Three Days: Episode 2 Recap by Dramabeans

Three Days: Episode 2 Recap by Dramabeans

Take a look at the recap for the second episode of new SBS drama “Three Days” by Dramabeans below!

In the woods, a SWAT team sweeps the area with dogs as a man flees for cover.

Inside the presidential villa, Security Team Leader Ham sits with his shirt off after bandaging a wound in his arm. He growls that the suspect in the assassination attempt against the president has been spotted: “It’s Secret Service agent Han Tae-kyung.”

And back in the woods, we see that it’s Tae-kyung who’s being chased by the army of agents. Crud.

90 minutes earlier. March 5. 8:00 PM.

We go back to the moment of the blackout, this time from the Secret Service agents’ perspective from inside the villa. They scramble to get communications back up to check on the president’s status when the shots ring out: one, two, three.

The leader at the control desk interprets the flashlight signals that come from the fishing dock where the president was, just moments ago. He repeats in a shaky voice: All personnel dead.

Team Leader Ham rushes down to the dock. He finds two agents down, each with a bullet wound. That’s two shots, with the third unaccounted for…

Another agent spots the president’s shoe floating in the lake, which bolsters the first thought they all had—if President Lee was shot, he’d have fallen out of his fishing chair and into the lake.

Team Leader Ham orders a search and tells them to keep things under wraps until they confirm the president’s status.

That’s not really how the Blue House rolls though, because as soon as they send signal flares up to aid in the lake search, the central security team at the Blue House receives satellite images that send off warning bells.

The security planning team sends Cha-young to the chief secretary’s office to deliver the report, though he receives a phone call that beats her to the punch. Or was she here to deliver different news altogether? Hm.

Twenty minutes later, Team Leader Ham gets status reports from each division. The blackout was the result of an EMP that took out the entire city’s power. Ballistics show that Agent 1 went down with a sniper shot to the head, which sent Agent 2 jumping in front of the president to shield him. A shot to his chest takes him down.

In the replay according to the report, the sniper then gets the president in his sights, looking around in the dark and frozen with fear.

The team in the woods finds the bunker the sniper used to conceal himself—just a shallow hole dug into the ground with leaves for cover.

One of the agents suggests that the EMP is the greatest cause for alarm, because it means only vast military power could be behind this. The natural conclusion they jump to is the most dangerous one: that North Korea just assassinated their president. Crap, don’t start a war!

(Okay, I know this is a drama where everyone is meant to be shifty, but the security team’s second in command (Ahn Gil-kang) looks extra shifty. Stop punctuating everything with that side-eye.)

Meanwhile, Tae-kyung fiiiiiinally manages to break through the guards at the gate (though if an unarmed man can get past your security, how good is your security?) and rushes into the command room.

They’re confused as to why an off-duty agent on probation is doing here, but then he asks them first—did someone attack the president? They’re dumbfounded that he came here knowing this, and then he relays the army colonel’s dying message that someone would attempt an assassination on this day.

Tae-kyung is sure that the colonel was killed to keep him from being able to warn them, and says that finding the colonel’s killer is the key—he’ll be connected to this assassination plot.

Team Leader Ham doesn’t waste any time ordering them to follow up on the colonel’s case, but then Chief Secretary Shin storms in with Cha-young in tow. The already tense relationship between the security team and Chief Secretary Shin gets dicey when Team Leader Ham has to admit that the president has gone missing on his watch. He makes sure to add that they still have no evidence that President Lee is dead. Well that’s not exactly comforting.

It turns out that Cha-young already followed up on the colonel’s murder after she spoke with Tae-kyung, but the results of her investigation are alarmingly different from Tae-kyung’s version of events.

The CCTV outside the colonel’s house shows only one man entering the house that evening: Han Tae-kyung. Uh-oh. Tae-kyung swears he saw another man leaving the house before he entered, but the footage shows no one else, and there was no USB drive either.

They also checked on the security cameras for Tae-kyung’s place, but there was no evidence that the colonel was ever there, and the security ajusshi claims that Tae-kyung never came by to look at the footage. What.

Chief Secretary Shin doesn’t beat about the bush, and claims that it would be near impossible for someone to infiltrate their perfect security system (ahem, says the guy who missed the part where a blackout incapacitated them) unless it was an inside job by someone who knows every inch of their protocol… someone like Han Tae-kyung.

He points out that Tae-kyung is the prime suspect in the colonel’s death, and asks if Team Leader Ham is going to protect him again out of loyalty. Tae-kyung is floored at the sudden wave of suspicion directed at him, but swears to his boss that it wasn’t him.

But the situation is too serious to let it go at that, so Team Leader Ham orders Cha-young to take Tae-kyung into custody and begin an interrogation. Tae-kyung takes a step closer to argue, but Shifty Second Ahn Gil-kang whips out his gun. The whole room freezes over.

Tae-kyung takes a moment to process, and then just steps closer to the barrel until it’s right up in his face, without so much as flinching: “Go ahead and shoot. What Secret Service agent is afraid of a gun?” Okay, that was badass.

Thankfully Team Leader Ham intervenes. He remains focused on the most important task—finding the president—and orders everyone to comply, including Tae-kyung.

Thirty minutes after the shooting, local police officer Bo-won stirs awake after her fall from the EMP blast. As she gets up, she hears a man’s voice speaking in English. It’s the same duo from the white truck she stopped earlier, now packing up the EMP device.

The problem is they hear her too, as the leaves rustle beneath her. One of the men approaches, gun drawn. She’s injured and limping, but she runs and tumbles down the mountainside in a breathless panic.

She manages to get to her police car, but it’s no safe haven—the radio is out, and the engine won’t start. Gah, every time she looks behind her it sends a chill down my spine. She ditches the car and limps away, but the man in the woods stops when he finds her police badge with her name and picture on it. Ack. There might as well be a bullseye stamped on her forehead.

Despite following protocol when it comes to Tae-kyung, Team Leader Ham firmly believes that he’s innocent, and calls Tae-kyung a person who isn’t capable of that kind of betrayal.

