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Sistar’s Soyou looks sexy on Arena Homme Plus Magazine

The lead vocalist of SISTAR, the "digital queen" Soyou has become the latest muse for Arena Homme Plus Magazine.
In the pictorials, Soyou shows off her glamorous body in black and white outfits. Her poses, her gaze, her tangled hair make the pictorials look much more impressive.
See the full photoset on the May issue of Arena Homme Plus magazine.


Krystal’s past photos receive attention

Recently, f(x) Krystal's past photos were uploaded on a community board and received much attention.
In those photos, we can see Krystal in her childhood days, from a baby girl to a teenager. She has beautiful features and lovely look. Comparing to now, Krystal seems unchanged. Especially, at the age of 12, she already possesses a beautiful legs and glows as a star.

Netizens commented, "She is outstanding", "She was born beautiful", "Krystal is the best", "So lovely",.... to show their admiration to her natural beauty.

Girl’s day bring summer look to CeCi magazine

Girl's day display their various charms on the latest issue of CeCi magazine.
Girl's Day members Min Ah, Sojin, Hyeri and Yura dress in colorful outfits, enjoy their breakfast, dress up for party, work out, ..., showing their fresh and active images which remind us of summer time.
Check out the full pictorials on the May issue of CeCi magazine.


MBC variety shows to slowly get back

MBC is considering to get their regular variety shows back in the usual time slots.
MBC has just announced variety show schedule for upcoming weekend. They will be slowly putting back the schedule to the normal setting. 'Infinite Challenge', 'We got Married', 'Quiz to Change the World', 'Dad Where are you going' and 'Real Men' will be airing as usual. Kang Ho Dong's new show 'Stargazing' and 'The road of Comedy' will also air on 24th and 27th for the first time.
However, the broadcast station's reps revealed that the schedule may change again and other programs later this week are still not decided to air or not, it really depends on the ferry situation.
SBS and KBS are still discussing on airing the scheduled programs.

Han Ga-in, pregnant with Yeon Jeong-hoon

Actress Han Ga-in is 7 weeks pregnant.

According to a source, Han Ga-in has been 7 weeks pregnant but the announcement was made carefully due to the crisis of the sunken ship.

Han Ga-in and her husband Yeon Jeong-hoon are very happy about it but they haven't told many people around them. They are very cautious about making too much noise when everyone is in mourning of the victims.

Yeon Jeong-hoon met in 2003 through the KBS drama "Yellow Handkerchief" and got married on the 26th of April 2005. They are now about 10 years married.

Source :

Yeon Jung Hoon & Han Ga In To Have A Baby


Actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Han Ga In are finally becoming parents after ten years of marriage. One source said on April 21, 2014, "Actress Han Ga In recently got pregnant. As the news of the baby comes after long years of marriage without a child, both Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In, and the families are very happy at the news. However, as the nation is crying for the ferry disaster, the news of the new baby has been shared only with the family members and close friends." Actress Han Ga In"s agency B H Entertainment also confirmed the news of Han Ga In"s pregnancy. A spokesperson from B H Entertainment said, "I heard from Han Ga In that she is pregnant. We do not even know how old the baby is yet." In related news, actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Han Ga In filmed the drama "Yellow Handkerchief" together in 2003, and married in 2005 after two years of dating

G.NA vs Jaekyung, who wore it better?

G.NA and Rainbow's Jaekyung were seen wearing a similar design.
Recently, the pictorials of 1st look magazine featuring G.NA has been uploaded online and drew much attention to her beautiful figure. G.NA wore a white lace dress to portray a sexy image while Jaekyung looks lovely and cute on the set of Onstyle's program, "Get it beauty".
The two were both known for best body figures in kpop, who seems to wear it better?

Yoon Gun sings OST for “Angel eyes”

Singer Yoon Gun will sing the OST part 3 for SBS drama "Angel eyes".
On April 20, the "Angel eyes" production crew revealed that Yoon Gun would sing the OST for the drama. The song title is "I love you so much" portraying Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) 's passionate love for Soowan (Goo Hye Sun).
The president of M.Hyeseung music stated: "A few months before reading the script of "Angel Eyes", to write a theme song for the drama, we think of Yoon Gun right away. His voice is really warm which is suitable for a beautiful but sad love affair, easy to move the viewers".
"I love you so much" will official released on the 21st.

The ideal wife for Song Seung Heon revealed!

Song Seung Heon shared his thoughts on tying a knot.
During his photo shoot and interview for the May edition of fashion magazine '@star1,' Song Seung Heon was asked about his upcoming movie 'Obsessed' (literally translated as Human Addiction). He said, "I am very nervous because it's my first time to do that kind of movie. I'm hoping that the people will like the other side of me."
Song Seung Heon disclosed that he is a huge fan of Chu Sa Rang, the daughter of Chu Sung Hoon. He said, "Definitely, everyone loves her. I hope of having a daughter like her someday. The greatest goal of my life is having a happy family. However, I believe that getting in a relationship and finding a wife-material woman are too different. I just hope to find a woman who is optimistic and is dependable whenever I feel troubled

Sung Joon is motivated to pursue acting by his embarrassing debut drama

Actor Sung Joon had his photo shoot and interview for the May issue of fashion magazine 'InStyle.'
During his interview, he was asked on what he did after 'I Need Romance 3' ended. He said, "After the wrap up of 'I Need Romance 3,' I bought a bicycle, and I used that as my vehicle in going to my management agency office in Apgujeong-dong from my house in Yangjae-dong for one month."
He was also asked on what made him pursue his acting career. He shared, "I was motivated by my debut drama, 'White Christmas.' My acting there was not that impressive, and I decided to give myself another try. From then on, I started having passion for acting and I'm always hoping to get better and better."
Grab a copy of the May edition of 'InStyle' to know more about him.
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews