Did rapper Sleepy make it on the first round of ‘Show Me The Money 6’?

Did rapper Sleepy make it on the first round of ‘Show Me The Money 6’?

The first round of auditions for ‘Show Me The Money 6’ continued airing on the July 7 episode. 

Previously, rapper Sleepy, who debuted in the group Untouchable in 2008, surprised many by announcing that he’s auditioning for the rapper competition program. 

On this week’s broadcast, Sleepy opened up about his decision, and said, “Some people know me as a comedian, some as a soldier. I used to be called the monsters of music charts when I debuted in Untouchable. I just started going on variety shows because it was fun but I could no longer fit in the hip-hop scene as time flew.”

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He continued, “I just want people to realize that Sleepy is a rapper and hear them say ‘He’s better than I thought’. I don’t have any great expectations for myself in the hip-hop scene. I hope people kindly look at me as I head a new challenge like I did when I first got into hip-hop and rap.”

Zico was the judge for Sleepy. Sleepy seemed nervous and even paused in the middle of his audition. However, Zico gave him the necklace and commented, “During Jiggy Fellaz days, Sleepy had his own high tone voice that pierces the ear. I wanted to hear more of that in the next round.”

Sleepy also said, “I never knew it would be this hard to receive this necklace.”

Watch Sleepy’s audition clip above. 

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