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Dream High 2 Episode 10 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 10 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 10

Idols are panic because of the second mission, but Hong Ju is the only one who worries about Nana. Hong Ju pays a visit to Nana at hospital, but bumps into Si Woo who also drops by to visit, and is been caught in the mood of looking haggard.

JB and Hye Sung helps Hong Ju to present and sing a song that reflects the adoring hearts of Hong Ju to Nana. The video is later uploaded to the Internet.

Meanwhile, the idols that include Ryan, Nana, Si Woo and JB are rumored to quit, and a big decision is revealed.

Dream High 2 Episode 9 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 9 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 9

Due to accident on the event, Rian is hospitalized for treatment. The mother of Rian visits the chairman to protest, but the attitude of chairman lets her perplexed.

Yeeun of Wonder Girls heard the last broadcast, and is interested in the song of Hye Sung. As such Hye Sung goes back to the school, and begins to prepare for the participation in audition of super idol.

JB and Hye Sung go to shopping, preparing to change her image, unexpectedly they bump into Yoo Jin.

Dream High 2 Episode 9 Preview Video

"Dream High 2" Episode 8 Preview

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Shin Hye Sung’s Dad: Are you ok?

Shin Hye Sung: It’s already too late.

Shin Hye Sung: It feels like I graduated...

Shin Hye Sung: Like I graduated... 

Jin Yoo Jin: How can you do this without talking to me first?

CEO Lee Kang Chul:Kirin Arts High School’s super idol Jin Yoo Jin. I’ll make you this country’s greatest star.

Rian: The person who shined at the performance yesterday was me, not Jin Yoo Jin.

Han Ji Soo: You’ve never proved yourself or your ability.

JB: Don’t you have any sense of differentiating between what’s yours and mine?

Jin Yoo Jin: Are you jealous?

JB: There’s only so much pain you can cause one person.

Meanwhile, KBS’sDream High 2” recorded 8.1% (AGB Nielsen) viewership ratings last night, while its competitors MBC’sLight and Shadows” and SBS’sSalaryman Chohangi” recorded 17.6% and 16.9% respectively. 

Dream High 2 Episode 8 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 8 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 8

Yoo Jin is selected as the super idol for the concert. In order to convince Yoo Jin who refuses to be the super idol, JB reveals the past of Yoo Jin to instill her confident.

Rian questions Ji Soo why it’s Yoo Jin who is selected and not her. After listening to harsh words of Ji Soo, Rian suffers a blow, and she concentrates on training for the superstar selection competition.

On the other hand, JB goes to Cheongju in order to convince Hye Sung and her father. When meeting Hye Sung for a chat, JB confesses to Hye Sun that he likes her.

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Dream High 2 Episode 7 Synopsis Summary

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Dream High 2 Episode 7 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 7

Because of recent microphone and apple incidents, Hye Sung leaves the school after leaving behind a letter for her friends.

Yoo Jin accidentally heard the Hye Sung’s recording on the voice recorder which Hye Sung returned to him. Before Hye Sung left, she passed the voice recorder which has been using for recording in the car to Yoo Jin.

For Hye Sung’s sake, Yoo Jin and the group members are preparing for the public performance. However, because director Lee and JB had joined hand, and the performance will be broadcast live to the public, the group feels very nervous. In order to prove herself to JB, Lian who has already known about this matter from the beginning is stealing Hye Sung’s song and starts to sing it herself in order to change JB’s opinion on her capability.

Dream High 2 Episode 5 Synopsis Summary (Preview Video)

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Dream High 2 Episode 5 Synopsis Summary (Preview Video)

Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 5

On the day of month-end-evaluation, Hye Sung and Rian go on stage to perform their duet singing. But when it comes to the turn of Hye Sung to sing, she couldnt utter a single words so no sound is heart. Under the situation that there is no technical fault with the microphone, everyone begins to be doubtful of Lian.

In the end, both Lian and Hye sun fail to be chosen.

The next day at the Kirin campus, the students who are been selected to be groomed are been forced to board a coach and been taken away without any knowledge of whats happening.

Dream High 2 Episode 5 Preview Video

"Dream High 2" Episode 5 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight's episode below!

Park Soon Dong: I was eliminated…but good luck to you! Hwaiting

Park Soon Dong: You took out the batteries. Didn’t you? I saw everything.

Rian: So what are you going to do about it?

Hyun Ji Soo: Students who were listed, get on the bus. 

Jin Yoo Jin: Where are we going?

Shin Hye Sung: My dad’s going to freak out if he finds out...

CEO Lee Kang Chul :If the student does not trust and follow by the school’s policy, this school also has no intention of guiding that student.

Shin Hye Sung’s dad starts preaching

Nana: I’m certain they’re there. Let’s go! 

KBS will air the fifth episode of "Dream High 2" tonight, February 13, at 9:55PM KST

Dream High 2: Episode 3

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Dream High 2: Episode 3

Its time to set up rivalries all around, but to be honest, I found myself struggling to care in this episode, though it did pick up somewhat in the latter half. Most of the hour was spent rehashing conflicts we already knew about, though the rivalry between Hae-sung and Ri-an has hints of promise and might take an interesting turn. And we do get our first glimpse at one pairs romantic sparks, which probably saved this episode for me.

Dream High 2 isnt faring very well in the ratings, dropping with each episode from 10 to 9 down to 7.2% with this episode. Light and Shadow led the timeslot with 16.8%, and Salaryman came in at 14.6%.

JB says its annoying to have distractions in his practice studio, and Yoo-jin takes issue with that. Trying to break up the fight thats brewing, Hae-sung pipes up that it is the agencys school after all, and Yoo-jins squatting here, adding major insult to injury.

Its enough to break up the standoff though, leaving Yoo-jin fuming at her. She chases him down outside, but he yells at her, asking if she doesnt have any pride, if shes just so nice that it doesnt bother her that they took what was hers.

She hangs her head, and says that well, its not that they took, but that she lost her spot (from her own lack of talent). Yoo-jin asks what the difference is, or is it because theyre idols that she feels like its a given?

Meanwhile Ri-an confronts Kang-chul about his move to purposely out her from the movie. She asks to be allowed to act, and he tells her that she gains nothing from acting other than critics saying that she acts with her feet. Her retort: what idol doesnt start out feet-acting? HA. No argument here.

But Ri-an asks what the lifespan is on her group – three years, at most? She muses that the other girls are good singers so they have roads to make it beyond their idol careers, but what about her? Should she just open an internet shopping mall and call it a day? He doesnt even flinch as he tells her that its not a bad idea, since acting is not for her.

Later that night she moves into her dorm room, where Hae-sung and Soon-dong refuse to move out. She sees Hae-sungs shrine to all things JB, and calls her a stalker-fan. As they fight, Hae-sung finds a picture of Ri-an with JB among her things.

Things escalate into a tiff about whose stuff goes where, and Hae-sung ends up sniffling on the floor amidst her broken trinkets, gluing the pieces back together. Yoo-jins words ring in her ear.

