DAY6 hold their comeback showcase for ‘Sunrise’

DAY6 hold their comeback showcase for ‘Sunrise’

On June 7, JYP Entertainment boy band DAY6 held a comeback showcase for their 1st studio album ‘Sunrise.’

The members performed several tracks live such as “Dance Dance” and “You Were Beautiful.”  Sungjin commented, “Today is a special day for us being able to hold a showcase like this.”  Wonpil also added that “‘You Were Beautiful’ happened to be one of our favorite songs.

Onto their ‘Every Day6’ project, Sungjin explained, “We cover dynamic genres instead of just focusing on band music.”

The boys also gave a shoutout to J.Y. Park, commenting, “J.Y. Park really likes us. He even asked one time ‘when are you guys releasing your new album?”

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Meanwhile, DAY6 returned with their 1st studio album after their debut in 2015, receiving much attention for their distinct concept.

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