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Video Jung Joon Young and Korean Englishman Josh Make Track at Hyde Park

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Video Jung Joon Young and Korean Englishman Josh Make Track at Hyde Park

--> Jung Joon Young and Josh, aka Korean Englishman, were given their inventive juices flowing on the maximum recent episode of Mnet virtual Lab′s Two Young.

The episode released on September nine captured Jung Joon Young and Josh at Hyde Park, and what else are two men in the direction of a park to do except...write a song together!

Despite a couple of distractions, Jung Joon Young and Josh organize to whip a song together.

Check out the clip below!

Two Young is focused on those two pals as they shuttle to England to move off adventures on their bucket list.

The internet series could be broadcast via Naver TVCast, Daum television Pot and YouTube, and new episodes will be released each Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. KST.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other While Watching a Horror Movie

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Wooyoung and Park Se Young Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other While Watching a Horror Movie

Virtual couple 2PMs Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young shared a blanket as they watched a horror movie together on the latest episode of We Got Married.

On the July 19 episode of We Got Married, the couple decided to spend the time watching a movie together. They snuggled closely together, sharing one blanket, and looked like a real couple as they comfortably showed a lot of skinship.

Although the movie was playing, the couple seemed more interested in being close to each other. During the movie, Wooyoung saw that his wife was getting scared so he put his around her to reassure her. Later on, Park Se Young tried to scare Wooyoung with a fake bloodied hand, but she didnt quite the reaction she expected.

You can watch a scene from the show here:

Park Jung Hyun: “My nanny spoke Spanish so I could not speak Korean or English well when I was young.”

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Park Jung Hyun: “My nanny spoke Spanish so I could not speak Korean or English well when I was young.”

Singers Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun featured in the December 10th broadcast of KBS’s “Hello”.

During the show, they discussed the problem of a 10-year-old son who has been living almost full time at his grandfather’s house.

The hosts then asked Park Jung Hyun about her relationship with her grandparents as a child, Park Jung Hyun shared, “I understand why a boy would want to live with his grandfather. When I was young, both of my parents worked and so I was raised by a nanny who came from South America.”

She went on, “My nanny could not speak English, and so she spoke to me in Spanish. As a result, I could not speak Korean or English well when I was young.”

Park Jung Hyuns parents then decided to send her to her grandmother’s house.

The singer revealed, “One day, I found a Spanish book at home. I asked my mother why she had it, and she answered that she tried to learn Spanish so she could have a conversation with me when I was young.”

Narsha and Son Ho Young co-host 2012 Korean Music Festival

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Narsha and Son Ho Young co-host 2012 Korean Music Festival

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha has recently updated her followers on Twitter with a photo taken with Son Ho Young.

Narsha wrote on her Twitter, 2012 Hollywood Bowl MC Son Ho Young and Narsha will start now, and attached a photo with the former g.o.d member.

The two will be co-hosting the 2012 Korean Music Festival taking place on April 29th at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Narsha is seen wearing a nude-toned tube top dress with Son Ho Youngs arms around her waist. Judging from her tweet, the photo seems to have been taken immediately before they went up the stage.

Netizens who came across the photo have commented, Wow, I didnt know you two would be the hosts, Hwaiting!, You look beautiful, and Good luck on your performance.

Source: Narshas Twitter

Park Bo Young Transforms into a Horror Queen This May

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Park Bo Young Transforms into a Horror Queen This May

After a year of production, Park Bo Young's comeback movie has finally set a release date. She was last seen three years ago in the movie, "Speedy Scandal," and now she is making a comeback in the horror movie, "Unidentified Video: Don't Click," which will be released on May 31.

"Unidentified Video: Don't Click" is a horror movie about two sisters who clicked and watched a video that is cursed. Once the video is clicked on, death begins. The movie is garnering attention for using the interesting topic of ghost story internet videos, which is popular amongst teenagers.

Park Bo Young plays the older sister, Sae Hee, out of the two sisters, who are cursed by the video and overcome with fear. While drawing out a atmosphere full of horror with her intense eyes, she is planning to show off her horror queen look.

Park Jin Young Opens Luxury Korean Restaurant in Manhattan

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Park Jin Young Opens Luxury Korean Restaurant in Manhattan

Singer and producer Park Jin Young opened a luxury Korean restaurant named "Kristalbelli" in Manhattan, New York on March 26 (local time) to provide Korean foods to New Yorkers. Park Jin Young held an official press conference on the opening day and explained the reason why he opened the Korean restaurant, saying, "The Hallyu boom has spread in many countries all around the world, and more local people are asking for information about Korean foods, but I actually found it very difficult to recommend any good Korean restaurant to the locals. This is why I have decided to open this Korean restaurant."

▲ Singer Park Jin Young, who opened Korean Restaurant in Manhattan The special characteristic of the place is a crystal pan to grill meats unlike other ordinary restaurants which usually utilize a gridiron made of steel or stone. Park Jin Young said, "Whenever I go to a restaurant to have grilled meat, I thought that it took too much time to grill with an ordinary gridiron, and it looks old-fashioned besides the fact that an unpleasant grilling smell remains on your clothes. So I wanted to make a completely new gridiron. At first, the shareholders of JYP Entertainment opposed my idea, so I personally invested 30 million won to invent the new gridiron over the past three months."