Cha-young remains friendly and casual even as she escorts Tae-kyung to interrogation, saying that she can’t just take his side blindly when all the evidence says otherwise. Tae-kyung points out that if he wanted to kill the president, he wouldn’t have needed an EMP—he’d have walked right up and shot him.

He adds that he’d have no reason to also kill the colonel or his own father. Right? She argues that there’s no proof of those deaths being linked to the assassination attempt, but he’s more convinced than ever that his father’s death is connected to all of this.

He stops to look out at the signal flares on the dock, and wonders aloud why the shooter bothered with an EMP—it’s hard to acquire and unnecessary for the operation. She assumes it was to make the getaway easier.

But Tae-kyung says the blast came before the shots, which only makes it harder for the sniper, so why cripple your own assassination attempt? He goes to the compound map down the hall and draws the trajectory of the shots fired, from one dock to the other.

A light bulb goes off and he runs down to the dock. Hey, guy who’s under arrest, maybe tell people where you’re going before running away all suspicious-like. No wonder you get chased by dogs later.

He reaches the gate to the other dock and finds a mark in the sand. He thinks to himself that if this gate is unlocked, the attack could’ve taken place from anywhere inside the compound. He pulls on the chain… and it comes undone. He scans the area and the first building within his sights is the Secret Service dormitory.

By now Cha-young and the guards have caught up to him, and he yells at her to get Team Leader Ham. “Somebody opened this door! Chief Secretary Shin was right—there could be a mole on the inside.”

In an unknown location, a man covered in shadow (and the giantness of his cell phone—convenient, that) makes a call to the EMP duo as they drive past an accident on the side of the road. He reports that there’s been a hiccup but they’ll take care of it, as he looks down at Bo-won’s ID.

Bo-won has made it down to the village, where the local townspeople tell her about the shots fired and worry that it’s war.

Thankfully Cha-young is trusting enough to give Tae-kyung the chance to meet with Team Leader Ham as requested. He asks to speak to him alone, and Ham gives him five minutes to talk. Tae-kyung asks him to consider what he’s about to say as the ramblings of a madman:

March 5. 7:45 PM.

We revisit the events based on Tae-kyung’s narration. The EMP is set up to go off at exactly 8:00 on the hour. When the lights go out, shots one and two are fired killing the two agents. Then the third kills President Lee, landing him in the lake.

The gate to the other dock is opened and then re-chained. (To hide the weapon? Or set up the dock as the decoy shooting area?) But Tae-kyung’s point is this: the shots actually came from inside the compound—from inside the security team’s dorm no less.

Team Leader Ham listens to his theory with a skeptical look—it’s already been determined that the shots came from the dock, and this is just a theory. But Tae-kyung explains that the EMP wasn’t set up to conceal a getaway, but to give the shooter the chance to attack from within.

The blackout sent all agents running to priority one: the president. That left the shooter alone in the agents’ dormitory, the last place anyone would care to look for suspicious activity.

As he says this, he approaches the window and steels himself before opening it. He looks out from the vantage point and sees it in his head: the sniper rifle aimed at the dock from this very window. “The shots were fired here, from this window.”

Aaaaaaack. Tae-kyung says tensely that he doesn’t believe that Team Leader Ham would’ve done such a thing, and asks who was in here at 8:00 tonight. But strangely, Team Leader Ham jumps to dismiss it as a baseless theory.

And then Tae-kyung hears the faintest sound coming from inside the room: tick-tock-tick-tock.

They exchange a charged look, and Tae-kyung says that an EMP wipes out everything, including clocks. One look at the wall clock confirms that it stopped at 8:00 PM, just like all the others. But he says that the Russians developed a wristwatch for just such a purpose, to keep running in the event of an EMP blast.

He follows the sound of the ticking clock to Team Leader Ham’s jacket hanging on the coatrack. The wristwatch is still ticking away faithfully. Tae-kyung: “You must’ve had a personal interest in EMP bombs…”

We go back to the shooting, and this time it’s Team Leader Ham behind the sniper rifle. Tae-yung: “Or… you already knew that there would be an EMP blast.”

He barely finishes the sentence before a gun is cocked. Crap. Team Leader Ham raises his pistol: “The president doesn’t deserve to be protected. That person did something that should never be done.”

Tae-kyung asks if he really killed the president and two of his own agents, and Team Leader Ham just calls it a sacrifice to prevent an even greater sacrifice. He adds that he can’t let anyone else get hurt because of Tae-kyung, and moves to pull the trigger.

Tae-kyung screams, tears pooling in his eyes: “And my father?! Did you order that too? Confidential 98—is that why you killed my father?!”

Before Ham can react, Tae-kyung lurches at his throat and disarms him swiftly. He leaps out the window and tumbles to the ground for a getaway.

Team Leader Ham fires out the window, and everyone runs toward his office in a panic. Cha-young is nearest to the scene, and when he hears her approaching, he fires off another shot into his own arm. Damn.

Tae-kyung races through the woods in the scene that opened the episode, and Team Leader Ham names him as one of the culprits in the assassination attempt. Tae-kyung stops to take a breath and takes out Bo-won’s card, determined to get answers.

He makes it down to the road and jumps out in the path of an oncoming car, and hijacks it just seconds ahead of Cha-young and her team.

March 5. 9:30 PM.

Bo-won makes her way to the police station, but it’s eerily empty inside. She finds one landline that still works and makes a call, but the line suddenly cuts out. She looks around and then stops in her tracks when she sees a familiar white truck parked outside. Ruuuuun!

She gets to the back door but one of the men is already there trying to get inside. They struggle with the door and he clamors to get in, but she barely manages to lock it behind her. The other man is headed in the front with a gun at the ready, so she locks herself in the back room with a window as her only escape route.

Once he starts shooting at the door, she has no choice but to jump. Ow, she lands on her already injured leg. A man comes up behind her and covers her mouth before she can scream, and ohthankgod it’s Tae-kyung.

