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K-Pop Destinations: Kim Jaejoong’s Seoul

Kim JaeJoong

Kim Jaejoong Bum's Story Coffee Cojjee Moldir bags


If JYJ's Kim Jae Joong is your bias, a trip to Seoul offers several chances to feel closer to your favorite star.

Not only is Jaejoong a performer but he's also a savvy businessman with interests in fashion and food. Here are a few suggestions to make your trip to Seoul more Jaejoong friendly.

Bum's Story is a restaurant Kim owns with friends and he has been seen there with some of his friends, including Kim Hyun Joong. The restaurant is famous for its savory pancakes and the rice wine known as makgeoli.

Bum's Story is at 94-17 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu. For directions and updates, call 886 2 3446 6878 or visit their Facebook page Take subway line 7 to the Gangnam Gu station. Leave via Exit 3 and walk straight ahead for about 10 minutes

Lee Won Geun-Seohyun, Couple Picture “‘Passionate Love’ First Episode Airing!”

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lee won geun picture with seohyun

Actor Lee Won Geun and group Girls' Generation's member Seohyun revealed a couple picture together.

Today, Seohyun posted on Girls' Generation's website, "Hello, this is Han Yoo Rim. The first episode of 'Passionate Love' is finally airing tomorrow~! I lack so much because it's my first time acting but I'll make sure to fill in the gaps as I keep trying my best! Picture with Moo Yeol~" along with a picture.

In the picture, Lee Won Geun and Seohyun of the new SBS drama "Passionate Love" are posing together for the camera. They look like a real couple, catching much attention.

Internet users who saw this commented, "They look good together," "So good-looking," and "I'm excited for the drama

Joy O'Clock Debuts with Music Video for "Delusion"

Reminisce your long lost love with a new male ballad/R&B duo Joy O’Clock. They just released the music video for their debut single, “Delusion.”

Dason and Yong Hyun splash into the music industry with self-composed and written “Delusion,” a calm but melodramatic concoction of sweet vocals and an orchestral direction. Led by a piano performance, this well-paced ballad works with a bittersweet ambience, an appropriate opening act for K-pop this fall season.

Joy O’Clock is the latest project of Oscar Entertainment, an agency that represents who’s who of the Korean ballad scene– Bobby Kim, Buga Kingz, and Double K. The duo has also made guest appearances in concerts of Park Hyo Shin and Park Jung Hyun

Park Han Byul to Make Drama Comeback

Actress Park Han Byul will be making her silver screen comeback.

According to her agency, JF Entertainment, the actress has been cast as one of the main cast members of the upcoming SBS drama “A Well Grown Daughter.”  The agency told Star News in a phone interview, “Although the contract has not been signed yet, she has been positively reviewing it.” 

Park Han Byul will play the fourth daughter of a family who has been making soy sauce for hundreds of years. In the drama Park Han Byul’s character dresses up as a man because of her family’s financial situation.

Park Han Byul’s last drama was in 2011 for MBN‘s “Bolder by the Day.” 

“A Well Grown Daughter” will air its first episode in November

Is Shipping the Ultimate Burden for Idols?

Is Shipping the Ultimate Burden for Idols?

Just a few days ago, we were blindsided by a wave of dating rumors, first brought on by the discovery of Kim Woo-bin’s two year relationship with model Yoo Ji-Ahn.

As with most breaking news on celebrity relationships, the reactions across cyberspace were varied. Some cheered. Some cried. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, a minority of fans felt pity for the person they considered Kim Woo-bin’s other half: Lee Jong-suk.

Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk have a well-storied bromance that stemmed from their performances in the popular drama “School 2013,” in which their characters built a close friendship. Both followed through on their characters’ relationship while promoting the drama, using interview appearances to flatter the other and emphasize how close they were

Airport Fashion Spotlight: Park Shin Hye’s “No Trousers” Look

Park Shin Hye


The "Heiress," Park Shin Hye has been spotted on September 27 in the Incheon Airport from Los Angeles for their filming of the drama, "Heirs."

The 23-year old actress looked like there was something missing in her outfit. Upon her arrival, she was seen wearing an oversized knitted off-white shirt together with her crocodile snake skinned bag and a black and white calf-length cowboy boots.

Knowing and seeing past photos of her airport outfits, this look was one of the not-so-good airport fashions. Her outfit was completely good from the top-half just until she looked like she did have something underneath that top. She should have worn one of the trendy pieces like, a patterned leggings, which we mostly see nowadays.

Or she should have gone with just plain, black skinny jeans

Kdrama Review: “Two Weeks” Ends On A Note Of Redemption

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki


One of the most interesting things about kdrama plots is thetransformation that characters can go through.

Characters who seem to begood are shown to have a dark side and characters that appear to be badmay be forgiven once you understand how they got that way. Even theworst characters have a chance at redemption.

That's just what happened in "Two Weeks," the action thriller drama that finished its run this week.

If you haven't seen the last episodes, stop reading now because there are going to be spoilers.

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[Recap] Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your weekly Soompi Recap – Special Celebrity Couple Edition!

It’s never a dull day in the K-Pop world and this week offered plenty for our eyes and ears. There may not have been many music video releases or drama news but the Korean entertainment industry more than made up for it with an onslaught of dating gossip. This week was full of rumors, dating scandals, convicting photographs, netizen accusations, and the occasional on-air confession. 

With all of that, there must also be the official statements of the agencies. Those poor agencies. They’re just trying to manage their artists and make a little money, but then those darn celebrities have to cause a ruckus by doing things like holding hands or wearing the same sweater

Kang Dong Won’s Comeback Role

Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won The X

Although actor Kang Dong Won was discharged from his two-year compulsorymilitary duty almost a year ago, fans had to wait until now to see theactor on the big screen.
On the day he was discharged from the army histalent agency uploaded a short YouTube clip of him called "Kang Don Wonin a day" that was shown at various locations in Seoul.
Weeks after hisdischarge he gave an interview to "High Cut" magazine and said that hewanted to get back into acting as quickly as possible.
"It'sdifficult if I have to wait a long time before starting the nextproject," said Kang. "It feels as if I've suddenly become unemployed. Ifeel anxious when I don't have a job."
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Busker Busker's "Love, At First" is an Honest First

Busker Busker’s “Love, At First” is an Honest First

Busker Busker, the three-member band that took the South Korean music world by storm, has finally returned with their second album. The title track is “Love, At First” and the MV is a serious affair featuring model Son Soo-hyun. Within hours of the album’s release, all nine tracks had rocketed to the top of every notable music chart in South Korea. It would seem that the skeptics had nothing to worry about, Busker Busker has still got it – whatever “it” is.

This release is very different from their hit song “Cherry Blossom Ending,” but no less amazing. Where “Cherry Blossom Ending” was cheerful and humorous “Love, At First” is heart-wrenching and poignant. They are each powerful in their own ways; in terms of sound, the title track here is closer to Busker Busker offerings like “If You Really Love Me”