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A Pink’s Surprise Appearance to Support the ‘2014 College Students Ddakji Competition’ on “Running Man”

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A Pink’s Surprise Appearance to Support the ‘2014 College Students Ddakji Competition’ on “Running Man” On the May 25 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Running Man,” college students from all over the nation came together to participate in a tournament of the traditional game of ‘ddakji,’ against the show’s cast members.

The ‘2014 College Students Ddakji Competition’ consisted of a total of seven teams, each led by a “Running Man” member. There was a tremendous amount of support from the audience, as some of the best college ddakji players from all around the country gathered together.

In order to show their support for the first-ever ddakji tournament on “Running Man,” the six members of A Pink made a surprise appearance. The girl group performed their hit songs “Mr. Chu” and “No No No,” brightening up the atmosphere even more.

College students nationwide gather to participate in the 'Running Man' ddakji championships

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 College students nationwide gather to participate in the 'Running Man' ddakji championships

The popular traditional game of "ddakji" returned bigger, better and louder than ever on the latest episode of "Running Man"!

Each cast member spread out across the country to visit universities nationwide and seek out the best ddakji players in the nation. Returning with their team plus a group of supporters, they were shocked at the scale of the event - a massive, custom-built ring where they could decide upon the newest ddakji champion!

With a special appearance by A Pink, the cast and students kicked off the 2014 nationwide ddakji championships. Although Kim Jong Kook and his team of athletic students were tapped as one of the most likely winners, they were in for a stunning upset as Ji Suk Jin and his ragtag team pulled off one of the most unlikely turnarounds in the show"s history!

Coming back from a 2-0 loss, Ji Suk Jin miraculously pulled off a win versus the "tiger" Kim Jong Kook, giving him the final victory amid confetti and wild celebration.

Check out the full episode below!

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[Spoiler] Who became the new ‘ddakji king’ on ‘Running Man’?

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Yoo Jae Suk sought to take back his title as the erstwhile ddakji king on the latest episode of Running Man.

The episode found the Running Man cast members, along with guests Cha In Pyo, Ricky Kim, and Seo Jang Hoon, embarking on the latest version of the ddakji raceddakji being a game where two opponents, armed with a folded piece of paper, attempts to flip the other sides ddakji on the ground with his own.

Accruing ddakji along the way, the teams found themselves at the final locationa ddakji arena where the new ddakji king would be decided.

Moving his way up the tournament ladder, Yoo Jae Suk finally found himself facing his eternal rival, Kim Jong Kook. In an unprecedented match that went on for nearly an hour, and included a switching-out of the ddakjis since they had become too ragged(!), the two rivals went back-and-forth with each other, attempted to capture the crown once and for all.

However, it wasnt until an hour had elapsed when, in a stunning display of strength, Yoo Jae Suk marshalled up the remainder of his strength and overturned the tiger Kim Jong Kooks hopes in a single, fell swoop.

Having regained his title of the ddakji king, Yoo Jae Suk went around the enthusiastic arena, hugging everyone on sighteven his erstwhile rival, who sincerely congratulated him on the return of his crown.

Check out the full episode below!

‘Running Man’ previews the return of the ‘ddakji’ with Ricky Kim, Cha In Pyo & Seo Jang Hoon

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‘Running Man’ previews the return of the ‘ddakji’ with Ricky Kim, Cha In Pyo & Seo Jang Hoon

SBSs Running Man previewed the return of the ddakji race with guests Ricky Kim, Cha In Pyo, and Seo Jang Hoon!

Ddakji is a Korean game where participants make a bomb out of folding paper, attempting to flip the opposing sides ddakji with a swift yet powerful throw.

Held as a special episode for Koreas upcoming Childrens Day, this episode is sure to provide a lot of laughter and witty moments. Check out the preview below!

[Spoiler] ‘Running Man’ cast members battle to determine the true ‘ddakji king’

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The cast members of SBSs variety program Running Man put on a fierce battle to see who could win the true title of the ddakji king.

The game began with a heart-pounding hide-and-seek in the early morning, made even more exciting by the presence of professional boxer Choo Sung Hoon and actress/professional boxer Lee Si Young.

Along the way, the teams would have opportunities to pick up cash through a series of games, competitions, and challenges, which they could then spend on a variety of ddakji - folded-up pieces of paperto use in the final battle, where each team would vie to flip over as many of the other teams game pieces as possible.

Although the original ddakji king, Yoo Jae Suk, put up a formidable challenge, the eventual win went to Kim Jong Kook, who then celebrated his hard-won victory and the new crown of the ddakji king.

Check out the full episode below!

[Spoiler] Kim Jong Kook to show off his ddakji skills on ‘Running Man’

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[Spoiler] Kim Jong Kook to show off his ddakji skills on ‘Running Man’

Kim Jong Kook is known as the game master and the ‘Commander’ on the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘.

