Do Fans Really Feel Embarrassed By These Idol Photos?

Do Fans Really Feel Embarrassed By These Idol Photos?

K-Pop idols are known for looking perfect every single time! However, there are some idol photos that were unexpectedly taken and have them looking a little ridiculous rather than cool, sexy and appealing. Check out these hilarious photos that will leave you with second-hand embarrassment!

This is how it looks to others when you take the duck-face selfie on Snapchat.

Hani looks like the perfect villain of K-Pop.

Art reenacted at its finest.

We all know we wouldn’t be making these faces if we were getting those kisses.

Sojin is trying to find her happy place.

There is no need to comment on how derp this is.

When idols simply can’t understand netizens.

This is what happens when you get the worst stylist for your group.

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

Sooyoung’s derp is practically award winning.

Did any of your favorite idols’ derp photos make the list? Let us know and share some photos down below!