U-Kiss Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho is receiving considerable attention by appearing on the movie Dont Cry Mommy as a double-faced boy.

The movie, which will be released on November 22, is about a mom, who loses her only daughter and tries to revenge on high school aggressors.

Dong Ho played the role of a handsome and innocent looking boy named Jo Han, who actually hides his dark side. He puts a high school girl named Eun Ah into a corner without feeling guilty.

Dong Ho, who has been appearing on several TV series, did a great job performing the dark and mysterious character in the movie.

Director Kim Yong Han says, I think it was a difficult choice for him to appear on the movie as an idol star. I want to thank him for his bravery.

Dong Ho, who performed the double-faced character with his emotional eyes, is expected to become a better actor, who has a large potential for growth.

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A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for Dont Cry Mommy is released

A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for Dont Cry Mommy is released

A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for Dont Cry Mommy is released A poster of U-Kisss Dongho for the new film Dont Cry Mommy was recently released.

Dont Cry Mommy is a story about teen sex crime, based on a real story. It was released for the first time at the Busan International Film Festival and received many favorable reviews.

In the poster, Dongho is making a strong impression with a frosty smile, covering part of his face with his hair.

Dongho was praised by the photographer and the crew when he took the poster by fully understanding his character and the photographers request. Dongho plays the role of Jo Han, who gives a hard time to Eun Ah (played by Nam Bo Ra) and tries to avoid his responsibility for it.

The film talks about the reality of Korea where theres no strict legal regulations on teen sex offenders. It stars Dongho, Yoo Sun, Nam Bo Ra, and Yoo Oh Sung. It will be released in November.

U-Kiss are currently promoting their seventh EP, Stop Girl. Theyll have a tour of South America at the end of this month and will release a single in Japan in November.

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U-Kiss Dong Ho appears in the movie Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho appears in the movie Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho appears in the movie Dont Cry Mommy

U-Kiss Dong Ho appeared in the movie Dont Cry Mommy, which will be released in November.

The movie is based on a real story about sexual abuse of youths. Director Kim Yong Han produced the movie, in which actresses Yoon Yoo Sun and Nam Bo Ra and actor Yoo Oh Sung appear. The movie was also invited to attend The 17th Busan International Film Awards, which will be held in October.

Since the movie will meet the audience for the first time at the awards ceremony, Dong Ho, Yoon, and Nam will also attend the ceremony to say hello to the audience.

The movie is about a mom, who lost her only daughter and tries to revenge on high school aggressors. Many people are showing their interest on movie, which is based on a real story.

Dong Ho played the role of a high school student named Jo Han, who has the key for the case of sexual abuse.

U-Kiss is keeping busy with their seventh EP Stop Girl. Dong Ho, who is also recognized as an actor, will meet the audience though the big screen.

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DramaFever streaming network launches in Australia and New Zealand

DramaFever streaming network launches in Australia and New Zealand

Streaming Network Now Bringing Hottest Korean Dramas, Chinese Series More to 25-Plus Countries Round the WorldDramaFever (dramafever.com), the leading streaming network for globaltv shows, videos and concerts, is bringing the Hearth Prince to Australia and New Zealand in the center of winter. Beginning now, Chinese epic delusion about love, war and deception Ice Fantasy is to be had for the primary time in the region, in conjunction with several popular Korean drama series and more. With this launch, DramaFever a phase of Warner Bros. Virtual Networks is now readily available in more than 25 countries worldwide. More than 120 further titles from DramaFever's library, adding 2000-plus episodes, will available in Australia and New Zealand at launch, with several new releases premiering in the weeks to come. Thosecome with hit Korean dramas equivalent to "Cheese in the Trap" (2016, watch on DramaFever) and "Oh My Ghostess" (2015, watch on DramaFever) with several more dramas in the pipeline, including one of the crucialmaximumexpected titles of the year."DramaFever has established itself as the go-to destination for enthusiasts of K-dramas and Asian content in particular, in addition to additional foreign programming, and we are excited to be launching in the region with one of thesesturdy line-up", acknowledged DramaFever Co-Founder and President Suk Park. "Like our fans in the U.S. and Latin America, audience in Australia and New Zealand will now not exist able to get sufficient of these series after they start, and we are comfortable to be capable of meet this creating demand".

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Check out candy  Youngster  Most sensible on their new 'Dont Drink' MV!

