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Eddy Kim to promote second title track ‘The Manual’

Eddy Kim has some good news to his fans.

He has decided to promote a second title track after his successful 'Push and Pull' promotions. With the help of his fans, Eddy Kim picked 'The Manual' as his 2nd track to promote.

'The Manual' was pre-released before his debut mini album dropped on April 11, and received explosive response thus making it his choice for 2nd title track. Prior to that, Eddy Kim is going to start promoting 'The Manual' on April 17 through 'M! Countdown'.

Jiyeon updates fans with preview cuts from upcoming ’1MIN 1SEC’ MV spoiler clip

T-ara”s Jiyeon has been turning heads as she continues to drop hints here and there about her solo debut. She”s now here with preview cuts from her upcoming MV spoiler video for “1MIN 1SEC” that will be released later today!

Core Contents Media stated, “The teaser video is different from the previous teaser video with its more eye-catching scenes and a side of Jiyeon you weren”t able to see when she was promoting as T-ara.”

Jiyeon has gone from flirty to dramatic in her previous teasers and now she is confirming that we will indeed see a sexy concept from her with her too-hot-to-resist preview cuts that show off her long legs in sexy stockings. She also asks in one of the preview cuts, “What do you think of during 1 min 1 sec?” leaving fans to wonder what that could mean.


Jiyeon will release her MV spoiler video today to take you to the set of her MV filming, and then drop the official MV teaser on the 17th, so stay tuned!


Block B send a thankful video message to fans in celebration of their 3rd anniversary

After the release of their latest MV for new track “Jackpot,” the wild boys of Block B showed their sweet side as they thanked fans in another video marking their third anniversary as a group.

That’s right! The boys celebrated their third anniversary since debut, standing up and screaming in excitement while relaying the good news. Leader Zico then thanked their fans, BBCs, for supporting them the last three years, promising to pay them back in the next three.

Check out the sweet video above and congratulations to them on this milestone!

Legendary Idol Group S.E.S Members Show Off Their Strong, Lasting Friendship in Recent Reunion

Legendary idol group S.E.S members Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited, and pictures of their reunion was posted by Bada on April 15 through her Twitter. Alongside the pictures, the singer wrote, “We are three…we still look good together. Life is beautiful.”

The girls look very happy in the pictures and it is nice to see that even through all this time, the friendship shared among those three has not changed. It has been more than 17 years since their debut, yet they still look young together.

Netizens’ comments included, “S.E.S, my childhood heroes,” “S.E.S are my sisters forever,” “Their friendship is so beautiful.”

Bada is currently starring in her own musical productions, and Eugene is working as a full-time actress. It has been reported that Shoo will be making her official acting debut very soon

Z.Hera’s Debut Track Regains Popularity as New Theme Song for Sports Program

Female soloist Z.Hera (known as Ji Hae Ra in Korean)’s debut track “Peacock” will be the latest theme song for the second season of cable SBS Sports’ show “Baseball’s Real Character.”

The sports program made its premiere last month to match the start of the baseball season, and used a remake version of Z.Hera’s track “Peacock.”

Victory’s Fireworks” is the remake song of “Peacock” and has been arranged into the rock genre. The song is hot among baseball fans to the point that the program’s online forum got flooded by viewers asking more information on the song.

“Baseball’s Real Character” is a real documentary program that sheds light on the world of baseball, its victories, and behind the scenes, and is aired every Sunday at 10pm (KST) through SBS Sports

WINNER Shoots Album Cover: YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk Clears Calendar To Prepare For Debut

(Photo : courtesy of YG Entertainment)(Photo : courtesy of YG Life)

It"s been a big week for viewers of the 2013 reality show "Who Is Next: WIN."

On Tuesday, less than 48 hours after the losing team from the television program, (which pitted two teams of aspiring pop stars together for the chance to become the next YG Entertainment boy band), still known as Team B, wrapped up a pair of surprise return performances onstage at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, the label announced the winning team, now known as WINNER, is preparing for the release for their debut album.

"Recently we had a meeting on the music video," YG Entertainment CEO and co-founder Yang Hyun Suk told the Korean publication TV Report on Tuesday.

"It will be filmed soon. Currently, they are photographing the album jacket

Big Bang Daesung Adds To More Concert Dates To Japan Solo Arena Tour

Big Bang group member Daesung will be adding on 2 more concert dates to his "D-LITE Tour 2014 In Japan".

This tour will begin on June 11 at the Yokohama arena. He will visit Kobe, Fukuoka and Budokan and meet with his fans.

He received a huge response during ticket sales and will be visiting 8 cities for a total of 15 performances.

Last February, he released his Japan solo debut album, D"scover, and ranked number 2 on the Oricon weekly chart.

He then held his "D-LITE D"scover Tour 2013 in Japan" and visited 20 cities and performed 26 times and met with 100,000 fans.

This year, Big Bang successfully completed their Japan 6 dome tour and also recently held their "YG Family World Tour 2014 POWER in Japan" on April 12-13 as well

B.A.P Delivers 100% Of Their Charm With Their 1st Reality Program

(Photo : TS Entertainment)

Boy group B.A.P is looking to emit 100% of pure charm for their fans.

On April 13th the 6 members of B.A.P were featured in a spot video in which they each yelled out a syllable of "B.A.P Attack?" and piqued their fans" curiosity. The next day, they posted a 40 second video of the members dancing in the practice room and joking around with one another.

"B.A.P Attack" will be posted every Tuesday, and will feature missions that B.A.P members are given throughout their "B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour." It"s a reality program that will record the process of B.A.P"s "conquest on earth" as they try to complete different missions in each country.

From their debut, B.A.P has expressed their determination to conquer the world through music, and are well known as "performance idols" and "live artists" because of their focus on concerts

SM ROOKIES Releases Teaser Clip for Official Website

SM Entertainment"s pre-debut team SM ROOKIES released a teaser clip in anticipation of their website opening.

SM ROOKIES revealed the teaser clip for their official homepage through SMTOWN"s Youtube channel and Facebook page. The clip shows the rookies entering the studio for practice.

In the official webpage to open at the end of this month, the rookies" profiles, choreography, vocal practices, pictures, and clips are to be posted.

SM ROOKIES is SM Entertainment"s pre-debut team, a vista brand that has already begun promotions through profile release, remake track recordings, and pictures. They will soon begin performances and prove themselves as SM"s new star.

Akdong Musician Announces “Give Love” as Their Third Title Song

Akdong Musician"s third title song was announced to be titled "Give Love".

On YG Entertainment"s official blog, a post announcing: "The third title song that you all selected for Akdong Musician is "Give Love"!" A third title track following the first two songs "200%" and "Melted" was decided. YG"s producer Yang Hyun Suk had previously announced that the song that was most loved by fans would be selected as the album"s third title song. YG selected "200%" as Akdong Musician"s first title song while the members themselves chose "Melted".

After the release of Akdong Musician"s debut album on April 7, "Give Love" was the most popular after "200%" and "Melted". The song remains #4 on Mnet and Olleh Music and #7 on Bugs and Melon.

"Give Love" is inspired by the hearts, or lives, given in a smartphone game; the lyrics show Akdong Musician"s unique creativity