He asks if she can run and gets her to the car just in the nick of time. She asks if he has a phone or a gun (I love her cranky complaint: “What kind of Secret Service agent has no gun?”) and he asks about the men—he thought at first they were following him, but it’s clear they wanted to kill her. She tells him that they’re suspects in his father’s murder.

Back the villa, Cha-young is wary enough of the accusation that Tae-kyung shot his boss that she asks Team Leader Ham point-blank if Tae-kyung shot him.

She relays what he found out about the gate being open, and watches on edge as Team Leader Ham reaches for the gun in his holster… but goes for his pocket instead.

He says unconvincingly that he must’ve left the gate unlocked during a routine check earlier today. But he’s saved by the bell when an agent radios in from the lake that they’ve found the president.

Meanwhile, Bo-won takes Tae-kyung to the site of his father’s crash. He walks down to where the car landed and pictures his father still there, looking back at him. He swallows back his tears.

Bo-won looks on sympathetically as he asks if the ambulance came right away, and if his father was in a lot of pain. At the sight of his tears, she thinks back to the moment she first saw him sitting alone at his father’s funeral.

The security team heads down to the lake as the search boat reaches the shore. The president’s body is hauled out in a bag, and the agent tells Team Leader Ham he should see for himself. They open the body bag, and everyone’s faces freeze in shock.

Tae-kyung and Bo-won come back up to the road and he asks if she’s sure about the two men behind his father’s accident. That’s when she repeats Dad’s dying words about the file they’d be after, and Tae-kyung makes her repeat it to be sure: “Confidential 98?” She’s positive—that was the name of the file, and now it’s gone.

A bright light suddenly flashes in their direction from down the road. God, not the truck again?

Back at the lake, we finally see the body in the bag… it’s not the president. No one is more surprised than Team Leader Ham, who can barely contain his twitchy reaction. “Who is this man?! Where is the president?!”

In the woods, President Lee struggles to stay conscious, bleeding from his head down to his hand.

A flashback reveals that Tae-kyung’s father was in on something with the president, who asks, “On March 5, will all this be over?”

Dad answers that his trip to the villa will be his last opportunity, so they can’t lose this chance. He warns that it could be dangerous, and tells the president to trust no one.

President Lee starts to fade out of consciousness…

And back on the road, Tae-kyung and Bo-won look toward the light and see the truck of doom coming straight at them.


Faith: Episode 13 recap by dramabeans

Faith: Episode 13 recap by dramabeans


Choi Young fights off the faster-than-the-speed-of-film mercenary soldiers, taking them down with seeming ease, although he’s also growing gradually weaker. I’m hoping this is merely the side effect of his swordfight with Ki Chul and not something more dire.

Eun-soo is approached by the Uncle of Dubious Allegiance, aka Deok-heung (or Deokheunggun; he was the son of a king and a concubine, sharing a father with Gongmin’s father). She’s suspicious at the sight of her diary, figuring this means he’s on Ki Chul’s side. Smiling uncle agrees readily. So not so dubious then.

Deok-heung clarifies that he’s not returning her diary to her; he’s merely doing as Ki Chul told him: Show her that he possesses it, and she’ll follow him back. Eun-soo’s not amused with this little power play and has a message for Ki Chul: Screw the diary, and if he wants to play, he can just play by himself.

He asks what the diary is, and whether it’s true she’s a heavenly doctor who can see the future. Eun-soo glares and leaves him hanging.

Young makes it back to the palace in one piece, and stops at the meeting spot Eun-soo had designated for their daily partner meetings. She’s not there, though, since she’s busy handing out homemade toothpaste to a group of Woodalchi men, saying that healthy teeth make for strong warriors.

Young interrupts all grumpy-like, barking at them and sending them scattering. Eun-soo heads to his quarters and orders him to sit so she can take a look at his injuries. He rattles off excuses like how he has to go see the king and change his clothes, and she cuts him off, “HERE!” I know it’s too much to hope she means change your clothes here, but you know, once it’s been thought, the image isn’t about to leave my brain.

Eun-soo adds that she could get the princess’s royal order: “So that as your personal physician, I can grab you at any time and look you over!” So there’s a job title for that? I’m halfway there already.

He tries to hold back his injured right hand, but she insists and sees that he’ll need stitches. She asks after the shoulder and thigh slices he incurred from Ki Chul, and Young replies with his characteristic understatement that he’s fine, and he was just grazed. He’s totally lying! Close personal inspection is needed. I volunteer myself.

She gets to work stitching, and sighs that all her supplies are dwindling as she uses up her last bandage on his arm. Young tells her that the mercenaries won’t be back, and that he’s stationed a lookout to report on strange occurrences. He also worries to see her limping, though that’s just because the knife he strapped there is awkward. Oh, you. Is the indifferent warrior turning into a hovering mother hen?

Eun-soo takes in the view of the palace garden, taking her time to see it fully for the first time. She tells her court lady that she figures it’ll take her a long while to return home, so she’ll have to get acquainted with this world. She adds, “If I see it properly and remember it, I feel like I won’t be able to leave this world.”

But she perks up right away, asking her two ladies in waiting what their names are and what makeup they use, since she’s just about gone through her makeup stash. Ha, I love that they toss in that detail, that Eun-soo’s been faithfully wearing her modern-day makeup all along. I mean, we could obviously see that, but most of the time we’re just left to assume it’s movie magic.

Young has his audience with the king, who has been worried sick in his absence and urges him up from his kneeling stance, telling him he doesn’t have to observe those formalities with him. Aw.

Young reports that the scholars will not be the target of more attacks. He was supposedly the only person who knew where the king’s supporters were being harbored and none of the mercenaries tried to get information out of him, they just tried to kill him. He will now escort the scholars to the palace safely, “But the one to keep them safe is you.”

Lady Choi has misgivings, though: if Ki Chul gave up on the scholars, he must have something else up his sleeve. Gongmin wonders what that could be, but Young excuses himself from the speculation, asking the king to handle the politics. Lady Choi mutters that his manners with the king are taking a downturn, which is just cute, and Young apologizes. Heh.