Jin-man gets called to unclog a toilet, now demoted to lowly handyman under Tae-yeons rule. He complains that shes changed just because of the new agency, which she doesnt see as a problem. Aw, its too bad cause I really did want her to stay nerdy and be one of the misfit teachers.

Jin-man drags his feet back to his attic room, more dejected than ever, and finds Yoo-jin waiting for him inside, with a whole basket of bananas as a housewarming gift. Jin-man can see straightaway that its a bribe to stay there, and starts to kick him out.

But Yoo-jin sees how frustrated he is over being the resident handyman, and offers to do all the fixing around here, in exchange for sharing a room. Jin-man considers it.

Hae-sung knocks hesitantly on JBs door, and asks him out of the blue if hes seen Dances With Wolves and Avatar. She explains that these two movies have something in common – interlopers come to a peaceful place and take over, stealing the residents homes and land. HA.

She says that the same thing always happens in those movies: a hero switches sides and joins the natives, and fights to protect the land and bring peace. He just stares blankly. She says that its the same thing thats happening in the dorm, and hopes that JB will be that hero and take their side.

He just blinks and says its her problem and starts to close the door. But she sticks her foot in and looks at him in shock, But… its because of you guys that were being kicked out… He doesnt think thats his problem in the least, and shuts the door in her face.

Cut to: Kang-chuls office, where he reads a report that basically looks like a third-graders scrapbook of Avatar, and peers over it to the dorms ousted students, standing there with blue feathers in their hair. Pffft.

He barely holds in his laughter as he attempts to understand the situation – so theyre the natives, and hes the bad guy? He tells them to take it up with Principal Joo, but they already have, and got a big, What do you want me to do about it?

Hae-sung says it isnt fair to compare them with idols, while Eui-bong asks to be given a fair shot against them. Kang-chul scoffs, asking if they really think they can beat them, and no one dares to accept the challenge. They shuffle back to class, defeated.

Kang-chul wonders if Principal Joo is really on his side or not, and decides to keep watch to figure out if hes really a toothless tiger, or if hes actually a hyena keeping his teeth hidden.

Tae-yeon gives the students a breathing test in singing class, by taping strips of tissue paper to their noses, and having them compete to see who can keep theirs afloat the longest. The idols win out, with Nana leading the pack.

She announces the upcoming midterm as a duet performance, and tells them to choose their partners and get to work.

Ri-an and Hae-sung bicker while heading into the bathroom at the same time, and then a group of girls comes in after them. Soon-dong is among them, and when her friends ask about her duet partner, she names Hae-sung right away, and then adds that Ri-an will lose some face this time around.

Her groups got three members, which means theres no way theyd include her. Ouch. Its embarrassing enough to know that Hae-sung has heard all this, but then Ri-an is forced to acknowledge her presence when she drops her tissues into the stall next door.

Hae-sung is seconds from helping her out, when she acts like a brat about it, and Hae-sung happily leaves her hanging with the reminder, You told me not to touch your stuff. Thats karma for ya.

Kang-chul makes an announcement (though why he felt the need to film it like the five oclock news I have no idea) that the upcoming midterm scores will determine the fate of the dorms, in response to the protest today. And to make it fair, the judge will be Principal Joo.

The students cheer and thank Hae-sung for her crazy idea, but as soon as talk turns to duet partners, everyone including Soon-dong disappears at the speed of light. Aw, poor Hae-sung. Soon-dong sets out to get on Yoo-jins good side to partner up with him.

Ri-ans suspicions are confirmed when Ailee sidles up to Nana, and JB says hell partner up with Shi-woo, as expected. There is the problem of finding Shi-woo, because apparently hes MIA and due for a rebellion of some sort, and JB sighs.

In the dorm, the bidding starts for Hong-joo as duet partner, and Hae-sung almost succeeds in out-bidding everyone, until Nana shows up and says shell bid her voice. They launch into a duet on the spot, as we montage into everyone practicing for the midterm.

Partners it is, and the Nana-Hong-joo pairing throws everyone for a loop – Ailee, who assumed shed be partners with her bestie, and Hae-sung whos lost out on her sure bet to score well.

Ri-an is busy watching her drama episode of Dream High where theyve cut her in as Hye-mi in the Kirin audition scene with Baek-hee. Ha. Shes so terrible that even SHE cringes, watching herself. Yeah, its that bad.

She drowns in the online chatter about how awful she is and how itd be better to make Baek-hee the lead. JB comes by to ask her about it, and she wonders if he still likes her. She cheekily tells him that dating is against the rules, as if challenging him, and he laughs.

Ri-ans been fielding calls from her mother for days, and finally heads out to meet with mom and a new agency rep, who assures her that if she switches teams, hell take care of the back end and make sure that her image remains untarnished, while promising her that her primary career will be acting. But the meeting is discovered by a reporter, and is quickly called to an end.

Shi-woo heads out to a club where he drags one girl out from the crowd. Shes a has-been idol buried in scandals, and pretty much resigned to her fate. He tells her that its not the first time, but she says that her life is over at twenty-two, and that she never shouldve become a singer.

JB arrives at the club looking for him (with a tip from Nana) but misses him and ends up walking back alone. The sound of a guitar stops him. Its Yoo-jin, playing out in the street with a sign advertising guitar lessons.

People applaud, take flyers for lessons, and leave him money, and when he stoops down to collect it, someone tosses in a 10 won coin. He looks up and its JB, musing that he hasnt changed his repertory in years. He tosses in another coin and commands him to sing another.

Yoo-jin scoffs that he doesnt sing for just anybody, and offers the crowd another song from the soul, not imitating other people. He starts, but then the crowd suddenly screams, Its JB! nearly knocking Yoo-jin over to get to him. JB smirks and Yoo-jin is left gaping.

Shi-woo leads the girl to her car, but discovers a pair of guys playing paparazzi and snapping pictures of them. He gives chase into an alley and smashes their camera, which only makes them turn on him.

Yoo-jin and JB head back (though why the sworn enemies are walking home together beats me) and spot Shi-woo getting the crap kicked out of him. Yoo-jin makes a move to help him, but JB stops him with a hand to the shoulder, saying that Shi-woos always messing up.

Yoo-jins jaw drops, Arent you friends? Members of the same group? JB tells him to stay out of it. But they both end up heading over anyway, and JB actually pushes Yoo-jin aside to help Shi-woo himself.

One of the guys recognizes him and taunts the little idol boy, so JB gets all ragey and throws punches. Yoo-jin scoffs, Youre the one who said to stay out of it, and joins them in the fight anyway.

Hae-sung searches for someone to be her duet partner to no avail, while Ri-an gets presents and offers left and right. Wanting to be alone, Ri-an demands that Hae-sung get out, since she doesnt deserve to be there anyway, and Hae-sung serves it right back, saying that if Ri-ans an idol she at least ought to be better than her.

Ri-an tells her the story of her uncle who wasted his life away studying for the civil service exam that he could never pass, and tells her that what she needs is a great big dose of reality to make her give up.

