DAY6's Jae Becomes A K-Pop Vlogger on YouTube

DAY6's Jae Becomes A K-Pop Vlogger on YouTube

DAY6’s Jae is getting more up close and personal with fans as he begins his very first vlogging experience on YouTube!

Starting off with him waking up, the fun, slice-of-life blog titled ‘A Jae In the Life of Day VLOG #1‘ features Jae, other DAY6 members and his time as an idol! During the first episode, Jae is seen showcasing his daily life, recording in the Arirang Studio for his new radio program and even some time spent on the set of ‘After School Club’ with Jimin and Kevin.

Explore Jae’s world and watch his first vlogging adventure down below!

The 8-minute video already garnered 20K views and fans are comparing it to disbanded boy group C-Clown’s first vlogging videos. Throughout the video Jae narrates and has a warm-hearted appearance as he welcomes fans into his world as an idol and a person. In the end, he is also seen taking a plane back to California to visit his home!

Are you excited to see the rest of Jae’s vlogging adventures?