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"High School: Love On" Episode 16 Recap

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After confronting Woo Hyun and Seul Bi, Sung Yeol is back at his house and spies a book about angels in Woo Hyun"s bag. He reads it, learns her secret, but abandons the book when it floats by itself (Sunbae?). The next morning, a fight between Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun gets broadcast over the P.A. system by Sunbae, and the whole school now knows that Ji Hye is both stepmom to Sung Yeol and real mom to Woo Hyun, whom she abandoned. That afternoon, Jae Seok bullies Tae Ho and Byun Wook to exchange cellphones and Woo Hyun weathers another attack by Sunbae. Sung Yeol deliberately earns a night in jail so he doesn"t have to go home; his father spends the night with him there. Another encounter with Sunbae reveals that not only is he exiled from Heaven but he"s also not in control of his actions.

Good night, Dad. Good night, Jail. Good night, Sung Yeol.

The next morning at school, there is a mob of mothers who want Ji Hye to resign; they feel a mother who abandons her son has no right to teach ethics. They pound on her car as she drives in and crowd her while Woo Hyun tries to protect her. When Ji Hye walks into the classroom, most of the students walk out. Ye Na eats her lunch in the bathroom alone and cries. Seul Bi shoves a carton of milk into the stall. Byung Wook and Tae Ho find Jae Seok and have to be held back from tearing him to bits because Tae Ho missed an important call about his father, who"s in emergency surgery. Woo Hyun protects Jae Seok, but also blasts him for his stupid and hurtful pranks.

Later, a humbled Jae Seok visits Sung Yeol at the PC cafe, admitting to him that he"s scared that he"ll be friendless. Woo Hyun hears Sung Yeol"s parents arguing that evening. She wants to raise Woo Hyun, he wants to put Sung Yeol first. The next day, the students who have tried to get Ji Hye back have not met with success. It is Woo Hyun"s impassioned speech that gets the homeroom kids fired up to help and, with help from the President of Earth Angels, she is allowed and encouraged to keep her job. Later at home, Sung Yeol and Ji Hye grapple over the necklace, which leaves it in smithereens. Sung Yeol goads Woo Hyun, and Woo Hyun prepares to hit him. Sung Yeol"s father stops Woo Hyun and kicks him out of the house...

Okay, I admit it, I cried when Woo Hyun talked about how he has no one he can freely call his mother, and that the fact that he gets to see her in class is really all he has from her. I really didn"t think he cared; I thought he had just written her off and all his interactions with her were out of bitterness. But he took out his heart and trotted it around for everyone to see. My eyes were blurry with tears by the time he was done.

Woo Hyun delivering his speech

The President of Earth Angels seems to be their deus ex machina, the guy that delivers happy endings. At first, he seemed to be absolutely nutty and eccentric, and dodged Sunbae like he knew he was doing things wrong. Now he"s the voice of reason that runs the school and saves people in spite of themselves. It"s a bit much. I think I see what they"re doing -- they"re trying to surprise us. They"re trying to make us think this will go one way and it ends up completely different.

Woo Hyun, ready to hit Sung Yeol

Jae Seok"s transformation is a wonder to behold. I figured something would happen to him to topple his world, but I didn"t think it would be that fast or even that way. But both lackeys have left him, and now he"s scared he"ll end up alone. I"m not sure alone is the proper word, but definitely ostracized like our poor Ye Na. What I wonder is this...he kowtowed to Sung Yeol"s wishes when he signed the petition against Ji Hye"s return. Does that mean he"ll end up as Sung Yeol"s henchman, carrying out his orders?

Sunbae tries to attack Woo Hyun

So now I have questions. Like usual. What"s going to happen to Jae Seok? And if Sung Yeol has figured out Seul Bi is an angel, then what exactly does that mean for her? The main idea is that if anyone knows she"s an angel, she leaves the mortal realm. Both Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol know, so something else apparently has to happen to make that work? With Sung Yeol"s dad and Ji Hye split on how to make things right, what"s going to happen there? Is she going to leave them to raise Woo Hyun? If Sunbae can"t return to Heaven because of Seul Bi, does that mean he"s in exile or he simply can"t bring himself to do so?

You"ll have to wait two weeks to see our cast again. Episode 17 is being postponed because of the KBS 2TV "Daejong Film Awards." Just a heads up so you know! And yeah, I know, it"s hard for me too. Still, it"ll be worth the wait, don"t you think?

"High School: Love On" Episode 15 Recap

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The two boys in a crazy contest, winner takes all

Woo Hyun shows up on Sung Yeol"s doorstep, asking to be allowed to move in. Sung Yeol and the father leave. Later that night, Sung Yeol enters, falling down drunk. Woo Hyun puts a schnockered Sung Yeol to bed. In the morning, Woo Hyun is on the bed too and is pushed off, injuring his shoulder. Jae Seok"s lackey, Tae Ho, runs into classmate Joo Ah and decides to get revenge on the store owner for firing Joo Ah and shorting her on wages.

The security guard goes to the store where Joo Ah worked and collects her back wages. Sung Yeol"s father goes off and drinks when informed about Ji Hye"s loan that she used to pay for Woo Hyun"s shop. Woo Hyun hires Joo Ah to work there. After school, Jae Seok announces Sung Yeol is buying for everyone. At the end, when Woo Hyun has Sung Yeol pay up, he announces that their mom owns the shop and he doesn"t have to pay. When he leaves, Seul Bi goes with him, and Sung Yeol sees the sigil on her wrist glowing.

Woo Hyun shushes Sung Yeol while Seul Bi"s sigil goes nuts

That evening, Sung Yeol challenges Woo Hyun to a contest: if Woo Hyun wins, Sung Yeol will keep everything a secret, but if Sung Yeol wins, Woo Hyun will tell him Seul Bi"s secret. They perform some bizarre mashup between pullup and chinup, and Woo Hyun wins. That night, when everyone is asleep, Woo Hyun goes looking for a pain reliever as his shoulder is now killing him. Sung Yeol sneaks into Seul Bi"s bedroom (creepy!) and sees the brand on her wrist glowing. The next morning, Sung Yeol sees Ji Hye sleeping at the wounded Woo Hyun"s bedside.

Sung Yeol volunteers to make breakfast, trying to poison Ji Hye and Woo Hyun with shellfish (they"re allergic, remember?). Sung Yeol"s father tells him he needs to stop. Laying down, Ji Hye talks to Woo Hyun, telling him why she walked out on him. At the park, Seul Bi again strives to get Sung Yeol to stop and puts her hands up to push him away. Her sigil starts glowing and he tries to ask if she"s an angel, but before he can get the word out, Woo Hyun"s hand claps over his mouth as the symbol explodes into a brilliant, fierce radiance, engulfing the three...

A drunken Sung Yeol, supported by dad

Sung Yeol"s father is in massive pain. At every turn, he finds out he can"t trust Ji Hye. At all. It"s kind of sad because she does things behind his back when she"s already on thin ice. He said he doesn"t trust her to stick around since she left Woo Hyun high and dry. So she decides to take out a loan without discussing it and pay off the debt incurred by Woo Hyun"s dad. He"s taken to drinking now, and I"m worried about what will happen to him in the future.

