DR Music issues official statement regarding ‘Born Star Newyork’ auditions

DR Music issues official statement regarding ‘Born Star Newyork’ auditions

When fans expressed their confusion after DR Music announced their intentions to carry out auditions in New York for new members of BP Rania, the label decided to issue an official statement in order to help clarify any misunderstandings. 

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The label’s official statement is as follows: 

“Hello A1ST, here is an official announcement about the audition. It seems that some of our fans do misunderstand the concept of this audition. This announcement is for clarification.

When our company first planned to form a group Rania, our goal was to conquer international market. Therefore, we have been looking for talented people who would be willing to practice hard, willing to make their dreams come true no matter what. Recently, there are surprisingly many people who have sent applications to our company to make their dreams come true as a K-pop artist so that we recognized that there are many talented people out side of Korea that we must meet. However, because of the circumstance we are facing, we wouldn’t be able put our best effort to each of these people. So we decided to outsource some organizations and human resources outside the company. One of them is Born Star NewYork which is located in New York. Danny who is an important member of this organization used to work for DR Music as a producer will help us for the audition. We are planning to recruit 3-4 people from the audition. After this audition, the trainees will be trained for certain period of time learning language, dance, vocal skills etc. Hopefully in near future, they will become members of BP Rania W promoting together with the members.

Guys, we will see you in New York on May 27th at 6pm. Thank you.”

Did that clarify your confusion about the label’s upcoming auditions?

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