Dean Responds To Plagiarism Accusations For Where From Show Me The Money 6

Dean Responds To Plagiarism Accusations For Where From Show Me The Money 6

On August 12, Dean responded through Instagram posts to accusations that his track Where from Mnets Show Me The Money 6 was plagiarized from DJ Khaleds Im The One.

In his initial post, which as since been deleted, Dean uploaded a video comparing Where with Im The One stating, What plagiarism. If using the synth bass is plagiarism then everything must be plagiarism. prod by me. I didnt even use DJ Khaleds song for reference.

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He explained, The chords and progression are all completely different, but if its because the mood is similar then all the songs in the world are plagiarized. Please dont show off your ignorance. P.S send it to DJ Khaled and ask him if its plagiarism or not.

일단 암더원은 g 구요 어디는 ab 입니다 코드 진행, 키, 드럼패턴 어떠한 부분도 같지 않습니다 여러분들이 비슷하게 생각하시는 부분은 신스베이스라는 악기 때문인데 그 베이스는 힙합 뿐만 아니라 많은 장르에서 쓰는 베이스 계열이구요 악기 사용때문에 표절이면 위에 나오는 곡들은 다 표절입니다 참고로 위는 다 다른프로듀서입니다 보시는 분들에게는 쇼지만 아티스트들에게는 오랜 시간과 노력을 들여 나온 결과물이고 인생입니다. @djkhaled ㄱ 어디 Ab key Bb m9 Eb9(13) Ab M9 C7 Bb m9 Eb9(13) -AbM9 암더원 G key G Em C D

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In a second post, which replaced his initial post, Dean gave a more in-depth explanation backing up his position. He said,  First of all, Im The One is in G while Where is in AB. The chord progression, key, drum pattern, and all other areas are different. What you all think is similar is the synth bass and instruments but many genres, not just hip-hop, use synth bass.

He continued, If its plagiarism because of the instruments, then all similar songs made by other producers are plagiarized. This may be a show to some people, but for artists it is a product of a lot of time and energy and is our life.

On August 11, Mnets Show Me The Money 6 carried out its team battle mission. In the episode, Team Zico Dean beat Team Jay Park Dok2. However, because of the battle, there were suspicions that Team Zico Dean plagiarized DJ Khaleds Im The One.