It leads to a hair-pulling catfight, but Ri-an ends it with one big kick to the face, sending Hae-sung flying back onto the bed with a bloody nose. She and Soon-dong end up in Tae-yeons room, begging for one nights refuge from their roommate from hell.

Hae-sung stays up late, solving math problems to relieve her stress (well thats just loony tunes) and catches Yoo-jin sneaking into the dorms. He scares her half to death, and has to drag her into the kitchen just to keep from being discovered.

They share a pack of uncooked ramyun and she asks how his duet with Soon-dong is going. Thats news to him since he never agreed to be her partner, and Hae-sung perks up, Do you want to be my partner? He awkwardly coughs his way out of answering her directly.

She sees the cuts and bruises on his face, and takes some band-aids out of her pocket. She patches him up, covering his nose and cheek with little JB band-aids, which is sure to make him crazy later. Heh.

But the closeness stirs him, and he suddenly becomes shy and smiley at her touch. AW. Okay, first really cute moment of the show.

She gets up to go, but then turns back to say that he was right – shes not going to let them take whats hers, and she plans to fight for it. He smiles proudly.

They walk out into the hall together, and run right into JB and Ri-an (because he called her to let him inside the locked door). Its just a silent stare-off, but Hae-sungs clearly upset, and Yoo-jin clocks her reaction.

Yoo-jin wakes up the next morning to Jin-man staring at his face (or more accurately, his cutesy JB band-aids). Jin-man: Do you like guys? But you cant like me, okay? And put on some clothes around here. Ha.

Yoo-jin pushes him aside and gets up, but one look in the mirror says it all. He screams bloody murder.

Principal Joo gets an unsettling visit in the morning from some cops, and then the school erupts with the announcement that Shi-woo and Yoo-jin have been suspended.

News breaks of yet another Shi-woo scandal and Kang-chul decides its time to cut him loose for good. He tells Ji-soo to leak the story and look for another school for his transfer.

Meanwhile Principal Joo helps smooth things over for Yoo-jin with the police, though hes still on the hook while JB and Shi-woo have paid their way out with a settlement. He then notices the shiny new guitar Yoo-jin is carrying. He seizes it until hes in the clear, mostly because having the guitar means hes got access to perform in the street. But he looks like hes enjoying it personally as well. Yoo-jin stews.

In the hospital, JB reads about Shi-woo possibly being cut from OZ (Ji-soo hospitalized both the boys to sway sympathy their way) and Shi-woo shows him the list of students to be cut.

He figures he was on his way out anyway, so he expected as much, but didnt think itd be so soon. JB wonders why hes showing him the list, and says its totally logical that the agency would cut its underperforming artists.

He asks if Shi-woo expected him to fight on his behalf. Maybe not fight, but not being an ass about it would be nice. Shi-woo tells him hes changed, and JB rips up the list and counters that he thinks its more pathetic when people refuse to change. Uh, okay then.

Ri-an frets over Shi-woo just being tossed to the curb that way, and Kang-chul uses the opportunity to make his point – that he knows more than she thinks, and that hes got the power to make it so that Shi-woo (and she, by implication) cant work in this industry ever again. He warns her not to make trouble.

Principal Joo tries to remind Kang-chul that this is a school not an agency, and that they should maybe try to protect the students and grow them, not just cut people at the first sign of trouble.

But Kang-chul declares that hes going to make Kirin the best art school in the world, and the way you do that is by cutting those who dont show promise. He says that giving endless amounts of false hope is just as bad, and that they ought to find what theyre good at if it isnt this.

Principal Joo just asks for a fair chance for everyone, and Kang-chul says thats what the exams are for. To make it interesting, he decides that out of each duet pair, only one will make it and the other will get cut. Just for kicks? Thats sadistic.

Yoo-jin chases JB down in the hall to confront him, and JB just tells him that he did warn him to stay out of it, and offers to loan him money if he needs it. He turns to go with a smirk, and Yoo-jin calls him a pathetic bastard. JB stops, and has some kind of reaction I just couldnt tell you what it is.

Ri-an finds Hae-sung and asks her to be her duet partner. Hae-sung starts to turn her down, but Ri-an guesses that she doesnt exactly have a lot of choices right now. Hae-sung eyes her warily and starts to consider it…

Sigh. For most of the episode, I found myself hard-pressed to find a reason to care about this show, because none of the characters were really moving me. The setup has potential, but none of the execution is taking full advantage. Its sadder knowing how full of spark Dream High was, because the reminders of its better, slicker predecessor arent doing this show any favors.

Yoo-jin is so far the only character worth following, and though Hae-sung and Ri-an show signs of promise, theyre still barely out of the gate. Perhaps this duet rivalry will bring something a little more interesting for that pair? We can only hope. Im already really tired of the JB/Yoo-jin rivalry, only because its exactly the same in every single episode, and multiple times in each episode at that. Im confused why they waste so much time repeating the exact same conversation between them, because, uh, we geddit.

At least give them dueling guitars or something to change it up; just something other than that same in-your-face stare-off for the umpteenth time. And its starting to feel like beating a dead horse, but man, if JB were played by someone who could act, I might not feel like all his scenes were sucking the joy out of this show. It kind of kills me that his role is just getting bigger.

The thing is, I remember caring a lot more about every little sing-off and dance-off in Dream High, but Im perplexed as to why I dont feel the same pull this time around. I think the answer is that the musical numbers arent rooted in narrative the same waytheres no setup and motivation, just a detour for a song, with no stakes. I need stakes, otherwise Ill just tune out, no matter what the song is.

The one moment between Yoo-jin and Hae-sung with the band-aids was the first time I saw a spark and a connection worth caring about – it was enough to make me wonder why were getting so very little of their interaction in favor of the lesser pairings. And I dont even mean romantically, (though the cute sparks are a big plus) but these two as characters are a great pair. Their scenes together might be my only lifeline to the show, if things stay the way they are.

Were still waiting for the show to get better and give us a reason to stick with it. Weve been on the fence for recaps from the start, but now Im beginning to wonder if maybe the plus side of that fence was all based on residual feelings from Big Brother Dream High. Im still rooting for you, Dream High 2, but if you cant stand on your own two legs, I might have to cut you loose.

Dream High 2: Episode 2

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It feels sorta familiar, and yet totally different. Thats probably a good thing for a franchise show, because you want the brand to be recognizable, but who wants to see the same thing all over again?

That said, there are certain things Dream High 2 does differently than its predecessor which work for this season, and certain things that I think lose sight of what made the first one so endearing. Hint: It wasnt the musical numbers (which were often great fun to watch) or the singing performance (which featured nice idol voices) or even the acting (which was great in some cases, spotty in others). It was the characters and the realness of their emotions, their connections, and their fighting spirit.

Thankfully, there are a few characters I love, and whenever the drama focuses on them and their central issues, Im all onboard. But the show also has a tendency to flit from character to character like its got the attention span of a flea, and that gets in the way of establishing a solid connection. I hope this season doesnt forget its heart, because Dream High without heart is just one long music video.

