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Shin Seung Hoon & Kang Min Kyung ‘Old False Dating Rumors’

Shin Seung Hoon, Davichi, Kang Min Kyung, Great Wave, Healing Camp

Shin Seung Hoon & Kang Min Kyung ‘Old False Dating Rumors’

Shin Seung Hoon explained his relationship rumor with Davichi's Kang Min Kyung.

Shin Seung Hoon, who debuted 23 years ago, held a media listening party for his new album Great Wave on October 15th at World Pops in Seoul.

This album, which is his first album in 4 years, is part of his '3 Waves of Unexpected Twists' series, a follow-up to his 2008 album Radio Wave and 2009 album Love O'Clock. It will be the last part of the series, which wraps up 6 years of his long journey in musical experimentation.

At this event, Shin Seung Hoon said, "This year is my 23rd year since my debut. After 23 years of being a singer, I've learned to be cautious with my words

2013 Autumn, the Season of Scandals, and Now Bae Sung Jae and Park Sun Young?

Bae Sung Jae, Park Sun Young, Lee Da Hee, Miss A, Suzy, Sung Joon, Gu Family Book

2013 Autumn, the Season of Scandals, and Now Bae Sung Jae and Park Sun Young?

We're just a little past October, but just in this month we have already seen three romantic scandals. Add these to the rumors form the previous months, and we have an unprecedented number of rumors involving stars dating each other. Yes, it's the season of romance in Korea, and with every new rumor the word "scandal" seems redundant. However, the year is not over and there will be more "scandals" to come, so let's see how these stars managed to settle down the wildfire rumors spoken about them.

SBS Announcers Bae Sung Jae and Park Sun Young have been the number one search in the search engines all day today. The rumor surrounding them is that they have been dating secretly for 3 years

VIXX to make a cameo appearance in ‘The Heirs’

Idol group VIXX will be making a special cameo appearance in SBS drama ‘The Heirs’.

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX will appear on the fourth episode of ‘The Heirs’ which will air on October 17. The group will play themselves at the concert produced by Mega Entertainment, the company Bona (Krystal) is set to inherit.

The idol group’s cameo appearance was made from the request of show’s producer who has been keeping an eye on VIXX’s Hongbin. It was first time for VIXX members to cast in a drama, but they surprised the staffs by showing great skills in a short time.

Kim Dong Wan Departs from "Shinhwa Broadcast" Season 2 to Focus on Acting Projects

Previously, “Wit guy” Kim Dong Wan temporarily left his group’s variety program show “Shinhwa Broadcast” because of conflicting schedules with his drama “Cheer up Mr. Kim.” Now it seems that his absence will be more permanent with his official department from the second season of “Shinhwa Broadcast” being announced.

His agency, Live Works Company, elaborated, “Kim Dong Wan obtained his members and the production team’s understanding.  Right now, Kim Dong Wan is going back and forth as an actor and as a member of Shinhwa. As such, he judged that it would be too difficult physically and mentally to make fixed appearances on variety shows.”

The agency added, “Kim Dong Wan feels very apologetic towards his members and fans who waited for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast

Who are the most popular idol groups for foreign students?

Top idol groups Big Bang, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior were named the most well-known group among foreign students.

Congressman Yoo Ki Hong of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism conducted a joint polling survey with the Sejong School Foundation to find out which K-pop idol group is the most well-known among foreign students.

In the revealed survey results, which were taken by 604 foreign students at the King Sejong Institute, Big Bang ranked #1 with 18.3% of the total votes, followed by Girls’ Generation (15.1%), Super Junior (13.9%), EXO (11.1%), TVXQ (8.9%). The list also included PSY (8.3%), 2NE1 (7.6%), CNBLUE (6.8%), 2PM (6.4%) and Shinhwa (5.8%).

According to the survey, 66.1% of the foreign students first learned about Korean culture from pop and entertainment (K-POP, movies, dramas), while 12

VIXX to Cameo on “The Heirs”

Idol group VIXX is set to cameo on SBS’  drama “The Heirs” (written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Kang Shin Hyo).

