Winner of “K-Pop Famous person 5″ Takes Victory With Absolute best 300-Point Performance

Winner of “K-Pop Famous person 5″ Takes Victory With Absolute best 300-Point Performance

Winner of K-Pop Megastarfive Takes Victory With Highest 300-Point Functionality jun2yng April 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Winner of K-Pop Star 5 Takes Victory With Perfect 300-Point Performance The winner of “K-Pop Star 5” has been crowned!

Two ultimate contestants, Lee Soo Jung and Ahn Ye Eun, took to the level on April 10 for 2very last rounds to resolve the winner.

For the primary round, Ahn Ye Eun conducted a self-composed song entitled “Say Something.”

The judges praised Ahn Ye Eun’s authentictaste and her patience in making it throughout thepageant with normal songs. Park Jin Young, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Yang Hyun Suk awarded Ahn Ye Eun 92, 97, and 95 points, respectively, for a general of 284 points.

Lee Soo Jung then took to the stage and finished Kim Kwang Jin’s “Letter.”

Yoo Hee Yeol expressed that the performance left him slightly wanting, yetwas once a excellentscreen of her making a song character. He awarded her 93 points. Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young either gave 92 points, Park Jin Young announcing that she did smartly portraying an emotion she’s no longer used to singing, and that she’s stepped forward a lot. Lee Soo Jung’s issuesgot here to a entire of 277 after the 1st round.

Round two saw the 2 singers business songs they'd sung during the competition. Ahn Ye Eun sang Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover,” and Lee Soo Jung sang Ahn Ye Eun’s original song, “That Day, That Night.”

The judges once back praised Ahn Ye Eun’s exclusive qualities. Yoo Hee Yeol said, “I’ve never observed a contestant like you make it to the finale. There are unquestionablyfolksthat won't like your style, but you've got your strengths. You understand howto transport people.” Ahn Ye Eun gained a total of 296 out of three hundredfacets from the judges.

Lee Soo Jung then followed up with something never ahead of done by way of any contestant, receiving perfect ratings all around from the judges, a first for any contestant on “K-Pop Star”! Yoo Hee Yeol acknowledged that she made the song her own, whilst Yang Hyun Suk joked that she would perhaps not like the rating that he provides her.

In the end, totaling the judges’ scores — accounting for 60 % of the general mark — and viewers’ votes — accounting for the rest 40 percent of the score — Lee Soo Jung took the Season 5 “K-Pop Star” crown, and chose Yoo Hee Yeols Antenna Music as her new home.

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Netizens React To Jeon Somi’s VICTORY On K-Pop Fact  Display “Produce 101”

Netizens React To Jeon Somi’s VICTORY On K-Pop Fact Display “Produce 101”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMany enthusiasts were dissatisfied when Jeon Somi was removed from Mnet survival show SIXTEEN and excluded from lady group TWICE.

However, the JYP Entertainment trainee ultimately went on to sign up insome other Mnet survival show Produce 101, and was oncelatelyprinted to have won the head spot in upcoming lady group IOI. In fact, after JYP Entertainment congratulated the singer for her victory, netizens couldnt prevent praising Somi for her implausible visuals and bright personality, likening her to DC ComicWonder Woman.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

598, 80 With instantly hair she seems like the vintage western attractivenessshall wecease the curly hair

558, 109 I can bein a position to tell shes going to get increasinglystunning

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Go Champion Wins 1st Victory Over Computer

Go Champion Wins 1st Victory Over Computer

Baduk player Lee Se-dol smiles at a press convention subsequently winning the fourth circular of a best-of-five fitopposed to AlphaGo in Seoul on Sunday. /Newsis

Baduk or cross champion Lee Se-dol won his first victory against Google's AlphaGo program on Sunday after conceding 3fits to the proto-machine intelligence.Lee beat AlphaGo with his 180th circulation in the fourth around of a best-of-five tournament at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Reporters gave him a status ovation when he became up in the click room after the match. Google DeepMind's Demis Hassabis and David Silver also congratulated Lee on his victory.But Lee's win against the 1,202 CPU pcgot here too past due to turn the tables in the series, where the victor was once already decided on Saturday. Lee's lovershowever breathed a sigh of relief that some level of human honor turned into restored through the winner of 47 titles adding 18 international championships.

Baduk player Lee Se-dol shakes hands with Google co-founder Sergey Brin after the fourth round of a best-of-five match against AlphaGo in Seoul on Sunday. /Courtesy of Google

Sunday's match was AlphaGo's worst in the series. The program gave the influence to lose keep an eye onin the midst ofthe sportand a fewprofessionalsagree with it had reached its limits. Spectators were intrigued because AlphaGo, gambling black, made preciselythe similar start 10 moves as in the 2d one match of the series. When Lee placed his 180th move, a pop-up window all at oncegave the impression in the center of the televisionobservepronouncing "AlphaGo resigns" and, "The result 'W Resign' was added to the game information". AlphaGo's prize cash of US$1 million can be donated to charity. If Lee too can win the 5th match on Tuesday he stands to take house $190,000.


Super Junior’s Henry Tries to speak Himself Into Victory on “Best Man”

Super Junior’s Henry Tries to speak Himself Into Victory on “Best Man”

Super Juniors Henry Tries to speak Himself Into Victory on PerfectGuy kminjungee March 12, 2016 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Henry Tries to Talk Himself Into Victory on Most productive Man On March 12, throughoutthe 2d one episode of KBS2’s “Best Man,” the nine participants will have tomake a decisionat the “best man” among themselves.