While she sleeps, Seul Bi"s brand glows

Sung Yeol has grown to be evil. He reminds me of those bad girls in American dramas that plot against everyone and try to bring them down. Except, he"s Korean. And a guy. I dunno, I"m not sure I"m entirely convinced. Woo Hyun already told him he doesn"t want to fight and would rather be friends. His dad tells him to stop. Seul Bi tells him to stop many times. So Sung Yeol decides to ignore all this? I don"t think hurting someone she likes is in the Handbook of Love: Getting Her to Love You Back.™

Ji Hye slumbers next to Woo Hyun

I love the scenes with Woohyun and Kim Sae Ron in this episode. They have such awesome chemistry, they don"t need to be near each other to convey what their characters feel for each other. The relationship between Seul Bi and Woo Hyun is pretty awesome, and one of the main reasons I watch the show. They have an easygoing love despite the tensions in the show. They"re able to fool around with each other, make jokes (at one point he has Kim Sae Ron in a headlock), and just look like they"re having a good time. They both have great grins, too.

I almost wonder if Sung Yeol triggered something that caused Seul Bi"s brand to go off like that. He did ask if she were an angel. Maybe having that thought is enough? I hope not. In one fell swoop, he"s managed to take away Woo Hyun"s everything! I dunno, maybe not. I have a feeling Sunbae"s going to show up next episode. What do you guys think?

High School, Love On Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

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High School, Love On Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

Ekun: I don’t feel annoyed at Seul Bi for staying, but I think it would have been better if she left for a hot minute. No one can deeply sympathize with Woo Hyun for his pain more than her. We can have our own way to face with death and loss, except to be disrespectful and mean to the people who are trying to help sucks.

High School, Love On Episode 9 Recap

Taleena: If Seul Bi went back to being an angel again that would have put the end of the story , unless they did the reincarnation bit, or had lots of time devoted to her pinning from afar as a Grim Reaper. I want Woo Hyun to become a more convincing crier, but he did not and he did play a depressed teen lashing out quite convincingly.

Aunnie: Yeah…I wish Seul Bi would have left too. I feel so happy when I know she stayed. Oh, don’t misunderstand me. Leaving would have given Woo Hyun enough time to realize the importance of Seul Bin so when she came back, he’d be happy that she was still right here beside him. Moreover, I want to see his depression. When my grandmother passed away, I was depressed as well but Woo Hyun needs a swift kick in the bottom so I was all over Sung-Yeol’s deep love with him at the and. More  importantly, it’s a painful for me when watching  Woo Hyun crying; however, I give him all of my kudos for encouraging. I know it’s a lot of pressure but practice make perfect!

High School, Love On Episode 9 Recap

Taleena: Oh Sung Yeol! I am in your corner vis a vis the romance, but if ever there was an episode confirming you as the Second Lead this is it. You are there for your girl and your friend, despite of your own personal abandonment issues and all she really sees is Woo Hyun. She even has a drama flashback to Woo Hyun. You are so doomed. I continually love Sung Yeol’s relationship with his dad, and am glad he is finally wrapping his head around the fact that his stepmom is not his enemy.

Ekun: I hate that stepmom… I have to say it every week. Now that’s out the way, I do like Sung Yeol a lot. He was a bit too much in the first episode, but he really is an all around good young lad. Even when he lashes out at Woo Hyun I wasn’t mad at him. While I think he sometimes makes Seul Bi uncomfortable, nothing will ever come of it. She has decided there is no one else but Woo Hyun. It’s ok Sung Yeol, this noona will make you snacks of comfort...

Aunnie: Despite the fact that I hate SLSs, I do like when writer’s make the SLSs like Sung Yeol--he knows he’s the SLSs, he’s aware of her feelings even if she isn’t aware of his, and he is halfway to accepting his fate. The Stepmom is warming up to me, if only because of her interaction with Sung Yeol however, it’s a dual sided blade because for every good and motherly thing she does for Sung Yeol, I get mad on Woo Hyun’s behalf. However, I’m glad that parental guilt is catching up to her (re: the side dishes). I just wish that he’d accept that his father has remarried so he shouldn’t be shocked that his mother is remarrying.

High School, Love On Episode 9 Screenshots

Ekun: Now see, I am willing to give Woo Hyun’s dad the benefit of the doubt on the abandonment issue. Granted he is not around, but that does not mean he left his wife and child on purpose. But he is totally bopping around in South Korea… I have thought that for a long time now. He may have not left on purpose, but he totally sucks now. I want Peach Dad to find out who his wife really is. This is getting ridiculous...

Taleena: We knew Woo Hyun’s dad was sketchy right? Abandoned his wife and son, ran off to America, has no working contact information, never sent money for support, and now of course, gangsters. It’s always gangsters. I am so glad Peach Dad is there to rescue the kids. If only Peach Dad’s detecting skills were a bit better he’d be able to figure out WHO Woo Hyun’s mom is.

Aunnie: Yeah, sorry Ekun, I’m with Taleena on this one. His dad’s a no-good abandoner too. He doesn’t remember his son’s shoe size, he mortgaged his mother’s house without telling anyone, then he didn’t pay back the loan and is still unreachable. Because I’m feeling peckish, I’m gonna throw in the fact that he didn’t show up to his own mother’s funeral and what we’ve got here is a roiling pot of resentment and the urge to kill-on-site if Daddy Dearest ever shows up in this drama. I can’t wait til Peach Dad (and Sung Yeol by extension) finds out he’s Woo Hyun’s stepfather. He’ll scoop Woo Hyun into his arms so quickly, it’ll be a tear jerker.

The Professor And All the Rest!

High School, Love On Episode 9 Screenshots

Taleena: “Here On Gilligan’s Island!” OK, just had to finish the song, thanks for your patience. Still some movement on the Supporting Characters Who Are People Too. I like how Cupid Angel comes out with a welcome wagon, complete with sparklies.  I am happy that nameless Bullies #1#2 are rethinking their bully allegiance, but sad that they err and bully again. I am Shocked, SHOCKED! that Forever Lonely resigned and have NO Hopes that Divorced P.E. will be effective as a teacher, even though he has chutzpah, sartorially speaking, in swimwear. Sunbae! If you are throwing potted plants around, even though you said you’d written Seul Bi off, I would remind you that braining Woo Hyun is a no-no, no matter how richly he deserves it.

Ekun: I was proud of Sunbae…Until plants went flying around in the air! What the heck is he thinking? What does he means Seul Bi will lose everything? I really hope it wasn’t him. Forever Lonely is turning in his resignation, why? You made a mistake--and just like I am certain you tell the kids, “learn from it and keep it moving”. Perhaps not those exact words but you know. Cupid Angel is the Prez-CEO-Boss over Angels to Humans Coalition… Kind of saw it coming. What happens if a human finds out? I mean, she is young-- that would be hard to keep hidden from those who are important to you. Just Curious...