Toxic, singing what is probably titled Dreaming although that hasnt been confirmed yet. This is todays ending song and its apparently a version of Kim Soo-hyuns Dreaming from the Season 1 soundtrack which you totally cannot hear in the melody, but the lyrics are 99% the same. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Kim Soo-hyunDreaming from the Dream High 1 OST. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

With OZs idol moneymakers heading to Kirin, they shoot a video feature where they talk about the normal-student things they want to do. Its mostly a PR move; Ri-ans teammate Ailee makes a sad face and says shell be sad to say bye to her old school, and third teammate Nana retorts, You only went three times anyway.

JB starts to get serious and talk about violating the underage performers law, but thats a buzzkill so the other kids shut him up and joke around.

But first, we backtrack to the end of the previous episode, with aspiring rocker Yoo-jin facing off against idol boy JB, both basically calling the other a phony. (One has no authenticity as a musician, and the other has an Im a special snowflake artist chip on his shoulder the size of Korea.)

Thanks to the PA system the whole school hears, and squealing girls mob JB. Yoo-jin crawls his way out of the crowd, while Hae-sung jumps in front of her idol oppa to assure him that shell protect him. It doesnt hurt that this puts her right in his face, and she starts to pucker up, leading JB to scrunch his face and shrink back. Haha.

Sadly for her (and happily for JB), the almost-kiss gets blocked by agency CEO Lee Kang-chul, who takes over and gets the girls to back off.

Once in private, Kang-chul tells JB that he of all people shouldnt be getting into trouble, given his current punishment stats. JBs wording regarding the school transfer is telling: Of all places, why Kirin? Ah, so the old place still has demons for him, does it? Interesting.

Hae-sung finds that shes the talk of the day, but not for the reason she wants: Her seance photo has made the rounds, so now her water-soaked face is plastered everywhere. Her guitar-playing friend Hong-joo even paid for the cell phone wallpaper: Im a good downloader! Ha.

Yoo-jin is feeling troubled about his argument with JB, and asks his roommate Eui-bong (the dancer who lost a gig thanks to JBs stunt) whether he heard it too. Eui-bong slept through it, But all the girls cursed you. I never knew till now how well girls swear! Haha.

One of those girls is Hae-sung, who gears up to give Yoo-jin a major ass-whooping for distributing her humiliating photos. She storms into his dorm room, further incensed to see that hes been playing darts on JBs face, and declares that shell make him apologize. Yoo-jin retorts that hell make her leave first, and they start grappling except her sleeve catches on his earring, which immediately makes him stand still and at her mercy.

Hae-sung smiles smugly and starts to lecture him while holding his ear, gesturing extra-wildly on purpose to keep Yoo-jin dancing to accommodate her movements. All in front of a crowd of students who gather in the hallway, laughing.

Then theres the matter of the song that JB cleaned up for her, which Yoo-jin trashed. Tomorrows the last day she can audition, and if she fails she cant even try again for another six months. Gee, somebody else has got a six-month timetable. I wonder how this will shake out?

Yoo-jin points out that he offered to fix up the song for her, but she refused. She says hes not JBhes not even close. That stings, and Yoo-jin knocks her hand away from his ear, even though that leaves his earlobe torn and bleeding.

Den mother Jin-man bursts in, sees the blood, and punishes them for fighting by putting them on gum cleanup duty. Ew. Jin-man is uncharacteristically forceful, and the students behind him ooh and ahh, saying hes just like a real teacher, which makes him grin hugely. Cute.

While scraping gum off the school walkway, Hae-sung sidles up to Yoo-jin to apologize for the ear, which hes still peevish about.

A group of reporters and students hurry to the front of the school to watch an entourage pull up to the curb. Out of the fancy cars step CEO Kang-chul and his right-hand woman Ji-soo, then the HershE girls, the Eden boys, and another group dressed in hideous animal prints. The OZ family fans out in formation, like an army of ducks.

Ha, apparently Kang-chul was a singer in the 90s. He gives a press conference, and the media is suspicious that this is a ploy to skirt the underage labor laws. Kang-chul calls it a way to kill two birds with one stone; his idols will get the education and development they need. Hell also support promising Kirin students by putting them through OZs trainee regimen. Those who prove themselves can contract with them.

This sends the students into a frenzy. And also Jin-man, who sees this as his big chance for a debut, too. Even frumpy teacher Tae-yeon is thrilled, ripping up her resignation letter (decorated with tiny hearts) and transforming herself into an appropriately chic, OZ-friendly getup. Aw, no more hippie-nerd Tae-yeon? I liked her looking all Trelawney-fied.

The only person who doesnt like this is Yoo-jin, practically wearing a sign that screams, Bah humbug.

The catch? Kang-chul has a few teeny rules. He explains this in the form ofno kiddinga dance number, led by himself and Ji-soo. (The dance is one of those musical moments wherein we understand that theyre not actually dancing this stuff out in the middle of the school.)

Yeah, its a little strange.

The restrictions: No cell phones. No internet. No snacking. No dating. No hand-holding outside of choreography. No playing hooky.No sel-cas. No playing with the brooms, no jump-roping, no leapfrog, no basketball.

You could save yourself a lot of trouble by just saying, No fun. Basically you want robots. The students are in shock at the rules, but Hae-sung reasons that you need discipline to become a singer, and that gets the students back onboard.

Ji-soo sits down her OZ idols for a primer on their new school life, which wont be so much different from idol life at the agency and its dorms. Shi-woo challenges her, saying this is his private life theyre interfering in. Ji-soo replies that the whole country knows about his so-called private life, and coupled with JBs previous digs about his womanizing ways, Im thinking Shi-woo must be the scandal-maker amongst them.

Ji-soos the stone-cold manager who rules with an iron fist, but damn if I dont kinda like that about her. She doesnt seem to be on a power trip, or bitchy as a personality trait; shes competent at her job to a fearsome degree, and youve got to respect that.

Ri-an starts to head out for her movie gig, but Ji-soo icily reminds her of their enforced hiatus, which applies to acting as well as performance work. Ji-soo tells her shes been replaced anyway, by someone with better acting skills: Eunjung. (Its double meta, given Eunjungs tie to Dream High and status as T-ara groupmate.)

Principal Joo is impressed with Kang-chuls plans for the school, mostly just relieved he wont be fired. He tells Kang-chul he wont mess with his teaching methods, which Yoo-jin overhears. Hes frustrated with his do-nothing principal, who has allowed the school to turn into an idol-making factory overnight.

The students receive their rulebooks with dismay, wondering if the teachers really mean to enforce everything. Hae-sung is willing to abide by every last restriction, which earns her puzzled looks from her buddies. When she hears that the idols will be moving in, she gets the idea to throw them a welcome bash.

Yoo-jin goes to the music store and slaps down stacks of cash, having finally earned enough to buy my baby. He means a guitar, of course.

That night the idols are left waiting on the front step of the dorm in the cold, having been told that they cant come in until theyre all there. Theyre still missing Shi-woo, but Ri-an lies and says theyve all arrived, and the door opens. (She wonders, Are they dumb?)

