[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 5

[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 5

The lovey dovey romance is taking a shift in ‘The Liar and His Lover’ as Han Gyul suffers trying to hide his feelings and inner thoughts from So Rim – as well as his identity! With their relation becoming more complex, viewers are feeling just as puzzled over the storyline that becomes more tangled than curly hair on a humid day.

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Before I break into the horrible situations, let us touch base with the happy moments! The love is blooming in my opinion and I can’t help but sigh romantically when So Rim and Han Gyul share a moment of bliss together. From their cute coffee dates to the way Han Gyul announces he will wait for her – it does poke at my romantic side.

But without a doubt, the moment where Han Gyul takes So Rim to the bar spot and sings his masterpiece “It’s OK” to her with her additional lyrics is the heart-melting scene of 2017! The sudden shock and smile that appear on her face makes the viewer feel nothing but intense joy!

Speaking of Joy, Red Velvet’s Joy is really proving her acting abilities. So Rim’s personality and character dynamic blends quite well with Joy’s characteristics and style of acting, which makes So Rim easily appear as a puppy love, high school girl quite naturally. Lee Hyun Woo’s acting isn’t too shabby either. He is great and keeping an emotional distance from So Rim in a believable well, but his attitude still ticks me off time and again. However, if an actor can easily affect your emotions, it is a sign that they are acting the role significantly well to the point it becomes a believable aspect of their being.

Aside from that, this is where we must discuss the drama that ensues. Yoona is still somehow finding herself at Han Gyul’s side now and again and I worry she will go bat-$hit crazy if she keeps running into him during their break up. Her feelings keep returning like the┬átide on the shore whereas Han Gyul obviously found a new muse and love interest entirely.

I also fear that So Rim’s friend Jin Woo will become problematic as well. It is apparent that he too has an underlying feeling for So Rim that he wants to bring to the surface but, for some reason, can’t seem to. He seems to be struggling with his own inner dilemma and shows negativity towards Han Gyul – hence the fight scene between Jin Woo and Han Gyul at one point. Totally caught off guard! Jin Woo isn’t the protective friend we simply thought he was.

However, this drama doesn’t leave us stressing completely. The story line still offers giggle-worthy moments and hilarious actions. I wasn’t expecting Han Gyul to meet So Rim’s grandmother so quickly and already be reeled into the are-you-boyfriend-material test that any mother would give. To their surprise, Han Gyul passes with flying colors. Although they were caught being a little flirtatious outside (which no mama wants to see), Han Gyul shows he’s not all fun and games as he impresses her with his charming looks, piano playing, and cooking skills.

Also, can I just say that I couldn’t relate to this drama any more than when So Rim meets her favorite idols, Crude Play! I could barely contain myself knowing she was lucky enough to meet her idols, let alone work with them – as if it were a dream!

Still, despite all the fun and laughter, the drama still gravitates towards two tense situations; Han Gyul’s not-so-well-kept secret of being the hit producer “K” and working at the same company as Chae Young and So Rim, and So Rim’s erratic nerves that cause her to nearly faint now and again when she is on stage.

Overall, the drama isn’t keeping us bored and has a tendency to throw in a few random storylines without appearing to messy. No matter what, there is some sort of element that can grab a viewer’s attention. For me, I am wondering how Han Gyul will recover with his “lovely lie” and if Chae Young has a bad intention behind his genuine nature.

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