Aunnie: *takes a deep breath* 1) I can’t allow myself to believe it’s Sunbae who moved that pot. I’m hoping it’s Cupid Angel trying to get Woo Hyun over his grief with . . . a near death experience? I hadn’t realized my feels for Sunbae had reached a point where I’m willing to try and give him every benefit of the doubt I can. 2) This episode made me realize that Mr. Divorcee has grown on me, he’s abrasive and stupid sometimes, but he cares about his friend enough to lie for him. Thumbs up Mr. Divorcee! 3) Ms. Playing-Hard-To-Get-Backfired-On-Me Nurse is a pain in my Kdrama butt. ‘Nuff said. (Word! - Taleena) 4) Cupid Angel . . . st-stop throwing potted plants around, it isn’t nice . . . ! 5) I heart you Sunbae!

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap and Screenshots

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High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap and Screenshots

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap

After the fight, Soo Young repeatedly checks her phone, and waiting for Min- Seok’s call, but he didn’t. When Soo Young calls Min-seok, he ignores it. Dad asks Min-seok why he isn’t picking up, and Min-seok replies that the call is not important.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap

Min-seok and his friends take breakfast at Tae-seok’s Chinese restaurant, which is notably empty. Min-seok wonders how this restaurant is still in business.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap

The conversation moves to Yoo-ah’s situation. Tae- Soek says that Yoo-ah’s mother recently closed her bungee jumping facility but as accumulated a large debt. Soo Young takes out her down payment on her house to repay some of the debt. And she is not able to attend Dad’s birthday dinner because her mother has asked family for money in this dinner. Hearing that, Min-seok drops his head in solemn realization.

Soo-young asks what she should do… wait? But Min-seok goes on about how he heard about her situation and why she was absent for Dad’s birthday. “I never once thought that I was younger than you, but embarrassingly enough, I realized that I am younger. I’m eighteen. I’m selfish. School’s not that easy, and I don’t know what I’m doing for my future. The way I am now, I have nothing to offer. I can’t stand the person I am right now. I’m sorry.” With that, he asks for one last chance for skinship and kisses her on the forehead as a farewell gesture.

Min-seok walks away in tears, but he’s stopped by Soo-young, who asks him not to go. Not telling him about the bungee jump situation is her fault. “Even if you don’t do anything, having you by my side gives me strength. If the problem is school, I can help you. If it’s about your father being lonely, I’ll be your family. Let’s… let’s get married!”

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Recap

Min-seok replies with a big “Huh?!” (exactly my response) and asks if she remembers that he’s a high-schooler. Soo-young nods and explains that she can’t think of any other option at this point. After a moment of ice cream eating silence, Min-seok agrees to her proposal and pulls her into a hug. They’re getting married.

When Soo-young returns home, her mother has some good news. The person acquiring the bungee jumping facility is buying it at a premium, and her mother was offered a job by her friend. With all this good news, Soo-young mentions that she should just get married. As a passing comment, Soo-young asks her mother what she thinks about younger men. Her mother immediately rejects the idea, reasoning that Soo-young needs someone older to take care of her clumsiness. Well, it’s a little too late now…

Min-seok tries to convince Dad, who rejects the idea as well. But Min-seok’s not giving up and throws a fit, asking Dad to meet Soo-young in person.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

The next day at work, Sang-hee looks for Soo-young and happens to see the text on her phone from Min-seok: “The more I think about it, the more it seems like a dream… us getting married.” She jumps back in shock and looks to Soo-young for confirmation. She’s speechless, and the whole team seems understandably surprised.

Soo-young’s called into Team Leader Kim’s office (now Director Kim), and he starts to warn her about what she’s getting herself into. He realizes that she really does love him, so he changes his approach and so does the music. Taking the role of Min-seok’s guardian, Team Leader Kim tells her to love and understand him, even if he watches a lot of porn. He also really likes hamburgers and cola, so don’t get mad at him for eating too much fast food. Haha.

Soo-young asks him to scale down some of the affection since Min-seok is her man and walks out while Team Leader Kim still looks sad to see his baby bird fly away.

Next up to warn Soo-young are Sang-hee and Yoon-ju. They tell her to rethink the marriage. She’s marrying a kid in high school. Sang-hee tells her that marriage is three months of love, three years of fighting, and thirty years of patience. Marriage is not love, but a reality. Yoon-ju adds that if she marries, Soo-young becomes a guardian, not a wife. Oof. Soo-young imagines the scenario: going to a parent-teacher conference because of a fight. Except she’s addressed as Min-seok’s wife, not mother. Double oof.

Yoon-ju continues on with another point. Even if Min-seok does reach legal age, both Soo-young and Min-seok will age. Soo-young will be having a child in her thirties, and Min-seok will be in his early hot-blooded twenties. She begins to imagine another scenario, in which she’s taking care of her baby while Min-seok parties it up at the club.

Soo-young shakes herself back to reality and argues that Min-seok’s not that kind of person. Her coworkers shake their heads and tell her to think it through. Yoon-ju mentions that it may be better for Min-seok to go to Germany and figure out his life there. There are more opportunities and maybe that’s what’s best for him.

The last point echoes in Soo-young’s head as she waits to meet up with Min-seok. When he arrives, he seems super giddy about the whole marriage. But Soo-young grounds him as she voices her conflict. She doesn’t know if marriage is ideal at this point, as Min-seok could grow and find other opportunities abroad in Germany. Min-seok’s face falls, but he seems to understand her dilemma.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

Soo-young drowns her uneasiness with some soju and heads back home. Her route is intercepted by Min-seok, who’s holding huge bag of popcorn.

Offering it to her, he says, “I can’t get you a ring, but I can get you what you like most. I’ve thought about what you said, and you’re right. I could do better things in Germany, and I could regret it if I married you now. But no matter what, I want to be with you. I don’t know if this is the right answer, but I want to be with Jung Soo-young until the very end.”

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

Min-seok gets down on one knee, offers the popcorn bag to Soo-young, and proposes. Just as he starts to doubt she’ll say yes, Soo-young accepts the bag and his proposal. She apologizes for giving him doubts, and he thanks her for saying yes.

Min-seok pulls her into a hug with the popcorn bag in between them. Then he leans in for a kiss, and the smoochies continue with the popcorn bag between them. It’s cute and sweet, exactly like our couple.

Dressed in hanbok, Soo-young goes to meet Dad. She puts her best foot forward and cuts the apples (badly) with special rabbit ears, but that doesn’t mitigate Dad’s shock when he finds out that Soo-young is ten years older. Min-seok doesn’t help much either, looking ecstatic just being there.

Afterwards, Min-seok and Soo-young meet up with Tae-seok and Duk-hwan to brainstorm ways to convince Soo-young’s mother. Tae-seok admits that he wouldn’t approve of this marriage himself but comes up with the genius idea to fool Soo-young’s mother. Just pretend you’re still the Chief Director! Duk-hwan praises him for having a tiny piece of a brain for once, but Min-seok scolds them, saying that he can’t commit fraud, especially with Soo-young’s mother.