Deok-heung returns to Ki Chul and fills him in on his encounter with Eun-soo. He asks if Ki Chul called him out of hiding and all the way here just to see her, and Ki Chul adds, “Not just to see. I’d like you to help in bringing her to me.”

Ki Chul doesn’t seem too concerned about the king’s claim on her, because he figures that will be resolved when they get rid of the Woodalchi protecting her. If Deok-heung succeeds in bringing her—not just through force, but willingly—Ki Chul offers him whatever he wants. Ah, and if this is an out-of-power member of the royal family… methinks Ki Chul has just found his replacement king.

Deok-heung asks what he wants that requires the doctor. Ki Chul answers, “All I need is the doctor. That’s all I want.”

Young gathers his men to plan security for tomorrow’s lecture, with the arrival of all the scholars. They’ll need multiple lines of defense, both inside and outside the palace. There aren’t enough men to go around, so Young puts his men in charge of guarding the interior, while he’ll take care of the outside. All alone?

Young instructs Joo-seok to be so tight with security not even a mouse could get by, and Joo-seok overzealously promises not to let even an ant by. With this hilarious dryness, Choong-seok picks up something from the ground and flicks it at him: “An ant.”

On to Man-bo’s, where Young negotiates how much to pay ajusshi and ajumma for feeding and housing the scholars. Man-bo grumps that Young is a stingier businessman than they are. I love that ajumma acts like this is a negotiation (“You’ll give us five, right? Five.”) and Young doesn’t budge an inch (“Two”) even as she keeps going (“Three, then, okay?”).

Dae-man comes running up to tell him that the doctor is out shopping in the marketplace, to Young’s annoyance. She’s with her two ladies looking at cosmetic ingredients, when ajumma butts in and asks what she’s mumbling about. It’s her stall, and then Man-bo snatches the pouch out of Eun-soo’s hand to say he’ll just give it to her. The movement causes the ladies to draw their swords, though, and Man-bo’s wondering why the hostile response.

Young comes up behind them, and ajumma tells him, “She sure is a looker.” Man-bo adds that she must be from heaven, all right. This cracks me up. It’s like the parental third degree, but totally backward, and with swords.

They continue on, and Eun-soo tells Young of her plan to become a Goryeo businesswoman and hit it big. The plan: Make lots of soap and distribute it for free, and when the people find they can’t live without it, she’ll start charging. Plus, she’ll target all the noble ladies, and it’ll be a hit. Ah, the tried-and-true hook-’em-early tactic. Eun-soo even has a sales strategy, and chirps, “In my time, there’s this thing called a pyramid…”

As they walk, ajumma and ajusshi watch from a nearby rooftop and note how Young is smiling—and not like just some ghost, “but like a living person.”

Then Deok-heung steps into their path, greeting Eun-soo and guessing that her surly companion is the Woodalchi. Young eyes him suspiciously and doesn’t bow his head until he’s told he’s the king’s uncle, while Eun-soo declines his offer to join them. Young takes note of Eum-ja and Hwasuin hanging around in the distance, sizing up the situation.

He asks why Eun-soo didn’t tell him she’d met the man earlier, and orders Dae-man to Lady Choi immediately, to inform her that Deok-heung and Ki Chul are in cahoots. He also orders the two ladies in waiting to report the doctor’s every movement to himself and Lady Choi. He reminds Eun-soo, “You said we should tell each other everything.”

She hesitates to explain, but he presses. She says that if she’d told him, Young would have felt burdened to go retrieve that diary from Deok-heung. He can’t deny that.

Then she spots Eum-ja and Hwasuin in the distance, which has her panicking and darting off in the opposite direction.

Dae-man delivers the news to Lady Choi, who immediately goes to inform the princess. But the tidbit she conveys—spoken extra-loud for the mole’s benefit—is merely, “The doctor is making something quite interesting.” She talks aloud about Eun-soo’s cosmetics enterprise, all while writing the true message on paper for Noguk to read.

Noguk doesn’t know who Deok-heung is, but upon hearing (er, reading) that he’s the king’s only remaining kinsman, her eyes widen in alarm. They come to the logical conclusion, that Ki Chul has decided to back a new king. Noguk asks how long they’ll be keeping the mole in place, and Lady Choi replies that she still has further use, so they’ll leave her for now.

Then, Noguk resumes speaking aloud and instructs Lady Choi to prepare a table for tonight—Noguk will present the king with liquor. Omo. Is the queen making the first move? Is somebody gonna get some?

Ajumma and ajusshi discuss Deok-heung, basically filling us in on some exposition about the man’s history: He was born to a court lady and the king, and evicted from the palace along with his mother as a young child. He spent his life in hiding, which is how he’s still alive as the sole remaining royal relative.

Meanwhile, Young browses a table full of daggers. Is he buying a smaller one for Eun-soo’s ankle strap? Aw, it shouldn’t be romantic for a man to buy a woman a dagger, but whaddaya know.

Gongmin tells his advisors that he intends to give his scholar-supporters official government offices. It’s for their protection; Ki Chul can’t kill them so easily then. Told that he has to get the approval from another body of officials, Gongmin declares that he’ll abolish that department, since they’re all under Ki Chul’s thumb.

Ki Chul still has the ability to create offices, it seems, and he makes one for Deuk-heung. It’s not a position under Gongmin’s authority, but the Yuan empress’s, who we know is Ki Chul’s sister.

Deuk-heung has no response, and Ki Chul asks what he thinks. The response: “Nothing. I think nothing. That is what’s kept me alive this long.” Hm. Interesting level of disinterest here. I wonder if Ki Chul’s disappointed in it; he doesn’t like strong kings who oppose him, but he does like strength in people.

Deuk-heung confirms that he was called because Ki Chul wants him to replace the current king. Ki Chul asks what kind of king he’d like to be, and he answers, “One who’s around a long time.”

