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U-Kiss Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Dont Cry Mommy

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U-Kiss Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho is receiving considerable attention by appearing on the movie Dont Cry Mommy as a double-faced boy.

The movie, which will be released on November 22, is about a mom, who loses her only daughter and tries to revenge on high school aggressors.

Dong Ho played the role of a handsome and innocent looking boy named Jo Han, who actually hides his dark side. He puts a high school girl named Eun Ah into a corner without feeling guilty.

Dong Ho, who has been appearing on several TV series, did a great job performing the dark and mysterious character in the movie.

Director Kim Yong Han says, I think it was a difficult choice for him to appear on the movie as an idol star. I want to thank him for his bravery.

Dong Ho, who performed the double-faced character with his emotional eyes, is expected to become a better actor, who has a large potential for growth.

A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for Dont Cry Mommy is released

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A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for Dont Cry Mommy is released A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for the new film Dont Cry Mommy was recently released.

Dont Cry Mommy is a story about teen sex crime, based on a real story. It was released for the first time at the Busan International Film Festival and received many favorable reviews.

In the poster, Dongho is making a strong impression with a frosty smile, covering part of his face with his hair.

Dongho was praised by the photographer and the crew when he took the poster by fully understanding his character and the photographers request. Dongho plays the role of Jo Han, who gives a hard time to Eun Ah (played by Nam Bo Ra) and tries to avoid his responsibility for it.

The film talks about the reality of Korea where theres no strict legal regulations on teen sex offenders. It stars Dongho, Yoo Sun, Nam Bo Ra, and Yoo Oh Sung. It will be released in November.

U-Kiss are currently promoting their seventh EP, Stop Girl. Theyll have a tour of South America at the end of this month and will release a single in Japan in November.

U-Kiss Dong Ho appears in the movie Dont Cry Mommy

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U-Kiss Dong Ho appears in the movie Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho appeared in the movie Dont Cry Mommy, which will be released in November.

The movie is based on a real story about sexual abuse of youths. Director Kim Yong Han produced the movie, in which actresses Yoon Yoo Sun and Nam Bo Ra and actor Yoo Oh Sung appear. The movie was also invited to attend The 17th Busan International Film Awards, which will be held in October.

Since the movie will meet the audience for the first time at the awards ceremony, Dong Ho, Yoon, and Nam will also attend the ceremony to say hello to the audience.

The movie is about a mom, who lost her only daughter and tries to revenge on high school aggressors. Many people are showing their interest on movie, which is based on a real story.

Dong Ho played the role of a high school student named Jo Han, who has the key for the case of sexual abuse.

U-Kiss is keeping busy with their seventh EP Stop Girl. Dong Ho, who is also recognized as an actor, will meet the audience though the big screen.

Amber"s message "Dont pass judgement on anyone simply because they"re other"

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f(x)"s rapper Amber expressed her emotions in opposition to others" opinion of her.

On her Instagram, she uploaded a black photo captioned with an overly long message for the ones the ones whom she thinks are simple to pass pass judgement onment on other other folks on how they provide themselves.

Amber is understood for having a good-looking good glances and tomboy symbol since her de yet as a member of f(x), and on account of that she gets a variety of critiques that some actually harm her.

Here"s the message of Amber:

I never wish to be forceful yet there comes a time where i wish to position my foot down on anything i strongly consider in. on account of contemporary occasions i wish to deal with anything: I"ve been a tomboy lovely much all my existence and truthfully, to position it short, it actually sucks on occasion. Haters can and should hate, yet insulting me in front my face is completely other thing. I in my view consider boys and women aren't limited to one particular glance. Beauty comes in all styles and sizes. We are all other. If we all sang the similar melody how can there be team spirit? Dont pass judgement on any person just because they"re other. with a bit of luck we will be able to all grow to recognize both other"s differences. Im at all times glanceing to stick sure and glad. i like my existence, my paintings, and the the ones who are repeatedly supporting me. i'm at all times thankful because i know i'll be able tot be here by myself strength. With both mistake, i analyze my fault and then you ought to greater myself. I know i'll be able to"t be highest yet i'll at all times you ought to be my most sensible. In regards to that, i need thank bothone back for repeatedly encouraging me and believing in me. To put it just, love and assist one any other. And for the ones who are suffering, at all times be yourself. Being true and genuine to who you're is the largest thing you'll do for yourself. Love existence, paintings not easy, and chase your dreams. Thank you back. A photo posted by way of Amber J. Liu (@ajol_llama) on Jul 25, 2015 at 8:40am PDT

written by way of: [email protected] SOURCE: @ajol_llama READ MORE

Choo Sarang becomes mommy"s little helper

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Choo Sarang becomes mommy

Choo Sarang is definitely growing up right before our eyes! She showed what a big girl she"s matured into by helping her mom with the dishes.

