DIA’s Yebin and Somyi to participate in KBS’ idol rebooting project ‘The Unit’

DIA’s Yebin and Somyi to participate in KBS’ idol rebooting project ‘The Unit’

DIA’s Yebinand Somyiwill be appearing on ‘The Unit’.

The pair wrote a letter to their fans and posted it via Instagram, letting fans know of their decision. The girls wrote,

To our AID, who is so precious to us 🙂

Hello, lovely AID. It’s Yebin and Somyi. We’re writing now because we thought you should know first. Yebin and Somyi will be going out on ‘The Unit’. We thought that it was right to let you hear it from us from, as AID is always supporting us and with us. We thought a lot about this decision, and we thought about how to tell the members, the companym and the CEO what we thought. We told the members first, and they respected our decision and gave us a lot of comfort. We then told the label, and made the decision after considerations. We’re worried that AID might be flustered from our decision. We wanted to grow through ‘The Unit’ and be evaluated. We are so thankfu to the members who trust in us and love us, and since DIA is so precious to us, we will work even harder. We will not be caught up by the results and come back as Yebin and Somyi who has matured more. AID will be a source of great strength! We’re always thankful and we love you.

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Not too long after, DIA posted to worried fans that neither girls were leaving the group. They wrote,

You were surprised by the news that Yebin and Somyi would be on ‘The Unit’, right? As they wrote, Yebin and Somyi are not leaving DIA. We support their new challenge, and as they work hard in DIA, we’re hoping they do their best in ‘The Unit’ without thinking about the results. We will continue promoting as DIA and be with AID, so don’t worry. Please support them together with us until they come back!

‘The Unit’ will air in October.

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