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Dream High 2: JB chooses Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) rather than the chance to be a star

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Dream High 2: JB chooses Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) rather than the chance to be a star

Being prepared for a serenade mission in an audition for a super idol, JB chooses his love, Kang So Ra over the chance to become a star.

In the episode of Dream High 2 that aired on March 12 on KBS2, JB is seen being eliminated from the audition for the reason that he has failed to understand the theme of the mission.

It is not Lian but JB who has failed the mission. Initially, the audition was designed to motivate JB, who has high potential to be a super star.

JB, who is in head over heels in love, however, has lost his chance. Hae Sung argues producer Jae In, asking the reason why JB has been eliminated. Jae In explains that JB chose Hae Sung means he gave up the mission, dishing “He aimed to be with you, rather than to win the audition. That’s not a polite thing to do to other participants and audience.”

While Hae Sung bursts into tears feeling guilty, the heartthrob doesn’t seem to regret, saying he is happy when he is with her. The romantic guy even soothes his significant other, saying “I told you, I don’t want to see you crying. Come on.” To Yoo Jin boasting his winning, JB says, “I’ve learned something more important than winning. The reason I stage a performance is to enjoy it.”

While JB is being eliminated from the list of contenders, the last mission is given to contenders to make a performance for only one person. The high-profile series is generating huge expectation with the final of the audition.

Dream High 2: Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) asks to JB “Why do you like me?”

Dream High 2: Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) asks to JB “Why do you like me?”

In the 11th episode of Dream High 2, which aired on March 5, Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) asks to JB (Jae Bum) why he likes her.

She says to JB, “Your feelings toward me are what you can have for your pampered fans. Otherwise, they could be sympathy or pity.”

JB adamantly denies it, but is met by Hea Sung’s refusal, “You know, in movies, perfect guys fall head over heals in love with an ordinary girl. What’s more, it’s not one but two guys. But that happens in movies. In reality, a perfect guy meets a perfect girl. Like you and Lian”

Netizens responded: “Hae Sung, don’t break JB’s heart.” “”Hope Hae Sung will soon realize JB’s true love for her.” “Looking forward to watching their love story soon.”

Wonder Girls Ye Eun to Cameo on Dream High 2 as Shin Hae Sung's Mentor

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Wonder Girls Ye Eun to Cameo on Dream High 2 as Shin Hae Sung's Mentor

Wonder Girls Ye Eun will make a cameo on "Dream High 2." Ye Eun will join the list of celebrities who made a cameo in the drama such as Dream High actors Kim Soo Hyun and IU.

On the February 27 episode of Dream High 2 , Ye Eun will make a surprise appearance as Shin Hae Sung (Kang Sora)'s mentor. She will be the key factor enabling Shin Hae Sung's transformation and growth as an artist.

The Wonder Girl member wrote, composed and produced one of the song featured in the drama's OST "Hello to Myself" revealed, "I've been enjoying watching Dream High 2."  And on her appearance on Dream High 2 Ye Eun commented, "When I saw Shin Hae Sung it was as if I was facing my old self. I wanted to sincerely encourage her to be her best."

Viewers will be able to witness Shin Hae Sung's surprising transformation in the following episodes of Dream High 2.

Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

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Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

(Photo : Twitter ) Many of South Korea"s hottest pop stars performed over the weekend for one of the country"s biggest music festivals.

The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival was held at Gyeongju Citizens Stadium on September 20 featuring many popular idol groups and thousands of screaming fans.

The festival was made possible and organized by the Korea Entertainment Producer"s Association and a partnership with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Gyeongju City.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend in person, check out the great performances from groups like SISTAR, SHINee, VIXX, and Secret, among many others. Check out the stellar stages from the music festival belor.

