Dong Hyun Bae Opens Up About The Pressure Of Being Taeyangs Brother

Dong Hyun Bae Opens Up About The Pressure Of Being Taeyangs Brother

Actor Dong Hyun Bae, Taeyangs older brother, recently did an interview in which he shared about his famous brother and his role in the recent drama Greatest One-Shot.

In the interview, he said that he tries to be natural wherever he goes, but because Taeyang is his younger brother, he cant cause trouble and so he becomes cautious about his attitude. He laughed and said, When people ask if Im Taeyangs older brother, I end up unconsciously fixing my posture. He then explained, My younger brother has already succeeded but Im still struggling. As the eldest son, I am sorry that my younger brother is doing things that Im supposed to be doing.

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Dong Hyun Bae then spoke about his role in the KBS variety-drama Greatest One-Shot, in which he played the part of MC Drill, a trainee with stage fright. He revealed that he received the script at the audition, and that when he first heard the name MC Drill, he thought the character had hip-hop mania. He said, I thought he was a character that you shouldnt mess with and that he was unique with his own swag.

Dong Hyun Bae concluded the interview by stating that his goals for next year are to grow a little more as well as gain more interest as an actor.