The attendees was requested to complete missions and gather the ingredients needed to build the best ddakji they could. A ddakji is a folded piece of paper that is used in a game of the same name. The attendees had to flip over another piece of paper on the ground by throwing your ddakji upon the one on the ground.

After Kim Jong Kook was successful in many of the early missions, he built up quite an imposing ddakji out of an entire ream of newspaper and strengthening it with glue.

The final mission was to upside down the ‘one true ddakji‘, the ‘final boss’ of this episode’s race. Those who made the final ddakji turn out with his or her home-brew creation, would become winner.

The ‘one true ddakji‘ was game to extreme simulation by the production crew beforehand, and withstood over 150 rounds by the staff members playing the game. However, Kim Jong Kook made everyone surprised when managing to turn over the final boss in one, swift stroke. The production crew members expressed her dismay, and the final round finished in an easy victory for the ‘Commander’.

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★QUIZ Which Running Guy Solid Member Are You?

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★QUIZ Which Running Guy  Solid Member Are You?

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWho doesnt love snuggling up during cold nights next to the hearth and observing some excellent ol Running Man? No one! Well, ever wonder which of the Running Guysolidcontributors youre closest to, all over one of the ones episodes?

Heres the easiest quiz to take to determine which Running Man personality YOU are! Let us know in the Facebook comments which one you got!

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EXID’s Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on “Running Man”

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EXIDs Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on Running Guy ck525 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!EXIDs Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on Running Man EXIDs Hani stunned Yoo Jae Suk with how down-to-earth she is on “Running Man.”

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” aired on November 29, Im Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, Leeteuk, Heechul, and Hani seem as visitors for the “Rival Giant Match” special.

While battling Song Ji Hyo, Hani casually shimmies up her leather pants when they begin to ride down.

Yoo Jae Suk is surprised and calls her name, announcing jokingly, Wait, what are you doing? When Hani struggles with the game, she exclaims, “what the heck (a rough translation of a Korean colloquial expression), to the satisfaction of the Running Man cast.

Meanwhile, in the episode, the participants of “Running Man” race with their bestsuperstar rivals.

Watch the entire episode below:

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Song Ji Hyo and Hani check who is the larger sleepyhead on 'Running Man'

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Song Ji Hyo and Hani check who is the larger sleepyhead on 'Running Man'

Hani and Song Ji Hyo, either one of whom are notoriously known to possess the infrequentskillto pass to sleep anywhere, any place, beneath any given circumstances, tested just how without difficultythey might snooze at the November 29 installment of 'Running Man'! 

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For those two, your entireglobal serves as their private, fluffy bed. So it best made sense for the 'Running Man' team to pit one sleepyhead opposed tothe opposite and to find out who will go to sleep the fastest on national TV. 

Attached to an apparatus that measured their sleep trend and equipped with nice, warm beds (not like the 2wished them), Song Ji Hyo and Hani went off to their favouritepositionappropriate on the set of 'Running Man': dream land. 

Who do you won this struggle equallywithout equal sleepyhead? Find out in the clip above! 

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to peer Who YoonA Calls Back First on “Running Man”

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Super Juniors Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to look Who YoonA Calls Back First on Running Guy ilmare42 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to See Who YoonA Calls Back First on Running Man On November 29s episode of Running Man, the solidindividuals and visitors are paired up to compete opposed to their rivals.

Super Juniors Leeteuk and Kim Heechul are invited as guests this week as one pair of rivals, even supposing they make it transparent that they disagree with the label. Were now nottruly rivals, says Kim Heechul. Were just general and entire opposites.

More so than rivals, if Im being honest, we just dont suit each and every other, jokes Leeteuk.

As their first game, Kim Heechul suggests that they eitherattempt to text the similarfemininefamous person friend and ask her to name them, and then see who she calls first. They make a decision on their SM Entertainment labelmate, Girls Generations YoonA, and then they both send her a message at an analogous time.

SpoilerYoonAs at all timesfidgeting with her phone, says Kim Heechul, so hes self-assured that shell call one of them back appropriate away.

The two of them glancesomewhatapprehensive equally they look ahead tothe telephone call. Kim Heechul then without notice yells in excitement, and presentations off his telephone to everyone. He were given the call from YoonA!

Yoo Jae Suk answers Kim Heechuls phone for him, and asks YoonA why she determined to call Kim Heechul first when they both sent their messages at the same time.

Kim Heechuls message got here first, so I called him, and then at that moment Leeteuks message came, explains YoonA. I used to be like, Is this for a Television show?

Ah, so you knew it used to be for a TV display and you called Kim Heechul first jokes Yoo Jae Suk.

Watch the scene below, beginning at 18:53!

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