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Park Soo Jin opens up more about her husband Bae Yong Joon

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Park Soo Jin opens up more about her husband Bae Yong Joon

Park Soo Jin hasn"t spoken about her husband, Hallyu actor Bae Yong Joon, too much, yet she unfolded a little about him at the November 14th episode of "Tasty Road".

She offered a noodle restaurant, introducing it as a dish with "a flavor that sounds like a slap to the face." When the manufacturers asked how she stumbled on it, Park Soo Jin responded, "After getting married, we moved our nest here, and we devour here so much when we"re out and about. He brought it to me."

Park Soo Jin added, "I don"t know what to name him on broadcasts. He acknowledged that we will have to eat those noodles. He told me no less than 10 times how scrumptious it is."

Looks like they"re getting along very well!

Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

Actor Jeong Joon-ho brought laughter with his two other sides. at the November 18th episode of MBC"s new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Sweet, Savage Famiy", Yoon Tae-soo (Jeong Joon-ho) showed off his unforeseen appeals.

Yoon Tae-soo used to be charismatic when having finished his obligations for his boss Baek Man-bok (Kim Eung-soo).

However, when he got here home, he became a doting husband for his wife Eun-ok (Moon Jeong-hee). The unexpected appeals with the 2 alternative aspects captivated the hearts of drama fans.

Drama "Sweet, Savage Famiy" is a comedy circle of relatives drama depicting the lifestyles of a household head, who lives two the different lives as a chairman of a robust crook undertaking and an unnoticed husband and a dad inside of home.

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Uhm Tae Woong′s Wife Finds Why Her Husband and Ji On Left ′Return of Superman′

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Uhm Tae Woong′s Wife Finds Why Her Husband and Ji On Left ′Return of Superman′

--> Uhm Tae Woong′s wife Yoon Hae Jin printed why her husband and daughter left Return of Superman.

Yoon Hae Jin seemed at the November 17 broadcast of tvN′s Taxi, where she spread out about Return of Superman.

Yoon Hae Jin said, "Ji On is a baby, and we were worried that she may think she′s more special than other kids, so that′s why we left."

She continued, "Because of filming, there were times I had to leave despite the truth that I didn′t need to. I even thought, ′Where will I sleep today?′ I slept at my parents′ space the most. I also even slept at my friend′s house."

Jung Hye Young Works up a Sweat on Husband Sean’s Instagram

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Jung Hye Young Works up a Sweat on Husband Sean’s Instagram Actress Jung Hye Young (age 42) has lately proved that she’s in the height of health! On November 11, her husband Sean of Jinusean uploaded a photo of her running out on his private Instagram. He wrote in the caption, “Hye Young is amazing,” appearing off his affection for his wife.

In the photo, the actress is exercising with a serious, targeted expression, showing her healthy, toned body.

Jung Hye Young and Sean met in 2001 via Yang Hyun Suk (both of them are signed below YG Entertainment). They married in 2004 after dating for 3 years, and also have 4 youngsters (Ha Eum, Ha Rang, Ha Yool, and Ha El).

Transgender famous person Harisu celebrates Pepero Day with her husband

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Transgender famous person Harisu celebrates Pepero Day with her husband

November 11 in Korea is a unique day, because it"s Pepero Day! It"s the day where you gift the folk you love, like your friends, lover, or perhaps even your crush, with the yummy chocolate sticks.

Famous transgender singer/actress Harisu celebrated the day with her husband, Micky Jung. She looks actually beautiful in the selca she posted on SNS. In our opinion, she roughly seems like a combine of 2NE1"s Park Bom and Dara in this picture! No longer to mention she looks tremendous young (the lady is 40 years old!)

Her caption reads, "Pepero Day with the husband! Soyoung and Heebin"s provide too."

Did you celebrate Pepero Day today?

Husband of noted big name arrested for pretend Lee Min-ho pictures

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Husband of noted big name arrested for pretend Lee Min-ho pictures

A celebrity"s husband intercepted cash and lied to folks about giving out profits if they invested in Lee Min-ho"s pictorial.

This guy named "A", a director in an entertainment corporate used to be arrested at the 9th for stealing investment money from Lee Min-ho"s pictorial production.

"A" is being accused of no longer returning six hundred million won in investments from any other trade man named "B" who sued him.

According to the police "A" turned into given newsletter rights to provide and distribute Lee Min-ho"s images for 450 million won via Star Area Entertainment, an firm which Lee Min-ho belongs to.

"B" invested 600 million won to "A" below the stipulations that he would be getting back 18% of the profits in the year.

However, regardless of the truth that the pictorial was successful, "B" didn"t come again his money nor the profits.

"A" told the police that the pictorial did no longer pass the verge of collapse so there has been no money to give.

However, the police concluded that "A" didn"t be capable to pay off the cash from the start and sent him to the investigators.