Performances From The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival

VIXX; "Love Equation" and "Error"

SHINee; "An Encore" and "View"

BTOB; "It"s Okay" and "Beep Beep"

GOT7; "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It"

SISTAR; "Shake It" and "I Swear"

KARA; "Cupid" and "Mamma Mia"

B1A4; "Sweet Girl" and "Solo Day"

Berry Good; "My First Love"

SECRET; "Love Is Move" and "Madonna"

Sung Jun unearths What′s Next After ′High Society′ and His newest Obsession

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Sung Jun unearths What′s Next After ′High Society′ and His newest Obsession

--> A special occasion spent with Sung Jun has been revealed.

Singles, which celebrates 11 years because it published its first factor this year, released a photo spread of model-turned-actor Sung Jun featured in the September issue. Shot in Hong Kong, Sung Jun′s serious and introspective aspects are captured in the spread.

Sung Jun, who is lately taking a wreck after the realization of SBS drama High Society and moderately taking a look over other scripts, said, "There isn′t a particular role or symbol that I want. I believe understanding how to paintings in conjunction with excellent other individuals is what′s important."

Sung Jun, who enjoys taking note of song and reading, also shared that he′s so into photography at the present time that he is going to the bookshop spontaneously to shop for books associated with photography and stories them. He said, "I like footage that captures the photographer′s subjective point of view in a robust way. I wish to capture my mind and the things I see and feel."

Sung Jun approached the photo shoot with a fab gaze, his type stature styled in quite a lot of looks girls preference in their ideal man.

Sung Jun′s spread and interview can also be discovered in the September factor of Singles.

Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon

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Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon During a up to date interview, After School‘s Uee talked about the various kiss scenes she shared with “High Society” co-star Sung Joon and how it helped them get close quickly.

She started out saying, “I filmed a kiss scene with Sung Joon for the drama’s teaser video. There were pros and cons to our a large number of kiss scenes. Right via the clicking conference, Sung Joon said, ‘I filmed such a lot of kiss scenes that I don’t feel the rest anymore,’ which angry me. I’m a girl, too… Later, though, he told me he didn’t mean it that way. [The plus facet is,] since we had such a lot skinship with each and every other, we was buddies very quickly. Being with Im Ji Yeon and Park Hyung Sik made the ambience even more enjoyable. Anyway, Sung Joon is terribly captivating either as a guy and an actor.”

Uee continued, “This was once the first drama that I wore heels in. It was once the primary time a guy referred to me as ‘small,’ too. I couldn’t refute, though. [Sung Joon] is terribly tall. We had a little bit of rivalry, too. Sung Joon told me he began exercising to overcome me [in frame size]. I told him, ‘I’m a girl,’ yet he told me my large shoulders are not easy to beat, which offended me (Laughs).”

Lastly, she said, “There was once a scene where I had to act like i used to be kissing Park Hyung Sik to make Sung Joon jealous, yet we were so close that our feelings didn’t come via on camera. The manufacturer told us to ‘Be more lovey-dovey,’ yet we just kept sighing in its place of sharing a loving moment. It wasn’t simple to get in character.”

What did you take into accounts Uee’s on-screen chemistry with the male leads of “High Society”?

Uee May Prefer Sung Joon on 'High Society' But Will She Date Z:EA's Kwang Hee In Real Life?

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Uee May Prefer Sung Joon on 'High Society' But Will She Date Z:EA's Kwang Hee In Real Life?

In the drama "High Society" Uee was the focus of an early love triangle with actor Sung Joon and Z:EA member Park Hyung Sik, but on the variety show "Infinity Challenge," she"s being linked with another Z:EA member Kwang Hee.

There"s a lot of shipping going on here but Uee wants to set the record straight. She"s pretty straightforward when it comes to her dating preferences. And she has no intention of dating in secret. She has already been honest about her "High Society" preferences. When she was asked which "High Society" co-star she liked best, she said it was Sung Joon.

When she and Kwang Hee were matched up on a blind date for Infinity Challenge, it was a dream come true for Kwang Hee as he previously called After School"s Uee his ideal type. He said she was the prettiest idol. But that does not mean she feels the same way about him.

At a July 6 press conference for her drama, she was asked if Kwang Hee had shown up on the set. After all the drama does star his fellow Z:EA member and his ideal type. He had not.