Soo-young steps away for a moment, and Min-seok’s friends take the chance to pull his hair out of jealousy. With all the “bbuing bbuing” and “bbonga bbonga” that Min-seok gets to do with marriage, Tae-seok jokes that Min-seok’s going to have to get on that exercise grind.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

Min-seok walks Soo-young home and assures her that he’ll be able to convince her mother to accept their marriage. He pumps out his chest with bravado, stating that he used to be ice hockey superstar Lee Min-seok. Their conversation is interrupted by Soo-young’s mother, who catches them red-handed. She addresses Min-seok as Chief Director and invites him inside.

Yoo-ah watches the whole scene with a smirk, as Min-seok goes along with his role-play. Soo-young’s mother sits down to ask Min-seok if he’s thinking of marriage, and he confidently states yes. Mom is overjoyed at his reply and starts to plan out the couple’s future. Meanwhile, Yoo-ah sits in the back giving them disapproving looks.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

At school the next morning, Yoo-ah describes the situation to Duk-hwan and Tae-seok. They criticize Min-seok for going along with this fraud even though he refused to go to these extremes. The trio is interrupted by a smitten girl who offers chocolate to Tae-seok. She runs off in embarrassment, and Duk-hwan explains that the girl’s been stalking Tae-seok lately.

Yoo-ah tells him to date the girl, but Tae-seok asks Yoo-ah if it’s okay for him to date her. Yoo-ah gives him a very nonchalant approval, so he agrees to do so. But as Yoo-ah walks to class, she stops in realization. She bursts into the classroom and digs the chocolate out of Tae-seok’s pocket, warning him not to take anything from other girls.

She leaves the boys in confusion, but Duk-hwan notes that this seems like a confession. Tae-seok breaks into a smile while Duk-hwan throws a fit in lonely misery. One friend is getting married, and another just scored a girlfriend. He tries to ask a classmate out, but he’s immediately shut down. Aw, poor Duk-hwan.

At the office, the retail team practices their wedding congratulatory song (“Magic Castle”). Yoon-ju complains about the song choice, while Dae-han argues that this is the best song for the wedding. Assistant Park notes that this is the twelfth time the two have broken up, so he continues practicing with Sang-hee.

Soo-young enters the office and thanks the team for putting in the effort. Yoon-ju and Sang-hee commend her for her courage and show their support for her marriage.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

She gets a call from Min-seok, who’s walking through the hallways. Soo-young’s mother also arrives at school to meet Yoo-ah’s teacher. When Min-seok walks outside, he unknowingly greets her, only to reach the realization right after. Soo-young’s mother turns to see the high schoolers: Min-seok, Yoo-ah, Duk-hwan, and Tae-seok. Mirroring Soo-young’ reveal, her mother drops her boxed drinks as it dawns on her that Min-seok is a mere high school student.

When Soo-young’s mother returns home, she packs her bags. Soo-young and Min-seok apologize on their knees, but she’s not having it. She’s already cancelled all the wedding arrangements, and there’s no way she’s going to approve.

Min-seok tries to meet Soo-young’s mother, waiting with flowers outside her home, but she throws them and a delivered fruit basket on the ground. Even when rain starts to pour down, Min-seok waits outside on his knees. He comes back again and again, and she rejects him every time.

Soo-young finally comes to retrieve Min-seok and tells him that her mother is too much. She calls her mother, determined to speak her mind. Just as she’s about to set things straight, her mother tells her that she’s in Seoul.

The couple heads back to Seoul, where Soo-young’s mother gives them a curt approval. She says that they’d better decide before she changes her mind, so both Soo-young and Min-seok blurt that they’re going to get married.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

Yoo-ah watches everything with a smile but can’t seem to hide her surprise. She follows her mother into the room and asks her what changed her mind. Soo-young’s mother reveals that Tae-seok, Duk-hwan, and Dad have been calling nonstop with their testimonies, and even Team Leader Kim delivered a fruit basket. Seeing that Min-seok was able to form a loyal circle of friends and a support team at such a young age, she was able to change her mind.

Plus, when Min-seok was playing the Chief Director role, he rehired Soo-young so that she could have a stable position in the company. Even when Min-seok was playing the role, Soo-young’s mother thought about how nice he would be as her son-in-law. Yoo-ah gives her mother a hug and jokes that she should find a young man for herself.

Next thing we know, we’re at the wedding. It’s being held at none other than the community park, on the large field where drunk times and rehab exercises have happened (which sounds really wrong out of context, but it’s true). The guests are a hodgepodge of high-end executives and high-schoolers: the hockey teammates, Director Han and Director Nam, the retail team, and even Jin-woo.

The wedding is about to start, but the couple is nowhere in sight. Team Leader Kim frets about our missing couple while buffing his face with makeup, and Yoo-ah tries to get in contact with them. Team Leader Kim begins to ask the guests for their patience just as Min-seok and Soo-young arrive.

They stumble into the field and explain their delay as ring complications. They also tell Team Leader Kim to rush the wedding ceremony since they need to catch their train in ten minutes. HA. As usual, Team Leader Kim looks like he’s going to cry but goes along with the new plan.

The bride and groom speed walk down the aisle with the music in fast-forward to match their pace. They skip over everything, and it’s hilarious to see the parents stand up only to sit right back down and the retail team to passionately sing only three seconds of their whole song. Team Leader Kim tells the audience to pretend that everything – addressing the parents, the quick celebratory song – has happened and asks Director Han to officiate the wedding.

He speaks at a normal pace, but that’s too slow for this high-speed wedding and Team Leader Kim tells him to cut to the chase. Min-seok and Soo-young quickly reply, agreeing to love each other forever, and finish off it off with a peck. With that, the newly married couple walks back down the aisle to more fast-forward wedding music.

Jin-woo watches from the back and comments on how this wedding is so fitting for this couple. Bwahaha, I could not agree more.

He walks back to his car, only to find a random girl arguing with her ex on the phone. The argument gets heated, and the girl ends up asking Jin-woo to act as her boyfriend. Although he seems hesitant, he agrees and cringes as he speaks to the ex, warning him to stay away. The girl (cameo by Lee Chung-ah) thanks him and asks him for one more favor while he’s at it: take her to the nearby subway station.

She thanks him one more time at the station, and he drives off. A phone rings, and Jin-woo finds that the girl left her phone in the car. He picks it up, and she tells him that she left her phone in his car on purpose and asks him on a date. Aww, Jin-woo’s found himself some company.

Back at the fast-forward wedding, Min-seok and Soo-young prepare to take off for their honeymoon. Team Leader Kim wrestles Director Han out of the car while the guests send their congratulations to the newly married couple. Soo-young throws her bouquet, which ends up in the hands of Dae-han. He hands it to Yoon-ju, and it seems that their fight is over. We see another workplace couple – Assistant Park and Sang-hee – who talk about the destination of the honeymoon: Namiseom. Heh.

