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Akdong Musician’s “200%” Tops Music Charts for Second Week in a Row

YG Entertainment announced that for the second week in a row, brother and sister duo Akdong Musician topped five Korean online music charts with their title song “200%.” From April 14 to April 20, “200%” had been ranked number one on Melon, Mnet, Genie, Olleh Music, and Naver Music. Furthermore, during the same week, the duo’s song “200%” ranked second on Soribada, Daum Music, and Bugs.

The high popularity of the group’s song reflects how this brother and sister duo are musically talented despite their young ages. Having won SBS‘ “K-Pop Star 2,” the group released their album “Play” in the first week of April

Three Korean Movies to Screen at Cannes Film Festival

Three Korean movies are scheduled to screen at the Cannes International Film Festival in May this year. The three films are “The Target”, “A Girl at My Door” and “Breath”.

Festival organizers have announced that action thriller “The Target”, starring Ryu Seung Ryong (star of “Midnight in Cell No. 7”), will be scheduled for a midnight screening. Traditionally, two or three movies in the action, sci-fi, and horror genres have been selected for midnight screenings at the festival. Although films in these genres are not usually shown at Cannes, a select few are chosen by organizers to screen as part of special late-night sessions.

“The Target”, directed by Chang, is a remake of a 2010 French movie entitled “Point Blank”. The story follows a former mercenary who finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit

‘K-Pop Star’ Contestant Han Hee Jun Donates 10 Million Won to Sewol Tragedy

SBS ‘K-Pop Star’s Han Hee Jun has joined in on the continuous donations.

Han Hee Jun gained much attention after rising to the Top 6 in the recently concluded K-Pop Star season 3. He especially touched the hearts of many viewers byshowing his many efforts to let go of his American Idol title and meet eye-to-eye with the Korean audience.

In all of this, Han Hee Jun has moved the public once again. He has donated 10 million won to the families of the victims in the Sewol sinking accident, as well as canceled his April 19 fanmeeting to pay his respects to the victims.

Han Hee Jun’s US agency spoke with Newsen on April 23, saying, “Han Hee Jun donated 10 million won to the families of victims.”

“The donation is a collection of the money from Han Hee Jun’s appearance fees and profits from events

LeeSsang’s Gil Drinks and Drives, and Gets License Revoked

LeeSsang’s Gil has been caught drinking and driving.

On April 23, Mapo police department spoke with Newsen on April 23, “Gil Sung Joon was caught drinking and driving on April 23 at around 12:30 AM (KST) near Hapjeong. He hasn’t been summoned yet.”

According to the Mapo police department, Gil was caught drinking and driving and ended up having his license revoked. Gil registered a blood alcohol content of 0.109 percent and immediately returned home afterwards.

Meanwhile, Gil debuted in 1999 in Honey Family’s first album Man’s Story and later joined Gary in LeeSsang’s first album, LeeSsang of Honey Family in 2002. He is currently appearing on MBC’s Infinity Challenge

Photo Credit: Newsen

The Next Generation of K-Pop Idols in Dramas

With May rolling in, many idols have featured in the new spring dramas. Among the many idol actors, SISTAR‘s Bora, Rainbow‘s Woori, VIXX‘s Hong Bin, and BIG BANG‘s Seungri have created some buzz between drama viewers. So how are they doing acting in major dramas?

SISTAR’s Bora will feature as a North Korean defector in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger.” Known as SISTAR’s sexy rapper, Bora will make her acting debut as Park Hoon‘s, played by actor Lee Jong Suk, close friend. Despite her closeness with Lee Jong Suk’s character, even calling him hyung, Bora’s character will be a one who has a one sided love for Park Hoon

Phantom to delay the release of their new album

Hiphop Group Phantom joins the line-up of celebrities to delay their comeback in mourning for the ferry accident.

On April 22nd, the agency announced through the group's official fancafe,"Phantom's new studio album "Phantom Power" which was originally scheduled to release on April 24th has been delayed","The whole Korea is currently in deep grief. The Phantom members thought that they shouldn't release their album while everyone is in the mourning for the accident. After a meeting with people in the company, we came up with this decision".

They continued,"This is their first regular album since debut so the members have been preparing for it a lot and have concentrated only on their comeback situation. But this time we decided to delay it for a while and take some times to mourn. Though there might be many fans who are feeling sad but we'd like everyone to pray with all our hearts together"

Kang Ha Neul to Sing for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

Although his character has exited out of the drama, Kang Ha Neul will continue participating in the broadcast of SBS’ Angel Eyes by singing for the OST.

On April 22, Kang Ha Neul’s agency, Sem Company, confirmed that Kang Ha Neul will be singing for the OST of Angel Eyes. He was recommended by the director of the series and will record the son on April 23.

Kang Ha Neul will be singing the love theme song for the two main characters. It’s uncertain when the song’s release will be.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Neul, who debuted in 2006 as a musical actor, previously sang in the OST of tvN’s Monstar.

Photo Credit: SBS.

Sung Joon Draws Inspiration From Matthew Mcconaughey’s Acting


Sung Joon is the perfect pretty boy for "InStyle".

Wearing paster colored suits and outfits, Sung Joon exuded a manly yet chic aura throughout the shoot. His facial expressions and model-like poses drew as much attention as his handsome curly hair.

During the interview, he shared a hobby that he took up after finishing the filming for "I Need Romance 3". He said, "I bought a bicycle."

"For a month, I cycled my way from Yangjae all the way to Apgujeong. I pushed myself to the limit while biking that my body ached too much and I lost more weight compared to when I was on a diet for the drama," he shared.

On the topic of his acting, Sung Joon shared that he used to think of himself as a terrible actor. He said, "In my debut drama "White Christmas", I really couldn"t act

Rain Receives Offer To Star In Romance Drama “Indian Summer”


World star Rain may be making his much-awaited drama comeback soon.

Cube DC, Rain"s management agency, announced on April 21, "Rain has recently received an offer to star in Lee Hyung Min"s new drama "Indian Summer". He was offered the role because of his personal acquaintance with the director, but his appearance in the drama has not been finalized yet."

Rain had his small screen debut with the drama "Sang Doo, Let"s Go To School!", which was directed by Lee Hyung Min in 2003.

If the singer decides to accept this offer, it will be his return to drama land after four years since he headlined the drama "The Fugitive: Plan B" on KBS.

"Indian Summer" is described as a traditional melodrama that seeks to discuss healing and moving on, and it is scheduled to air in the latter half of the year

Celebrities Resuming Activities – Stuck Between Those In Favor & Those In Opposition

"That"s enough" vs. "Not yet"

Singers MC Mong, Andy, comedian Yang Se Hyung, actors Park Shi Hoo and Ryu Shi Won are either planning their comebacks or revealing their plans for comebacks.

Artists who had halted all activities are slowly and carefully showing movement towards their comebacks. However, members of the public that are coming across this news are showing quite different reactions. There are some who say "That"s enough mourning," while others who say "Not yet."

Returning Point - That"s the Question

The figure that"s been receiving the most attention with respect to his return is the singer MC Mong. Netizens who encountered news of MC Mong"s return are saying "That"s enough," and are welcoming his comeback. They"re saying that despite being aquitted he has spent enough time in self-restraint, and that it"s okay for him to return