Dispatch Reveals Exactly How Police Found Out T.O.P Was Smoking Marijuana

Dispatch Reveals Exactly How Police Found Out T.O.P Was Smoking Marijuana

Police say a female trainees belongings exposed T.O.P of having smoked marijuana which ultimately permitted the police to test his hair.

Earlier today, BIGBANGs T.O.P was reported to have smoked marijuana illegally in October 2016, with fans and the public confused as to why he was suddenly tested 7 months later.

It was recently discovered that a former 2NE1 stylist BIGBANGs good friend, Yang, was arrested for using cocaine in Los Angeles, California in April 2014, and marijuana in Tokyo, Japan in March 2016.

Results of investigations on YG Entertainment stylist Yang: Prosecution of cases on drugs and crime: (1) Entertainment worker who used cocaine multiple times.

With growing counts of drug abuse, police doubled down on drug crimes and found that one of their suspects was an idol trainee. During these investigations, T.O.Ps name accidentally came up, leading the police to suspect T.O.P for drug use.

Police stated that this was only speculation, and in order to receive a warrant to test T.O.Ps hair for drug use, they needed evidence of the relationship between T.O.P and trainee A.

What ultimately allowed for the police to acquire a warrant to test T.O.Ps hair was the belongings of trainee A, as they found sources confirming the relationship between the two.

T.O.P initially denied the allegations the test results, but later admitted to smoking marijuana in his home with trainee A, and explained that he thought it was just an electronic cigarette.

T.O.Ps home in Hannam-dong.

According to an insider at the Public Prosecutors Office, T.O.P will most likely be receiving a suspension of indictment as he is currently serving in the military.