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Kim Bumsoo takes a photo with fans on his ‘Kim Bumsoo Showchestra in Sydney’

Kim Bumsoo showed a proof of his concert in Sydney.
On March 27th, Kim Bumsoo held his 'Kim Bumsoo Showchestra in Sydney' at Sydney’s Opera House. Kim Bumsoo took a photo with his audience who participated on his concert.
On the photo, he struck a weird but cute pose with his lots of Sydney fans who occupied the opera.

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Fly To The Sky’s Brian and Hwanhee reunite in a recent photo

On March 28th, Brian uploaded many photos of him and Hwanhee on his Twitter and Instagram, and wrote, "Been a while since we hung out, just the two of us~ brotherhood is GREAT with Hwanhee and me"
In the photos, Hwanhee and Brian are having a dinner at a restaurant. They are showing bright smiles together, and many fans are showing huge anticipation for their reunion.
Hwanhee and Brian debuted as a duo called Fly To The Sky back in 1999, and broke up after releasing their 10th debut anniversary album, 'Decennium'. They decided to reunite to celebrate their 15th anniversary since debut, and they are getting ready for their comeback.

Park Hyoshin’s ‘Wild Flower’ nails #1 on 10 music charts

Park Hyoshin came back in the music scene after a four-year hiatus with the release of his newest song, 'Wild Flower,' from his 7th album.
'Wild Flower' was released on March 28th, and remained on the 1st spot for the first two hours on Melon, Mnet, Bugs Music, Soribada, Olleh Music, Cyworld Music, Naver Music, Daum Music, Genie and Monkey3.

It was reported that his other songs will be released one by one soon.
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Another hooray for G-Dragon and CL!

DJ Skrillex’s latest album 'Recess' landed on the 4th spot of Billboard 200.
One of the tracks on the album is 'Dirty Vibe' which features Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's CL. This great achievement may open more doors to American pop market for G-Dragon and CL.
Meanwhile, 2NE1's newest album 'Crush' took the 61st spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The first K-Pop album to rank that high.
Job well done G-Dragon and CL.

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Crayon Pop’s revelations about their upcoming front acts on Lady Gaga’s concert

Crayon Pop help a press conference and showcase for their 5th single, 'Uh-ee' at Gwanghwamun Olleh Square on March 28th.
Crayon Pop talked about their upcoming front acts on Lady Gaga's concert tour. They said, "At first we couldn't believe it, we were really surprised. And we also heard that it was Lady Gaga herself who decided to request for us."
Wei revealed that Lady Gaga asked for their participation for the whole three months, but unfortunately they had to make it to a month only due to conflict of schedule, which was understood and accepted by Lady Gaga. Wei also shared that they will not just perform 'Bba Bba Bba' because Lady Gaga gave them 30 minutes resulting to four performances."
Geum Mi added, "All in all, twelve shows are in line. We'll go around USA and Canada for interviews with local press, and we hope to be able to do street performances as well

f’s Sulli rushed to a hospital due to abdominal pain

f(x)'s Sulli was rushed to the hospital due to a sudden abdominal pain.
At first it was suspected to be appendicitis, luckily it was diagnosed that the pain she felt was due to stress and not an indication of an infection of the appendix. She was advised to have rest at home.
Meanwhile, Sulli has wrapped up filming for 'Pirates,' but is currently filming for a new movie entitled 'Fashion King.'
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Orange Caramel’s NaNa reveals how many celebrities ask her out

Orange Caramel's NaNa guested on a radio show hosted by comedian Kim Shin Young.
On the radio show, NaNa revealed something about her personal life. She said, "So far there were ten celebrities who asked me out. I said yes to some, and some I refused."
When Kim Shin Young asked NaNa about her ideal type, she gave clues, "Making personal as the priority is a big consideration. I like guys who are gentle and caring."
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Justin Bieber says ‘I love you Korea’

Justin Bieber uploaded a photo on Instagram.
The photo showed Justin's fully tattooed arms. However, one will be very much familiar with the Korean race. A Korean traditional mask and his name 'Bieber' written in Hangeul can be seen.
The photo was captioned, "I love you Korea."
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Infinite’s Hoya spends time with his fans in celebration of his bday!

Infinite's Hoya turned 23 on March 28th.

Before his special big day, he conducted a celebration with his loyal fans. It was revealed when a Weibo user posted two photos on March 26th with a caption, "Thank you Howon for the great dinner.”

According to Woolim Entertainment, "All the Infinite's members value their fans so much. On those photos, it seemed that Hoya treated his fans, who participated in the filming that day, to a dinner." 
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Lee Jong Suk apologizes, “I didn’t see the fan, I’m sorry, I was all wrong”

In response to the 'unkind' behavior of actor Lee Jong Suk towards a fan at the Incheon airport yesterday, he offered a letter of apology through his fancafe on 28th.

A 'Letter of Apology' is posted on his official fancafe and it was written,

"After finishing my schedule, I could finally get the grip of what is happening. To start with, I am very very sorry and am very apologetic for surprising you... It seems that my words and actions contradict me so I am very upset and scared that my actions in the future would appear fake in your eyes."

"Whatever it is or even if I explain a hundred of times, what I did is definitely my fault. In fact, I think that my fans need my explanation... To begin with, I usually get over-protected because I am the main product of our company and it does bother me as well