Meanwhile, "A" is the husband of a noted former model.

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Comedian Lee Kyung Shil's husband stands trial for sexual assault

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Comedian Lee Kyung Shil's husband stands trial for sexual assault

Mr. Choi, the husband of comedian Lee Kyung Shil, who made headlines after being charged of sexually assaulting his wife"s acquaintance, is claiming that he wasn"t in the correct mind set when he allegedly committed the crime. 

At his first trial hung on November 5, Choi admitted to his charges; however, he claimed that he used to be "not in the proper frame of mind because he became intoxicated." Following this claim, any other trial is also held to resolve the validity in the back of Choi"s intoxication assertion. according to Choi, the plaintiff, known as Kim, said, "Choi was on his fourth circular of drinks. He gave the excuse that he did it because he was drunk."

Kim"s attorney said, "Defendant Choi admitted to the fees and all of the evidence submitted by way of prosecution, so the problem of the deleted sprint cam photos holds no meaning." 

It was reported that Choi"s driving force Mr. Oh was provide at the trial. Further, Choi was acknowledged have selected an acquaintance who was at the collection to stand in as his witness at his hearing. 

Plaintiff Kim has also decided on an acquaintance from the accumulating to be her witness, and some other trial with the exception of the only to figure out Choi"s intoxicated state is planned to be held. the 2nd one trial might be held at the 17th of next month.

“Reply 1988″ manufacturer Says “Mystery Husband” Theme Will Return

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“Reply 1988″ Producer Says “Mystery Husband” Theme Will Return “Reply 1988″ producer Shin Won Ho has spilled a little secret for the series fans.

On November 5, a press convention for the impending drama “Reply 1988″ was once held, where the producer published that there may be some other “finding husband” theme for this spin-off, too.

Producer Shin Won Ho explained, “It became already determined upon when we revealed we can be making ‘Reply 1988.’ We also asked those that auditioned for the jobs about the mystery husband theme.”

He continued, “I saw a piece of writing where it stated there won’t be a mysterious husband theme, so I told the reporter that it then excludes romance. the theory of a first love can not be excluded when going through a past-time drama. There may also be a circle of relatives theme, of course.”

Meanwhile, “Reply 1988″ is a spin-off from the “Reply” series and should middle around five families living in Seoul.

It will air its first episode on November 6 at 7:50 p.m. and continue airing each Friday and Saturday.

Celebrity’s Husband below Investigation for Drugging and Raping a Woman

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Celebrity’s Husband Under Investigation for Drugging and Raping a Woman A Channel A exclusive record claims that two men were arrested through the police and are under investigation for drugging and raping ladies they met at a hotel lodge swimming pool. Probably the most men in query is showed to be the husband of a celebrity who is a former Omit Korea and is derived from a noted celebrity family.

On August 17, Mr. Kim who is a businessman in his 1940s used to be playing the swimming pool at a resort hotel close to Namsan in Seoul. He turned into with a friend Mr. Jung who is in his 1920s and a former national golfing player.

Mr. Jung called up two women in their twenties whom he met at a nightclub. The foursome went directly to play cards and feature drinks.

Suddenly, one of the 2 women lost awareness after drinking anything that was given to her by the men. it more or less feels the drink was drugged.

Each guy proceeded to take a woman to a within reach motel and sexually assaulted them.

The drug substance together with Mr. Kim and Mr. Jung’s DNA were discovered in the victims’ bodies.

Mr. Kim denied the fees whilst Mr. Jung made his confession.

Both Mr. Kim and Mr. Jung deny that they added any components to the drinks.

Famous comedian's husband suspected of sexually assaulting acquaintance's wife

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Famous comedian's husband suspected of sexually assaulting acquaintance's wife

A well known comedian"s husband is making headlines for being booked without detention via the government beneath the suspicion of assaulting an acquaintance"s wife. 

On October 6, Seoul Western District Prosecutor"s Office indicted "B", a famous comedian"s husband, for reportedly sexually assaulting a lady known as "A" this beyond August 30.

According to prosecution, "B" allegedly told "A" that he'll take her house once they had beverages with more than one acquaintances back in August. "B" then proceeded to take "A" to the backseat of his vehicle and put his hand under her skirt, touching sure spaces of her body.

Allegedly, "B" had even taken off "A"s garments after she fell asleep, fondling her personal portions by going underneath her underwear. "A", surprised to discover herself being assaulted, attempted to jump out of the moving vehicle which was once going at 100km (~62 mph) (assumably operated by a designated driver).

A passerby who took place to witness "A" run clear of the vehicle, said, "Somebody without warning ran out of the car. She changed into sprinting, like she was seeking to all of a sudden escape from something." 

Meanwhile, the comedian"s husband, when investigated by prosecution, reportedly mentioned that he didn"t take into account the rest from that evening as he was drunk.

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