In order to do so, they crossthru a “training game” where they interact in psychological battleand have a look at to con every other to finally finish up alongside a profit, after freely exchanging seven selfies all valueother amounts.

Super Juniors Henry, who finally ends up in a room with Heo Kyung Hwan and Bang Chang Suk, tries to sell a selfie of himself posing in front of a magquilt of So Ji Sub, insisting, “So Ji Sub is worth so much and so this photo is worth five million won (approximately $4,200).”

Heo Kyung Hwan responds, “If it isn’t 5 million won, then I will spread rumors about you being a wreck.” Henry defensively says, “I don’t know you guys that neatly therefore I don’t agree with you.”

After the negotiations, Henry meets up with Eric Nam, and tries to replace the image once more. Eric Nam, who explodes with laughter at Henry’s nonsensical talk, exclaims, “You’re like a con artist.”

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Cube Entertainment to perhaps  download Chinese investment value $80 million

Cube Entertainment to perhaps download Chinese investment value $80 million

A Chinese investor could also bemaking an investment generously in a conceivable partnership with Cube Entertainment

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It was once reported currently that Dice Entertainment's parent company, C&M, had held several meetings with a Chinese investor. The corporateequipped little furthermain pointsat the matter. 

According to online media company Money Today, the investment might bevalue up to one hundred billion KRW (approximately $80.7 million). After stepping up tune copyright protections in July of 2015, China's music industry is expected to witness sizable changes.

Agencies equivalent to SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment have already partnered with Chinese investments, with many more agencies to follow. 

What are your mind on the emerging partnerships between K-pop and the Chinese music industry?


2015 Woman  Workforce  Tune Download Rankings

2015 Woman Workforce Tune Download Rankings

2015 LadyCrewTrack Download Ratings harmonicar January 19, 2016 0 LINE it!2015 Girl Organization Music Download Rankings A whole list revealing the top-downloaded girl groups in 2015 has surfaced on Instiz, with some unexpected results! The download figures were pulled from the Gaon Chart.

Second-year veterans Red Velvet slid into first position alongside a general of 2,412,935 downloads for the tracks off their 3 albums Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb, and need Tree; slightly beating out second place winner Girls Generation. Girls Generation racked up a total of 2,278,227 downloads off their three releases Catch Me While you Can, Party, and Lion Heart. Summer queens SISTAR finishedthe head three with 1,652,340 downloads from their album SHAKE IT.

Take a totalglance at the rankings and the breakdown of downloads by capacity of album below:

1. Red Velvet: 1st Mini Album Ice Cream Cake (1,081,868) 1st Complete Album Dumb Dumb (1,220,337) VirtualUnmarried Wish Tree (110,830) = 2,412,935

2. Girls Generation: Electronic unmarried Catch Me If You'll (152,373) 2nd Single Album PARTY (937,716) 5th Full Album Lion Middle (1,188,138) = 2,278,227

3. SISTAR: 3rd Mini Album SHAKE IT (1,652,340)

4. EXID: 2nd Mini Album AH YEAH (1,165,825) Digital Single HOT Purple (461,509) = 1,627,334

5. miss A: 3rd Mini Album Colours (1,328,093) = 1,328,093

6. GFRIEND: 1st Mini Album Season of Glass (681,925) 2nd Mini Album Flower Bud (1,013,776) = 1,284,363

7. AOA: 3rd Mini Album Heart Attack (1,268,506)

8. A Pink: Digital Single Promise U (81,625) 2nd Full Album Pink Reminiscence (1,134,477) = 1,216,102

9. MAMAMOO: 2nd Mini Album Pink Funky (1,188,720)

10. Wonder Girls: 3rd Full Album REBOOT (1,084,248)

11. f(x): 4th Full Album 4Walls (986,828) Digital Single 12:25 Wish List (85,013) = 1,071,841

12 Girls Day: Digital Single Hi Bubble (224,252) 2nd Full Album LOVE (835,296) = 1,059,548

13. 4Minute: Digital Single Bloodless Rain (147,424) 6th Mini Album Loopy (703,242) = 850,666

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Watch this Korean volleyball megastar dance her way to victory!

Watch this Korean volleyball megastar dance her way to victory!

In the NFL, you've got dabbing and in South Korea you have Lee Da Young.

Lee Da Young used to be the youngest playerall the style through the women's VolleyballAll-Star match. In spite of her young age she gavethe fanatics a impressive show!

Whenever her team would score, she would ruin into a dance, raising amusement and laughter from the target audienceor even the commentators.

One of the commentators remarked, "I do now not have a daughter yet she is in order that adorable."

What do you call to mind her dances in the video below?

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SM Entertainment impresses with download charts

SM Entertainment impresses with download charts

Share on FacebookShare on Twitterand#43; With fanatics claiming that SM Entertainment has had a mythical year so far, virtual download chart statistics further prove the companyand#8217;s good fortune this year.

Download chart informationcurrentlypublished that SM Entertainment has done relativelysmartly this year, with many teams surpassing partone million downloads. The statistic has inspired netizens, with many expressing their excitement at their favourite groupsand#8217; fulfillment this year.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Wow SNSD..Guy SNSD is knownTaeyeon is loopySNSD is still a legendThis makes me realize how amazing SNSD in point of fact is..SM artists are all so successfuland#8230; Source: Instiz

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