Driver tries to bribe the police with $88 after getting caught for DUI

Driver tries to bribe the police with $88 after getting caught for DUI

A driver identified as ‘A'(55) gained a hefty fine for trying to bribe the police.

Back on January 25 around 9:15 pm, ‘A’ was caught drunk driving in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do. It was revealed that ‘A’ was trying to re-park his car and drove 30-40m after a chauffeur dropped him off near his home.

When the police demanded ‘A’s driver’s license and measurement of his blood alcohol level, ‘A’ responded, “Just let me go this time. I’m part of the traffic commission”, and slipped in 50,000 KRW (~44 USD) in the police officer’s pocket.

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The police officer refused the money and once again requested his driver’s license. This time, ‘A’ took out two 50,000 KRW bills (totaling up to about 88 USD) and stated, “Forgive me.”

‘A’s blood alcohol level measured to be 0.0205%, which is high enough for a license suspension.

With the money as the proof, the police took the case to court for DUI and bribery.

In the first trial in May, ‘A’ was sentenced 6 months of penal servitude and a fine of 120,000 KRW (~105 USD). ‘A’ appealed the sentence, stating the punishment is too heavy.

‘A’ may have regretted that decision as ultimately, judgeChoi Sung Gilof Uijeongbu Court drew the case to a close by giving him a hefty fine of15,000,000 (~13,164 USD).