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Park search engine optimization Joon Talks About First Love and existing Dating Status

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Park Seo Joon Talks About First Love and present Dating Status In a contemporary interview, Park Seo Joon shared his mind about the past, present, and future.

When asked about his first love, he said, “Honestly, I don’t take into accout very well. They say that the primary consumer you date isn’t at all times your first love, so I don’t know precisely when my first love was. I believe it used to be throughout heart school. I truly had the natural brain of a student back then. If that wasn’t genuine love, I don’t know what to say.”

About his recent dating status, he said, “I don’t know. i believe I’m giving up. Presently isn’t a just right time. The paintings I’m doing now is more vital and as it continues, I don’t have the time. I’m too busy even to cope with myself.”

However, he also shared his internal thoughts on unmarried life. “I are living on my own and there are times when I remain up several nights in a row and the laundry and dishes pile up. Since I don’t would like to whinge to my parents, I do it all at once. I do all of the house responsibilities myself. When that happens, I believe lonely and sweetness what I’m doing with myself. Even this morning I did your entire dishes ahead of I got here out.”

Finally, the actor discussed his long run plans. “In the center of my ultimate project, there has been an editorial about what my next assignment would be, yet in fact I didn’t even see the script. Since I’m now not smart at multitasking, I couldn’t glance at other scripts in the middle of a project. Now I’m going to make the effort to slowly move via some scripts.”

Park Seo Joon lately wrapped up the preferred MBC drama “She Was Pretty” on November 16.

Suzy Says ′Nation′s First Love′ is a Identify She wishes to Overcome

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Suzy Says ′Nation′s First Love′ is a Identify She wishes to Overcome

--> Suzy shared her fair mind in regards to the identify ′Nation′s First Love.′

Suzy sat down for an interview on November 19, forward of the unlock of the movie Dorihwaga, where she said, "′Nation′s First Love′ is a in point of fact great modifier, yet I also think it′s a wall I without a doubt want to climb over."

She said, "In this film too, I pop out with black stuff everywhere my face, but if I fear myself with ′my symbol is this or that′ too much then I don′t think I′ll be in a position to do anything. i need in an effort to display this facet and that side thru my work."

Suzy continued, "And because ′Nation′s First Love′ is a modifier that got here from my picture in a film, I didn′t have the will to restore that."

When asked what title she needs to earn by way of this film, Suzy said, "To be honest, I were given that query at the production presentation, and i presumed about it a lot. I don′t think ′Nation′s Singer′ or ′Nation′s Ulssu′ is it. So I′m just going with Suzy. I′ve made up our minds to head without a title."

Dorihwaga is decided in 1867, right through a time when girls weren′t allowed to accomplish pansori, and focused on Jin Chae Sun (Suzy), the primary girl to turn into a pansori singer in the Joseon era, and her mentor Shin Jae Hyo (Ryu Seung Ryong). The film hits theaters on November 25.

Spoiler 'Answer Me 1988' Ryu Jun-yeol is falling in one-sided love with Hyeri

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Spoiler 'Answer Me 1988' Ryu Jun-yeol is falling in one-sided love with Hyeri

On the 5th episode of tvN"s Friday & Saturday drama, "Answer Me 1988", it showed that Jeong-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) began having special feeling in opposition to his friend Deok-seon (Hyeri).

When Jeong-hwan went to discuss with Seon-woo (Ko Kyeong-pyo), who was once hospitalized as a result of his damaged leg, Deok-seon told him to move house first. Jeong-hwan said, "If I leave, what are you two going to do" and looked at the 2 suspiciously.

When he saw Dong-ryong (Lee Dong-hwi) and Deok-seon, the two on my own in combination in a room, he become no longer satisfied about it. He said, "What were you two doing here?". He also may just now not go to sleep when Deok-seon didn't come again from a reading room till midnight, because he have become worried about her. He after all may turn off the mild in his room when he heard Deok-seon returning domicile so past due at night.

This isn't all. He even dreamed about him and Deok-seon together in the chocolate television advertisement starring Lee Mi-yeon. Jeong-hwan captivated the drama fans" hearts with his clumsy and awkward way to take care of his romantic feeling all over the place Deok-seon.

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Yoo Jae Suk stocks His mind on Love and Marriage

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Yoo Jae Suk Shares His Thoughts on Love and Marriage Yoo Jae Suk had some words of comfort for Jeon Hyun Moo, who is still unmarried. This substitute came about at the November 20 episode of “I Reside Alone,” in which Jeon Hyun Moo confided in Yoo Jae Suk and asked for advice.

Jeon Hyun Moo asked, “Do you observed it's far imaginable to get married after 40?” Yoo Jae Suk said, “Jung Joon Ha did precisely that,” looking to convenience Jeon Hyun Moo.

Yoo Jae Suk added, “I typically tell my hoobaes to get married if they truly love someone. maximum others that I know give the other advice, though.” Jeon Hyun Moo agreed, “Ji Suk Jin acknowledged exactly that, pronouncing that he would no longer get married if he were me.”

Although it appears Yoo Jae Suk’s recommendation isn't the norm, do you trust it?

GOT7 Sing “I Love You” in “Confession Song” Teaser Video

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GOT7 Sing “I Love You” in “Confession Song” Teaser Video We’ve been some excellent ladies (and boys) this year since we’re getting no less than one fabulous holiday gift. And that this can also be a declaration of love by GOT7.