Lady Choi drops in on the king, relaying Noguk’s request to have him over for drinks tonight. At that word, the eunuch drops his book and falls to his knees in alarm. Ha, I’m not so sure it’s something you should be sorry about. Lady Choi smiles to herself, and Gongmin looks at them all in confusion.

Gongmin arrives in the princess’s quarters that night, and Lady Choi orders all the ladies to “close your ears, and close your thoughts—just guard for those coming in.”

Noguk shares her concerns over Ki Chul’s activities, and suggests sending an envoy to her Yuan relatives. If Ki Chul is to overthrow the current king he’ll need some sort of justification, and if they can beat him to the punch in asking for the empire’s help, it could prevent a coup. She pleads, “Please, let me help.”

Gongmin doesn’t respond, and instead presents her with the gifts he has brought. There’s jewelry in one box, and the second box he prefaces by asking, “Do you remember?”

Inside she finds a scarf, which is the one she’d worn to veil her face the first time they met. He asks now what he’s guessed all this while—that she knew who he was, and didn’t say a word about her identity. He’d wondered why, thinking perhaps she was toying with him.

A flashback shows us how that encounter ended years ago: After he’d asked her to marry him (so he wouldn’t have to marry the Yuan princess), he’d gone to fetch someone. But when he return to get Noguk, she’d gone, leaving only that scarf behind.

He tells her that while he is king, he doesn’t have much—not power, not support. The only thing he has is his principles, and he will protect his own people. Noguk sees sadly that accepting Yuan’s help, and therefore hers, goes against his principles.

Gongmin replies, “I have already broken my principles once—I swore that I would never hold a Yuan woman dear in my heart. But I broke that.”

Finally! A straight, honest confession! He continues, “I tried to resist, but you’d already entered my heart. I couldn’t force you out, and that’s why I treated you so coldly. Will you help such a weak me to not break my principles again?”

He brushes a tear from her cheek, then takes her hand.

A weapons delivery arrives at Woodalchi headquarters, with a large chest holding swords and a small chest meant to be delivered to Young directly. The men aren’t aware of an order, which immediately makes me worry for that little box, which Deok-man takes to deliver to his boss. He leaves in Young’s room.

The big day arrives at court. Gongmin and his advisors (along with the Ki faction) take their positions, and Young leads in the scholars. They present themselves to the king.

Eun-soo talks with Jang Bin, memorizing new medicinal terms and lamenting her aging memory. I hear ya, sister. They cross paths with Deok-heung and pass with brief nods, and Eun-soo wonders if it’s okay to dismiss him as unimportant—after all, he wasn’t significant enough to show up on her history tests.

Gongmin begins the proceedings, asking for his scholars to advise him along the way. He begins by dismissing Ki Won from his office (for neglecting his office, having shown up for work exactly two days since he’s been king), followed by one of his advisors (for doing nothing in the past year, according to court logs).

Ki Chul protests the king’s methods, but Gongmin cuts him short—the office governing senior statesmen (which is Ki Chul’s province) that he was supposed to consult for these matters was abolished this morning. Gongmin then confers a senior office upon Lee Je-hyun, his head scholar.

Then a newcomer joins the proceedings: Deok-heung, who greets his nephew for their first meeting ever, and offers his assistance to the king in his new position. Gongmin replies that if that’s true, he’s grateful for the help. There’s a brief standoff between them as Deok-heung says the office he just abolished was created by Deok-heung’s father. Gongmin replies that he knows this. Tension!

We cut to later that evening, when the proceedings are over and the king broods alone in his stateroom. He has ordered everyone to stay away, but Young joins him inside and finds him in a pensive mood.

Gongmin asks if the primary reason Young joined his side was to honor his promise to the doctor. To do so he needed to fight Ki Chul, and that required power. Hence the king.

Young asks, “Is the order of events important?” Gongmin tells him that he keeps having these doubts—that if he were to hand Eun-soo over to Ki Chul, perhaps that would solve things. But that means Young would leave him, finding it pointless to serve a king who doesn’t honor his word. Young doesn’t answer, though perhaps he doesn’t have to when the answer is obvious.

Eun-soo has nightmares, thinking of all the people she’s seen die. When her memory lands on her stabbing Young, and him running the sword in deeper, she wakes up with a cry.

Young hears it from outside, but Jang Bin prevents him from entering her room, telling him she has nightmares every night. Young had no idea, and Jang Bin says, “It’s because she fools you, with her smiling face.”

Eum-ja and Hwasuin are relegated to babysitting the king-to-be, who enjoys this idle lifestyle with gisaengs to feed him and drink with. Hwasuin’s bored out of her mind, and you know she’s dying to be out in the world where all the fun is, with men to play with or roast, or sometimes both.

Sitting in the second-floor window, Eum-ja notices Young strolling into the street below, bending to pick up a rock, and then hurling it straight at him. It’s easily blocked with Eum-ja’s flute, but Young hurls another rock. The baddies visibly perk up; finally a little excitement.

Below the window, Dae-man also hurls a rock upward, but he does that more stealthily, so while the baddies are distracted by Young, he knocks the flute away. Ah! Thank you for that! There are only so many bleeding ears you can watch before you’ve had enough.

Dae-man darts off with the flute, and Young smiles. Now it’s Eum-ja who’s frantic and he pursues.

Young looks up at Hwasuin and beckons her near with a wave. Aw, honey. She didn’t even need the invitation. She leaves Deok-heung to continue his exploits… and a shadow looms at the door. The gisaengs immediately rise and open to reveal the Suribang swordsman, the white-clad man with the crush on Young. Ah, so this was ALL planned?

Hwasuin skips down to meet Young, who’s here to deliver a warning: Don’t show herself in front of the doc anymore, since Eun-soo’s afraid of her. Hwasuin taunts, “And if I do anyway?” Young smirks that her right hand will no longer be attached to her body. Then he figures he’s stalled long enough and heads off, leaving Hwasuin puzzling over his meaning.

She runs back inside to find the room empty and signs of a struggle. Drat that pretty boy!

