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Popular Korean Film “Joint Security Area” to Hit the Small Screen

Popular Korean film “Joint Security Area” (2000), which starred Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Lee Young Ae, will be produced by KBS as an eight-part drama to be released sometime this September. KBS is currently discussing the purchase of publication rights from Park Sang Yeon, the writer of the original novel, “DMZ,” that the story is based upon.

“Joint Security Area” is a mystery thriller concerning a shooting that takes place in the DMZ. Released in 2000, the film brought over five million to the theaters, and the film was also produced as a musical in 2013.

Kim Yong Soo, the head of the KBS Drama Special team, said, “Once we finish the single-episode drama specials, there will be a short break, after which we will start the drama special series

‘God’s Gift” The Twists Have Also Ended

(Photo : SBS)

"God"s Gift" had twists after twists and ended.

On the last episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "God"s Gift-14 Days", Kim Soo Hyun (plyaed by Le Bo Young) and Ki Dong Chan (plyaed by Jo Seung WOo) worked to keep Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo BIn).

KI Dong Chan was a casualty to the scheme of Lee Myung Han (played by Joo Jin Mo) and Park Ji Young (played by Ye Soo Jung) who believed that Lee Soon Nyuh (played by Jung Hye Sun) killed Saet Byul.

However, Lee Myung Han and Park Ji Young were waiting on the fact that KI Dong Chan has alcohol induced Alzheimers.

With a hazed mind, he hugged Saet Byul and walked the river bank and Dong Chun was holding onto Saet Byul as he regained consciousness.

At that moment, Dong Chan remembere that he had thrown Saet Byul Into the water and that he was the true criminal that had killed Saet Byul

‘God’s Gift” You Can Feel Deadly Eyes Of Joo Jin Mo

(Photo : SBS)

"God"s GIft" actor Joo Jin Mo attracted the attention of the audience by showing the epitome of evilness.

On the last episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "God"s Gift" broadcast on April 22nd, to cover up his crime, Lee Myng Han (played by Joo Jin Mo), the secretary of the President threatens everyone related to the case and ends up trying to kill Han Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo Bin) by using Ki Dong Chan (played by Jo Seung Woo).

In addition, he started to use force against anyone that came in front of him. Especially his eyes that showed a deadly murderous side made everyone shudder in fear.

Meanwhile, netizens who saw Joo Jin Mo"s evil acting said, "Joo Jin Mo, he was so scary." "Joo Jin Mo, he reached the height of evil acting." "Joo Jin Mo, I want to look forward to your next evil acting" and showed various reactions

‘God’s Gift” Joo Jin Mo Was Evil Until The End

(Photo : SBS)

"God"s GIft" actor Joo Jin Mo"s thrilling evil acting is attracting the attention of viewers.

On the last episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "God"s Gift" (script Choi Ran, director Lee Dong Hoon" broadcast on April 22nd, Lee Myng Han (plyaed by Joo Jin Mo) used the fact that Ki Dong Chan (played by Jo Seung Woo) loses his memory when he drinks.

On this episode, Lee Myung Han pretended that Han Saet BYul had died and planned a scheme for Ki Dong Chan to find her. Before this, Dong Chan had received a call from his mother while he was drunk saying that she had killed Saet Byul herself. As he saw Saet Byul, he was reminded of this phone call with his mother.

At this, Dong Chan"s mind was hazy as he tried to throw Saet Byul"s body into the water and at this, Saet Byul who he thought was dead pulled on his clothes as he regained his senses

Choi Jin Hyuk To Star In Korean Remake Of “Fated To Love You”


Hit Taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You" will be having it"s Korean remake, and actor Choi Jin Hyuk may be taking part as the second male protagonist.

The drama is gaining attention because of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra"s on-screen reunion after 12 years, but fans have another reason to look forward to because of Choi Jin Hyuk"s possible casting.

According to his agency Red Brick House, "It is true that Choi Jin Hyuk has received an offer to star in the drama "Fated To Love You". Should he accept the offer, it will be his last production before he enters the military force."

The story is about a rich and affluent man who will become married to an average woman through an unwanted engagement. Choi Jin Hyuk"s character will have a one-sided romance with Jang Na Ra"s character

Why We Ship Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun


Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun co-star in the political action thriller "Three Days." She plays a policewoman and he plays a presidential bodyguard. They both become involved in uncovering the truth about an incident that cost innocent civilian lives and together they help to prevent another tragedy.

Because it"s hard to know who is pulling the strings in this plot, it"s hard for their characters to know whom to trust. But they come to trust each other and grow close.

We think these actors make a great team and would make a cute real-life couple.

Here are three reasons why.

1. We suspect that she has crushed on him for a while. Or at the very least she has respected his work as an actor. She spoke of wanting to act with him ever since she admired his work as the time-traveling royal in "Rooftop Prince

K-Drama Actors Who Can Turn On The Tears


There"s a lot of crying in k-dramas compared to American television and some actors are really good at it. It"s hard not to relate to a character after you"ve seen tears rolling down his cheeks.

And it makes the character seem more real. In real life, people are cautioned to control their emotions but when you see a character cry, you are reminded that shedding bitter tear is something even the strongest among us must do in private.

Who cries best? Every new drama offers tears to indulge in and a new crying star.

A Chinese variety show, "We Who Visited The Stars," recently presented a quick overview of Kim Soo Hyun"s crying scenes.

From his debut project, "Kimchi Cheese Smile," to his most recent drama "You Who Came From The Stars," the actor has sobbed so convincingly that some in China have taken to calling him "the god of crying

“Empress Ki”" Ji Chang Wook Anger And Rage In Great Review “

(Photo : MBC)

"Empress Ki" Ji Chang Wook is showing drastic acting that differs greatly.

On the episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" Ta Whan (played by Ji Chang Wook) showed the drastic changes between the sadness and anger in a concentrated acting to attract an even broader viewer range.

On the episode broadcast on April 21st, as the woman that Ji Chang Wook loved Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) and Baek Ahn (played by Kim Young Ho) went head to head, he cried saying, "You should both leave" and drew sympathy. This is showing the lonely sides of an emperor that has a love just like any other man yet has to lead a country as it is a point in the drama that shows his internal struggle.

Especially with his tearfelt soliloquy, Ji Chang Wooks" confession and acting showed the detailed sides of Ta Whan"s weaknesses in pain and allowed viewers to deepen in their concentration

INFINITE’s L shares his feelings as ‘Cunning Single Lady’ comes to an end

INFINITE member L greeted fans on the set of the final filming for his MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Cunning Single Lady".

Group B1A4 To Perform At Hollywood Bowl On May 3

Popular idol group B1A4 will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl this May.

B1A4 is known for having numerous hit songs from "Beautiful Target" to "Baby I"m Sorry" and have become one of the most loved groups by teens. 

Last year, they won their first trophy on a music program since their debut as well.

B1A4, which stands for "Be the One, All for One", shows that they will always be together as one and strive for the best.

They are also well known in the acting industry as well. Rapper Baro gained much attention with his role in the tvN drama, "Reply 1997."

This past January, they released their second album, WHO AM I, and topped many music sites with their title song, "Lonely."

They have won many awards as well in the past 3 years from rookie awards to popularity awards