Theyre greeted with possibly the oddestsight ever: The kids are all dressed up in extravagant costumes, and Hae-sung leads them in a lip-synched rendition of T-aras Roly Poly, with the retro outfits and everything.

Then the song switches over to a boys performance of 2NE1s Im the Best, led by Jin-man.

This is weird. Not weird that theyre performing, but that the production values are so slick that this looks straight out of a music video and not a real scene. Its meta in a discordant way.

Plus, the fact that is just sort of goes on.

Nana and Ailee sing a duet, and then a Kirin boy tap-dances. Everybody gets into the spirit of the party, except for JB and Ri-an, who stand off to the side with bored looks on their faces.

Okay, drama, I get that youre a music show, but lets not get carried away by making this just one long music video. I wont deny that its cute, but all kind of extraneous. Can we have the story back, please?

No? I guess not, because here we go again:

But it just goes on forever, and whats the point?

The extremely long musical sequence displays on a TV like its from a fictional Glee-like show. When the TV shuts off, were back to drama-reality. The Kirin kids face off against the OZ kids with arms crossed, and now the atmosphere is tense between the two factions.

Watching are the two teachers, Jin-man and Tae-yeon, as the highlight of the night unfolds. The Kirin kids tell the idols to pay up for the performance they just watched, and grab at their expensive bags, accessories, and in the case of Ri-an, strands of hair.

The girls mob JB and grab his backpack and outerwear. Hae-sung dives for a CD that falls out of his bagdoes the stoic idol boy really carry around an action figure?and takes it.

Tae-yeon calls everyone to order, rescuing JB and announcing that she will be the teacher in residence in the dorm. She gives out room assignmentsJB is rooming with Shi-woo (he doesnt like that), while Ri-an gets Hae-sungs room. Tae-yeon explains being short of space, so students whose grades are unsatisfactory have to move out in two weeks. There are a number of affected students, including Soon-dong, Hong-joo, dancer Eui-bong and Hae-sung.

Hae-sung says there must be some mistakeshes the student head of the dorm, and shes on the honor roll. Tae-yeon says that the new grades are based on their artistic grades, and while her academics are high, her practical application skills are null.

Hae-sung is stunned to be told that she was only brought to Kirin on her academic merit, while the students look on in pity, including Yoo-jin. In denial, Hae-sung insists she passed the audition, and runs off in tears.

Kang-chul goes through the student database jotting down notes, which he hides from sight when Jin-man bursts in, worried hes being fired. Kang-chul explains that he only wants him to step down from overseeing the dorm; he gets to keep his teaching job. Jin-man tells him sadly that he has nowhere to go, but Kang-chul just directs him to find a nice place somewhere else. Or, alternately, he could take up residence on the school rooftop.

Jin-man sadly heads to the tiny room, tearfully remembering when he was scouted to join Kirin and taught Season 1s talents. Aw, now thats sad.

Hae-sung takes a trip down memory lane too, remembering what she went through to come to Kirin in the first place. Shed lied to her minister dad about the type of school it was, then ran to the church when he found out, insisting, Father! Remember where you are! Haha, she cracks me up, calling on his godly ways to escape punishment. Hed scoffed at her wishes of becoming a singer, but shed promised to work hard and lose weightyounger Hae-sung was chubby, much like Pil-sookto realize her dream.

Hae-sungs locked out of the dorm so she heads to the school, and remembers the CD shed grabbed from JB. Its labeled Good, and JB is currently digging madly through his things for it. (And yes, he does in fact have a bag of toys. Ha.)

Hae-sung watches slack-jawed at the screen, which looks like porn? Lol. Well that explains the cryptic labeling. JB mutters with mortification, The shame This cant be happening. He tries to convince himself theres no way rumors will spread or leak onto the internet. Though really, its not like its homemade porn or anything; its just some movie he picked up somewhere.

Yoo-jin happens to be hanging out in the room, and he sneaks up behind Hae-sung to tease her about it. She calls him out for taking joy in her embarrassment and turns to leave, but Yoo-jin offers her his sleeping nook, which hes already got set up with blankets.

Ri-an drops by the movie directors office hoping to smooth things over after being dropped from the film. She asks him to tell her what shes lacking so she can work on it, offering to demonstrate the scene she worked so hard on. Its sweet of her in that she knows shes a bad actress but aspires to be better. Maybe shes kind of like Hae-sung in that way, dreaming big despite her limitations.

But the director is confused; he didnt fire her. It was her agency that withdrew her from the project, saying that she needed to focus on her studies.

In the morning, Kang-chul and Ji-soo enter his office to find Yoo-jin sleeping in his chair. They wake him, ready to berate him for his impudence, but his comment signals a greater concern: Hed gotten locked out of the dorm and found this office open, which is why he chose to nap here. Kang-chul heads for his desk to check on his files, finding that his secret list has been taken.

They accuse Yoo-jin of messing with his papers, which he denies. He gets ushered out by Principal Joo, who scolds him for entering the directors office. Whatever was on the list must be important, because Kang-chul warns Ji-soo that they need to recover it before it gets out and causes trouble.

Theres a new checkpoint instated at the school today, with teachers checking for contraband cell phones. Hae-sung clears the line, then cheers up to see somebody and heads down the hall beaming.

Coming from the other direction is Yoo-jin, who brightens to see her approach and waves cheerfully only to have her turn into a doorway at the last second. JB, naturally.

Hae-sung hands him his Good disc, which he pretends is a gift from her. She goes with it, saying meaningfully that he should make sure to keep it secret from others, and JB readily agrees. Yoo-jin watches and grimaces.

Ri-an confronts Kang-chul about the movie. Shes not so much angry as she is desperate to find inroads to acting. She reminds him that she became a singer because he told her that singing would get her into acting fasterha, as this drama proves quite readilyand that she did everything he told her to do, all so that she could act.

Kang-chul says he pulled her from the project because she was so terrible he was embarrassed to watch her, and she says she was so overworked that she didnt have time to rehearse her lines. She wants to change schools and requests an acting coach.

Dance class. Ji-soo leads her idols in a dance routine, which the Kirin students then have to replicate. As we might expect, the result is the difference between watching Step Up and Napoleon Dynamite.

Ji-soo rips into the kids for sucking, and in particular Yoo-jin for not even trying. He retorts that the idols have been dancing forever and today is just their first day. Ji-soo corrects him: The idols just learned the dance today, too. That Team Kirin is so bad means theyve never bothered to put in the effort.

Then Yoo-jin challenges, Do you have to dance to be a singer? She tells him that learning Korean literature requires more than just the Korean language, and tells everyone not to come to dance class until theyve sweat at least a liter.

Half the class vacates, and Ji-soo turns over the song to JB. But before he can start, up comes Eui-bong, once JBs backup dancer and now rarin to prove that hes got just as much dance prowess. He literally gets in his face and dances up a storm in front of him.

JB is dismissive, shoving Eui-bong aside and half-assing some dance steps with his hands still in his pocket, like he wont even bother engaging.

One more dick-waving dance pass from Eui-bong, however, and JBs temper gets going. He takes a turn, taking on the challenge, all aggression and posturing.