The cameo resulted from a request by the producing PD, who has been keeping an eye on VIXX’s Hongbin. VIXX will appear on the fourth episode of “The Heirs,” which will air on October 17. They will play a group preparing for a concert organized by Mega Entertainment, whose president is Bo Na’s (Krystal Jung) father.

It was VIXX’s first time filming a drama, but the members managed to understand the script easily. They showed off their acting skills, going through the rehearsal and recording in one go, earning applause from the staff present.

Main vocal Ken did not seem like a rookie actor, proposing an adlib which pleasantly surprised the director

Lee Yeon Hee in talks to star in new drama ‘Miss Korea’

Actress Lee Yeon Hee is considering taking on the lead role in upcoming MBC drama series, ‘Miss Korea’.

On October 16th, SM Entertainment revealed, “Lee Yeon Hee is positively considering casting in ‘Miss Korea’.”

‘Miss Korea’ revolves around an ordinary girl who comes out to be Korea’s beauty pageant, Miss Korea, with the help of her neighbors. The drama is another collaborative project between producer Kwon Suk Jang and script writer Suh Sook Hyang who had previously worked together on MBC’s ‘Pasta.’

‘Miss Korea’ will be the follow-up drama for ‘Medical Top Team’ and will premiere in December on MBC.

Lee Min Ho Is Too Cute for Words in the Snow

Lee Min Ho is adorable in the white snow! 

Outdoor brand Eider recently unveiled a series of behind-the-scene-pictures of Lee Min Ho’s F/W 2013 commercial shooting. The commercial was shot in the diverse natural beauty of New Zealand, and promises to be set apart from other commercials with their quick scene transitions  and a sensational story.

In the revealed pictures, Lee Min Ho presses his cheek to the snowman that he made himself and looks like an innocent child. He also enjoys a snowball fight with his staff members and made a pleasant atmosphere during the shooting. He also had fun taking a sledge down with his fellow models, showing off how good he is at sports.

Eider’s new commercial, which features Lee Min Ho’s polished beauty, will be on-air on cable channels from October 20, and all Korean major television networks from October 24

New Dramas That Features K-Pop Stars This Upcoming Year

Uee, Golden Rainbow, kikwang

So there are new dramas that will feature K-Pop stars.Two dramas that will be released are "20's Twenty-Years Old" and "Golden Rainbow."

Golden Rainbow

For the MBC weekend drama which will begin airing on November, UEE might make her return to the small screen for this drama.

This is not yet confirmed; though if she does take the role, she will play the role as Baek Won who is the oldest of the orphans since the storyline is about the story of seven orphans who goes through hardships that has a bond that is much stronger than that of blood-related siblings.Other casts will be Kim Yoo Jung who will play as her child counterpart and Kim Sang Joong will be playing as her adoptive father.

20's Twenty-Years-Old

BEAST's Kikwang will star in the drama "20's Twenty-Years-Old" which he will work with other actress Kyun Mi Ri's second daughter Lee Da In who will be following her mother's footsteps

Kim Bo Kyung Sings the Sorrowful "Want to Go Back in Time" for "Secret Love" OST

Kim Bo Kyung lends her beautiful vocals for the OST track “Want to Go Back in Time.” The track should please fans of KBS‘ drama “Secret Love,” as it successfully captures the regret and sorrowful mood of the main character Yoo Jung who is played by the actress Hwang Jung Eum.

The song is skillfully produced by the well-known OST producer Kang Dong Yoon (aka Ant). Kim Bo Kyung’s delicate and mellow voice go perfectly with the slow melody of the piano and violin to create an emotional track.

KBS’ “Secret Love” airs on Wednesday and Thursday nights and is currently one of the most widely watched dramas. The drama follows Yoo Jung who has a string of misfortunes such as going to prison for a crime that her boyfriend committed