[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 6

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 6

Do Ha’s dad takes Do Ha and Seol Woo out for drinks. The next day, his partner gets him up and tells him he ran into a dead end searching for the sniper. Meanwhile, Seung Jae gives Mr. Seo new orders. Do Ha tells Seol Woo to back off and keep their romance a secret, which he does by publicly insulting her. To protect her dad from skulkers who appear to be tailing them, they all sleep in the same house. Meanwhile, Do Ha’s dad gets offers to buy the ring, settling on 2 billion won from Seung Jae, who gives him a bugged watch. Seol Woo disables it by dropping it in water, but the bad guys know where to go. They abduct Do Ha from the funeral home where her granddad’s ashes are kept, as Agent K rushes to the rescue…  

Isn’t that sweet? Seol Woo zooms off to save his lady love. Actually, there were tons of beautiful moments in here, from texts commemorating their first day as a couple – to the sweetest exchange I’ve seen between two people sleeping in separate beds. There’s nothing quite like a good romance, and while it can’t hold a candle to ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ it is still a great thing to see those two finally in a relationship.

It’s nice to see Seol Woo lighten up. You can be in deep cover and be less stiff. That way, if he’s enjoying himself, he looks far less suspicious. Who are you going to trust? The guy relaxing in a bar or coffeeshop, or a stiff, stoic figure always looking vaguely intimidating? He has an unshakeable cool vibe, I’ll give him that, but it’s also nice to see him out on a date, or doing things like normal people. We keep getting clues about Do Ha or Woon Gwang’s past. It’s about time we get some idea of who Seol Woo is.

Do Ha’s dad is really something else, apparently the consummate salesman. If he just turned his talent to real sales, he might be able to make a decent living (and have fewer people mad at him). The problem is he’s always looking for that big score, that one deal that will make him a millionaire. And millionaire’s didn’t get rich quick. The biggest companies were not built overnight. It took someone’s blood, sweat, tears, and hustle to get there. And he’s obviously not in a position to inherit wealth.

And of course, they leave it on a cliffhanger again. They seem to like doing that. Do they think people are going to stop watching? I don’t know about you guys, but I like where this is going. It’s actually as sweet as it is tense and action packed, and that makes watching really worthwhile. You get more feels than what you get from watching someone just beat the tar out of somebody else. Was this show overhyped? Not at all.

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