Yano Shiho shared on her Instagram on January 27, "Help of Mom33,"along with the photo above. Fans already know that Sarang is protective of her mother so it was nice to see their sweet mother-daughter relationship. It"s also no surprise that Sarang started off her morning with one of her favorite characters,Pororo!

Stay tuned for more of their moments on KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back" on Sunday at 4:50 PM KST!

Dont' Miss "Running Man", Haha and Kim Jong Kook's Special Fan Meeting!

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Dont' Miss

It was reported that “Running Man” cast members Kim Jong Kook and Haha will take place their “Running Man Bros” tour in New York and Dallas

In addition to the dates, the tour has released more information regarding the concert that is sure to get the fans stirred up!

First off, there will be an exclusive fan meeting where the duo will be inviting a selected few from the people who purchase VVIP tickets during the presale event. And for those who purchase tickets during the presale event, they will be given autographed albums.

And on top of everything, the concert will be holding special events and games to give participants the chance to win various prizes!

Ticket prices are as follows:

Dallas, TX: Gilley"s South Side Ballroom. December 14th 2014 (Sun) 7pm

New York: Colden Auditorium, New York Queens College. December 12th 2014 (Fri) 8pm

HaHa and Kim Jong Guk will be performing various numbers from hip-hop to romantic blues while entertaining the fans with their light antics. Check out a sneak preview of their concert held in Los Angeles above!

Don"t miss your chance to see Kim Jong Kook and HaHa in action and purchase your tickets to "Running Man Bros" here.

And for a special chance to win tickets to "Running Man Bros," stay tuned to allkpop!

Super Junior-M’s Henry Surprises Mommy Fan at Variety Show “Hello Counselor”

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Super Junior-M’s Henry Surprises Mommy Fan at Variety Show “Hello Counselor” On the July 14 broadcast of the KBS 2TV variety program, “Hello Counselor,” a mother who is a big fan of Super Junior-M‘s Henry had the biggest surprise of her life as the singer appeared right in front of her eyes.

On this episode of “Hello Counselor,” a girl in her senior year of high school came to the show to share her concern about her mother who is a very big fan of Super Junior-M’s Henry.

“Mom plays Henry’s music video loudly from 6 a.m. in the morning. She also looks at Henry’s picture and talks to it. She even named the coffee shop ‘Henry.’ She insists that she looks like Henry,” the daughter shared.

To this, the mother, who was seated among the audience, said, “Henry is very cute and nice. I like it even when Henry is just talking. He’s cute when he speaks in his poor Korean.” When it was known that her daughter complains about not being able to make breakfast for her, the mother explained, “There’s a lot of food sold around her school anyway.”

The hosts talked more to the mother about her obsession about Henry and the mother revealed that she talks to Henry’s photo on her phone. The hosts then flashed a photo of Henry on the screen and the mother talked to Henry as she would do all the time, until Henry really appeared behind her and brought the whole audience to a shock. The mother was very happy to see Henry.

Henry, who was happy that his fan came to the show, said that he’s grateful to the mother. However, when asked what he’ll say to the daughter, the singer was apologetic and said, “I’m sorry.”

The mother shared that Henry is a big inspiration for her and helps make her happy. “About this time last year, my life was in a very difficult position and I wanted to give everything up. At that time, I heard the song ‘Trap’ and I gained some strength. I fell for him from then on. Whenever I feel difficulties, I look at and listen to Henry and I gain strength and think that I have to live,” said the mother.

North West is Not Stopping Mommy; Kim Kardashian Seen in NY Showing a LOT of Cleavage

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North West is Not Stopping Mommy; Kim Kardashian Seen in NY Showing a LOT of Cleavage

(Photo : Some might have expected Kim Kardashian to lower the outfit craziness down a notch, especially now that North West in town. But, lo and behold! Kim was just seen exiting a building and showing a lot of cleavage.

She was just returning from her photo shoot in New York, and even had baby North West in tow. Being the Kardashian that she is, she looks absolutely stunning in her outfit. However, she might be showing too much boob. Kim has gone all out to prove to society that a woman does not have to let off her sex appeal once she becomes a mother.