Three years later. Our lovely couple has a family… of small baby moss plants. The alarm goes off in the morning, and both Min-seok and Soo-young wait until the very last minute to turn it off. Soo-young realizes they’re late, but Min-seok looks too content in bed.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

But they are indeed late. Min-seok and Soo-young run around the house putting on clothes. Just like their wedding, their life seems to be in fast-forward. Soo-young gives her moss plants a quick spray, wishes Min-seok good luck on his presentation, gives him some leftovers, and with a quick peck, they’re both off.

Duk-hwan and Tae-seok laze around on a college campus, and Min-seok interrupts their relaxation with a critical lecture about their hockey game. Tae-seok asks about the PT competition, and Duk-hwan adds something about a lantern. Min-seok yells at them, saying that it’s an intern position not a lantern.

To top things off, Tae-seok gets up and starts doing warm-up exercises, asking if it’s that PT (the same mistake Min-seok made previously). Calling Tae-seok an idiot, Min-seok leaves for his competition. Haha, it’s nice to see they haven’t changed.

Min-seok delivers a dynamic presentation about a sports complex, and as expected, he excels. He’s engaging, entertaining, and full of energy. Soo-young gets a call from Min-seok, who tells her that he got first place. The whole retail team celebrates this news, and Team Leader Kim tears up in happiness.

High School King of Savvy Episode 17 (Final) Screenshots

On the walk home, Min-seok asks Soo-young for a special dinner. She tells him that she’ll make him his favorite seaweed dish… again. She compliments Min-seok, saying that he’s kind of the best. Min-seok takes the compliment and elaborates with some self-boasting. He’s handsome, skilled, and young. He also compliments Soo-young, who has a lot of age. She’s old, she’s old, and she’s old. Way to rub it in, young one.

Soo-young walks off, slightly irritated, but Min-seok assures her that he’s crazy about her. Every day when he wakes up, he falls for her again. She claims that she’s still unsure, so Min-seok plants a couple kisses on her cheeks and forehead. Soo-young complains, wondering how long he’s going settle for these measly pecks. Ohhh, you want more, eh?

Min-seok turn to address her, “Popcorn sister, my popcorn (mine), my wife… thank you very kamsa for marrying me.” And with that, he swoops in for a real kiss, in the exact place where they shared their first kiss.

A montage showing our couple’s progression passes by as Soo-young narrates her final thoughts:

Soo-young: It could be that fate doesn’t come to those who sit around and wait for it. Real fate comes when you discover it, when you take the courage to choose it; then it comes to you as a gift. So with the person I’ve chosen as my fate, I’m loving with all my heart and I’m living my life to the fullest as the cool and confident modern woman, Jung Soo-young.

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Recap And Screenshot

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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Recap And Screenshot

I need someone to distill the live-action drama adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club into a liquid form so that I can intravenously feed myself with its delicious, nutritious, sparkly brand of awesome. If you are not watching Ouran, I can merely make a moue at you and shake my head with sadness that you are missing out on the bite-sized insanity that is a host club consisting of one drama queen, one non-crossing dressing skeptic, one criminally hot future leader of a country who likes to use the IPad for blackmail, twins who need some time away from each other, one sentient brick wall, and one honey bunny who is so damn funny.

I need another episode of Ouran like a German needs beer. While the OTP is awesome and perfect, what inexplicably floats my boat is Kyoya, who if he existed in real life and I was 18 again, Im be all over him like a bee to pollen. Cool, level-headed, wry high school student with a perpetual look of bemusement? Makes my knees weak.

A voiceover introduces the Ouran High School host club, consisting of the six richest and handsomest boys in school who formed a host club to pass the time. The narrator introduces the newest member of the host club, the schools only scholarship student and commoner. I love how in parenthesis after the description of Haruhi as a first year student is (Commoner).

She broke a priceless vase so she has no choice but to host to earn money to repay the cost of the vase. But in truth she is a girl. At the North end of the school under the stairs, if you open the door to Music Room #3, seven gentlemen will welcome you to the Ouran High school host club.

Tamaki is offering a client a selection of tea cups to drink the tea. The twins are doing another of their routines and driving the ladies mad. Kyoya walks by and unfurls a cart containing pictures of all the host club members for the ladies to purchase and carry with them as a keepsake. I love how mercenary Kyoya is.

Haruhi watches and realizes that the expenses for the host club are paid through such schemes. Tamaki walks over (okay, more like sidles over smoothly), and oh so casually overs Haruhi some afternoon cookies.

She declines. Not in the mood. Tamaki ever so nonchalantly asks what she wants to eat. Next time, you know. Just for his reference. Haruhi looks at him and asks if hes serious. Girl, hes so serious that if you said you wanted to eat penguin, hed fly to the South Pole and personally pick out the plumpest one. Haruhi thinks and confesses that she would like some fatty tuna sashimi.

Tamaki asks if shes never eaten fatty tuna before? To which Haruhi nods that shes indeed never had such an expensive food. Tamaki cups his mouth and calls out, like there is a fire lighting his ass, that fatty tuna must be found immediately. The female students, who adore Haruhi, get into the insanity and pretty soon everyone is bellowing that fatty tuna must be brought immediately. Haruhi just looks peeved and says this is so annoying.

Tamaki scuttles over to Haruhi and changes the subject, asking why she doesnt wear a girls uniform? Haruhi says to be a host she needs to dress like a guy? Tamaki holds her shoulder and tells her your daddy, me..your daddy, me And then he runs off and returns a second later bearing a framed picture containing Haruhis photo on her student ID. WHICH HE HAS BLOWN UP AND PHOTOSHOPPED PINK SPARKLY FLOWERS AROUND. I.I.I cant even.

Tamaki says he wants to see Haruhi look like THIS. Haruhi snatches the framed photo back and accuses him of blowing up her picture without her permission. Yes, normally that would be skeevy, but the pink sparkly flowers pretty much negates the skeeve factor and were back to seeing it as the cutest gesture in Ouran land.

Tamaki says the picture is SOOOOOO CUTE. Look at the long flowing locks. He wants her to quickly grow her hair long again. Her daddy, that is him, has already prepared a bow for her future long hair. Tamaki takes out a very pink bow.

Haruhi calls him a freak for referring to himself as her daddy. Tamaki turns towards the other five guys and bleats mommmmmmmy, Haruhi is being disobedient. I cannot for the life of me decide which of the five guys he is referring to as mommy if hes the daddy. Lets assume its the collective entity, mkay? Which works, because Kyoya immediately points to himself and asks if Tamaki was referring to him?

Tamaki goes to clutch Haruhi again and says he cant wait for her to resume her female state. Kyoya walks over and says that will happen soon actually, because at their upcoming school physical, Haruhi will have to be checked and everyone will know shes a girl. Honey shrinks and jump hugs Haruhi, while in the background you hear Tamaki asking what do you mean, Haruhis mom? and you hear Kyoya mutter who are you calling Haruhis mom. God I love this show.

Baby Honey tells Haruhi that the physical is coming up and he cant wait to play a height competition with her. Suddenly all the boys go into imagination land where they all promptly take their shirts off. Let me check the timer on this episode3 minutes and 59 seconds into episode 2 and we have achieved shirtlessness again. And this time with ALL SIX GUYS. *gulp*

The boys stare at Haruhi in shock (minus Kyoya with a tight-lipped expression like yup, whattya going to do about it). Haruhi says itll all be revealed.