I actually think the dance looks half-silly, but I appreciate the fact that the steps are basically air-punches and kicks, and you get the sense these boys would be fighting for real if they could. Its a choreographed battle that ends with JB knocking Eui-bong down and looming over him as he claims victory.

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of that troublesome list, and its in the unexpected hands of Shi-woo, who reads the names of all the students designated for expulsion, and the reasons for it. Among those grounds are lack of artistic skill and bad behavior. Looks like Kang-chuls working a cut first, make excuses later operation.

Surprisingly, Shi-woos on the list toofor out of control behavior. He laughs grimly, saying, I knew this place would be a tomb.

Back at Dance-Off Central, Yoo-jin steps in all pissed off at JBs disrespect of his friend, and shoves him back. He raises his fist, which Eui-bong grabs to prevent a fight, and damn this scene would be great if JB could emote.

Eui-bong tells both boys to cut it out. Yoo-jin finally lowers his fist, and JB snipes, Dumbass. Yeah, well thats one way to stir up trouble thats just been calmed.

Yoo-jin turns back and the stare-down resumes as he fumes. JB tells him not to mess around in my practice studio, and Yoo-jin takes issue with that wording. So JB repeats, Yeah, MY practice studio.

Thats the end of Episode 2, but theres a tag afterward showing us the full performance of Yoo-jin and his band from Episode 1, which features a cameo by Toxic, a two-member (guitarist and drummer) rock band that won the competition Top Band. The song is the one posted at top.

There are good and bad things about the show, but I have to say, Im not really feeling it. Im engaged in any scene involving Hae-sung and Yoo-jin (and also Jin-man although we know right off the bat that he wont be carrying big storylines). But it feels like the show was in such a rush to introduce us to everybody that it didnt grasp a core sentiment or conflict.

The big conflict is there, and I like itthe polished idols versus the third-raters at Kirinbut were still dancing around the characters conflicts, and I want more of that. Last year, we had to wait a few episodes to introduce everybody, and while I was dying to see some people (Kim Soo-hyun) sooner, I think that for the story they were telling, we needed time to flesh out the Hye-mi/Baek-hee rivalry. Here, were getting little glimpses at Hae-sung and Yoo-jin, but I still dont get what theyre about.

Hae-sungs realization that shes not talented was a wonderful beat that shouldve had more impact, but I feel like weve gotten so little about one of our best actors and characters. It makes me wonder what were supposed to want for herto succeed when she has no talent? Or to find a new dream, despite being in this world?

What I do like about the character setup, which the original Dream High also did well, is that nobodys completely right or completely wrong. I enjoyed the JB/Yoo-jin idol-versus-Artist argument yesterday, and Im intrigued to see where the situation flipped around on them, but we barely got any of that. I love the idea of JB being a wannabe musician, an Artist-with-a-capital-A, and having this inferiority complex about itits why he auditioned with guitar when hes better at dancing, right?

Its too bad, then, that JB is such a weak actor.He may not be the most terrible actor ever, but he happens to be the least effective at delivering what he needs to. If his were a minor role I wouldnt care, but hes got this rich, complex character and hes barely getting a fraction of the emotion across.

Eui-bong may have lost the dance-off, but he was killing him in the emoting department. As was Jung Jin-woon, who I know is an idol but dont really know anything about otherwise. I just know that hes doing so much better that its a shame he has to play that angst and rivalry against a wooden counterpart. JB is actually much better playing cute than fierce and glowering; sadly, the role requires lots of fierce glowering.

Plus, Jin-woon has a great face; not in the sense of him being good-looking (though he does have a certain Park Shi-hoo-ian appeal), but in the sense that hes expressive and hits lots of diverse facial expressions. It makes it fun to watch him, because hes willing to go there, wherever that is.

Sadly, not only did we waste 10 minutes on dance numbers that had little point, they also took away time we could have been developing the story. It feels like the production needed to up the ante from the first season and give us More-More-More, answering that in the way of Glee-inspired wackiness. And had the segment been, say, a minute long, Id have been onboard. But the Teacher Rule Dance, Roly Poly, I Am the Best, Nana/Ailee, and all those other songs? Waste of time. We dont need to see music videos re-created in drama form.

All that aside, I think the show has definite potential. Im seeing a lot of rich setups for the future: idols versus musicians, talent versus hard work, inferiority versus arrogance. In the first series, the students at the school aspired to be picked up by the big agencies and launched as idols. Here, the hotshots are already idols, so its a heightened underdog rivalry.Its not about which group of trainees wins, but much more an uneven Mighty Ducks scenario.

I do think the dramas setup and potential are more engaging at present than the actuality of the show, so a lot of my hopes are based on what I think the show could be, and what Season 1 was. I really hope Season 2 picks up next week, because otherwise I cant see myself sticking with it.

Dream High 2: Episode 1

Dramas via
Dream High 2: Episode 1

Its time to Dream Higherererer with a whole new cast of characters, and a whole new universe as well. As it turns out Season 2 is no dummy – we dont just pick up where we left off, or reboot to square one with the same narrative and a different cast. Phew. One bullet dodged.

We get a twist right off the bat that brings Kirin down a peg or twenty, and find out that the trajectory for Season 2 is to revive the place where dreams begin – its going to be about saving the school as much as it will be about each individual character. This time K really is for Kirin – the school itself.

Park Jin-young – Falling Dream High 2 OST

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We open on a familiar bus, as a girl runs after it. Its RI-AN (Jiyeon) and shes chasing after… Sam-dong? Wow, Kim Soo-hyuns got the opening sequence? Thats one hell of a cameo.

The bus stops and Sam-dong opens the window, calling her Hye-mi. She puts the K necklace around his neck. He cries and they kiss, as another tear falls from his cheek.

And then suddenly a director yells, CUT! and berates Ri-an for not being able to cry. HA. Is this the drama version of Sam-dongs life? Yup. Someone drops the script for this drama-within-a-drama, called Dream High.

He sighs and leans out the window, while the PD demands to know why crying one measly tear is so hard for her. Oh you and your meta about idol actors. You know I’m gonna call you out on it even if you have the sense to poke fun at yourself, Show.

Meanwhile Ri-an gets carted away by her manager, who insists that they have to leave for her next scheduled appointment. She turns on the tv in the car…

So in this world theres strict enforcement on a law for minors – a 10pm work curfew. The upshot is that idol stars are the most affected by this, and fans take up protests in support of letting their favorite stars be free. Heh.

Theres especially a strain on performance shows like Music Bank or Inkigayo, because if any of the performers are minors, they have to be off the stage before 10:00 exactly, otherwise the group, its agency, and the broadcaster all get slapped with fines and penalties. Its based on real restrictions for idols, but here its an extreme version for dramatic purposes.

Meanwhile Kirin School of the Arts is totally rundown, and now the sign for Kirin reads Kurin, meaning stinky, foul-smelling, and of course, totally unhip. Oh what a difference a year makes. Though in this universe, at least three years have passed since weve last seen Kirin High. The school also has a new addition: a dormitory where some of the students live full-time.