Kim wore an exaggeratingly plunging black top, which she also paired with a black blazer. She wore sexy black leggings and had a sky-high beehive-style hairdo. Although her looks seem over the top, it could be understandable, since she was fresh out of an NYC photo shoot. She showcased this unique outfit for everyone to see as she walked from her car to the door of her apartment on the 16th of June, all while pushing baby North West"s stroller.

It is good that she is saying a huge flat-out "NO" to mom jeans, but she might need to tone things down a bit. However, "tone down" might be two words that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star does not have in her vocabulary. That said, it would be interesting to find out what kind of poses she had for her photo shoot.

It would seem that Kim, despite undergoing pregnancy, is very comfortable with her body, particularly her chest area. She was last seen at Tennessee during the Bonnaroo music festival, with her cleavage, once again, on full show. However the free boob show was not the reason she attended the festival, as she was only there to show support for her husband Kanye West.

Korean movie of the week "Don't Cry Mommy"

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Korean movie of the week

Korean movie of the week "Don't Cry Mommy" (2012)

Directed by Kim Yong-han

With Yoo Seon, Nam Bo-ra, Dong Ho, Yoo Oh-seong, Kwon Hyeon-sang, Lee Sang-min-I,...

A story about a mother who swears revenge on the suspects who killed her high school daughter.

Release date in Korea : 2012/11/22

Available on DVD from YESASIA

Film Review: Don't Cry Mommy

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Film Review: Dont Cry MommyDont Cry Mommy: A Victims Story Film Review: Dont Cry Mommy The movie Dont Cry Mommy is a revenge story with a twist as well as a message. Before starting, Id like to give a brief warning that this movie and review goes over sexual assault.

The movie starts with recently divorced Yoo-lim, played by Yoo Sun,  and her daughter, Eun-Ah, played by Nam Bo-ra living a fairly normal life, at least by movie standards. The mother is seen to be relatively successful and her daughter is a talented, and education focused high schooler. We are really introduced to Eun-ah when she becomes infatuated with a classmate, Jo-han, played by Shin Dong-ho. Its a pretty normal thing for young people go through, and the movie lulls you into a comfortable mood. The mother and daughter are close and their bond is touching, especially in the wake of what alludes to be a not so clean divorce.

The focus is quickly captured by Eun-ah when she goes through a brutal rape by Jo-han, and a group of classmates. Yoo-lim is horrified by the crime and is quick to have the criminals arrested. The actual prosecution is brief, but is overlayed with the many hurdles victims must go through for justice.

It is after the case that e the film becomes quite enlightening. The entire situation of getting justice for the victim is constantly skewed by the idea that the victim is to blame herself, and that it is a case of boys being boys. The parents blame Eun-ah for trying to ruin their sons reputations, while others try to buy off Yoo-lim from pursuing the crime at all, even after the case is settled. Only Yoo-lim and Eun-ah are seen to feel the true after affects of the crime. We see Eun-ah true from a cheerful and hopeful child, to a depressed and fearful victim of abuse. Seeing the transition is one of the most heart breaking parts of the movie. The entire time it happens, Yoo-lim tries to reach out to her daughter and you can almost feel her helplessness as her daughter is left to essential suffer alone.

Film Review: Dont Cry Mommy Yoo-lim becomes obsessive with getting retribution for her daughter in the face of a criminal system that is ignorant of the true extent of sexual assault and the harm is does to not just the victim, but the family. The punishment is minimal while Eun-Ah is forced to relive the situation when threatened with video evidence of her attack. What should be evidence for justice is simply turned into a tool of shame and embarrassment for the victim.

This isnt an issue that is specific to Korea. Victim blaming and slut shaming are all too familiar within many modern cultures, not just K-pop. Dont Cry Mommy is a hard hitting movie that puts you in the position as the victim and victims mother without a nice, clean ending.

I appreciated the movie for not being clean. It was not the best movie, and some of the actions taken by Yoo-lim did, at times, feel far fetched, but it served a point to visualize the true despair felt by many victims when they are made to feel like the cause of their crime.

Dont Cry Mommy is a great way to start dialogue about the issues surrounding sexual assault as more than just a headline. It seeks to give a voice for the victims of the crimes who are often pigeon-holed as asking for it or in some way responsible. If you enjoy a movie that leaves you wanting to take action, or even reflect, I recommend it. While the acting is not the most polished, it is still a story that needed to be told. For that, I give it a 3.5/5.