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Akdong Musician Wins No.1 for SBS Inkigayo with “200%”

Sibling duo Akdong Musician has taken their second win with debut track “200%“! Following one from “M!Countdown,” Akdong Musician won first place at SBS “Inkigayo.”

Unfortunately, like the April 17 episode of “M!Countdown,” the April 20 episode of “Inkigayo” did not air due to almost non-news related TV programs being halted while the Sewol ferry disaster is ongoing in Korea. Akdong Musician’s win on “Inkigayo” was announced through the show’s homepage.

Akdong Musician’s “200%,” HIGH4 and IU‘s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” and A Pink‘s “Mr.Chu” were the front runners, with Akdong Musician taking the win with a total of 9556 points from 6000 points for digital sales, 3500 points for SNS, and 56 points for viewers’ votes

A Pink reveal they’re getting close with B1A4

A Pink revealed that they were getting close with B1A4!
The girls sat down for an interview with TV Daily, where they talked about being shy. The girls said, "We heard that we were just like 4minute. We"re just the same. We"re not very close to other singers, so we just hang out by ourselves in the waiting rooms. We just greet a few other groups. We have a lot of fun by ourselves, but in a program with other people, we just sit quietly and say nothing."

Chorong added, "Except Eunji, everyone is shy. I think we were worse when we just debuted. But now that we do this, we"re starting to talk to others and even greeting them first."
On getting close with other groups, the girls confessed that even though they had a swap-stage with Girl"s Day last year, they weren"t able to get too close

2000 Won Says They Thought about Changing Their Name

Rookie duo 2000 Won recently revealed in an interview with OSEN that they thought about changing their group name.

“Before our debut, there was a lot of talk about changing our group name. But in order to maintain our group identity, we decided not to. Because our group name is money, we used get upset when people would say things like, ‘Is their music just worth 2000 won?’ But we’re trying to be more optimistic now.”

“We became known under the name 2000 Won. As much as it’s a unique name, we want to make unique music. While there are a lot of groups with a solid vocal foundation, we want to become a group that gives people the anticipation of something new.”

T-ara’s Jiyeon shows her feminine charm for Arena Homme+ Magazine

T-ara's Jiyeon reveals a preview of her photoshoot for Arena Homme+ Magazine.

She will be featured in the May issue of the popular magazine, fans will get to see more feminine charm of Jiyeon in the magazine.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon is preparing for her solo debut next week.

Akdong Musician dishes about their pre-debut diet routine

Although Akdong Musician is already one of the most well-known rookie artists in Korea, they still had a tough path to follow before they could realize their dream - including a hellish diet routine which they detailed in their new autobiography, Raise Your Voice High!

The two halves of AkMu have radically different tastes - while Chan Hyuk loves noodles, Soo Hyun is a meat lover, which made it especially hard for her to go on her diet.

The dieting life in YG Entertainment consists of both a diet and an exercise routine, AkMu writes. For lunch, Soo Hyun was only allowed to eat vegetarian bibimbap - if she wanted to eat anything else, she had to take a photo of it and get it approved by her dietitian!

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There were other restrictions - chicken breasts could only be eaten in the evenings, and snack foods such as cookies and bread as well as high-sodium foods such as ddukbokki and ramen were banned outright

BoA Shared How She Got The Part For ‘Make your Move’ And Her Thoughts On Singing And Acting

No doubt that BoA is one of the female Korean artists who is very successful today, after debuting at an early age of 13 and now, as she turns 29, a lot has change for her and her career move into acting. BoA shared that she had no plans to be an actress but opportunity struck as she was cast to star on "Make Your Move". She said, "When I was busy with my singing career, the director came all the way to Japan and handed me a script. He saw my video on YouTube and thought that it would be good if I played the lead role of Aya. I was also suspicious and thought, "Why a movie suddenly?" I share a lot of similarities with the character and her love for dancing, so I accepted it to express a lot of things through the movie. It started out as a dance movie, but it opened my eyes to acting... It"s difficult to act in Korean, so I honestly felt pressured moreso because all of the lines were in English

Akdong Musician Claims #1 For The First Time Ever On A Music Broadcast!

[Source: Ilgan Sports]

Akdong Musician has snatched their first music show win since their debut!

On the April 17 broadcast of Mnet"s M! Countdown, the brother and sister duo won first place with their title track "200%" off their debut album PLAY.

Despite the upbeat news, however, we are reminded once again of the tragic maritime event that has been flooding the news ever since its happening. Because of the catastrophe of this accident, Mnet has restricted the content of its website and has decided to display only the rankings of the week. With Akdong Musician as #1, A-PINK is shown to have been the other contestant for the top position.

Mad Clown jumped up to #3 with his new single "Without You" and Lee Sun Hee dropped two rankings, placing 4th with "Meet Him Among Them"

Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun Found Dieting Difficult

Akdong Musician, who has been topping charts with their debut album “Play,” not only worked hard to the best music they could, but also physically prepare themselves for the camera.

The sister member of this sibling duo, Lee Soo Hyun, saw how people’s perspective of her changed as she became a celebrity. People would tell her that her small nose was cute but she should lose some weight.

Apparently, someone in the beauty pageant industry approached her mom after “K-Pop Star 2″ ended and said she should put her daughter on stage as a model like Jang Yoon Joo.

Female in the center: model Jang Yoon Joo

Akdong Musician underwent a diet and exercise routine through their agency, YG Entertainment. If she didn’t properly stick to her routine, her brother, Lee Chan Hyuk, nagged her

Sung Joon is motivated to pursue acting by his embarrassing debut drama

Actor Sung Joon had his photo shoot and interview for the May issue of fashion magazine 'InStyle.'
During his interview, he was asked on what he did after 'I Need Romance 3' ended. He said, "After the wrap up of 'I Need Romance 3,' I bought a bicycle, and I used that as my vehicle in going to my management agency office in Apgujeong-dong from my house in Yangjae-dong for one month."
He was also asked on what made him pursue his acting career. He shared, "I was motivated by my debut drama, 'White Christmas.' My acting there was not that impressive, and I decided to give myself another try. From then on, I started having passion for acting and I'm always hoping to get better and better."
Grab a copy of the May edition of 'InStyle' to know more about him.
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews

Jewelry’s Yewon Lands a Role in “Hotel King”

Kim Yewon, actress and member of girl group Jewelry, was cast in the MBC weekend drama, “Hotel King.”

Kim Yewon recently made her small screen debut in MBC’s “Miss Korea,” which concluded earlier this February. She played Oh Ji Young’s (Lee Yeon Hee) colleague and had many opportunities to appear in front of the camera. However, the amount of her appearances drastically decreased midway of the drama and she dropped out before the drama ended.

She was going back and forth from her singer activities when she made her acting debut. Although she had a minor role, she prepared for the part thoroughly through doing character analysis. Nevertheless, she was not able to fully demonstrate her passion for acting.

While the drama was still ongoing, she appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and sent a video message asking the production staff of the drama to give her more camera time on the drama and showed a strong will