Agency president LEE KANG-CHUL (Kim Jung-tae) and his right-hand woman HYUN JI-SOO (Kahi) run the agency OZ. They run a tight ship and though theyre not fans of the new law, they know to follow the rules to stay afloat.

Their top group is Eden, a two-member beast-idol group, with JB (JB) and SHI-WOO (Park Seo-joon). They dont seem to be on the best terms with each other, or their agency, or with acting for that matter, but hopefully theyll get better. One can only hope.

OZs other act is a three-member girl group called HershE, with Ri-an (Jiyeon), NANA (Hyorin), and AILEE (Ailee).Theyre popular and they have a following, but it seems as though they dont carry quite as much starpower as their male counterparts. Ri-an is especially busy juggling acting on top of her idol career, and its a running gag that shes terrible as an actress.

One particular Eden fangirl is a little more resourceful than the others: its our heroine SHIN HYE-SUNG (Kang Sora), a student at Kirin. She runs backstage and gets a glimpse of Shi-woo and even runs into Pil-sook (a cameo by IU) and asks for an autograph from her sunbae from Kirin High.

But its JB that shes dying to meet, and when she runs into him, she blurts, I love you! at first sight. Hee. Shes adorable. She shows him the sign shes carrying with his name on it, and he quickly dismisses her. That is, until he finds a need for someone to help him break curfew and turns on the charm: I love you too. I have a favor to ask…

Hye-sung is basically at the bottom of the food chain at Kirin, relegated to shoe-shining and various other embarrassing tasks. She lives in the dorms, and her dream is to be cast in the OZ open auditions so she can be a trainee next to JB.

And then we have rocker boy JIN YOO-JIN (Jung Jin-woon), also a student at Kirin High. Hes a singer-songwriter and street performer whos forced to run away from his own performances when curfew hits and cops come asking for IDs. Once his bandmates find out hes a minor, they cut him loose too, not wanting complications.

Yoo-jin sleeps wherever he pleases, though he lives in the dorms at Kirin. The first place we see him wake up is in YANG JIN-MANs bed. (Whoo! JYP!) Jin-man, whos basically the dorms den mother, freaks out to see a student sleeping in his bed. But Yoo-jin acts like its no big thing, and steals a banana, saying its for Teachers own good: You shouldnt eat bananas. People will make fun of you. Ha, because of his face? Hahahaha.

There are two more teachers to note at Kirin: Principal JOO JUNG-WAN (Kwon Hye-hyo) the crotchety old guy who gripes at everyone but doesnt seem to do much else, and AHN TAE-YEON, the hippy singing teacher that I find particularly funny because shes played by the glam modelesque Choi Yeo-jin, looking as nerdy as can be.

Its in her class that we catch a glimpse of Yoo-jins particular talent at Kirin – she gives a songwriting assignment and all eyes turn to him. After class everyone comes running to him as Yoo-jin sets up shop… to sell his songs for 10 bucks apiece. HA.

The inciting incident that sets everything in motion is one act of rebellion by the Eden boys, who decide to make a statement against the new curfew. They head towards the stage of the live music performance show, just minutes before 10 oclock. They take to the stage and perform anyway, breaking curfew with the whole world watching.

One of their background dancers, also a minor and a student at Kirin, ends up complicit in their protest-performance without realizing the time, and ends up getting cut from his dance team because of it.

Hye-sung does her part as Number One Fangirl and keeps OZ President Lee locked in his dressing room while the boys are onstage. As they perform, we intercut between Yoo-jin playing the same song in the street, while Eden performs the pop version onstage. Hm, wonder where that song came from.

Their stunt results in the network banning all acts from OZ for three months. The press goes crazy and the boys give interviews saying that it was their way of keeping their promise with the fans who came to see them. Nice packaging. But behind the scenes JB confesses to President Lee that its because their new single is plagiarized.

Apparently their last album had the same problem, and he didnt want to go forward with another stolen song. Hence the stunt. He adds that what he really wants is time to practice and a chance to do what he really wants: to be a solo artist who sings his own music.

President Lee gives him six months to practice before hell make the final decision one way or another. Shi-woo overhears the entire conversation, including the part where JB complains about having to make up for Shi-woos lack of talent. Ouch.

One person whos happy about the three-month hiatus is Ri-an, whos been overworked to the bone, and tells Shi-woo that she approves of their stunt.

Hye-sung meanwhile gathers up every last item that has anything to do with JB, convinced that an autograph has magical powers like a talisman. She then gets ready to perform a ritual in her dorm room, which is already a shrine to JB. She lights the autograph-talisman on fire as she prays for heavenly intervention… so that she makes the cut at the OZ auditions.

Yoo-jin comes home and smells fire wafting down the hallway and starts banging on Hye-sungs door to rescue her. She panics, not wanting to end the ritual, and keeps going. He finally pulls the fire alarm and the whole dorm runs out in the middle of the night, led by the biggest scaredy cat of them all, Jin-man.

The girls tell him that Hye-sung is trapped in her room, so they send him back in, against his will. (He thinks to himself that he has yet to fall in love, or to debut as a singer… Heh.) He stands at the ready with a bucket of water, while Yoo-jin picks the lock on her door.

He finally gets it open, and Hye-sung screams Noooooo! because her final talisman still needs to burn (so she can drink the ashes)… but Jin-man comes barreling in, water-first, and douses her with the bucket while shes still screaming. Hahaha. Okay, so far I dont care much about anyone else, but these three, Im sold on. Well, I loved Jin-man before, so thats no surprise.

Hye-sung stands there, mortified, while Yoo-jin snaps a picture for posterity. HEE.

Hye-sung wails at her ruined shot at supernatural intervention, and her friends rally around her – her bestie PARK SOON-DONG (Yoo So-young), dancer JUNG UI-BONG (Jr.) who lost his backup dancer gig because of Edens curfew stunt, and nerdy PARK HONG-JOO (Kim Ji-soo) who serenades her with a rendition of Genie to lift her spirits, in another callback to Season 1.

Bolstered with their support, Hye-sung heads to the open auditions the next day, only to find out that theyre no longer accepting minors, which makes sense since their biggest artists can no longer work due to the curfew-related penalty.

Hye-sung runs inside and gets down on her knees in front of agency rep Ji-soo and begs for a chance since she can really sing. Ji-soo remembers her from every audition for the past few months and tells her point-blank that noraebangs are lined with kids who sing like her, and tells her that shell never make it as a star.

Hye-sung stands up and balls up her hands into fists, declaring that she must be remembering her wrong. She repeats her name, Shin Hye-sung, and tells her what it means – a star hidden in the ocean – and declares that someday that star will rise to the sky and Ji-soo will regret this day. Aw, I love her spunk, though I have a feeling shes not as good as she thinks she is.

At OZ, Kang-chul and Ji-soo debate what to do about their minors. Ji-soo suggests sending them to Kirin, where at least they can fulfill their minimum school hours while focusing on music practice.

