[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 4

[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 4

After witnessing few moments of romance between Han Gyul and Sorim and ending the last episode with a bit of a love triangle in the making, ‘The Liar and His Lover’ is unfolding into something that might spark our interest more than fans could have anticipated. If you’re a fan of innocent love surrounded by nothing but miscommunication and conflict, episode 4 will be right up your alley.

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Of course, Sorim is still conflicted by the idea of pursuing her career in music and leaving her friends behind. She seems like the type of girl who would cheer “Friends till the end!” However, the drama didn’t give us a chance to see that because she takes a stand (politely) and requests her friends be signed on as well. But this minor conflict is not what’s catching my eye.

Chan Young, a member of Crude Play, has an obvious attraction towards Sorim and I wonder if it is as innocent as Sorim’s love or if it comes with a motive? I didn’t like how easily Chan Young suggested he should fill Han Gyul’s role as a producer for this new group and the company manager was so willing. I believe due to years of tolerating Han Gyul’s obnoxious, know-it-all behavior, they are trying to kick him to the curb. At least they have a reason – Han Gyul is a snob.

As the drama made obvious in episode 3, this isn’t just another drama wrapped around a musical concept with a cliche love triangle (or possible square) – Crude Play has a huge significance in affecting the storyline. That girl who suddenly finds the odd video of the Crude Play cover, Chan Young’s infatuation with Sorim, and the rest of the members appearing meddlesome in Han Gyul’s affairs – it seems we will be seeing a lot of drama surrounding this boy group!

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But the drama isn’t just for boys! Yoona is also finding herself conflicted with her feelings and Han Gyul’s actions. I wasn’t expecting them to meet and for her to be sensitive, especially since she initiated the breakup. 

I was really impressed that the drama pulled a 180 and had her run into Han Gyul meeting with Sorim – a taste of her own medicine in my opinion. Still, she doesn’t deserve any negativity because it is obvious she loves Han Gyul the way he loves music and she just wants it to be reciprocated.

The more I watch Chan Young, the more he seems to be a real instigator and, although he is super duper cute, I don’t like it one bit. He pedals the pacing of the drama and seems to drop little bombs of chaos here and there that make me say “Oh Jeez, what next??” 

Yet again, I am always noticing that some of these secondary characters act so well that their stories intrigue me more often than the leads. The romance between Sorim and Han Gyul keeps me going though.

Overall, I found myself shocked at how blissfully unaware Sorim can be at times, specifically when she hums Han Gyul’s song in the car with Chan Young and she isn’t taken aback by his sudden jerk of the wheel and stopping on the side of the rode. 

I mean she was obviously shocked, but she barely questioned his odd behavior. If it were me, I would be all up in da business questioning his issue with MA man!

The ending of episode 4 circles back to love being the main issue again as Chan Young and Sorim are seen holding hands on the rooftop after having a playful discussion about careers and their music. As Han Gyul suddenly appears and hesitates to watch them for a moment, it is obvious he has some sort of negative feelings towards Chan Young that I am waiting to overflow and be revealed in a future episode! Boy fight? We shall soon see.

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