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Shin Sung Rok Poses with His Chef Brother

Actor Shin Sung Rok, well-known for his role as a villain in SBS drama “Man From The Stars,” recently joined his younger brother Shin Je Rok in a photoshoot for the May issue of Styler magazine.

Shin Je Rok is a former basketball player of the LG Sakers who is now a successful chef of his own restaurant specializing in Morioka reimen. He is the only chef in Korea who can make this cold noodle dish. The brothers are shown in Shin Je Rok’s newly opened restaurant in the Styler photoshoot.

“At first the noodles were so different from Korean cold noodles they put me off. But a couple of days later, after a night of drinking, I was suddenly reminded of this dish. It’s really delicious, and I’m not saying this because I’m his brother,” said Shin Sung Rok

Cha In Pyo, Hwang Jung Eum and More Attend First Script Reading for ‘Endless Love’

SBS’s upcoming drama Endless Love held its first script reading session with the cast members.

On April 23, Story TV, the production company of Endless Love announced, “The first script reading took place on April 15 in Gyeonggi province, attended by Lee Hyun Jik PD, the production team members and the main cast members, including Cha In Pyo, Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Soo Young, Jung Woong In, Jeon So Min, Choi Sung Guk, Shin Eun Jung and more.”

Lead actress Hwang Jung Eun arrived three hours prior to the script reading to practice riding a motorcycle for her upcoming drama role. She also showed tears upon reading her scripts, putting in all of her emotion into the character.

Lead actor Cha In Pyo, who is making his return to the small screen after some time, brought admiration out from the others with his charismatic acting

“Endless Love” script reading, Cha In-pyo, Ryoo Soo-yeong and Jeong Woong-in

New SBS weekend drama "Endless Love" had a script reading session with producer Lee Hyeon-jik, writer Nah Yeon-sook, Hwang Jeong-eum, Cha In-pyo, Ryoo Soo-yeong, Jeong Woong-in, Seo Hyo-rim, Jeon So-min, Choi Seong-gook, Sin Eun-jeong and others.

Hwang Jeong-eum arrived at the drama center 3 hours prior to the script reading and practiced riding the motorcycle. At the reading session, she engaged herself into the situation and let tears drop from her eyes. The crew said, "We understand why she's become such a hit maker".

Cha In-pyo is returning with a drama for the first time in a long time but still had the air of charisma around him. He also made sure to make eye contact with everyone he spoke to during the reading

‘You’re All Surrounded’ and ‘Glorious Day’ press conferences cancelled + reschedule broadcast dates

On April 22nd, a representative from SBS announced that the press conference schedules for both SBS' upcoming dramas "You're All Surrounded" and "Glorious Day" have been canceled.

"You're All Surrounded" was planned to hold a press conference on April 23rd while 24th is for "Glorious Day", but they decided to cancel it because of the Sewol tragedy,"We want to send our deepest condolences to all the victims of the tragedy and also wishing that all missing people will come back safely. Depend on the situation of the rescue operation, we will decide on holding the press conference again later".

The broadcast date for "You're All Surrounded" is delayed till May 7th, while "Glorious Day" still keeps their original schedule and will be broadcast on April 26th.

Hwang Jung Eum, Cha In Pyo, Jung Woong In, and more attend first script reading for ‘Endless Love’

Hwang Jung Eum, Cha In Pyo, Jung Woong In, and more oozed with charisma and chemistry during their first script reading for new SBS weekend drama "Endless Love"!

The drama"s production company STORY TV rep stated on the 23rd, "PD Lee Hyun Jik, writer Na Yeon Sook, staff, Hwang Jung Eum, Cha In Pyo, Ryu Soo Young, Jung Woong In, Seo Hyo Rim, Jeon So Min, Choi Sung Kook, Shin Eun Jung, and the rest of the main cast held the script reading for "Endless Love" at the drama production center in Tanhyeon, Gyeonggido on the 15th."

It has been revealed that although it was Cha In Pyo"s return to dramas in a long time, he had no problems with bringing out the charisma of his character, Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Soo Young oozed with chemistry, and Jung Woong In thoroughly channeled his character during the three-hour script reading

Secret’s Sunhwa graces ‘SURE’ magazine

Secret's Han Sunhwa graces the May issue of SURE Magazine.

She sports a stylish and vibrant look for the popular magazine showing her slim figure. She receives much love recently with her character in God's Gift - 14 Days, fans will definitely get to see more of her acting skills from the drama.

Check out more photos from her latest photoshoot below:

The Next Generation of K-Pop Idols in Dramas

With May rolling in, many idols have featured in the new spring dramas. Among the many idol actors, SISTAR‘s Bora, Rainbow‘s Woori, VIXX‘s Hong Bin, and BIG BANG‘s Seungri have created some buzz between drama viewers. So how are they doing acting in major dramas?

SISTAR’s Bora will feature as a North Korean defector in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger.” Known as SISTAR’s sexy rapper, Bora will make her acting debut as Park Hoon‘s, played by actor Lee Jong Suk, close friend. Despite her closeness with Lee Jong Suk’s character, even calling him hyung, Bora’s character will be a one who has a one sided love for Park Hoon

Lee Bo Young Shares Thoughts on Wrapping Up ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’

Lee Bo Young, the heroine of drama God’s Gift – 14 Days thanked the drama viewers.

On April 22, SBS’s God’s Gift – 14 Days aired the last episode. The drama gathered attention for Lee Bo Young’s take on the role of a mother who travels back in time to save her child.

Lee Bo Young revealed her thoughts on finishing up the drama sharing, “It was a big challenge for me to take on a new genre of time warp and playing a mother role, and it was a challenge that leaves no regrets. I became one with ‘Soo Hyun’ for the past three months putting in all my efforts in trying to save my child.”

She added, “The tight filming schedule was tough but I was happy to be working with great staff and cast members and I would like to thank all the viewers for watching until the end

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” Jo Seung-woo kills Kim Yoo-bin-I

Lee Myeong-han (Joo Jin-mo) ordered for the murder of Han Set-byeol (Kim Yoo-bin-I) to Hwang Kyeong-soo (Choi Min-cheol) on the final episode of the SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days".

He claimed that he couldn't kill her but was coaxed by Lee Myeong-han. He told Hwang Kyeong-soo that his son's execution date will be drawn closer and made him promise to do it.

However, Hwang Kyeong-soo let her go. He was a father of a child as well, so he couldn't do it.

Hwang Kyeong-soo fought with the men who were following them. Han Set-byeol ran away but was caught again; she was tied up.

Lee Myeong-han had thought of another plan, just in case Hwang Kyeong-soo didn't go through with it. He took advantage of Ki Dong-chan's (Jo Seung-woo) brain damage and made him believe that his mother (Park Hae-sook) killed the girl

Baechigi to Releases Ending Song for ‘Three Days’ OST

Coming back on air, SBS’ Three Days will finally release the OST song by Baechigi.

On April 23, Baechigi’s agency stated that Baechigi will released the new ending song for Three Days at noon on April 23. The song will be released with two versions, as a digital single and the drama ending song.

The song Mirage has been playing as the ending song for Three Days since the first episode, making viewers wonder what song it is.

Meanwhile, other singers for the drama OST include A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, 4men’s Shin Yong Jae, Gummy, and more.

Photo Credit: Nyam Nyam Entertainment.