DIA’s Eunjin taken to hospital during comeback showcase

DIA’s Eunjin taken to hospital during comeback showcase

DIA’s Eunjinwas taken to the emergency room during their ‘DIA COMEBACK SHOWCASE’.

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On April 19, DIA held the comeback showcase for their new album ‘YOLO’ hosted by fellow MBK Entertainmentlabelmate Shannonand producer Kim Kwang Soo. When DIA performed their new tracks, Eunjin was spotted having a hard time with the choreography, stopping in the middle and suddenly going backstage.

The hosts then revealed Eunjin was taken to the hospital for breathing difficulties. It’s reported she had taken medicine on an empty stomach before the show, which must have affected her condition.

Heeyeoncommented, “I think she overdid it after the press conference and communicating with fans. We plan to go see her at the hospital. I don’t think it’s right to leave fans in the dark about what’s happening. We apologize.”

Hopefully, Eunjin recovers soon.

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