Check out candy Youngster Most sensible on their new 'Dont Drink' MV!

TEEN Best is furthercandy in the "Don't Drink" MV that has just been released!

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On February 23, TEEN TOP's legitimate YouTube channel released the MV of the song "Don't Drink". The song is ready a guy's sweet taking just right care of his love as he encourages her not to drink. Each and every member of TEEN TOP is overloaded with lovely sweetness in this new MV. 

Check out TEEN TOP in "Don't Drink" above! 


TWICE's Nayeon apologizes for illegally streaming Taeyeon's music

TWICE's Nayeon apologizes for illegally streaming Taeyeon's music

TWICE's Nayeon apologized for her Instagram post.

She'd uploaded a photo of Taeyeon's "Secret" - hassle was, she'd been streaming an illegally uploaded edition on Soundcloud. Fanaticsspottedstraight away and the post used to be taken down, and she apologized quickly, saying, "Hello, it is Nayeon. First of all, I wish toask for forgiveness for my Instagram post. As a singer, I at all timesmust be careful on song and all thetechniquesto precise it, yetI used to be then rude. I am sorry that I troubled such so much of people. I willhandiest role the respectable music streamers that I firstly used so anything like this never occurs again. And I canwatch out on everything. Thank you."

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While many of us make illegally download music, many were baffled that Nayeon - who most probably suffers from unlawful downloading - would use the carrier herself. 

What do you recall to mind the situation?


Kakao to obtain  most sensible  song streaming firm

Kakao to obtain most sensible song streaming firm

Kakao, the operator of KakaoTalk, which is the maximumsmartly liked messenger in Korea, will gain LOEN, the operator of popular music-streaming provider MelOn. The purchasecan bethe 2d onebiggest in scale following the deal that Kakao made when it merged Daum Communications in October 2014.

On Monday, Kakao announced that it's milesmaking plansto shop for a 76.4 % stake value 1.87 trillion won (1.55 billion dollars) in the tune content operator. Kakao statedit is going toaccumulate 61.4 percent of the stake from Famous person Invest Holdings Limited, the most important stakeholder of LOEN, and 15.0 percent from SK Planet, the moment largest shareholder.

Kakao is looking out for to toughen its competitive edge by skill ofoffering the music content to its platform (KakaoTalk) whilstusing LOENs K-Pop content as the stepping stone to entering global market. The combo of Kakaos cellular platform and LOENs music content will generate a limiteless synergy. This is awonderful opportunity to make inroads into the global market", Kakao CEO Lim Ji-hun said.

To protected the acquisition funds, Kakao will have 6.91 million and 3,339 stocks of its own issued by an assigned 3rdbirthday partyand obtain 754.4 billion won (625.2 million dollars). This will likely brand Star Invest Holdings an owner of 5.55 million and 5,872 stocks of Kakao, making it the 0.33 largest stakeholder following Tencent (8.4 percent).

SK Planet is mulling over whether it would sell its stocks in LOEN (15.0 percent) to Kakao. One option will be to sell the stocks to Kakao beneaththe similarstipulations every bit Star Invest Holdings did, and the opposite is to stay LOENs shareholder.

For the remainder acquisition budget worth 1.12 trillion won (928 million dollars), Kakao will stablethe cashvia inducing investments and getting monetary loans while tapping into the moneyresources worth 750 billion won (621 million dollars). The closing date for the transaction is by February 29.


Kakao Moves To shop for South Korea's Greatest  Tune Streaming Carrier For $1.6 Billion USD

Kakao Moves To shop for South Korea's Greatest Tune Streaming Carrier For $1.6 Billion USD

Kakao Moves To obtain Loen Entertainment & MeLon On Monday, Korean chat app operator Kakao Corp announced a $1.6 billion USD deal to shop for a controlling stake in South Korea's MelOn Tune streaming service.

Kakao will purchase a 76.4 % stake in MelOn operator Loen Entertainment. Loen Entertainment is the house of IU, History, and other K-pop acts. It's far Kakao's greatest bargain since a 2014 merger with Korean seek engine operator, Daum.

Following the acquisition, Kakao will have the bulkinventory in Korea's best streaming service.

The deal comes at a time Kakao is taking a look to diversify. Currently, the company's chat app, KakaoTalk, is the dominant app in South Korea. With the purchase of MelOn, Kakao looks to get the jump on Spotify, the preferred music streaming service, which has yet to release in South Korea.