Tamaki poses artfully by the window and ponders the imminent reveal of Haruhi as a girl for the world to see. He goes into his Tamaki pink-tinted fantasy land. He stands in the foyer where Haruhi, long hair flowing and wearing the girls white dress uniform, runs down the stairs calling senpai (which means elder student). Fantasy Tamaki turns bright pink when he sees girly Haruhi, exclaiming that shes sooooooo cute.

Haruhi thinks it looks weird and everyone is looking at her. Tamaki explains they are looking because shes so gloriously cute. Her daddy him..no, Tamaki says I will protect you. Haruhi almost calls him daddy but then shakes her head and calls him Tamaki senpai and smiles her mega-watt girly smile.

Tamaki takes out the hideous pink bow again, which was hand crafted by an artisan in England. Haruhi says its beautiful. Tamaki puts it on her head and she is thrilled. Tamaki yodels Ha..Ru..Hi.. and then the two of them proceed to hold hands and do the polka while all the other students join in the festivities. If this fantasy sequence didnt have you almost peeing your pants in laughter, perhaps you need some extra humor pills.

Tamaki is thrilled with this possibility and continues to make merry in his own pink mind. The other guys watch him all happy and shit, but sadly ask if hes considered the consequences of Haruhi being discovered to be a girl. If that happens, she cant stay with them in the host club anymore.

Tamaki makes this horrified face (like a victim in one of them horror movies makes when they see the serial killer behind the door), and the guys proceed to destroy him. They say that girly Haruhi will probably be pursued by all the guys at school. Kyoya IPads it to show that Haruhi was very popular in middle school and got annoyed with all the guys chasing her. If her real gender is revealed at Ouran, even Prince Tamaki will find it hard to approach her. During this entire reveal, Tamaki grows greyer and more brittle until he shatters into a million pieces on the floor from the agony.

Haruhi enters the club to find everyone standing around a white board and Tamaki announcing the battle plan for Operation Prove Haruhi Is A Boy. Haruhi goes huh and looks perplexed. Tamaki says she can remain their private princess forever.

Haruhi says she wasnt intentionally cross-dressing. But if her gender was revealed, shes cool with it and will find another way to repay her debt. Tamaki makes this umph noise and pouts that SOMEONE refuses to cooperate with him. HAHAHAHA. Tamaki gets on his knees and clutches his head. He sobs for Haruhi to please let them keep her secret. The twins calls Tamaki their team leader and get down to assist his huge display of pain.

Mori suddenly has an idea. He says fatty tuna and that is all the hook Tamaki needs to get his Haruhi to cooperate. The boys walk over to the white board and tells her that people who refuse to cooperate cannot eat fatty tuna. In fact, they will intentionally obstruct any and all future opportunities to eat fatty tuna for the person who doesnt cooperate. Haruhi says ehhhhhhh.

Haruhi stands before a bannister and wonders if everything will be fine. Nekozawa senpai intones that he sees a bad omen her way comes. A strange man is lurking around and staring at Haruhi.

Haruhi walks into the exam room with the twins, wondering what this schools physical is like? The twins says its just ordinary and routine, to which the door opens to two rows of nurses and doctors waiting to welcome the students. Haruhi says you call this normal?

Haruhi watches the exams and wonders why this grand treatment. Kyoya walks over and says that this school is also about making money, so its important to keep the students happy. We see a strange man watching Haruhi and approaching her. Kyoya bumps into the guy, who apologizes and walks away.

Haruhi sits in the middle and asks why the boys are protecting her for? Tamaki says its not clear where the secret can accidentally leak out. What kills me dead in this scene is: Tamakis crouching hopping pose that he obviously thinks is some sort of covert operative tactic, the twins pointing finger guns next to Haruhi, Honey and Mori dressed like doctors and fixing their glasses in sync, and Kyoya just sitting there drinking his fucking tea like there is not a single thing odd about what is happening around him. Please lord, can I have some more Kyoya.

Haruhi says doing this simply makes it more obvious. Yes, one would think so, Haruhi.

The twins say that Haruhi was so pretty before, what happened. She explains that the day before school started, some neighborhood kids put gum in her hair. She just decided to cut off her hair by herself. She lost her contacts so borrowed her grandpas old glasses. And she couldnt afford to buy a school uniform so she borrowed her dads clothes to make do.

The twins wonder why she wore such tasteless clothing? Haruhi says its the only thing left, since the rest of her dads clothes are tight, sparkly things. Her dad.hes a transvestite. The boys gasp in shock (okay, minus Kyoya, who nothing can possibly ever shock him)Haruhi is butt poor and her dad is a transvestite! Tamaki holds his head in pain on her behalf.

He tells her to come to his arms for an embrace. Haruhi pushes him off and says her dad is her dad no matter what he looks like. Kyoya correctly confirms that Haruhi never intended to cross-dress to conceal her gender at all. She says yes, but will continue the accidental pretense now to earn money to pay off he debt. Tamaki rushes over and says he will take care of her father and her.

Haruhi says rather than that, she feels more grounded in reality to earn the money herself to pay back the debt. A nurse comes over and calls Haruhi over, the doctor is ready to see her. Tamaki asks his boys if they are ready for battle.

Haruhi walks towards the changing room and the girls follow, excited to see Haruhi take her shirt off. Suddenly the twins start taking each others shirts off and lure all the attention over to their show. Honey and Mori grab Haruhi and deposit her inside the changing room, where Tamaki is waiting. Tamaki tells her that he will take care of everything.

The nurse calls Haruhi to come out. Suddenly the curtains party and TAMAKI walks out with his shirt open and a wig on. He says sorry to keep you waiting, I am Fujioka Haruhi. The girls and the nurse stare slack jawed, and one girl asks why Tamaki senpai is pretending to be Haruhi.

Tamaki gasps in shock that his cover was blown. ROFL FOREVER. The twins point and guffaw that they told Tamaki he would never be able to pull this off. Tamaki makes the funniest mouth twitches and snatches off the wig, telling the twins they assured him the pretense would never be seen through. God, I love how the other boys constantly screw with Tamaki.

Tamaki goes back inside and tells Haruhi that its all been screwed up. Haruhi turns and gives him the dirtiest look, saying that she cant believe she believed he could handle it. She goes outside and prepares to announce the truth when suddenly an announcement that Haruhi is needed in Music Room #3. Turns out all the doctors at the physical are on staff at Kyoyas familys hospital, so he arranged a doctor to give Haruhi a private exam figuring that Tamaki would royally screw up.

Haruhi is relieved and goes in for her check up. When Tamaki calls her name before she walks in, Haruhi turns and gives him yet another dirty scathing look. Tamaki shrinks away in fear. A female doctor is waiting inside and welcomes Haruhi.

The strange man from earlier walks through the school and accidentally enters a room with girls changing. The girls scream and he runs away. Tamaki is pouting outside and the twins says that Haruhi is thoroughly despising Tamaki right about now.