"Kwang Hee has not come yet," she said. "I am receiving a ton of questions about Kwang Hee from the people around me."

If getting in touch with her is any indication, he does appear to be interested in pursuing a relationship.

"I get one text a day from him," she said.

But that"s about it and Uee promises to keep fans posted.

"If I end up dating Kwang Hee, I will reveal it through SNS. I will never date him in secret. I will give you notice. I will not hide the fact that I"m dating him. I think we have gotten a bit closer."

Then again, she already said some nice things about her co-star Sung Joon.

Sung Joon"s charm is that he makes his counterpart feel really comfortable. When I make NGs and feel terrible about it, he consoles me, telling me not to worry. He"s someone who makes you fall in love with him while acting."

He"s said some nice things about her. He said she had the nicest body of any co-star he ever worked with. He praised their chemistry.

"There are actors who can be touchy and almost aggressive when they work, but UEE doesn"t act like an actress. She"s more like a hyung. She makes it really comfortable. We"re even talking informally and we act well together."

So, which of these stars do you think Uee ought to date in real life?

Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik to reveal their flawless body on "High Society"

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New High Society Stills of Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik Revealed That Flaunt Their Muscular Bodies The K-drama staple shower scene has come and gone in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama, High Society, but the production team knew fans wanted more.

The team behind the melodramatic K-drama released new behind the scenes stills of the shows male leads, Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik, which showcases their muscular forms.

For Sung Joon, the stills are from his shower scene, showing his washboard abs. Park Hyung Sik is pictured at the gym lifting weights, flexing his muscular arms.

Many netizens were surprised by Park Hyung Siks images especially, because he has been known as the Baby Soldier since his days on the variety program Real Men, in which he appeared thinner and softer than now. They commented, Wow, he must have worked out a lot,Look at his arms, and He looked like an anchovy in Real Men, but he must have worked out a lot since then.

High Society stars Uee, Sung Joon, Im Ji Yeon, and Park Hyung Sik in a story about love and ambition across social class.

Sung Joon has stunned people with his bitterness in the still pictures taken from the show called "High Society"

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Sung Joon Looks Charismatic Yet Bitter in Stills for High Society Sung Joon is handsome as ever in the still cuts for the new SBS drama “High Society.”

In the images revealed on June 7, Sung Joon can be seen filming at Han River. He looks unapproachable and charismatic in his clean suit and stunning looks, especially in the dark of the night.

Sung Joon plays the character of a man who is determined to bring himself up the social ladder. His bitter expression in front of the river makes viewers wonder what obstacle he faces this time and what choices he will have to make.

“High Society” is a drama that tells the romance between two people from very different social-economic backgrounds. While one is the beloved daughter of a rich family, the other is a social minority who want to climb the social ladder to the top. It will bring messages of hope to the youth by looking into the true meaning of love as well. The first episode airs on June 8.

Sung Joon and Uee have stunned people when revealing that they kissed right after taking part in the show called “High Society” together

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Sung Joon and Uee Say They Locked Lips Right After Meeting for High Society Uee and Sung Joon have revealed that they had quite the first encounter on the set of their upcoming SBS romantic melodrama High Society. At a recent press conference, the two stars talked about what went down.

Uee says, We were like, Hello, Im Sung Joon, Hello, Im Uee noona, and then right away said Should we start? and we just did the kiss scene. After that we were really comfortable with each other.

One of Sung Joons great points is that when hes acting he always makes his co-star feel relaxed, she says. If I make a mistake in a scene and apologize, he tells me not to worry about it. Hes the kind of guy who really makes you fall in love with him when youre acting.

Sung Joon adds, Since the first thing we shot together was the kiss scene in the teaser, getting close physically made us also get close psychologically.

Regarding what he likes about his co-star Uee, Sung Joon says, Its easy to get cranky when youre working. But Uee isnt like a typical actress, shes more like a hyung to me. So we work well together.

High Society will be airing its first episode on June 8.

You can check out their first kiss scenes in the teaser below!