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2PM Minus Jay: What Would It Had Been Like If He Stayed?


2PM just passed the 5 year anniversary mark since their debut. The 6-membered boyband is currently JYP Entertainment's cash cow and their biggest most successful boy group since the days of G.O.D. The group has exceeded expectations and have gained huge success in both Korea and the rest of the Asian countries including Thailand and Japan where the members have pierced the hearts of women everywhere. Though their initial single, "10 out of 10" was a doozy, the group's comeback single, "Again & Again," skyrocketed their fame to new heights. It's what converted me into a HOTTEST and it's what made room for the group in the fierce world of K-pop where you have one chance to make it or one chance to fall into the black hole of failure.

The group has garnered millions and millions of fans since their initial debut but before the group was 6, they were 7

Extraordinary General Meeting Approves Merger Between JYP Entertainment And JYP

JYP Entertainment has published the results of their Extraordinary General Meeting regarding the merger between the publicly listed JYP Entertainment and the non listed JYP on the Korean Financial Supervisory Service’s DART Electronic Reporting System. The report states that the merger has been approved with the merger effective starting from October 17.

There were a lot of big words in that first paragraph so lets break it down a bit because this report has some juicy information, including how much each of their artists make for the company.

First a summary

JYP Entertainment and JYP-Parent used to be separate companies responsible for separate artists They have decided to merge the two companies together under the “JYP Entertainment” banner They held an investor’s meeting to discuss the merger They have revealed that they plan to expand their business to include drama, movie production, tour packages, musicals and actors

Review: Rapper Dok2′s ‘Oh Yeah (Feel Good)’ Could Be The Hottest Beat In Korean Hip-Hop Right Now [AUDIO]

DOK2, Oh Yeah Feel Good

Not since Beenzino’s “Aqua Man” has a South Korean artist produced a beat with the crossover potential of Dok2’s “Oh Yeah (Feel Good).”

Executives from the South Korean hip-hop label Illionaire Records knew what they were doing in releasing "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)," the new electrifying new single by rapper Dok2, on a Friday.

This song will get a party started immediately, no matter what language the crowd is speaking.

And while G-Dragon might be owning the Billboard K-pop charts right now, Dok2 is giving "Niliria," the Big Bang rapper's collaboration with hip-hop icon Missy Elliott, a run for its money as the hottest beat in Korean rap music right now.

Not since Beenzino's "Aqua Man" has a South Korean artist produced a beat with the crossover potential of Dok2's "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)

Lee Min Ho and Bae Seul Gi Cast In New Movie

Actor Lee Min Ho (No, not the “City Hunter” one. The younger one from “Rooftop Prince.”) and singer turned actress Bae Sul Gi havve been cast for the new movie “School of Youths (Tentative)” according to an exclusive report published by media outlet Starnews.

According to the report, Lee Min Ho and Bae Seul Gi have been cast as the two protagonists for the movie “School of Youths.” The movie is directed by director Goo Mo, whose most recent project was “District 820.” The “School of Youths” is set in a school during the Joseun dynasty and will be a comedy about the youths within it. The main focus of the story however will be about a young classical scholar investigating a case where he was molested by a mysterious lady and his own romances during his stay in the school

[EXCLUSIVE] EXO: “The Aura and Energy from the 12 Members Gave Us a More Powerful Image on Stage”


Transforming themselves from 12 super powered aliens from extrasolar planet to 12 charming wolves, the super rookie idol, EXO growling the Korean waves with their powerful comeback after a year and continued to climb up the ladder of success with their repackaged album promotion.

After showcasing a splendid and yet another extraordinaire performance on Saturday's night, 8th September 2013 for MTV Worldstage 2013 at Sunway Surf Beach, the EXO members talked about their recent unexpected successful comebacks and future plans in an exclusive interview with the selected media representatives.

As the EXO members, dressed handsomely in plaid school uniform costume, walked into the centre stage, they were welcomed by the medias and MTV VJ's Alan Wong and Hanliloefer

Girls' Generation's Seohyun and Lee Won Geun Are Young Lovers in "Passionate Love"

“Passionate Love” ramps up the excitement towards the drama’s premiere with a set of stills featuring Girls’ Generation‘s youngest member Seohyun  and Lee Won Geun. In the  recently released photos, Seohyun and Lee Won Geun are featured in character as young lovers beginning a romance.

In the drama, Seohyun plays Han Yoo Rim, a college student taking veterinary medicine. Lee Won Geun plays the younger version of Kang Mu Yeol, the male lead character (played in later years by Sung Hoon.) 

The stills show Seohyun in her innocent and simple look while Lee Won Geun radiates a chic appeal. As previously reported, the drama is Seohyun’s first challenge at being an actress. 

“Passionate Love” is about the love story of a man and woman from tragically crossed families

Lim Kim Gives Us More of "Her Voice"

Lim Kim Gives Us More of “Her Voice”

Looking back on the first three quarters of 2013, Lim Kim of Togeworl fame’s solo efforts stand out. Like Lee Hi, she has offered a quieter, more jazzy and more sultry alternative to the usual K-pop standard, which can be bombastic even in its balladry. Less bombastic does not therefore mean that what she offers has less feeling. Indeed, her music can be quite emotional, as we witnessed earlier this year with the release of “All Right,” which came with a music video that managed to be beautiful, endearing, vaguely frightening and annoyingly repetitive (like the song) all at once. This track was rather surprisingly able to capture popular attention right at the start of the summer, which is usually a time when people want their music to speed up and be lighthearted — basically the opposite of the feeling that “All Right” captures

Younger love for veteran star

Actor Baek Yoon-sik has been dating a reporter 30 years his junior.

After one local media outlet reported Baek's romantic relationship yesterday, his agency confirmed it to Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

"As far as we know, he has been dating a reporter from a terrestrial channel who is 30 years younger than him since June last year, and they are serious about the relationship", said an official at Baek's agency, Namoo Actors.

The initial report said that Baek, 66, and the reporter were spotted together at a VIP screening of "The Face Reader" earlier this month. The reporter and Baek, who has a supporting role in the recently released hit, were spotted together with other actors and the crew enjoying drinks after the screening. He even drove her home afterward

Key And Jung Eun Ji To Be Special MCs for "Sebakwi"

“Sebakwi” (also known as “World Changing Quiz”) was in a bit of pickle recently with Park Myung Soo leaving the MC role to focus on his other schedules (like Infinity Challenge) and his candidate Clara has also rejected a call up on the MC role for the late night talk show. So while they look for a more permanent MC replacement it appears that the program will once again return to a system of rotating special MCs. The first of these special MCs will be SHINee’s Key and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji.

On September 13, MBC  released a press release that revealed that “Sebakwi” is set to be reborn as a talk show to reduce the generational gap during the autumn program reorganization period. In this press conference they revealed that the first of their special MCs will be A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji followed up by SHINee’s Key the week after

Second season of ‘K-Pop Star’ wraps up auditions

SBS is gearing up to start another season of its popular survival audition program "K-Pop Star".

"Regional auditions have been ongoing, and SBS plans to broadcast the first recording of the show next month", said an official at SBS, according to local media reports.

The production team plans on going on air mid-November.

Judges on the show will be the same, with BoA from SM Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk from YG Entertainment and Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment. The agencies are known as the country's top three music companies.

The regional auditions, which started back in August, will be completed Saturday.

By Lee Sun-min