all ended up marrying women more than twelve years younger than them. Their group name comically served as a foreshadowing of the spouses they will meet, Internet users are quipping.

Seo Taiji's official announcement of his upcoming wedding with Lee Eun Sung was released on May 15.

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, married a former girl group member Lee Eun Ju who is 12 years younger than him. Lee Juno's wife is 23 years younger than him. And now Seo Taiji will be right in between the two, being 16 years older than the new bride.

Internet users have responded, "All the members from Seo Taiji and Boys married someone more than twelve years younger. Wow." "Twelve is now not even shocking" "They literally are Seo Taiji and Boys and Girls."

The news of Seo Taiji's upcoming wedding was announced via his official homepage. The two of them first met back in 2008 during filming of his music video and began dating in 2009.


Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

shinee, taemin, changmin, dbsk, seohyun, snsd, dongwoon, b2st, minji, 2ne1, zelo, bap

There are always two people in each group that people remember-the leader and the maknae. In Korean culture the maknae of any family is always looked out after and doted on by his or her older siblings, and whether you're blood related or not, if you're in a group where you are the baby, chances are you'll be loved like one too. Today we're going to take a look at some of your favorite maknaes of K-pop today.

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

I haven't met a girl yet who didn't love Taemin of SHINee. Whenever I think of Taemin, I always think of porcelain dolls and a baby's bottom-don't ask. Lee Taemin was born on July 18, 1993 and is the main dancer and vocalist in SM Entertainment's mega 5-membered group. The 19-year-old is undoubtedly the most popular member of SHINee and I think it's his baby face and smile that makes the girls go goo-goo-gah-gah.

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Seohyun was born on June 28, 1991 and is the youngest member of the 9 beauties that make up Girls Generation. Known for her quirky and innocent personality, Seohyun has said that as an only child she feels so grateful for gaining 8 sisters. Imagine having 8 sisters question you when you get your first boyfriend or having him come over to meet the family? Good luck Seohyun, may the force be with you.

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Changmin was born on February 18, 1988 and is the youngest member of TVXQ. Now while he may be the youngest of the group, prior to DBSK's split, Changmin was known to be the casanova of the group. When you're the youngest out of 4 good-looking members, you have to stand out of the crowd, so Changmin, go on with your bad casanova self!

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Son Dongwoon was born on June 6, 1991 and is the youngest of B2ST. Known for his Western-like features, the maknae is a trilingual, piano, and electric flute playing man. Any man who can speak 3 languages and play various instruments will always be a winner in my book. So move aside members of B2ST, because I'm coming for Dongwoon!

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Gong Minji a.k.a. Minzy was born on January 18, 1994 and is the youngest of member of the fiercest group in K-pop, 2NE1. Everything about Minji is down-right likeable and no one in the right state of mind can point out one negative thing about this talented youngster. Respectful, extremely gifted, and sweet, Minji is the ideal maknae every group wants in their circle.

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

Choi Jun Hong, or Zelo, is the youngest member of rookie group B.A.P. Born on October 15, 1996, the 16-year-old is a rapper, dancer, singer, and beatboxer all in one. Known for his fast-rapping skills and adorable face, Zelo is the group's lead rapper and little wittle baby. Zelo is the only artist on this list that makes me really feel my age and if I could pour any kind of wisdom on to him, it would be this: enjoy your teens and make mistakes you cutie pie you.

Who is your favorite maknae and why?


Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

cl, hyuna, top, big bang, gdragon, 2ne1, 4minute

Every group has at least 1 or 2 members that could've had a successful solo career without the help of their musical counterparts. Today we're going to take a look at the idols who could have soared throughout the land of KPOP on their own wings.

G-Dragon is one of three members in Big Bang who could have easily held his own as a solo artist in the industry. His individualistic fashion sense alone sets him apart from the hundreds of other idols trying to stand out in the crowd. Aside from his impeccable style, G-Dragon has music flowing through his blood stream. Training since the tender age of 8, G-Dragon has been honing his craft for the last 17 years and the hard work most definitely shows.

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

Taeyang is hands down one of the most talented artists in the K-pop industry. Not only does he possess the moves of a dancing god, but the vocals on this man are a gift from the harmonious heavens. Taeyang's smooth and sexy on-stage persona is a far cry from his off-stage shy and quiet personality, making him one of the most loved entertainers in Korean pop culture.

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

T.O.P is the last Big Bang member on our list who could have easily had a kick-ass solo career. The rapper's deep voice, handsome looks, and undeniable swagger make him one of the most popular idols in our day. I wouldn't mind listening to T.O.P solo albums all day every day.

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

HyunA of 4Minute is the reigning sexy queen of K-pop and with her string of hit solo singles, the singer could have easily run K-pop alone with a thrust of her hip. The "Bubblepop!" singer is known for her sexy dances and fit body, making her the one of the most sought out females of all time. Hyuna became a world-wide household name when she starred opposite Psy in the international hit, "Gangnam Style."

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

2NE1's CL should have been a solo artist. Not to ruffle any feathers with BlackJacks, but CL's on-stage fierce performances put her on a different level amongst her group mates. The leader has not only become of the most prominent faces of K-pop but has also become a fashion icon in the industry. Her talent and fashion taste alone makes her a standout candidate for stars who should've been given a solo deal.

Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

Any one you think should've made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Writer: Ellie L.


Super Junior members spend a boys’ night out

Super Junior members spend a boys’ night out

Super Junior members spend a boys night out

Super Juniors Kyuhyun and his fellow members spent an intimate night out among themselves with food and drinks, once again displaying their close bromance!

Kyuhyun updated his Twitter with the above picture and the following message: A refreshing meeting with the hyungs Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung, and Kangin after a shoot! On a rainy day, pajeon [Korean pancake-like dish] is the best [to eat]! ^^ Hehehehehehehe.

The pajeon they apparently had is long gone in the photos, not surprising since the members of Super Junior mostly have big appetites (perhaps with the exception of Leeteuk, who is the pickiest eater among them)!

What is present in the photos are their bowls of makgeolli, or Korean rice wine, as the boys raise them up in a gesture of making a toast.Judging from their bright and relaxed expressions, the atmosphere around them seems to be absent of any worries and anxieties.


VIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCi

VIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCi

VIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCi

After wrapping up all promotional activities for “Rock Ur Body”, VIXX spent time to participate in a pictorial for the latest issue of  ‘CeCi‘ magazine!

During the photo shoot, VIXX members transformed into sexy boys with dark and powerful images, showing off their maturity.

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently working hard for their upcoming 3rd album.

Take a look at VIXXs photos below!

VIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCiVIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCiVIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCi

VIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCiVIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCiVIXX members transform into sexy boys for CeCi