According to Reuters, South Korea's music streaming and download marketplaceused to bevalue an estimated $406 million USD in 2015.

KakaoTalk is used by way of around two-thirds of South Korea's population, with 37 million users in a rustic of 50 million.

Melon has 28 million users in South Korea, reportsYonhap.

"Music is probably the mostmaximumenjoyed content genres in the cellular era," acknowledged Kakao's CEO Jimmy Rim. "It could also be incredibly tough in that one song can set trends for a whole generation and highly impression global pop culture."

On March 14, Kakao will factor new stocks alongside a ticket of 109,121 won (~$100 USD).

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Amber"s message "Dont pass judgement on anyone simply because they"re other"

f(x)"s rapper Amber expressed her emotions in opposition to others" opinion of her.

On her Instagram, she uploaded a black photo captioned with an overly long message for the ones the ones whom she thinks are simple to pass pass judgement onment on other other folks on how they provide themselves.

Amber is understood for having a good-looking good glances and tomboy symbol since her de yet as a member of f(x), and on account of that she gets a variety of critiques that some actually harm her.

Here"s the message of Amber:

I never wish to be forceful yet there comes a time where i wish to position my foot down on anything i strongly consider in. on account of contemporary occasions i wish to deal with anything: I"ve been a tomboy lovely much all my existence and truthfully, to position it short, it actually sucks on occasion. Haters can and should hate, yet insulting me in front my face is completely other thing. I in my view consider boys and women aren't limited to one particular glance. Beauty comes in all styles and sizes. We are all other. If we all sang the similar melody how can there be team spirit? Dont pass judgement on any person just because they"re other. with a bit of luck we will be able to all grow to recognize both other"s differences. Im at all times glanceing to stick sure and glad. i like my existence, my paintings, and the the ones who are repeatedly supporting me. i'm at all times thankful because i know i'll be able tot be here by myself strength. With both mistake, i analyze my fault and then you ought to greater myself. I know i'll be able to"t be highest yet i'll at all times you ought to be my most sensible. In regards to that, i need thank bothone back for repeatedly encouraging me and believing in me. To put it just, love and assist one any other. And for the ones who are suffering, at all times be yourself. Being true and genuine to who you're is the largest thing you'll do for yourself. Love existence, paintings not easy, and chase your dreams. Thank you back. A photo posted by way of Amber J. Liu (@ajol_llama) on Jul 25, 2015 at 8:40am PDT

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Get the Free K-Pop streaming app

Get the Free K-Pop streaming app "BEAT" and listen to your idols" playlists

Get the Free K-Pop streaming app

BEAT BY "THE BEATPACKING COMPANY" Remember that time you wanted to listen to that song that was just released by your favorite K-Pop artist, but no one uploaded them on Soundcloud yet? Yeah, me too. Now, with the "BEAT" app, you don"t have to worry about waiting for fan uploads or have to listen to lesser quality versions via YouTube!

The "BEAT" app, created by "The Beatpacking Company," is notably the easiest and the fastest way to stream your favorite K-Pop songs and share them with your friends.

"BEAT" users can tune into more than twenty pre-curated channels or playlists by genre, occasion, mood, and even weather! In addition to gaining access to unique playlists created by the app, users can also create their own personalized stations called, "Starred Channels." The "Starred Channel" will gather all the tracks that you have favorited and compile them into one clean list.

What"s unique about "BEAT" though is that it presents celebrity DJ programs exclusive to "BEAT," where fans can listen to songs that their favorite artists and idols love. You can follow these artists and idols and get updates on what they are currently listening to. Members of WINNERYonghwa, 2NE1"s Dara and more are updating their shared playlists as we speak.

Lastly, there are various practical functions such as a sleep timer, which you can use to set a time for the application to shut off, without you having to do it manually in the middle of the night. There are also settings for social features and alarms as well.

For passive listeners like myself, who are also interested in unexpectedly coming across eargasmic songs, the endless pre-curated playlists as well as the Korean radio stations are like a heaven-sent angel. The best part? Everything that you"re listening to, and the App itself, is FREE. No gimmicks here.

In addition to being able to stream for free, there will be a special giveaway event coming up soon for new and old users where they will get the chance to win tickets to a top K-Pop idol concert coming up this year.

As of May 2015, "BEAT" is available in Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, U.K. and Vietnam. More countries will be available soon!

Get your "BEAT" today here.

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