The grilling smoke goes under the gridiron before the smell of meat and smoke can permeate one's clothes, and the convex shape of the pan is ideal for draining oil. Park added that the crystal pan helps to grill meat more quickly. Park already applied for a patent and copyright for the newly invented gridiron. He will operate the restaurant chains and open more restaurants in other cities where the Hallyu boom is spreading, beginning from the first location in New York to other locations in LA, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul.

The restaurant will sell Japanese beef produced in the USA. As artificial seasoning is not used by the restaurant, the price for the beef will be higher compared to the other Korean restaurants in New York, but the other menu items except beef will be sold with similar prices to other restaurants. The size of the restaurant is around 600 square meters, and it can accommodate 220 people.

Park Jin Young also mentioned the globalization of Korean food, saying, "It is important to globalize Korean food, but a more important point is how to create an ideal image of Korean foods. We have to make Korean food have a luxury image rather than an image of simple and easy-to-cook food. I think that we can appeal to the upper class in other countries with only legitimate Korean food without making fusion Korean food."

Song Joong Ki-Park Bo Young in ‘Wolf Boy’, Korean ‘Twilight’?

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Song Joong Ki-Park Bo Young in ‘Wolf Boy’, Korean ‘Twilight’?

Actors Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young confirmed their appearance on the movie Wolf Boy (working title) and started shooting on December 21st.

Wolf Boy is the story of a secretive love between a wolf boy who leads a lonely life shunned by society and a cold-hearted girl who has closed her heart to the world.

Song Joong Ki has been busy working on various projects including SBS drama Deep Rooted Tree and movie Penny-Pinching Romance this year going from TV to the silver screen. In Wolf boy, Song Joong Ki will play the role of a wolf boy who has the instincts of a beast but gives his unconditional love for a girl. There will be the external changes in the character shown in the movie and the purest form of his love for the girl will also be the focal point.

Park Bo Young has achieved huge box office success with Speedy Scandal which drew 8.3 million moviegoers and now she will become the object of affection in the pure and beautiful love story of Wolf Boy. Park Bo Youngs character is a lonely girl who feels an unexpected attraction towards the wolf boy.

Park Bo Young is expected to show the more mature reflection of the inner conflicts in her character through this movie. Director Jo Sung Hee and the production company met Park Bo Young for the first time and were almost surprised at how much she resembled the character.

Wolf Boy will premier sometime next year.

Park Min Young Adorably Photo Bombs Yoo Seung Ho In the back of the Scenes of “Remember”

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Park Min Young Adorably Photo Bombs Yoo Seung Ho At the back of the Scenes of Consider ck525 November 30, 2015 0 LINE it!Park Min Young Adorably Photo Bombs Yoo Seung Ho Behind the Scenes of Remember Whilstenthusiasts are keento peerthe affection lines in “Remember” play out, a picture of Park Min Young photo bombing Yoo Seung Ho hinted at the conceivable chemistry between the two.

The SBS drama “Remember” printedphotographs of the set that show Yoo Seung Ho with Park Min Young on November 30, making fans longing forthe impending show.

In the image, Yoo Seung Ho is stunned when he sees Park Min Young photo bombing his shot, yet soon poses with her, throwing a peace signal amongsta large smile. The joking yet friendly setting of the set is obvious in the picture.

“The moment you capture the 2 in the similar frame, the atmosphere takes on a romantic air,” the body of workers said. “We’ll be ready to proportionan outstanding melodrama with the audience because either actors are very sentimental.”

Meanwhile, “Remember” is the drama debut for Yoon Hyun Ho, the author of the film “The Attorney,” and should air after “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.” The first episode will air on December 9.

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Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun Would possibly Reunite at the Large Screen

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Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun Might Reunite at theLarge Screennotclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun May additionally Reunite on the large Screen Actors Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Young were reported to be robustapplicants for casting in the impendingmovie “With God.”

If the rumors are true, this would be their first film in combination in seven years. Their finaltaskused to be “Scandal Makers” in 2008 when they played a father-daughter pair. The 2 actors have remained close and Park Bo Young continues to playfully confer with the older actor as “Dad.”

Ha Jung Woo has already been showed to be forged in the film, which tells the tale of a guy who dies and will have togo througha sequence of trials for 49 days in the afterlife, weaving in quite so much ofcomponents from classic Korean folklore. According to a webtoon of the similar name, the film is to be directed through Kim Yong Hwa.

Park Bo Young is these days starring in the film “You Call It Passion,” whilst Cha Tae Hyun’s Chinese-Korean film “The New Sassy Girl” and “Because I like You” (working title) are waiting for release.

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Park Bo Young Is green with envy of Han Ye Seul’s Glamorous Beauty

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Park Bo Young Is Envious of Han Ye Seul’s Glamorous Beauty Though Park Bo Young is understood for her lovable looks, she stated she is more envious of Han Ye Seul’s dazzling beauty.

On the episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on November 21, Park Bo Young seems on the “Guerrilla Date” to advertise her new film “You Call it Passion.”

When clips from her beyond are uncovered, Park Bo Young says, “My looks aren’t very glamorous.”

“I love fancy and urban looks, much like Han Ye Seul,” she adds.

Meanwhile, when asked about her ideal man, she answers, “A thoughtful and kind-hearted man.”