Deok-heung is blindfolded and kidnapped by Suribang men, who deliver him to Young. Deok-heung huffs that this is a violation of law, that Woodalchi must be acting on behalf of the king.

Young smiles that nope, he’s merely the guy who saved Deok-heung from being set upon by thieves. And while he’s rescuing him, might he also make a request? He has the doctor’s diary, doesn’t he?

Deok-heung scoffs that he wouldn’t keep something so important on his person. That’s already back in Ki Chul’s safeguarded drawer. Young tells him, “I’d like you to get it somehow and return it to the doctor.” He says that Eun-soo believes the diary to hold the answer for returning her to heaven, so perhaps Deok-heung could work with her in that goal. He reminds him that if Ki Chul were to figure out the diary’s secret himself, he would have no need of Deok-heung. And that would mean his death.

Deok-heung asks what would Young gain from this. He answers that his mind would rest at ease. Young leaves with a few warnings: These thieves might attack at any moment, and in the future Young may not rescue him, and the doctor is good with knives so he’d better not treat her badly.

Young returns to the palace, where he sees Eun-soo deep in round 1 of her get-rich-in-Goryeo scheme: She hands out soaps to the court ladies and Woodalchi men. “This time is free of charge!”

Then he meets her outside for a knife training session, replacing her heavy one with the pretty new one he bought. She takes a few practice swipes with the dagger, although it looks more like she’s trying to cast a spell with it.

He teaches her better ways to hold it and stab, which basically amounts to a lot of panting and close holds. Aw, the soldier’s flirting. She mocks his serious attitude and cracks up, even getting a smile out of him.

She smiles at the view and says it’s nice here, but he knows she’d still rather be back home, “And you’re holding that in, aren’t you?”

Woodalchi headquarters is stormed by officers, who don’t explain their purpose but are led by a familiar face—it’s the supposed deliveryman who brought the weapons delivery earlier. I knew he was shifty. He points out Deok-man as a guilty party, though we have no idea what the charge is, and the men ransack Young’s quarters. Oh no, was that box a plant for insidious evidence? The men find a letter in his chest.

Deok-heung has found Young’s words convincing after all, because he arrives at Eun-soo’s door and assures her that today he hasn’t been sent by Ki Chul. He’s here of his own accord, and he holds up the diary, which he managed to swipe. Thus he can’t let her keep it, but she can take a look. His condition is that he be with her as she reads.

Eun-soo peers at the diary, which she doesn’t seem to recognize at all, though she calls bullshit on the assertion that it’s from a thousand years ago. She points to the writing, saying that that paper hasn’t aged that much, and you can still see indentations from the highligheter pen. She doesn’t know what the writing means, with its combination of numbers and English letters.

Young catches a glimpse of them poring over the book, but as soon as he steps inside he’s apprehended. He’s taken to the stateroom, where Gongmin waits looking chagrined. Seated at the table are Lee Je-hyun, his student Lee Saek, and Ki Chul. They ask if he recognizes that red box, and he doesn’t.

Gongmin informs him that his new officials have taken on their very first assignment—rooting out Choi Young’s corruption. Whaa? Were they really not on the king’s side after all?

Lee Saek accuses him of taking a bribe for a measly sum, ordering inferior weapons with court money to profit from the savings. Wasn’t this a City Hunter episode? It’s so absurd that Young can only laugh, and Gongmin knows just as well that this is a mistake. If ever a facial expression said *headdesk* his would be it.

But the new officials are firm, reminding the king that he told them not to be swayed by power or other forces. Plus, the king had granted Woodalchi with extraordinary privileges, which in their principled minds, can only lead to corruption. Sigh. So they’re not against the king; they’re just taking this job way too seriously and leaving no room for other explanations.

Glowering, Young bends down to glare into Ki Chul’s eyes. He tells him, “If you were going to frame me for something, you should have chosen high treason.”

Lee Saek asks Young to confirm that he’s never seen the document recording the transaction—and that means that the crime lies with the men who accepted the package behind his back. Namely, Deok-man and Dolbae.

Young looks back at his men. Ki Chul sneers. Rock, meet hard place.


Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed close to Manilas MTV Tune development 2016!small_smiley June 28, 2016 0 Recap: Six Things We Loved About Manilas MTV Music Evolution 2016! June 24 used to beindisputablyan eveningto endure in mind for Manila thank you to the MTV Music Evolution 2016! With a mixture of local and foreign artists who graced the event, the displaybecome one for the books. Soompi favorite, APink was there, in conjunction with OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha, A long way East Stream and local acts – Gary V and his son, Gab, James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The Soompi team was at the development and it was a wild one! Here are the things we certainly loved about the show!

1. Gary V and Gab’s exact dance moves.Gary V Feat. Gab Valenciano carry out at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun P.c 3(Credit- MTV AsiaKristian Dowling)

Father and son pair, Gary V and Gab, showed off some great dance abilities and they were so on point.  We kid you not. They even danced in the rain which made it even better!

2. James Reid and Nadine Lustre offeredeach and every other as “partners in crime.”James Reid and Nadine Lustre function at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 2 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

How adorable is that? On screen and rancid screen couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre (also popularly known in the Philippines in combination equally “Jadine”) made the crowd swoon when they acknowledged they were partners in crime. Oh, and James also referred to as Nadine the “love of his life.” More swooning and screaming ensued after.

3.Bebe Rexha sang Eminem’s “Monster.”Bebe Rexha plays at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 1 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

Quick story: Bebe Rexha co-wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster” which was released in 2013. Right through the show, Bebe Rexha shared that she loves to sing songs that she wrote which is why she sang this track. Whilst the commonedition is great, we completely loved this version by way of the original songwriter.

4. OneRepublic had a reside cellist fiddling with them while they conducted “Secrets.”OneRepublic

It’s now noteachprovethat you've a cellist play with a live band. A cellist was provide on levelat some stage in “Secrets” and, honestly, it doesnt get any cooler than that.  Ample said.