On November 21 in the dark KST, JYP Entertainment dropped some other candy teaser clip for the boy group’s upcoming name track entitled “Confession Song.” They prior to now revealed a GOTOON teaser for the release.

Shot at a standard high school, the video displays some of the adorable GOT7 participants basically going round the school wearing massive Rudolph heads and surprising everyone with their costume. They then take a couple of feminine students to a secret location where another mysterious Rudolph holding a bouquet of roses turns out to be looking ahead to them. We also see some GOT7 members tracking the procedure from a screen, leaving us wondering what role they're going to play in this grand operation.

Near the very end, we get to pay attention a little preview of the song. With the lads singing “I love you, Infant I love you,” the song can’t turn out to be anything yet perfectly sweet and festive.

Stay tuned for the album free up on November 23 at nighttime KST!

'You Will Love Me' Lee Tae-im returns to paintings regardless of accident

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'You Will Love Me' Lee Tae-im returns to paintings regardless of accident

Actress Lee Tae-im is bringing lifestyles back to the set.

Lee Tae-im, who has been in a automobile twist of fate recently, returned to paintings at the 16th. She didn"t display any symptoms of being in pain or discomfort.

According to the production, Lee Tae-im takes up a large a section of the drama so it"s nearly very unlikely to shoot anything else without her. Her pro attitude in opposition to her work encouraged all and sundry to work harder. The production could also be making certain to make breaks each time conceivable to make certain she gets her rest.

Meanwhile, "You Will Love Me" is set a lady who pretends to be a guy and becomes a courting skilled on SNS. the primary episode starts on the 19th at 12.30PM.

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Choiza thank you Sulli for appearing Love for Dynamic Duo’s New Tune on Instagram

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Choiza Thanks Sulli for Showing Love for Dynamic Duo’s New Track on Instagram Dynamic Duo currently dropped their 8th album “Grand Carnival,” and member Choiza has thanked his female friend Sulli for mentioning her love for one in their new tracks on Instagram.

On November 17, Sulli posted a shot to her Instagram of her music app gambling “When Iciness Comes,” one of the crucial tracks off Dynamic Duo’s new album. She writes as the caption, “The song that made me cry the instant I heard it. It’s in any case out…!”

Later that day, Choiza mentioned her Instagram post whilst at a press convention for the group’s new album. He says, “I’m incredibly thankful to my girlfriend. Earlier than the album got here out, I played it for other folks I know, yet Sulli cherished that song in particular.”

“I idea it wasn’t a song that may just stand out at the album, but i used to be satisfied that she brought it into the spotlight,” he continues. “I think it took courage to post that on social media, so I’m in reality grateful.”

Sulli has since taken to Instagram back to deal with comments about her message of improve and transparent up any misunderstandings. “My boyfriend played that song for me then… it comforted me and made me feel stable,” she writes. “That’s why I stated I cried…!! The song is so just right so I uploaded the post as a fan!!”

Sulli and Choiza showed that they were dating back in August of remaining year after pictures spread of the pair on a date.

EXID's Hani expresses her candy love for her in deficient health grandmother

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EXID's Hani expresses her candy love for her in deficient health grandmother

A scenario arose in KBS 2TV"s "Hello" about a fear over a grandmother who advises her grandchild to at all times devour a wide heap of rice on November 16.

Regarding this, guest, EXID"s Hani, stated, "I don"t think here is anything else to stress about. I have a grandmother, too, and each time I cross down to consult with her on the holidays, she a large deal looks after the entirety from holiday foods to desserts. However, she is sick those days, so she is continually mendacity down. i am hoping that you may create a massive number of memories with her when she isn't feeling unwell."

Such a sweet message! That"s right, love your grandmother! When she will supply you with too much food, you simply stay eatin" like a champ.

Spoiler 'Glamorous Temptation' Cha Ye-ryeon realizes that it was once pretend love

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Spoiler 'Glamorous Temptation' Cha Ye-ryeon realizes that it was once pretend love

On the 13th episode of MBC"s "Glamorous Temptation", Kang Il-joo (Cha Ye-ryeon) discovered the affection Jin Hyeong-woo (Joo Sang-wook) have been appearing was once all fake.

Il-joo asked Hyeong-woo, "What changed into the point of the kiss you did 15 years ago? You used me. Was it as a result of the revenge for your father?".

Hyeong-woo was silent as it gave the impression he was acknowledging what Il-joo said, Il-joo cried in tears and said, "Try to excuse yourself at least".

Il-joo went to the rooftop and stated against Hyeong-woo, "I enjoyed you much. i am hoping we may be in a position to be in combination in our next life", which almost certainly supposed she was about to devote suicide.

Hongki and Park Shin Hye are 'Insensible' in love in 2d teaser MV

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Hongki and Park Shin Hye are 'Insensible' in love in 2d teaser MV

Hongki released the primary teaser for "Insensible" just the day prior to today and it featured the stunning Park Shin Hye reciting a mournful dialogue.

We didn"t get to pay attention much of the song yet that every one replaced lately with the unveiling of the second one teaser, which featured both Hongki and Park Shin Hye together! Plus we get to hear a tidbit of the song at the finish of the teaser, and Hongki"s powerful, emotional vocals will slam you correct in the ears--in a excellent way, of course.