Haruhi finishes her exam and we see the man sneak into the music room. The girls inform the host club that a pervert was seen in school. The boys realize Haruhi could be in danger and they sprint towards the music room.

Haruhi is putting her clothes back on when the dude barges into her changing room. He silences her and tries to get something out of his pocket. Suddenly the curtains open and the boys of the host club are artfully arranged to kick some ass. They gorgeously inform the guy that they stand for justice and protecting the innocent.

Its Honey who prevents the dude from bolting by delivering a kick to the face. Turns out Honey was a three-time karate champion in junior high. Tamaki takes off his jacket and drapes it over Haruhi. The guy tries to escape but completely freezes when Mori blocks his path. They tie him up.

Haruhi wonders if this guy really is a pervert? Nekozawa senpai arrives and says hes not a pervert, since this guy asked him for directions this morning, But he was practicing his curses this morning so didnt hear the guy asking if this school was Ourin High School. The guy is told that this is NOT Ourin, but is Ouran High School.

Haruhi checks his pocket and takes out a gift box that the man brought as a present for his daughter who started high school at Ourin. Hes a local doctor who doesnt know how to earn money, so his wife and daughter left him. But he still wanted to bring a present for his daughter.

Tamaki tells the twins to draw the guy a map to Ourin. The twins say the daughter will just reject the present anyways. Tamaki says the man has to go make the effort.

The man accepts the map, but worries that hell be an embarrassment to his daughter. Tamaki says a girl once said that no matter what her father looked it, hes still her father. Tamaki tells the man to trust his own daughter. Tamaki hands the gift box back to the man, but hes affixed the ugly pink bow on the box. He says that the bow will be a good luck charm.

The man bows in gratitude and everyone smiles. They walk back to the host club, with Tamaki saying that they did a good thing today. Haruhi asks about that bow, and Tamaki apologizes because he had intended to give her that bow one day.

Haruhi turns and smiles at him, saying that its a wonderful present. Tamaki calls out Ha.Ru.Hi and tries to hug her. She pushes him away and calls him a pervert.

Her pervert becomes a giant letter attack and Tamaki hits the wall again. The boys walk over and remark that Tamaki sure looks like a pervert. Kyoya says hes an eyesore and they ought to call security and have him removed.

Haruhi turns to asks her Mommy in Heaven, asking if this club really will work out?

Watching Ouran just makes me happy. Period. Its not terribly deep or important, nothing is ever serious in this show, and ultimately its as trifling as they come. But its just so earnest in everything it does, putting a live-action spin that is filled with charm and joie de vivre. Its really all a testament to the seven leads playing the host club members that make this work. Nothing else is all that memorable, but the acting, the camaraderie, and the chemistry brings it all to life in a way that makes me long to spend more time with the world of Ouran. It feels like a fantasy world almost, yet with shades of the fun teenagers can have in high school just being goofy and odd and sincere.

I love how normal Haruhi is, and normal not just in the Little Shop of Fruits, Nuts, and Hotness that is the host club, but down-to-earth normal. Shes freaking drop-dead gorgeous, but she doesnt give a flying fug. She cut her hair because gum got stuck in it, put on fugly glasses because she lost her contacts, and paraded around in trannie dads old clothes because it was cheap and convenience. How much do I love her? Probably not as much as Tamaki does actually.

Yamamoto Yusuke is just killing me softly with his portrayal of Tamaki, he of the excessive emotions and great love of the dramatic flair. I love how even his subtle gestures are brimming with excess, and he can hardly contain his glee for his Haruhi to be oh-so-pretty before his eyes. I find this story so sweet, with nary a judgmental or sarcastic bone in its body. I can bask in Ourans warmth all day long.

Dream High 2 Episode 10 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 10 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 10

Idols are panic because of the second mission, but Hong Ju is the only one who worries about Nana. Hong Ju pays a visit to Nana at hospital, but bumps into Si Woo who also drops by to visit, and is been caught in the mood of looking haggard.

JB and Hye Sung helps Hong Ju to present and sing a song that reflects the adoring hearts of Hong Ju to Nana. The video is later uploaded to the Internet.

Meanwhile, the idols that include Ryan, Nana, Si Woo and JB are rumored to quit, and a big decision is revealed.

Dream High 2 Episode 9 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 9 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 9

Due to accident on the event, Rian is hospitalized for treatment. The mother of Rian visits the chairman to protest, but the attitude of chairman lets her perplexed.

Yeeun of Wonder Girls heard the last broadcast, and is interested in the song of Hye Sung. As such Hye Sung goes back to the school, and begins to prepare for the participation in audition of super idol.

JB and Hye Sung go to shopping, preparing to change her image, unexpectedly they bump into Yoo Jin.

Dream High 2 Episode 9 Preview Video

[Spoilers: Dream High 2] Halfway Recap and Review: Ep. 1-8

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[Spoilers: Dream High 2] Halfway Recap and Review: Ep. 1-8

The second installment of school-based musical drama, Dream High, explores the bleakness of dreams, when the lack of talent obliterates ambition and passion. The students, teachers, and parents of Kirin Arts School confront the ultimate question, should we pursue our dreams and passion, and devote long hours to achieving that dream, when the only thing that could greet us at the end is failure?

Shin Hyseung (Kang Sora) is an optimist, hoping to become a singer despite her weak vocals. A diehard fan girl of I:dens JB, Hyesung unsuccessfully tries to enter OZ Entertainment as a singer and songwriter. With OZ Entertainment taking over Kirin Arts School and transforming it into an entertainment agency to mold students into trainees, Hyesung’s dreams and wishes are fulfilled as she has a shot at becoming an idol star, in addition to the added benefit of being JBs classmate.

While the students and teachers rejoice in the small glimmer of hope in saving the school’s failing reputation, Jin Yoojin (2AM’s Jinwoon) despises the school’s employment as the agency’s pawn. Belittling the true artistry of an ‘idol’ after enduring the materialism and greed of the entertainment world, Yoojin hopes to erase his childhood scars by honing his passion for true rock music.

The derelict status of the school and classroom is stripped by the iron rule of President Lee (Kim Jung Tae) and Teacher Ji Soo (After School’s Kahi). Implementing strict rules and eliminating the inferior students who have no hope, the entertainment agency becomes a villain for the Kirin School underdogs. After entreating President Lee to be evaluated again, he concedes and makes the monthly evaluation as a test. However, with a twist, the students will perform in duets and only one will succeed, while the other duet singer will be eliminated.

Rian (T-ara’s Jiyeon) and Hyesung become duet partners, only for Rian to shirk her practices as President Lee bans Rian from using the practice rooms because of her misbehavior. Meanwhile, JB and Yoojin are forced into a team, in which Yoojin struggles to master his dancing. The showcase performance finally arrives with a red carpet theme. Suddenly intimidated and fearful of failing, Hyesung takes the batteries out of her microphone, rather than revealing her humiliating singing. Hyesung is eliminated, along with Rian, who is criticized for not sharing her microphone.