5. Far East Movement’s Prohgress crowd surfed!Far East Movement

Far East Motion was lit! They had one ill prepare that riled up the target market amongst some in their popular hits like “Like a G6” and “Bang It To the Curb!” What made it even better? Member Prohgress did a conveniente-book a rough crowd surf in the midst of the show. Definitely anything you lot don’t see at Kpop concerts!

6. APink’s Bomi was spotted picking up fan gifts.APink

The ladies of APink are herbal darlings. They were absolutely cute and fascinating as they done some of their popular hits adding “NoNoNo,” “Remember,” “LUV” and “Mr.Chu.” Against the finish of their set, enthusiastsbegan throwing gifts at the stage. Bomi stopped to seize some of them to save after the show. How endearing.

There you go! A rundown of what we loved at the MTV Music Evolution 2016. Many thanks to our buddies from MTV Asia for inviting us to hide the show and for the mosh pit passes we gave away! The Soompiers who were there had as much amusing as we did.To other people who were there, what was your favourite moment at some point of the show? Let us know in the comments!

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Spoiler "Descendants of the Sun" Special Phase 2 - Recap

Song Joong-ki Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo Kim Ji-won-I's love radiated on account of the hardship they were in.

The KBS 2TV "Descendants of the Sun" special used to be about the Uruk earthquake, Song Hye-kyo being abductedby capability of David McInnis and the infectious virus which made the Song-Song couple's romance stand out.

It became subsequently the earthquake had hit Uruk. Song Hye-kyo became on some song for the patients, squaddies and volunteers who were mentally littered with the after effects of the earthquake. Then, the desire she had recorded when she was strikingat the cliff got here out in the process the speakers. It was about her emotions for Song Joong-ki. Song Hye-kyo ran for it yet Yoo Si-jin smiled.

A kit from Korea had long gone to Song Hye-kyo. Song Joong-ki and Jin Goo dashed to get it, but Kim Ji-won-I were given there first and opened the box. Inside of were items from women they had went on a blind date with. Song Hye-kyo, out of jealousy asked Kim Ji-won-I for a gun. Song Joong-ki and Jin Goo were worried in front of the ladies and attemptedto give an explanation for but that did not work.

Kim Ji-won-I was affected with the M3 Virus and Song Hye-kyo was kidnapped by David McInnis. This was the section where Song Hye-kyo really understood Song Joong-ki's job as a soldier when she could not before.

Danger faced Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo and Kim Ji-won-I. Song Joong-ki and Jin Goo were regarded as dead once you have shot whilst they were on a mission. However, they made it and returned to Song Hye-kyo and Kim Ji-won-I.


Recap: Attending The Premiere Of Dramaworld With The Stars

Recap: Attending The Premiere Of Dramaworld With The Stars

Recap: Attending The Premiere Of Dramaworld With The Starsknims April 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Recap: Attending The Premiere Of Dramaworld With The Stars This beyond weekend marked a largematch for drama fans! It’s in realityinfrequent to have a drama hang a premiere occasion in the U.S. and with the sector premiere of Viki’s first fashioned series “Dramaworld,” it used to bethe easiest opportunity to hold an event for lovers around it.

In case you haven’t heard yet, “Dramaworld” is the tale of a K-drama superfan who gets sucked into her telephoneto mend the tale of her newest drama obsession, “Taste of Love.” Is this the dream of all K-drama fans? Would you whingeextraordinarilyonce you were without notice in “Descendants of the Sun”? Exactly.

With the drama being all about the dreams of K-drama fans, it made sense to create a premiere event for fans as well. Often, looking at dramas can also be a solitary thing sitting in bed at 2AM with your phone at the Viki app and deliriously deciding it’s the best time for “just yet another episode.” So, what become IT like to glance atthe primary3 episodes sitting next to real, reside fans? Amazing.

The night kicked off at the Theater at the Ace Hotel in L. a. with a red carpet to celebrate the cast, crew, and manufacturers who brought this global drama from dream to reality.

With cameras flashing and interviews taking place left and right, it was a laugh for fans (and passersby) alike to take a gander at the stars they’d soon be seeing on the large screen.

Kim Sa Hee, Liv Hewson, Viki CEO Tammy Nam, Sean Dulake, Bae Noo Ri, and Director Chris Martin

Special guest and Dramaworld cameo Yang Dong Geun.

QA moderator Phil Wang of Wong Fu Productions.

Once we were in the theater, we all watched the 1st 3 episodes in combination (you can watch two of them on Viki now!) and then the forged took the level for a QA hosted through Phil Wang of Wong Fu Productions.

The forged was actually excited as some way todiscuss the filming and about the thrill they had in the back of the scenes possiblythe maximum efficientphase is how they were ready to be in contact across cultural and linguistic borders so as to turn intofast friends.

Ready to peer their chemistry in action? Take a glance at episode one of Dramaworld now:

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Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed About Beast’s Manila Fanmeet

Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed About Beast’s Manila Fanmeet

Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed around Beasts Manila Fanmeetsmall_smiley March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Recap: Seven Things We Loved About Beasts Manila Fanmeet Beast has been preventing in quite so much oftowns across Asia for fanmeets, their newest one being Manila, Philippines and they utterly riled up the crowd with fun, tune and laughter.

Hyunseung wasn’t around which used to bea true bummer yetthe lads did their absolute best to make us feel greater about it through being their standard funny selves.

But we’ve don’t would like totake into accounts feeling sad. Here are seven things we loved about Beast’s Manila fanmeet!

1. Dongwoon presented himself as coming from a province in the Philippines.Beast

When they made their introductions, Dongwoon brought himself as “Dongwoon from Santa Rosa,” having spent a while there to find out about English. Santa Rosa is a town just south of Manila and Dongwoon spent some of his adolescence there.

2. Yoseob is one trippy fellow.Beast

From doing a victory lap for winning the primary game to throwing football balls at Doojoon’s back, Yoseob reasonably enjoys being playful. Oh and following Dongwoon’s introduction, he announced himself as “Yoseob from Korea.” One of these quirky one.

