DIAs Eunjins Bra Slides Down During a Performance

DIAs Eunjins Bra Slides Down During a Performance

DIAEunjin experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during a recent performance but she handled it perfectly.

Idols are known for their perfect performances and stage outfits but sometimes, as prepared as an idol group may be, events do not always go as planned. Idol girl group, DIA, recently attended a festival in Yeoncheon on May 3, where they performed their latest song Will You Go Out With Me as a celebration performance.

Despite putting on a wonderful performance, many fans noticed that member Eunjin seemed to have suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during the performance. Halfway through their performance, fans noticed that her bra had begun to slip down inside her top.

You can notice it start the slip a bit here.

This must have been uncomfortable for her

Any girl who has ever had to wear a strapless bra or top will know how frustrating it can be when it doesnt stay in place. However, Eunjin was able to handle the mishap professionally without any indication of discomfort or annoyance at her outfit, finishing off her performance flawlessly.

You can check out the full clip of the performance below!