The eliminated students, including Hyesung, Rian, and Yoojin, are sent to PSY’s military-style training camp to nurture teamwork and perseverance. Upon returning to school, the students are divided into different level classes, in which Yoojin creates a band to demonstrate the talent of the Kirin Arts students. However, the practices are unsuccessful as Yoojin continuously berates Hyesung, the lead singer, in hopes that it would compel her to practice more diligently and improve.

To encourage the band, Teacher Jin Man (JYP) arranges a street performance, which is disrupted by Rian’s surprise appearance. Hyesung gives up her position as lead singer to Rian in the face of the cheering crowd, angering Yoojin. While Rian and Yoojin enjoy their performance together, Hyesung unveils her talent in an impromptu and emotional performance to JB of her self-composed song, “Hello to Myself”. Despite the glimmer of hope for Hyesung’s dreams, her father transfers Hyesung out of Kirin Arts.

To persuade Hyesung to return, Yoojin arranges Hyesung’s song for the band and performs it on radio broadcast, attracting the interest of a producer in search of the ‘super idol’. However, the tables turn as Rian takes the lead position and blatantly takes the credit for Hyesung’s song. Meanwhile, JB travels to Hyesung’s hometown and confesses, in the hopes that it would bring her back to school. Despite her refusal, JB drives Hyesung and her sister to a beauty pageant competition, where the two are shocked to find Rian, sent by President Lee in punishment for her rebellion against the contract, and Yoojin, in search of Hyesung.

With an intricate love line, the search for the ‘super idol’, and the true competition between the students and idols, ‘Dream High 2’ ends it halfway point with the beginning of the students’ journey to pursue their dreams.

[Note: This post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

Integrating a subtle criticism of the entertainment sphere, the themes of friendships and teamwork, discovery of true passionate music, and perseverance for one’s dreams, ‘Dream High 2’ weaved the intricate threads together, only to have them ultimately splinter.

Trying to establish multiple conflicts, with the frequent interruptions of dance numbers, ‘Dream High 2’ created a muddled disorder, in which the heartfelt conflict of dreams was sacrificed. The contention between the students and President Lee over the dormitory, the showcase, and the military training camp lacked the connotation, and the emotional significance to the plot that had entranced viewers in the first ‘Dream High’.

Although the showcase unveiled Hyesung’s lack of faith in her dreams and revealed Yoojin’s diligence in mastering the dance steps, it didn’t establish the foundation for the students to pursue their dreams. None of the eliminated students felt that desire or need to practice more, leaving the conflict of achieving dreams in the dust. The military training camp, while it did offer much development in the loveline department with JB-Rian and Yoojin-Hyesung, didn’t seem to play a part in helping the students build that perseverance. With too many insignificant moments of the students having fun, not only are there no poignant moments in the plot development, but the threads are left untied for the other conflicts.

One of the worst Achilles’ heel for ‘Dream High 2’ is character development. The genuine friendship is always a little spark of enjoyment for high school dramas. The relationship between Hyesung and her three close friends, Soon Dong (Yoon So Young), Ui Bong (JR), and Hong Joo (Kim Ji Soo) are sweet at moments, but ultimately insincere. When they easily turn against Hyesung for letting Rian take the blame of the showcase incident, it ruins the moments of camaraderie. How nice it would have been for Hyesung’s emotional farewell letter to be accompanied with a strong friendship, friends who are willing to scour the Earth for her, rather than simply telling Yoojin to “forget about Hyesung”.

In addition, Hyesung’s character development has been the most contradictory. In the beginning, Hyesung seemed to have authentic confidence as she bravely tells Ji Soo that she’ll regret not having chosen her from the audition. But, all that confidence goes down the drain after the showcase, as it seems Hyesung experienced a sudden stage fright for no apparent reason. Not only that, but Hyesung escaping Kirin Arts School doesn’t provoke the emotional impact, that moment when both the viewers and Hyesung cry, that it should. Hyesung was essentially driven away from the school by her father and teacher, rather than herself, as the viewers dont see her blood and sweat in trying to improve her singing.

In contrast, Rian offers both complexity and a logical development. While Rian seems rude and selfish, as she takes ownership of Hyesungs song, viewers are introduced to her insecurity and lack of hope, in addition to the pressure she faces at home. Rian does push off singing/dancing in the beginning of the series, but she ultimately realizes that she lacks the talent after Ji Sooreveals the harsh truth, and begins to change and strives to become the super idol through her nighttime dance practices.

The lovelines between the four leads is enjoyable and one of the storys gems, as the writers once again mixed up the puzzle pieces. Rian and Yoojin show potential to become a couple, as both have experience in being used as pawns to generate money. However, it feels like the writers are scrambling to create the relationship between Hyesung and JB into a loveline in hopes for a rating increase. While it seems like JB is confusing empathy with love, not only is his relationship with Rian lightly put aside, but there is no chemistry between Hyesung and JB, even in the church scene.

If the lovelines are employed as pillars to the conflict of dreams, in which the students develop their love as they support and encourage each other, then it can create that emotional undercurrent much like the relationships between Yoojin-Hyesung and Rian-JB (during their trainee days) had done with their sweet and adorable moments.

While the first part was disappointing after the hype that ended ‘Dream High’, it ended its halfway mark with a glimmer of hope. As the teachers are cracking on the students with the impending competition and the students initiate their passionate journey for their dreams, ‘Dream High 2’ is finally employing its potential.

"Dream High 2" Episode 8 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight's episode below!

Shin Hye Sung’s Dad: Are you ok?

Shin Hye Sung: It’s already too late.

Shin Hye Sung: It feels like I graduated...

Shin Hye Sung: Like I graduated... 

Jin Yoo Jin: How can you do this without talking to me first?

CEO Lee Kang Chul:Kirin Arts High School’s super idol Jin Yoo Jin. I’ll make you this country’s greatest star.

Rian: The person who shined at the performance yesterday was me, not Jin Yoo Jin.

Han Ji Soo: You’ve never proved yourself or your ability.

JB: Don’t you have any sense of differentiating between what’s yours and mine?

Jin Yoo Jin: Are you jealous?

JB: There’s only so much pain you can cause one person.

Meanwhile, KBS’sDream High 2” recorded 8.1% (AGB Nielsen) viewership ratings last night, while its competitors MBC’sLight and Shadows” and SBS’sSalaryman Chohangi” recorded 17.6% and 16.9% respectively. 

Dream High 2 Episode 8 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 8 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 8

Yoo Jin is selected as the super idol for the concert. In order to convince Yoo Jin who refuses to be the super idol, JB reveals the past of Yoo Jin to instill her confident.

Rian questions Ji Soo why it’s Yoo Jin who is selected and not her. After listening to harsh words of Ji Soo, Rian suffers a blow, and she concentrates on training for the superstar selection competition.

On the other hand, JB goes to Cheongju in order to convince Hye Sung and her father. When meeting Hye Sung for a chat, JB confesses to Hye Sun that he likes her.

Dream High 2 Episode 8 Preview Video