3. They in point of factsought afterfanatics to win prizes.

Beast played a game where they had to kick a mini soccer ball into a wall with numbers. Every number had a corresponding gift akin to a signed reproductionin theircurrent album, their 2016 Seasons Greetings and selcas to call some. After some failed attempts, they rigged the sport and played some othercircular so they had more to give away. And talking of presents…

4. They gave quirky gifts.

Aside from the gifts up to now mentioned, the boys also gave other pieces which they trulyneeded to give away. One being a Starbucks tumbler they purchased in Manila and a teddy endure that Yoseob called the “Yoseob Edition Teddy Bear.”

5. The boys were adorable and lovable all all over the show.

No, really. They hugged fans who joined them on degree for the 1st game. They would sing “Congratulations” in unity later onon every occasion a winner would be picked for the prizes they gave away. Oh, and Kikwang become spotted grabbing cameras and taking selcas when they were moving around. It was all kinds of endearing.

6. Kikwang were givenan enormous birthday cake.

Since Kikwang’s birthday is a couple of days away, fans ready a birthday cake which was brought out on stage. The gang sang the birthday song and helped Kikwang blow out the candles.

Beast is wonderful alongside their vocals and their acoustic edition of “Midnight” was evidence of it. Adequate said.

And that’s a wrap some of what we loved about Beast’s fanmeet. A distinct thank you is going out to our pals from All Get correct of access to Productions for inviting us to hide the display and for giving tickets to give away!For other folks that were there, what did you prefer about the show? Proportion them in the comments!

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Spoiler "Sweet, Savage Family": Episode thirteen Recap

"Sweet, Savage Family" Lee Min-hyeok-I and Minah began officially seeing every other and were given couple rings.

The MBC drama "Sweet, Savage Family" showed Yoon Seong-min (Lee Min-hyeok-I) getting couple rings like Baek Hyeon-ji (Minah) asked for.

Hyeon-ji told Seong-min, "Couple rings are a should if we determined to make it official". She was onceproud ofthe hoop on her finger. Seong-min told her that his father got herehouse from lock-up and Hyeon-ji said, "That's a relief. It's a would have to to take suffered so much and I am sorry because I believe that's on account of me".

Meanwhile, "Sweet, Savage Family" is a human comedy about a guy who is the leader of his gang outdoor of the homeyet is in the lowest rank at home.



Spoiler "Remember": Episode 7 Recap

Nam Goong-min hit Lee Si-eon.

On the 7th episode of the SBS drama "Remember", Gyu-man (Nam Goong-min) hit Soo-beom (Lee Si-eon) who used to belooking to betray him.

Gyu-man heard that Jin-woo (Yoo Seung-ho) changed intotrying to finda girl who made a favorable remarkfour years ago. He told Soo-beom to move and kill her without any individual knowing it. "Four years ago, my father handledsuch things as this for me, yet this time I'm going to do it on my own".

Soo-beom said, "I can not do it. I will do the restaside from kill a human. I cannot do it anymore". Gyu-man raised a stick and hit him, smiling whilst he did.

"Remember" is a human melodrama about a genius legal professional who fights to transparent his father's call of murder.



Spoiler "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015": Episode 28 Recap

Yang Jeong-ah died in its place of Han Chae-ah.

On the twenty-eighth episode of the KBS 2TV drama ""The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Bang-geum (Yang Jeong-ah) was once shot via a sniper sent by Gil So-gae (Yoo Oh-seong).

Gil So-gae became asked to kill Jo Seo-rin (Han Chae-ah) by Mae-wol (Kim Min-jeong) so he ordered a sniper to kill the girlprotecting a child. Then he sent squaddies to Chunga to arrest Jo Seong-joon (Kim Myeong-soo) who was once his enemy.

Bang-geum was at Chunga and was shot whilstseeking to run away with Jo Seo-rin's son Yoo Soo who began crying.

The sniper concept Bang-geum was Jo Seo-rin.

Bang-geum who was shot, died in Jo Seong-joon's palms after saying, "We had a just right time back in the day with you and Man-chi when we carried a load on our backs. I used to be happiest then and I reputable you. I'm sorry, my dear, for our pitiful Man-chi".


MAMA 2015 Red Carpet Recap: Seventeen Kick Things Off With Special Performance, Monsta X And EXO Nab Pre-Show Awards

MAMA 2015 Red Carpet Recap: Seventeen Kick Things Off With Special Performance, Monsta X And EXO Nab Pre-Show Awards

HyunA MAMA 2015 red carpet(Photo : screen shot)The 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards have in the end arrived and the maximum importantevening in K-pop kicked off with the at all timesa laugh and fashion-filled red carpet pre show.

Hosted through Moon Hee Joon, Shin A tender and Z.Hera, loverslooking at from house were encouraged to stay an eye on everyone's fashion, with are livingballoting open for the most efficient Asian Taste honor.

Seventeen kicked off the pre-show with a distinct red carpet performance. In spite of the small stage, the 13-member workforce delivered a lively, dance-heavy number to pump the crowd up.

After doing a special red carpet level themselves, a black and red-clad Monsta X were presented with the award for Next Generation Asian Artist.

Helping to attach the bridge between the Korean-centered awards rite and the host town of Hong Kong, Chinese singer Vivian Koo serenaded the crowd with a candyfunctionality of Concentrate to the Sea.

GOT7 hit the stage for the ultimate particular operation of the MAMA pre-show with LadiesLadies Girls or even threw in some acrobatic flips to their synchronized dance moves.

Dressed in comfy sweaters, turtlenecks and blazers, EXO were presented with the simplest Asian Trend award at the red carpet. The nine-member neighborhoodalso areprobably the most almost highly expected performers for the ceremony, having delivered mind-bending choreography for the 2013 and 2014 MAMAs.

The MAMA pre-show wrapped up with a way reel of all of the fabulous ensembles worn by Korea's best entertainers on the red carpet.

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