Kang-chul worries about the current state of Kirin though, and Ji-soo confirms that its basically living off of its former glory. Once the old president went overseas and left it in the hands of the current principal, it all went to hell in a handbasket. She says that anyone with talent left long ago, so the students that remain are basically third-rate.

Hye-sung goes from her audition to meet her father, who turns out to be a country pastor. He tells her to call it quits with this singing business and head to seminary as planned, so she panics and blurts that shes started praying at a temple (HA) and makes a run for it.

We finally get a taste of her so-called awesome singing on her way home… and its totally Not. Awesome. In fact its really really bad. Ji-soos words ring in her ears and she sighs, wondering if she was right after all.

Kang-chul arrives at Kirin with JB in tow, and tells him to look around. He goes to see Principal Joo, and greets him as Hyungnim, and Principal Joo doesnt look too pleased to see him.

Hye-sung chases Yoo-jin up and down the halls for a favor, begging him to help her turn some tinkering she did into a song. He refuses and she asks if he wants more money, but he says its because shes going to submit it to OZ, for the singer-songwriter auditions (what shes considering her last-ditch effort to get cast). He doesnt want his work at that idol factory that churns out kids music (what he describes as hook-songs, ie. songs that only have hooks and nothing more).

He calls her pathetic and she doesnt even hesitate one second before agreeing with him, and continues to beg. She finally gets him to give it a listen and agree to work on it if he likes her song.

He listens and tells her that he couldve written better in his sleep. She stammers that it took her a month to write that, but he tells her to stop pretending to care so much. He knows that all she wants to be is an idol.

Yoo-jin: Idol? Why do you want to be one? If you cant sing, you can lip-sync, and if you cant dance, you can wear flashy clothes. Just do that. Isnt that what you think anyway? Thats how it seems to me. You have no interest or passion for music, but you just want to be famous, so you do what everyone tells you to do – you laugh the same, you dance the same, you sing with that same voice. Dont you think thats gross? People arent dolls.

JB overhears the entire conversation, and it stings him. Flashback to Kirin auditions, where Yoo-jin and JB sat side by side, guitars in hand. Yoo-jin had said the same thing back then, that he didnt want to do what everyone else did, and that he wanted to create his own music, and sing rock.

Principal Joo had told him itd be a hungry road, but Yoo-jin swore hed make it big. And then he sang, and blew them both away. JB went next, a giant ball of nerves, and flopped terribly at his attempt to play guitar. He was promptly asked if hed rather dance instead.

Well the fact that they have a history takes the whole plagiarism thing up a notch, eh? It also explains the complex that JB has, essentially wishing he had the talent that Yoo-jin was born with.

Back in the studio, Hye-sung tells Yoo-jin to get off his high horse, since hes nothing but a song peddler anyway, and at ten bucks a pop at that. Getting angry, he tells her that her precious idol JB plagiarizes his songs, and that its a good thing he pulled that curfew stunt, because otherwise he wouldve faced a scandal.

He sneers that she ought to know what kind of music her favorite singer sings. And at that, JB walks right in on their conversation, asking defiantly, Who says its plagiarized? Hye-sungs jaw drops and he tells her that hell listen to her song and help her. She thinks hes here because she helped him pull that stunt the other night, and happily hands him the headphones.

Over in the principals office, they get past the niceties in about thirty seconds, and Principal Joo asks Kang-chul if hes here to enroll some of his idols. Kang-chul says no… hes here to take over the school. Dun dun. He declares that his company has bought the place, and that hes going to take it over, and bring his artists with him.

JB turns Hye-sungs melody into a song with some basic chords, and when she calls him a genius, Yoo-jin scoffs bitterly, saying he could do better with his feet. JB in turn asks if hes got a complex with idols, and wonders if it isnt a hit to his pride to be so transparent, insisting he hates anything thats popular because its popular.

Ha. I love that they both have sound arguments that I can agree with, though its a little funny to have idols arguing about idols. I agree with the factory-pressed music and doll argument, and I also hate pretentious people who think hating all popular things counts as an opinion. So far, I like the conflict between these two.

The boys get heated up in their argument and Hye-sung tries to intervene, accidentally broadcasting their whole conversation to the school. (I love the random aside in the middle of the argument when Yoo-jin takes issue with the fact that she calls JB oppa, when theyre all the same age, because thats just what you call your favorite idol star when youre a fan.)

JB challenges him to prove that he can do better, and Yoo-jin obliges and sits down at the computer. But instead of fixing it, he scraps the whole song, and Hye-sung panics when he moves to empty the computers trash bin.

He holds the mouse out of her reach and empties the trash, to her horror. JB fumes and grabs him by the collar. Yoo-jin mocks his public statement that keeping his promise to the fans was more important than abiding by the law. He asks if being liked by pathetic people like Hye-sung has made him believe hes actually good. Oh dayum.

But JBs slicker about how to come out on top, and when he sees a group of girls appear behind them with cameras at the ready, he backs off. He challenges Yoo-jin, asking if hes really so good, then how come the world hasnt recognized it?

He says at least if he hits him, hell be famous for something. Yoo-jin takes the bait and sends his fist hurtling towards his face…

But Hye-sung sees it happening and sticks her foot out to trip him just in time, and he goes flying into the glass window like a pancake. Ha. JB gives her a smile.

In some respects its better than I anticipated, since its not a carbon copy of the first season, and its setting up a different story. But Id be lying if I said I wasnt comparing it to the freshness of the original, which was both a more standard story but more compelling. Its only the first hour though, so theres room to hook to me. What I do love are the two main characters, Hye-sung and Yoo-jin, who show lots of promise as interesting people I want to get to know.

Kang Sora is especially great, because youre just immediately on her side, and shes willing to look totally ridiculous and commit to her character, crazy séances and all. JB is sadly the weak link among the bigger characters. I pretty much feel like Im reading the dialogue and not his performance, and can only imagine how much better that main triangle would be if he were played by a better actor. I wouldnt care if he were peripheral, but his story feels central to the main conflict. The rivalry between JB and Yoo-jin is good, but itd be downright awesome if they were evenly matched as actors. Im not asking for Baeksang-worthy stuff here, just believable performances.

I do like that Kirin as a school starts out in the dumps. Its a nice reversal from what were expecting, when Season 1 history tells us its the best of the best. Now the entire school is populated with misfits, from teachers to students, and the overhaul from OZ (which I totally spent half the episode thinking was OG, yo) will be a great clash of the classic stuff that made Season 1 so great. And thematically, its nice to have a focus on the bigger picture (though thats never been Dream Highs weakness) –what it means to restore the place that cultivates the dream.

As a premiere I think I couldve done with fewer characters and more focus on the leads, because we have plenty of time to meet side characters and all the teachers. Basically you only need to set up your two halves of the world – the OZ idol biz and Kirin, and it doesnt take much to figure out who fits where. But I like that inherent conflict between the two worlds, and the fact that OZ might end up being equal parts good and bad.

One addition I love is the dorm – why wasnt that there before? The wacky dormitory hijinks with Jin-man as the harried den mother is already my favorite stuff, and I cant wait till dorm life gets turned upside-down when the hotshots invade the misfits quarters.