DIAs Huihyun Accidentally Admits Chaeyeon Often Drinks Alone

DIAs Huihyun Accidentally Admits Chaeyeon Often Drinks Alone

Chaeyeons drinking habits were exposed on a recent episode of Hello Counselor and she hastily defended herself.

DIAs Chaeyeon and Huihyun guest starred on the May 1 episode of KBSs reality program Hello Counselor where they talked about a number of things, including drinking habits.

Hello Counsellors host, Shin Dong Yup, stated that not only did he believe that Chaeyeon was the type of drinker who could handle her liquor, he was also confident that, out of everyone on the celebrity guest panel, Chaeyeon would hold the title of best soju drinker.

It was then that Huihyun interjected with an admission of Chaeyeons drinking habits.

“I use the same room as a Chaeyeon. There is always a bottle of soju next to her while shes sleeping.”

Embarrassed by the sudden exposure on public broadcast, Chaeyeon responded defensively.

“The members do not drink. So, I drink alone.”

Despite the sudden spotlight on her drinking habits, the conversation ended with Dong Yup making a joke about it. The discussion then continued with the panelists discussing DIA’s recent comeback.

Watch the revelation and statement below: